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					  The Verdict                                                                                     Newsletter October 2009   Page 1
                                                                                                        Volume 1, Issue 5

NALS, Association of Legal Professionals, Nashville Chapter
c/o Waller Lansden Dortch & Davis, 511 Union Street, Suite 2700, Nashville, Tennessee 37219               (615) 850-8166

Message from the President                                           INSIDE THIS ISSUE
By Tina L. Boone, PLS
                                                                     Message from the President                                 1
                                                                     NALS, Nashville Chapter September 2009 Minutes Draft       4
Investing in Yourself -- What does that mean to you?
                                                                     No Boss’s Day 2009                                      3, 7
To me, it means that you rank something high enough                  Ways & Means – Wreaths                                     6
that even if you do not receive support from your firm,              Customer/Client Service – Important Words                  8
you jump in and support it yourself.                                 Second Annual Middle Tennessee Legal Food Fight          11
                                                                     TALS Fall Meeting                                        14
I remember when I wanted to join NALS back in 1998.                  What is NALS, Nashville Chapter                          20
and the firm I worked at would only pay the dues up to
the total that they paid for the paralegals’ dues. I felt
that they should pay the entire dues because NALS                 became so involved in leadership that the firm eventually
was a viable association for legal professionals. Every           saw the change and how passionate I was about NALS
year I would find out how much the paralegals dues                and initially paid my entire dues and later approved a
were and ask again. Same answer.                                  budget for me each year. Albeit, I would only ask for
Until one day in 2001 I was in the car with the husband           consideration if I was in leadership and the year that I
talking about membership and he said something so off             was not in leadership, I only asked for my dues to be
the cuff, but, it has stuck with me. He said, “if you             paid. Since that time, I have switched firms and am
won’t invest in yourself, why should they?” I never               once again, investing in myself. But, I would not have it
thought about it that way – an investment in me. I went           any other way. Over the past eight years, I see first
to work that day and happily accepted the portion the             hand how NALS benefits me – on all levels – locally,
firm paid and added my check for the balance and                  state-wide, regionally and nationally.
joined NALS. When I joined, I jumped right in and                 What are you looking for in a legal association? Once
began working. I guess in my mind, if I was paying for            you know – hopefully, NALS will meet your needs.
my dues, I wanted something out of them.
                                                                  Below is a picture of Prof. Robert Rotunda with me after
I immediately realized that NALS was the legal                                                       th
                                                                  his session at the NALS 58 Annual Education
association where other legal professionals were                  Conference & National Forum. He is the author of the
involved and it was a venue to talk and find answers              Professional Responsibility, one of the manuals needed
that I didn’t know. It was a place where other                    for PLS or PP certification. He was great!!
professionals were seeking the same thing I was. I

NALS Code of Ethics and
Mission Statement . . .
Members of NALS, Association of Legal Professionals
are bound by the objectives of this Association and the               •    Perform all duties of the profession with integrity
standards of conduct required on the legal profession.                     and competence; and
Every member shall:                                                   •    Pursue a high order of professional attainment.
    •   Encourage respect for the law and the                     Mission Statement
        administration of Justice;
                                                                  We are committed to deliver quality legal service
    •   Observe     rules    governing       privileged           through    continued    education    and     increased
        communications and confidential information;              professionalism, promote and recognize a high standard
                                                                  for members through the certification program, and
    •   Promote and exemplify high standards of                   provide networking and personal growth opportunities
        loyalty, cooperation, and courtesy;                       for our members.
Page 2                                                                         The Verdict

                NALS – Association of Legal Professionals,
                           Nashville Chapter
                          2009-2010 Officers
   President:                           Parliamentarian:
   Tina L. Boone, PLS                   Brenda Wolfgang
   Waller Lansden Dortch & Davis, LLP   Waller Lansden Dortch & Davis, LLP
   511 Union Street, Suite 2700         511 Union Street, Suite 2700
   Nashville, TN 37219                  Nashville, TN 37219
   Phone: (615) 850-8166                Phone: (615) 850-8768
   Fax:    (615) 244-6804               Fax:    (615) 244-6804   

   President-Elect:                     Education Director:
   Vickie Hellmer, PLS                  Stephanie Faulkner, CCR, CRI, CPE
   Lewis, King, Krieg & Waldrop, P.C.   Alpha Reporting Corporation
   Post Office Box 198615               3200 West End Avenue, Suite 500
   Nashville, TN 37219                  Nashville, TN 37203
   Phone (615) 259-1354                 Phone: (615) 244-4812
   Fax: (615) 259-1389        

   Secretary:                           Certification Director:
   Amelia Workman, PLS                  Theresa Marchese, PLS
   Waller Lansden Dortch & Davis, LLP   Waller Lansden Dortch & Davis, LLP
   511 Union Street, Suite 2700         511 Union Street, Suite 2700
   Nashville, TN 37219                  Nashville, TN 37219-8966
   Phone: (615) 850-8878                Phone: (615) 850-8858
   Fax:    (615) 244-6804               Fax: (615) 244-6804

   Treasurer:                           Membership Director
   Nanette Green, PLS                   Jerrie Chilcote
   Advantage Mediation Services, Inc.   Sherrard & Roe, PLC
   2726 Wellman Drive                   424 Church Street, Suite 2000
   Nashville, TN 37214                  Nashville TN 37219
   Phone: (615) 335-6127                Phone: (615) 742-4526       

   Governor/Marketing Director:         Past President:
   Linda Hulsey                         Donice Alford, PP, PLS
   Burr & Forman LLP                    Howard Tate Sowell Wilson Leathers & Johnson
   700 Two American Center              150 2nd Avenue North, Ste. 201
   3102 West End Avenue                 Nashville, TN 37201
   Nashville, Tennessee 37203           Phone: (615) 256-1125
   Direct: (615) 724-3224     
   Main: (615) 724-3200
   Fax: (615) 724-3324
The Verdict                                                                                                                            Page 3

                           NALS – Association of Legal Professionals,
                                      Nashville Chapter
                                     2009-2010 Committee Chairpersons

  Audit ...........................................   Chris Wilson, Esq. ....................          Waller Lansden Dortch & Davis
  Award of Excellence ..................              OPEN .........................................
  Bosses Luncheon ......................              Board of Directors ......................        Board of Directors
  Charitable Services ....................            Nanette Green, PLS .................   
  Court Observance ......................             OPEN .........................................
  Employment ..............................           Tammy Morris ...........................
  History Book ...............................        Tracy Stoughton .......................
                                                      (Linda Hulsey will take pictures)
  Journalist ....................................     Tina Boone, PLS ........................
  Nominating Committee ..............                 OPEN ........................................
  Past Presidents ..........................          Donice Alford ............................
  Scholarship ................................        Amelia Workman, PLS ...............    
  Sunshine ....................................       Brenda Wolfgang ...................... 
  Technology.................................         Donice Alford .............................
  Ways & Means ...........................            Stephanie Faulkner ....................

