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Contract Manufacturing in Medical Devices
(Materials, Processing, Electronics, Finished Products)



Medical device manufacturers are under pressure to reduce costs and
improve margins and outsourcing at least some operations is increasingly a
tactic for the top original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). There are
hundreds of firms who specialize in device making operations and many more
companies that do some medical device work.

Company's Contract Manufacturing in Medical Devices (Materials,
Processing, Electronics, Finished Products) is a complete study of the market
and opportunity for outsourcing finished medical devices or a part of a
medical device. It looks at the OEM contract manufacturing market revenues
by therapeutic area (cardiology, respiratory, etc.), as well as by segment of
device manufacturing (chemicals, implantable devices, semiconductors, metal
molding, etc.) This allows those looking at this growing market to get a
complete picture of the OEM market.

In this one volume, device companies will find Company's estimate of
outsourcing market sizes for Raw Materials & Material Processing, as well as
for Finished Clinical Products for the following therapeutic areas:

     Cardiovascular
     General Surgery

     Imaging

     I.V. Diagnostics

     Ophthalmology

     Orthopedics

     Respiratory

     Neurology

     Urology

      In addition this exhaustive market analysis, Company study includes
      snapshots of top Original Equipment Manufacturing Companies
      (OEMs) and representative CM companies, provides overview of the
      general medical device market, and looks at issues and trends in CM
      for medical devices.

     A truly worldwide study, current revenues and forecasts in all
      therapeutic areas are provided for:

     U.S.

     Europe

     Asia

     ROW

Table of Contents :


     Three Sectors of Contract Manfucturing

     Reaching Critical Mass
     Size and Growth of Market

     Trends Discussed

     Scope and Methodology


     Outsourcing Partnerships

     Agreement Necessities

     Classification of Medical Devices

     Categorization of Medical Devices

     Overall Medical Device Market

         o   Hospital Profits

         o   Aging Population

     Decision to Outsource


     Manufacturing and Process Equipment

         o   Material Handling and Packaging Equipment

         o   Materials, Chemicals and Adhesives

         o   Adhesives

         o   Metal Fabrication and Metal Injection Moulding

         o   Plastics Extrusions

         o   Plastics Mouldings - composites, fibreglass, silicone etc

         o   Flow control and Fluid Transfer

         o   Fluid Power Components

         o   Sterilization
      Revenue Estimates and Forecasts

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