Alexander the Great Murder Unsolved by alicejenny


									Alexander the Great: Murder Unsolved
        How old was Alexander at his death?
•He was only 32 years old.
     What are some of the reasons why the death of
      Alexander has been classified as a mystery?

•There are different reports of his death.
•The resources about his death were all written years after he
•Experts can all come up with a reason for his death.
    What was Alexander doing in the capital city of
•It was his base for further attacks.
       What are the theories about his death?
•He was poisoned by another Macedonian family.
•He drank too much.
•His body was already weakened by wounds.
•He had West Nile virus.
•He used Hellebore to help with depression not realizing it was
 poisoning him.
   What destructive habits and character traits did
                   Alexander have?

•He drank too much.
•He had many enemies.
        What is the exact date of his death?
•June 11, 323 BC
   Describe the physical condition of Alexander.
•He had wounds all over his body.
•He was injured in the chest/lung, head, calf, ankle, and leg.
•He was suffering from depression after the death of his closest
How long did it take for death to occur after he fell ill
                    at the party?
•It took 12 days for him to die.
How did the condition of Alexander change during that
•He suffered vomiting.
•He suffered from a high fever.
•He was delirious and delusional.
   What possible motives have been identified to give
             persons cause to murder him?

•Fear for their own lives from the very unpredictable and brutal
•The need for containing his power and expanding their own
•His soldiers were growing distrustful of Alexander.
 What evidence seems to support the idea of hellebore
               being used as a poison?

•Scientists recreated the days using a computerized human to test
 the theory.
•Hellebore poisoning affects the body slowly.
•More hellebore could have been given to Alexander during the 12
 days he was dying.

   How did historical research reshape the hellebore
            theory of Alexander’s death?

•Hellebore was used as a drug to treat other problems and it may
 have been given to Alexander as a treatment.
•Hellebore is extremely poisonous.
•Hellebore is found in Macedonia.

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