                NALS Lunch & Learn                                                                        NALS Membership
                  and Boss’s Day                                                                           Board Meetings

  As mentioned at the September 2009 Lunch & Learn                                          Please save the date of Monday, October 19 on
  there will not be a meeting in October 2009.                                              your calendar. This will be our next combined
  Unfortunately, there became a conflict with the                                           meeting of the Nashville Chapter’s Board of
  Tennessee Bar Association and our regular date where                                      Directors and Membership. This meeting will
  they needed the conference center for an event. But, I                                    bring you up-to-date on what is happening within
  always appreciate the TBA accommodating us during                                         our Association.
  this year.
                                                                                            This meeting is a “Bring Your Own Lunch” and
  Please save Wednesday, November 11 as the next                                            will be held at the Nashville Bar Association
  date for NALS Monthly Lunch & Learn. We will have a                                       located at 315 Union Street, Suite 800, Nashville,
  great speaker from Alpha Reporting.                                                       Tennessee from 12:00 pm until 1:00 pm.

  Boss’s Day. Unfortunately, by now you may have                                            This meeting is open to the entire NALS,
  figured out that NALS will not offer a Boss’s Day event                                   Nashville Chapter membership.        The board
  this year. I truly apologize for this. But, the dates,                                    meetings were combined with the membership
  speakers, location and help did not line up perfectly.                                    meeting because we talk about the same things
  We either had a speaker and no location or a location                                     and this was one way of getting items approved
  and no speaker. This year it was decided that we allow                                    at one meeting; but, also because the attendance
  YOU to show your Boss individually how you feel about                                     has been dwindling over the years.
  them. Please treat them to lunch, a gift, a card, or
  however you deem appropriate to show your boss that                                       The combined meetings bring everyone together
  you appreciate them.                                                                      at one time and one location. I look forward to
                                                                                            seeing you on October 19.
Page 4                                                                            The Verdict

                               NASHVILLE CHAPTER


                                    September 21, 2009

         The monthly board/membership meeting of NALS – Association of Legal
   Professionals, Nashville Chapter (“NALS”) was held on September 21, 2009, at the
   Nashville Bar Association.

          President Tina Boone, PLS, called the meeting to order at 12:04 p.m. and welcomed
   all members. There were no guests.

         Brenda Wolfgang, recited the Code of Ethics and the Mission Statement.

         Amelia Workman, PLS, Secretary, distributed the minutes of the August 17, 2009,
   meeting for review. One change was noted on page 1—correction of Vickie Hellmer, PLS’s
   name. Upon motion made by Donice Alford, PP, PLS, and seconded by Jerrie Chilcote, the
   Minutes for the August 17, 2009, meeting were approved with change noted.

          Tina Boone, PLS, distributed the July and August Treasurer’s Reports. Upon motion
   made by Donice Alford, PP, PLS, the Treasurer’s Report for July 2009 was approved
   subject to audit. Upon motion made by Jerrie Chilcote and seconded by Brenda Wolfgang,
   the Treasurer’s Report for August 2009 was approved subject to audit.

         President Boone then asked for Committee Reports:

           Membership. Jerrie Chilcote reported on the very successful Membership Mixer
   held last week at the Tennessee Bar Association. She reported that ten guests were
   present along with members and officers. She has received positive comments from guests
   in attendance and indications from some of them that they intend to join our Chapter. Ms.
   Chilcote also stated that she has some extra membership information packets left over for
   anyone who would like to have one to give to a potential member. President Boone added
   that our sponsors were pleased with the event as well.

          Education. Stephanie Faulkner reported that the August Lunch & Learn was a
   success with 55 in attendance. The speaker was Drew Lewis from Baker, Donelson,
   Bearman, Berkowitz & Caldwell. President Boone announced that due to a TBA event to be
   held the same day as our October Lunch & Learn, there will be no October Lunch & Learn.

          Certification. Theresa Marchese, PLS, reported that two people are sitting for the
   exam this coming weekend— one PLS and one ALS. Ms. Marchese reported that things
   are shaping up for the January 2010 Secretarial Boot Camp with all speakers in place.

          Fundraising. President Boone distributed order forms and information about the
   Christmas wreath fundraising project. There are five wreaths from which to chose with
   payment due at time of order. The wreaths will be delivered to the customer’s door before
   Thanksgiving. All orders and payment are due to President Boone by October 23, 2009.
The Verdict                                                                                Page 5

    Make checks payable to “NALS, Nashville Chapter.” President Boone also plans to take
    wreath orders and sell remaining Nashville Chapter Cookbooks at the Swap Meet at the
    NALS Education Conference in Irvine, CA. There was a discussion about on-line ordering.
    President Boone will check into the possibility of setting up a PayPal account.

            President Boone then reported that the pre-order deadline for pecans is September
    30, 2009. The Chapter does not plan to order extra bags of pecans this year. The cost is
    the same as last year, $7.50 per bag. Make checks payable to “NALS, Nashville Chapter.”
    If possible, payment should be taken up-front.

           Second Annual Legal Food Fight. President Boone reported that our Chapter is
    teaming up with the Nashville Legal Administrators this year. The event will be in October,
    but she did not have the exact date. All proceeds will go to Second Harvest Food Bank.
    Donations can easily be made on-line. This year’s event will be a combined effort among
    members of the entire legal community rather than a contest as had been the format in the
    past. More information will be available in the next issue of The Verdict.

           NALS Officer Nominations. President Boone asked that all members be on the look
    out for NALS ballots that should be arriving by mail soon. President Boone and Donice
    Alford, PP, PLS, have both been nominated for National positions. President Boone
    encouraged everyone to participate in the election process.

         Bosses Day. President Boone reported that the Chapter’s Bosses Day event will be
    Monday, October 19, 2009. Watch for more details in The Verdict.

           Past President’s Event. Donice Alford, PP, PLS, reported that an evening event on
    November 16, 2009, at The Old Spaghetti Factory, has tentatively been chosen for this
    year’s Past President’s event. Watch for more details in the next The Verdict.

            TALS News. Donice Alford, PP, PLS, reported that Tennessee has a new Chapter
    in Johnson City, Tennessee. She also reported that our National President will be attending
    the TALS Fall Meeting in Chattanooga on November 7, 2009. Brenda Wolfgang reported
    that the deadline for the next issue of The Junction is September 25, 2009.

          Board/Membership Meetings. President Boone then led a discussion about monthly
    board/membership meetings through year-end since the October, November, and
    December meeting dates will focus on special events, i.e., Bosses Day, Past President’s,
    and a Christmas event. It was suggested that we meet in a NALS chat room. President
    Boone will check into this option and report back to the Board and membership.

           There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 12:45 p.m.

                                                           Amelia Workman, PLS, Secretary

    Tina L. Boone, PLS, President
Page 6                                                                                    The Verdict

   NALS, Nashville Chapter is trying something new this year and selling fresh wreaths.

   Enjoy the beauty of this holiday season by supporting our cause with fresh, fragrant and full
   wreaths from Maine. The finest Maine balsam is used to create the holiday decorations and
   each item is delivered straight to your home.

   If you are interested in ordering any one of the wreaths, please contact Tina Boone at, or call me at 615-850-8166. Money is due at the time of ordering.
   Please order before Friday, October 23, 2009.

                                SIMPLICITY (#FS 05)
                                $27.50 (includes shipping and handling)

                                There’s something satisfying about the clean, fresh look of our
                                Simplicity wreath. This simple balsam wreath arrives at your door
                                with a festive red velvet bow – perfect for adding a bit of peace to
                                the sometimes crazy holiday season. 22”

                                THE CENTER OF ATTENTION (#FC 03)
                                $38.00 (includes shipping and handling)

                                This traditional beauty is a natural on any holiday table. We begin
                                each centerpiece with a rich base of balsam, cedar and juniper,
                                then refine its charm with decorative gold and white balls, red
                                candles, white-tip pine cones and four subtle red bows. 16” long.

                                THE PINE TREE STATE (#FP 04)
                                $38.50 (includes shipping and handling)

                                When you start with fragrant Maine balsam, add Maine’s very own
                                pine cones, weathered blueberry vine and top it off with a festive
                                holly-inspired red bow, the results are always in good taste. Feast
                                your eyes on the season’s most satisfyingly Maine wreath. 22”

                                THE WHITNEY ORIGINAL (#FW 01)
                                $39.00 (includes shipping and handling)

                                Holding its esteemed place as our flagship wreath, the legendary
                                Whitney Original is a favorite choice for the holidays.

                                Crafted on a base of fresh Maine balsam, our namesake wreath is
                                meticulously finished with white reindeer moss, red berries, Austria
                                pine cones and a weatherproof red velvet bow. 22”

                                THE MOUNT CADILLAC
                                $44.00 (includes shipping and handling)

                                Crafted in the spirit of our Whitney Original, this seasonal favorite
                                brings a lively style all its own to any holiday display. Beginning on
                                a base of balsam, white pine, northern white cedar and berry-laden
                                Oregon juniper, the Mt. Cadillac rounds our beautifully with Austrian
                                pine cones and a giant, hand-tie, red velvet bow. 26”
The Verdict                                                                                 Page 7

                                     BOSSES DAY

  Always on October 16. This is a day that gives you a chance to both tell and show your
  boss what you really think of him or her. And, to give them boss the appreciation that he or
  she truly deserves.

  The origin of Bosses Day dates back to 1958. Patricia
  Bays Haroski, working as a secretary for State Farm
  Insurance Company in Deerfield, Illinois, registered it
  with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Ms. Haroski
  chose the date because it was her father's birthday. Who
  was her boss? ...her father. Four years later in 1962,
  Illinois Governor Otto Kerner backed Haroski's
  registration and officially proclaimed the day.

  National Boss's Day has become an international
  celebration in recent years and now is observed in countries such as Australia and South
  What Makes a Good Boss?

  Here are some attributes people say make for the best boss:

         •        Fair
         •        Honest
         •        Understanding
         •        Approachable
         •        A good communicator
The Verdict                                                                                Page 8
        Originally received from Nina Smith at Waller Lansden Dortch & Davis

  People don’t care how much you know, (or what you sell, or what type of service
  your provide) until they know how much you care!!

  The 10 most important words:
  "I apologize for our mistake. Let me make it right." - When something goes wrong,
  most people merely want to be heard and acknowledged. So listen, apologize, then ask
  what you can do to make it right.

  The 9 most important words:
  "Thank you for your business. Please come back again." - Repeat customers
  (clients) cost less than new customers (clients) and are often more loyal.

  The 8 most important words:
  "I'm not sure, but I will find out." - It's ok if you don't know the answer; it's not ok to
  make the customer (client) keep searching for it. That's your job.

  The 7 most important words:
  "What else can I do for you?" - Be prepared to go the extra mile, there is less
  competition there.

  The 6 most important words:
  "What is most convenient for you?" - Your customers (clients) will be pleasantly
  surprised when you ask what's convenient for them.

  The 5 most important words:
  "How may I serve you?" - This question reinforces your role in the relationship. Play
  that role the best you can.

  The 4 most important words:
  "How did we do?" - Feedback is critical! Your customers (clients) have a unique
  perspective and they appreciate being asked.

  The 3 most important words:
  "Glad you're here!" - Customers (clients) who feel welcome spend more time, more
  money and are more likely to return.

  The 2 most important words:
  "Thank you." - Basic manners... but how often do you get thanked when you're the
  customer (client)?

  The MOST important word:
  "Yes." - Become a yes person.

                   Excerpt from Customer Love ("client" emphasis added)
                                    by Mac Anderson
 The Verdict                                                                                         Page 9

     Happy Birthday to                                           Employment Committee
    NALS’ October Babies
                                                        Please remember to ask your office administrator to
Please join me in saying Happy Birthday to the          contact Tammy Morris ( at
following members who celebrate their birthday          Gullett, Sanford, Robinson & Martin if there is an
                                                        employment opening at your firm.              When
during the month of October:
                                                        opportunities are available, Tammy will send out an
                                                        email notifying the membership of possible
Melissa Harris                                          openings. Also, potential openings will be listed in
Law Offices of D. R. Smith and E. J. Schmidt            The Verdict.
October 3

Karen Carver                                                Sunshine Committee
Metro Gov. –Dept. of Law
October 7                                               The NALS Sunshine Committee
                                                        is responsible for sending cards,
Brenda Wolfgang                                         flowers, etc. to any member in a time of need.
Waller Lansden Dortch & Davis, LLP
October 7                                               If you know of a member within the Nashville
                                                        Chapter that is ill, gave birth or has experienced a
Kristi Seamon                                           loss,    please        let     Brenda      Wolfgang
Bone McAllester Norton PLLC                             ( know so that
October 16                                              the Nashville Chapter can send a card.

Nanette Green, PLS
Law Office of Robert L. Whitaker
October 19

I’m sure this is not the full list of members who
share a birthday in August; but, this is what is
available in NALS’ database. If your birthday is in
September, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! If your birthday
is upcoming, please let me know by emailing me

Please note Nanette Green, PLS new work
contact information:
                                                      Some of you may already know that Doug Roach,
     Nanette M. Green, PLS, Senior Paralegal          Rosalee's husband, died on September 11, 2009.
     Law Office of Robert L. Whitaker                 Rosalee is a Past President of Nashville and TALS. Her
     3815 Park Avenue, Suite D                        address is: 5820 3rd Street, Lubbock, TX 79416
     Nashville, TN 37209 or                           I am sure Rosalee would appreciate a card.                         If you would like to send a card to her surviving sister,
     ph: 615-292-9312                                 Madonna Stepbach, her address is: 5502 Thalman
     fax: 615-292-9315                                Drive, Brentwood, TN 37027
     mobile: 615-335-6127
The Verdict                                                                                     Page 10

                                      By Theresa Marchese, PLS

          First of all, I want to acknowledge and congratulate Elise Andrea Hill and Courtney
  Hatch who sat for their ALS and PLS exams, respectively, on Saturday, September 26, 2009. I
  know it will seem like an eternity before they receive their results, but they can take comfort in
  the fact that they took the step to become certified. Good luck ladies!

         The following quiz deals with Computers In The Law Office. Please select the answer
  from the word bank provided.

  I. Matching

    A.   cursor               1. _____ A system that connects computers that are located close
    B.   defaults                      together
    C.   function keys        2. _____ Ability to work on several applications at the same time
    D.   hard copy            3. _____ An attachment to feed paper into a printer
    E.   local area network   4. _____ An operating environment that uses a graphical interface
    F.   multitasking         5. _____ An output device
    G.   monitor              6. _____ Moves text to the next line automatically
    H.   scanner              7. _____ Special keys that are used to perform specific tasks
    I.   sheet feeder         8. _____ Standard settings
    J.   toggle keys          9. _____ Turns a feature on or off using the same key
    K.   Windows              10. ____ Viewing data on paper rather than on the computer
    L.   word wrap                     screen

  Answers can be found on page: 23

          I encourage you to save the date of Saturday, January 23, 2010, for our Secretary Boot
  Camp which will be held at Waller Lansden Dortch & Davis. Tina Boone, PLS and I are working
  hard to make this event informative, interesting, and successful. We have our speakers in place
  and are truly excited. Please let us know if you have any questions about the boot camp.

         Let me know if you have any interest in becoming certified. The next exam will be held
  on Saturday, March 6, 2010.

  Do something for yourself: get certified!

                                               Theresa Marchese, PLS
                                               Certification Director
                                               Waller Lansden Dortch & Davis, LLP
                                               511 Union Street, Suite 2700
                                               Nashville, TN 37219
                                               Telephone: (615) 850-8858
The Verdict                                                                                      Page 11

                              NALS and Charitable Endeavors

                                 NALS Joins Forces with the
              Middle Tennessee Chapter of the Association of Legal Administrators
                                        For the Second Annual
                                  Middle Tennessee Legal Food Fight!

 You can make a difference in the life of a child.
 23% or 300,000 of Tennessee’s children live below the poverty level.
 Join your mid-state legal colleagues for the Second Annual Legal Food Drive. Our goal is to raise $25,000
 to support Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee and its “BackPack” program in 46 mid-state
 counties. The program distributes a pack of food to each participating child on Friday afternoon which
 includes small pop top entrees, cereal, fruit cups, 100% fruit juice, shelf stable milk and snacks.
 In connection with Professional Legal Management Week (PLMW), Oct. 5-9, 2009, a virtual food drive has
 been created for the entire Middle Tennessee legal community, including attorneys, paralegals, legal
 secretaries, court employees, legal administrators, and all other legal professionals.

 The link for Second Harvest Food Bank is:

 The site works the same way as last year. When you go to the site there is a logo for the Legal Food Fight
 on the left-hand side of the screen. Click on the Legal Food Fight logo to be taken to the screen providing
 the choice of either individual food selections or dollar designations. Once you're placed your items into
 your grocery cart and proceed to checkout you will be provided a screen to input your personal information
 and credit card data. Near the bottom of the personal information screen is a drop-down field entitled
 "Company". You may use this drop-down field to select the legal organization with whom you wish to
 affiliate your donation. Our goal this year is $25,000. The Legal Food Fight will continue through the
 month of October but the option to contribute on behalf of the various legal organizations will be available
 on the Second Harvest site until the end of the year.

 Please let me know if you would like a copy of the Second Harvest Summer 2009 publication entitled
 "Extra Helpings" which highlights some of the ongoing efforts of Second Harvest and/or a self-addressed
 donation envelopes for anyone wishing to make a check contribution to Second Harvest rather than make
 use of the Virtual Food Drive web site.
 Thanks, again, for your support of our Community Challenge and your participation in Professional Legal
 Management Week!

 If you would like more information, please email Tina Boone, NALS, Nashville Chapter President, at
The Verdict                                                                    Page 12

                    NALS, Association of Legal Professionals,
                              Nashville Chapter
                                Invites you to join us as we

              Âgt~x t jtÄ~ WÉãÇ `xÅÉÜç _tÇxÊ

                                     Memory Lane

              Past Presidents! Dust off your History Books
                and share your memories from years past
               with each other and with fellow members!

                        Monday, November 16, 2009
                           Old Spaghetti Factory
                                Dress: Casual
                              Dinner: 6:30 p.m.
                      $15.00 (all inclusive/limited menu)

                                      R.S.V.P. is required
                  Please return the RSVP card in the self-addressed envelope
                            Enclosed for your convenience or email
                       by 11/09/09
The Verdict                                                                                               Page 13
                                TALS – Legal Professionals of Tennessee

                                  Fall Board Meeting and Mini-Seminar
                                           November 7, 2009

                                       Country Suites by Carlson
                                        7051 McCutcheon Road
                                     Chattanooga, Tennessee 37421
                                      Telephone: (423) 899-2300

                                               Registration Form

  Name: ______________________________________________________________________________________
  Address: ______________________________________________________________________________________
  Telephone:______________________________     Chapter:_____________________________________

  Please check appropriate boxes:
          TALS Officer            [ ]                                 First Time Attendee             [   ]
          Governor                [ ]                                 CLA                             [   ]
          PLS                     [ ]                                 ALS                             [   ]
          CPS                     [ ]                                 Other    ___________________    [   ]
          PP                      [ ]
  Mini-Seminar:            TALS Member                      $25.00                                    $_______
                           Non-Member                       $35.00                                    $_______
                          (The seminar has been approved for CLE)
  Saturday Luncheon                                          $15.00                                   $_______
  TALS Meeting Registration                                  $10.00                                   $_______
      (Seminar and meeting fees waived for first-time attendees)
                                                           TOTAL                                      $______

                           Victoria Taylor
                           Miller & Martin
                           1000 Volunteer Building
                           832 Georgia Avenue
                           Chattanooga, Tennessee 37402

  Meeting registration deadline is Friday, October 30, 2009.
  Rates at the Country Suites are $99.00 plus 17.25% taxes = $116.08 per night. All rooms are suites with
  two queen beds and a pull-out sofa. Breakfast buffet is complimentary. Refer to Group 11/11LPT
  when you call for registration in order to get this rate. Registration cutoff date is Tuesday, October
  13, 2009. Rooms will be released after this date and on a space available basis only and discounted
  rate will not be available. Theme for Baskets – Travel. Dress – Business Casual.
                               DIRECTIONS TO COUNTRY SUITES BY CARLSON

  From Nashville: I-24 East to Chattanooga. Stay on I-24 East to I-75 North (follow signs through
  Chattanooga to Knoxville and Atlanta). I-75 North (to Knoxville) to Exit 5, Shallowford Road. Exit
  right, stay in left lane, turn left at traffic light, go across bridge to second traffic light (Shallowford
  Village Drive), turn right at light between Wendy’s and Exxon station. Country Suites is straight ahead
  at end of Shallowford Village Drive.

  From Knoxville: I-75 South to Exit 5, Shallowford Road. Exit right, stay in right lane, turn right at
  traffic light, go to first traffic light (Shallowford Village Drive), turn right at light between Wendy’s and
  Exxon station. Country Suites is straight ahead at end of Shallowford Village Drive.
Page 14                                                                    The Verdict

                           Country Suites by Carlson
                            7051 McCutcheon Road
                         Chattanooga, Tennessee 37421

                               November 7, 2009

   8:00 - 8:30            Registration

   8:30 - 10:00 a.m.      Speaker:       TBA

   10:00 - 10:15 a.m.     Break

   10:15 - 11:45 a.m.     Speaker:       John B. Phillips, Esquire
                                         Miller & Martin
                                         Chattanooga, Tennessee

   12:00 – 12:45 p.m.     Lunch

   12:45 – 1:30 p.m.      Julie Abernathy, PP, PLS, NALS 2009-2010 President

   1:45 - Until           TALS Fall Board Meeting
The Verdict                                                            Page 15

              TALS - Legal Professionals of Tennessee
                                      Cordially invites you to a

                    Presidential Reception
                                           In honor of

   Julie Abernathy, PP, PLS
                                 NALS National President
                                      Friday, November 6, 2009
                                        8:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.
                                      Country Suites by Carlson
                                          Chattanooga, TN
                Please join us in enjoying sparkling libations, soft drinks, appetizers and
                                 the company of our National President!
The Verdict                                                                                           Page 16

  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                       May 16, 2009

  Marie Komisar (202) 393-0222

       Former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor to Keynote National
   Association of Women Judges’ 2009 Annual Conference in Memphis October 15-18

  WASHINGTON, D.C. May 16, 2009 – The National Association of Women Judges (NAWJ)
  announces its 31st Annual Conference to be held October 15-18 at the Peabody Hotel in Memphis,
  Tennessee. Highlighting the Conference will be the Keynote Luncheon Address by former Supreme
  Court    Justice      Sandra      Day       O’Connor      on     Thursday,     October     15.

  This year’s theme, Justice on the River, Navigating Change, will comprise a conference of plenary
  sessions, symposia, panel discussions, workshops and networking opportunities on a variety of key
  issues in judicial administration and professional development not excluded to Gender Bias in Media
  Coverage, Bankruptcy, Judicial Independence, Developing our Authentic Leadership, Implicit Bias,
  Emerging Issues in Litigation Resulting from New Legislation, Open Courts and Secret Settlements,
  Judicial Productivity and Stress Management, Role of the Courts in Overseeing Executive Functions
  in Difficult Economic Times, Immigration, Law and Literature, International Technical Assistance and

  NAWJ President Justice La Tia W. Martin, Justice for the New York State Supreme Court will
  preside over the conference that as tradition includes its NAWJ annual Board and membership
  meetings and the investiture of the new Board of Directors, as well as unique programs on the
  aforementioned topics. Justice Martin invites the members of the legal community, and all other
  interested persons, to attend this annual conference of judicial leaders. “The National Association of
  Women Judges continues to focus on its mission to serve as the leading voice for women jurists
  throughout the nation. And, in this era of change, we will vigorously strive to attain gender equality
  within our judicial system,” stated President Martin.

  Hosted by NAWJ members and friends from the wider Memphis region, the gathering is expected to
  include over 400 attendees. Conference Co-Chairs include: Hon. Janice M. Holder, Chief Justice
  Supreme Court of Tennessee, Hon. Earnestine H. Dorse, Judge for the Municipal Courts of
  Memphis and. Conference Planning Committee Chairs include: Hon. Bernice B. Donald, Hon.
  Jennie Latta, Teresa Jones, Jeana Littrell, Jill Steinberg, Hon. Loyce Lambert-Ryan, Leanne
  Kleinman, Hon. Paulette Delk, Hon. Donna Fields, Kathy May, Hon. Camille McMullen Hon. Karen

  Attendees can register for the Conference at Conference sponsorship and Keynote
  Luncheon tables or individual tickets are available at various levels by contacting Jeffrey Groton,

  About the National Association of Women Judges
  Founded in 1979, NAWJ is a non-profit, nonpartisan organization committed to providing a national
  voice for federal, state, military, administrative and tribal women jurists at all levels of the judiciary
  dedicated to ensuring equal justice and access to the courts for women, minorities and other
  historically disfavored groups; to providing judicial education on cutting-edge issues affecting these
  groups; to increasing the numbers and advancement of women judges at all levels of the judiciary;
  and to defending and preserving judicial independence. For more information about NAWJ please
  contact Executive Director Marie Komisar 202-393-0222 or Please visit
  NAWJ’s website
The Verdict                                                                          Page 17
                          NEW FEDERAL TIME COMPUTATION
                         AND TIME PERIODS IN CIVIL ACTIONS

                            Submitted by: Vickie Hellmer, PLS

         On December 1, 2009 amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure are
  scheduled to take effect. The most significant of the changes concerns the elimination
  of current Rule 6(a)(2), which excludes intermediate Saturdays, Sundays, and legal
  holidays when a prescribed time period is less than 11 days.

         According to the new Advisory Committee Notes, “Under new subdivision (a)(1),
  all deadlines stated in days (no matter the length) are computed in the same way. The
  day of the event that triggers the deadline is not counted. All other days-including
  intermediate Saturdays, Sundays, and legal holidays-are counted with one exception: If
  the period ends on a Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday, then the deadline falls on the
  next day that is not a Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday.”

         A number of other time periods are extended by the amendments. Most notably,
  an answer or motion to dismiss must be filed 21 days instead of 20 days after service of
  the summons and complaint. Rule 12(a)(1)(A)(i). Other changes include (but are not
  limited to):

     •   The deadline for a jury demand is 14 (not 10) days after service of the last
         pleading. Rule 38(b)(1);

     •   A motion for judgment as a matter of law (a/k/a “directed verdict”) must be filed
         no later than 28 (not 10) days after entry of judgment. Rule 52 (b);

     •   A motion for new trial must be filed with 28 (not 10) days after judgment day.
         Rule 59 (b0 and 50 (d); and

     •   A notice of an application for default judgment against an appearing defendant
         must be served at least 7 (not 3) days before the hearing. Rule 55 (b)(2).

  Note further: Amendments to the Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure will also be
  effective on December 1st, including a new subdivision 26(a)(1)(B) also requiring the
  counting of “every day, including Saturdays, Sundays, and legal holidays.”

  Be sure to review these changes.
The Verdict                                                                                    Page 18

  When you join NALS, you have access to a wealth of information and affinity providers.
  Are you taking advantage of your ENTIRE membership in NALS?

                eNews – Are you receiving the bi-weekly newsletter of pertinent
                information about NALS? If you are a member and want to receive
                the newsletter, please email Jay Moore at Until
                then, enjoy the most recent issue by going to the following link:


                Leading The Way - is the NALS Leadership Newsletter that is
                available to ALL members of NALS. If you’re interested in staying in
                touch, go to: (

                Members have access to outside providers that brings many services
                that otherwise might be substantially more expensive to NALS
                Members. (
                I personally use Liberty Mutual. NOW, Sam’s Club is part of NALS
                Affinity Provider.

                Members can take advantage of online professional development
                and legal education in the Online Learning Center for FREE in the
                comfort of your own home during the evenings. Upcoming sessions
                in August 2009 are (no sessions in July):

                •   October 14 – The PC is Not a Typewriter – 1 CLE (certificate)
                •   October 28 – Grammarama – 1 CLE (certificate)

                REMEMBER: You do not have to be a certified member to enjoy these sessions.
                In today’s uncertainty with employment, it is great to stay educated and this is
                only one way to achieve a high level of education.


                Instructions on Entering Online Center:
The Verdict                                                                          Page 19

                          Member Contact Information

    In an effort to have up-to-date contact membership contact information, please omplete
    the following information and either email, mail or fax to Tina Boone:

    Full Name:

    Firm/Company Name:


    Preferable Contact Number:

    Fax Number:

    Area of Practice:

    Birth Date (Month/Day) :

    Year joined NALS:

    Preferred Email Address:

                                       Send this form to:

                                         Tina Boone, PLS
                               Waller Lansden Dortch & Davis, PLLC
                                       Nashville City Center
                                   511 Union Street, Suite 2700
                                       Nashville, TN 37219
                                       Fax: (615) 244-6804
The Verdict                                                                                             Page 20

                                WHAT IS NALS, ASSOCIATION OF LEGAL
                                PROFESSIONALS, NASHVILLE CHAPTER?

   NALS, Association of Legal Professionals,              employed by the courts, trust departments of
   Nashville Chapter (“Nashville Chapter”) is a           banks or trust companies, and those persons
   multi-level organization. Membership in the local      employed in public or private institutions directly
   chapter brings membership in TALS –Legal               engaged in work of a legal nature.
   Professionals of Tennessee (“TALS”), NALS
   Region 4 and NALS…the association for legal            WHEN ARE MEETINGS HELD?
   professionals (“NALS”).
                                                          Nashville Chapter Board/Membership meetings
   The Nashville Chapter was first organized in           are held on the third Monday of each month at
   1949 and was chartered with TALS and NALS in           Noon at the Nashville Bar Association.     A
   1972.                                                  monthly lunch & learn is offered at a nominal
                                                          cost by reservation on the second Wednesday
   WHAT IS TALS?                                          at the Tennessee Bar Association.

   TALS holds an annual convention and quarterly          WHEN ARE NASHVILLE CHAPTER’S LUNCH
   meetings throughout the state. In addition to the      & LEARNS HELD?
   business meetings, legal education seminars
   are offered at these meetings. Each local              Nashville Chapter Lunch & Learns are held on
   chapter sends a Governor to report back to the         the second Wednesday of each month at noon
   chapter all business transacted; however,              at the Tennessee Bar Association. Because of
   members are encouraged to attend. State                the venue, a box lunch is offered, and may
   meetings and seminars afford a wonderful               change over the course of the year at a cost of
   opportunity for networking with other legal            $12 and is a reservation only meeting. The lunch
   professionals from across the state that have the      hour is devoted almost in its entirety to a
   same goals and objectives.                             speaker advising on a legal or community topic.
                                                          You do not have to be a member to attend.
   WHAT IS REGION 4?                                      Attendance at the Lunch & Learn is a good way
                                                          to find out more about the Nashville Chapter and
   Region 4 is lead by an elected regional director       meet its members.
   that plans a meeting once a year with the states
   that cover our region. The states that are within      HOW MUCH DOES MEMBERSHIP COST?
   our region is Alabama, Georgia, Florida, North
   Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. This          The annual fee for new members is $120.00.
   meeting is not as large as the NALS national           Thereafter, the annual renewal is $110.00. A
   educational    or   professional    development        portion of this amount pays your dues to TALS
   meetings; but, they are generally larger than the      and NALS.
   state meetings. It is a wonderful way to meet
   other legal professionals that has the same            WHAT DOES MEMBERSHIP OFFER ME?
   goals and objectives as you do; but, closer to
   home.                                                  You will be a member of a professional
                                                          organization dedicated to the furtherance of
   WHAT IS NALS?                                          legal education and having as its main objective
                                                          the encouragement of its members to attain a
   NALS is a non-partisan, non-profit, non-               high degree of professional excellence in their
   sectarian corporation based upon principles of         chosen career.
   service to all areas of the legal field.
   Membership is open to all persons engaged in           You will receive publications written for the legal
   service in the legal forum, including, but not         professional, including The Verdict, our local
   limited to, attorneys, legal assistants, paralegals,   monthly publication, The Junction, the TALS
   secretaries, typists, word processors, court           state quarterly publication, Region 4 Newsletter
   clerks, clerks employed in law offices, persons
The Verdict                                                                                     Page 21

    and @Law,      the   NALS    national   quarterly   sessions are provided without charge to
    publication.                                        members. The examinations are given at testing
                                                        centers throughout the United States with one
    You will have the opportunity to attend seminars,   center being located in Nashville.
    study groups, workshops, and other activities
    which will enhance your legal education             The examination covers a variety of subjects:
    relationships in a local and national network.      Written Communication; Ethics & Judgment;
                                                        Office Procedures & Technology; Legal
    You will have access to employment placement        Knowledge & Skills.
    at no charge through the Employment
    Committee.                                          NASHVILLE CHAPTER ANNUAL EVENTS

    You will be given the opportunity to serve on       Bosses Appreciation Luncheon is held each
    committees which function to promote the goals      October. This event affords the legal secretary
    and objectives of the association and, in the       the opportunity to invite the attorney for whom
    process, allow a greater opportunity for new and    she works to a special lunch.
    lasting friendships among members.
                                                        The “Chris Galyon Scholarship Award” is
    You will be eligible for discounted travel and      presented annually to a worthy individual who
    rental car rates, group insurance programs, a       has exhibited a desire to further his or her
    retirement program, loan programs, and credit       education in the legal field.
    card applications.
                                                        Legal Professionals Night Out is held each year
    WHAT IS THE PROFESSIONAL PARALEGAL                  for the legal community to come together on a
    EXAM?                                               social basis for the purpose of promoting NALS
                                                        and     encouraging     membership     in   our
    The Professional Paralegal (PP) certification       Association.
    was developed by NALS to promote legal
    professionals who wish to be identified as          In 1972, the President of the United States
    exceptional in all areas of the law. Certain        proclaimed Court Observance Week an annual
    eligibility requirements must be met to take this   event in October. Each year our members
    exam, and are available for viewing at              sponsor a program to recognize our judicial                                       system.

    SECRETARY PROGRAM?                                  ACCOMPLISHMENTS

    The Certified Professional Legal Secretary          The Nashville Chapter hosted the Annual
    (PLS) designation is achieved by passing a          Meeting and Educational Conference of the
    rigorous one-day examination. Eligibility for the   National Association of Legal Secretaries
    exam requires at least three (3) years’             International in July 1985 with approximately
    experience as a legal secretary.                    1,000 members, delegates, and their families in
    The Accredited Legal Secretary (ALS)
    designation is achieved by passing a half-day       The Nashville Chapter has the proud distinction
    examination and is available to persons who         of having members Chris Galyon, PLS elected
    have completed one of the following: a              National President for 1984-85 and Tina L.
    secretarial course, the NALS Legal Training         Boone, PLS serving/elected as Region 4
    Course, or one year of secretarial experience.      Director from 2005-2007. Other members have
                                                        been or currently serve as officers, committee
    Those interested     in  sitting for these          members and chairmen at both state and
    examinations can attend group study sessions        national levels.
    held in advance of the examination. These
The Verdict                                                                                        Page 22

   HOW DO I BECOME AMEMBER OF THE                      growth through seminars, quality publications,
   NASHVILLE CHAPTER?                                  and local, state, regional and national
                                                       networking. NALS offers several regional and
   Contact any member or:                              national conferences each year packed with
                                                       outstanding education and featuring excellent
                Membership Director                    speakers from around the country. State and
                    Jerrie Chilcote                    local chapters offer more frequent meetings to
                Sherrard & Roe, PLC                    give in-depth local educational coverage.
            424 Church Street, Suite 2000
                  Nashville TN 37219                   Additionally, NALS supports its members by
               Phone: (615) 742-4526                   providing the following benefits:
                                                       Affinity Programs - members enjoy discounts on
                                                       a variety of goods and services.
                                                       Certification - accreditation for everyone,
   WHAT ARE THE QUALIFICATIONS FOR                     whether beginning a new career or enhancing
   MEMBERSHIP?                                         your current one.

   Individual members consist of those persons         ALS--the     basic      certification for legal
   engaged in work of a legal nature and who           professionals, PLS--the advanced certification
   agree to comply with the NALS Code of Ethics        for legal professionals and Professional
   and Professional Responsibility.                    Paralegal certification.

   HOW DO I BECOME A MEMBER?                           @Law Magazine - members receive this award-
                                                       winning publication quarterly.
   You can use the secure online application, or
   you may choose to print out the application right   E-Learn - a monthly update on current topics of
   from the web site or in Adobe PDF format and        interest to legal support staff, delivered via e-
   mail or fax it. Simply choose the method you        mail.
   want to apply, fill out the NALS Membership
   Application, select a method of payment, and        E-News - a bi-weekly electronic newsletter sent
   submit your application. You then just sit back     to all NALS members who provide an email
   and will receive your new member package from       address, which includes timely information and
   the NALS Resource Center within four weeks.         details of NALS activities, with links to
                                                       educational information and topics of interest to
   Categories of membership:                           legal support staff.

           Regular Member                              NALS Online Learning Center - Education and
           International Member                        personal development offered on a variety of
           Retired Member                              subjects with the added bonus of networking
           National Associate Member                   across the United States.
              (educators, judges and attorneys)
           National Student Member                     NALS also presents a host of other professional
              (must be a fulltime student)             development programs including the Legal
                                                       Training Course, NALS Educational Institute,
   WHY SHOULD I JOIN NALS?                             and college credits.

   Opportunities for professional and personal
   development are plenty when you join NALS.
   NALS is a tri-level organization composed of
   NALS, your state association, and your local
   chapter. Each offers topnotch professional
The Verdict                                                                                       Page 23

    WHAT IS E-LEARN          AND    HOW     DO    I     the challenge while improving your onthe- job
    SUBSCRIBE?                                          skills in the areas of communication, accounting,
                                                        office     administration, ethics    and    legal
    E-learn is a monthly educational subscription       procedures.
    received by NALS members via e-mail or fax
    featuring articles, technology tips, legal          PLS . . . the advanced certification for legal
    community news, etc. If you are currently a         professionals: The certified PLS designation is
    member and not receiving e-learn and would like     the best way to show off your expertise in areas
    to be on the distribution list, please contact      including legal terminology and procedures,
    Saundra Bates, NALS Member Services                 ethics, office procedures, and communication
    Manager at or 918-582-5188.          skills. That could mean more money and more
    Saundra will be happy to add you to our list.       opportunities for you, or it could mean doing a
                                                        better job for your present employer! The PLS
    WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF THE NALS                   certification is recommended by the American
    ONLINE LEARNING CENTER?                             Council on Education (“ACE”) as valuable
                                                        college credit for as much as 27 semester hours.
    Education, updated information on NALS and
    various legal topics, networking across the         PP: Professional Paralegal, this is the newest of
    country are just a few of the benefits afforded     the NALS Certifications
    our members who make it a point to participate
    in our weekly Tuesday and Wednesday night           SMC: State Membership Chairman
    NALS Online Learning Center sessions. Each
    week a different topic is chosen as an              LMC: Local Membership Chairman
    educational subject or for discussion over the
    Internet lines. Come check us out!                  CLE: Continuing Legal Education

    WHO DO I CONTACT WITH REGARD TO                     CLA: Certified Legal Assistant
                                                        @Law: The Official NALS Magazine. As a
    Saundra Bates, NALS Membership Services             member of NALS . . . the association for legal
    Manager or Jerrie Chilcote, NALS, Nashville         professionals, you will receive @LAW four times
    Chapter Membership Director                         a year. Each issue features informative articles
                                                        and time-saving resources. @LAW is so
    WHAT DO THE FOLLOWING ACRONYMS                      informative it won the coveted Gold Circle Award
    MEAN?                                               for Most Improved Magazine from the ASAE.
                                                        The @LAW subscription rate for nonmembers of
    ALS . . . the basic certification for legal         NALS is $40.00 per year.
    professionals: The ALS designation is an
    attainable goal for someone entering the legal
    support field. Demonstrate your acceptance of


               1.      E                              6.     L
               2.      F                              7.     C
               3.      I                              8.     B
               4.      K                              9.     J
               5.      G                              10.    D
           NALS, Nashville Chapter
           c/o Waller Lansden et al.
         511 Union Street, Suite 2700
             Nashville, TN 37219
               (615) 850-8166



        “Stretch Your Imagination While
        You Maximize Your Potential to
                 Think Big”

               We’re on the Web!

                   Visit us at:

NALS, Nashville Chapter
c/o Waller Lansden et al.
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Attn: Tina L. Boone, President

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