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									City of London Festival 2011

                                           VENUE ACCESS DOCUMENT
This document has been compiled by City of London Festival event management staff from information taken
from our own site visits and by consulting venue managers. Although every effort has been made to ensure that
information is accurate and up-to-date, some details may be subject to change. If you are in any doubt please
contact the Festival office.

Wheelchair users: please contact the Box Office (0845 120 7502) for more information on wheelchair seating
allocations for ticketed events. For unreserved events we would be grateful if you would alert the Box Office to
your access requirements.

If you have queries, require any further information or would like to comment on Festival access issues, please
call the Festival office on 020 7583 3585.

                                                                  Disabled                            Loop
      Venue              Car Parking       Wheelchair Access                          Lift                       Steps/ramps
                                                                   Toilet                            System

Apothecaries’ Hall    None available       Yes - with prior      Yes           Yes                  Yes,        Several steps
                                           notice a ramp can                                        Induction   situated at
                                           be provided for the                                      Loop        main entrance
                                           steps situated at                                        system.     off Black
                                           the Black Friars                                                     Friars Lane
                                           Lane entrance.                                                       but ramp can
                                                                                                                be provided.
Australia House       "pay by phone"       Yes. Ramped.          Yes.          Yes                  No          Two steps
                      parking spaces in                          Disabled                                       from street
                      Melbourne Place                            toilet one                                     level but a
                      behind the High                            level down                                     ramp can be
                      Commission, free                           from the                                       provided.
                      after 6.30pm.                              ground
                                                                 floor with
                                                                 lift access
Bank of England       Drop off point for   There is a            Yes           There is a lift to   There is    There are
City of London Festival 2011

                      coaches and cars   wheelchair access          gain access to      a           stairs to the
                      outside the main   to the venue               the Museum          portable    main entrance
                      entrance for a     through the                level from the      Induction   but a ramp
                      limited time. 2    Lothbury entrance          Lothbury gate.      Loop for    can be put in
                      Disabled parking   at the back of the         There is also a     use         place.
                      spaces opposite    building. Ring the         lift to the first   through-
                      Museum             bell outside the           floor to follow     out the
                      entrance.          Museum entrance            the Bank’s tour.    Museum.
                                         for assistance and
                                         a member of staff
                                         will come and
                                         escort you.

Barbican Cinema       Yes, there are      Yes                 Yes   Yes – access to     Yes,        Ramped main
                      paid parking                                  all levels.         Induction   entrance.
                      facilities for                                                    Loop
                      general use and                                                   System.
                      free parking for
                      blue badge
                      holders when the
                      parking voucher
                      presented at Box
                      Office/ticket desk.
                      There are also
                      wider accessible
                      bays in car parks
                      3 and 5 which can
                      be booked
                      through the Box
City of London Festival 2011

Butchers’ Hall        Drop off only.                            Yes            Yes. Lift to all   Yes in     One step from
                                                                               floors but         Court      street
                                                                               narrow             Suite.
                                                                               entrance.          Not in the
                                                                               Accessible for     Great
                                                                               standard           Hall
                                                                               wheelchairs but
                                                                               not for
Charterhouse          Yes – 3 spaces       Yes but need         Toilets not    Yes                No        Steps to great
                      for disabled only    accompaniment via    accessible                                  hall and library
                                           alternate route.     for                                         – need
                                                                wheelchair                                  ramp/lift.
                                                                s but do
                                                                have a
Clifford Chance       No, there are car    Yes                  Yes            Yes                Yes       Level access
                      parking facilities
                      on the Wharf.
Deutsche Bank         No                   Yes                  Yes            Yes                Yes       Level access
Drapers’ Hall         None available for   Yes. Ramped          Yes,           Yes, the lift is   Yes       Steps at main
                      general use.         access via the       available      situated by                  entrance.
                      Disabled parking     Throgmorton          on both the    reception on the             Ramped
                      can be arranged      Avenue entrance      ground and     ground floor and             access via
                      with prior notice,   can be arranged      first floor.   opens out to the             Throgmorton
                      please call the      with prior notice.                  first floor lobby.           Avenue.
                      festival office on
                      020 7583 3585.

Girdlers’ Hall        Metered Parking      Yes                  No official    Yes.               Yes       Steps to main
                      and a drop off                            Disabled                                    entrance.
                      area.                                     toilets but                                 Ramped
                      There is disabled                         cubicles                                    access on the
City of London Festival 2011

                      on-street parking                         wide                                        North side of
                      available on                              enough for                                  Hall.
                      Basinghall                                wheelchair
                      Avenue                                    access.
Goldsmiths’ Hall       None available.     Yes. Level access    Yes,         Yes, situated by   Yes,        Steps to main
                                           via Carey Lane       available    the main           infra-red   entrance.
                                           (south side of       on the       entrance.          system.     Level access
                                           building).           ground                                      from Carey
                                                                floor.                                      Lane (south
Gresham College       None available.      Yes                  Yes          No, not needed     Yes         Level access
                      Nearest car parks                                      as access only                 to main
                      are St Andrew St                                       required on                    entrance.
                      & Farringdon                                           ground level.
Guildhall Art         None available for   Yes                  Yes          Yes                n/a         The main
Gallery               general use.                                                                          entrance has
                      There are                                                                             level access
                      disabled spaces                                                                       and lift is
                      for blue badge                                                                        available to
                      holders in nearby                                                                     access all
                      streets including                                                                     floors.
                      and Basinghall St
Guildhall Old         None available for   Yes – room is        Several –    2 lifts – one to   No          15 steps – can
Library               general use.         accessible by lift   also         cloakroom and                  use lift
                      There are                                 accessible   one to the Old
                      disabled spaces                           by lift      Library
                      for blue badge
                      holders in nearby
                      streets including
                      and Basinghall St
City of London Festival 2011

Haberdashers’ Hall No – drop off only   Yes – lift to concert   Yes – one     Yes   Yes         Level access
                   by barrier across    hall floor              by guest
                   West Smithfield.                             toilets
                   Limited number of
                   Parking spaces
                   nearby for
                   Disabled badge
                   holders. Cost £1
                   per 15mins.
                   Underground Car
                   Park accessible
                   from Long Lane
                   at £2 per hour.
Innholders’ Hall   No- drop off only    Yes – ramp outside      Yes           Yes   Yes         6 steps from
LSO St Luke’s         No but convenient Yes, ramp               Yes           Yes   Yes –       Ramp access
                      drop-off point in entrance.                                   personal throughout.
                      Helmut Row                                                    receivers
                                                                                    for use
                                                                                    with infra-

Mansion House         No                Yes, provision of       Yes,          Yes   Yes,        Steps up to
                                        removable ramp for      situated by         hearing     main
                                        north entrance onto     the cloak           aids        entrance.
                                        Walbrook.               rooms on            should be   Removable
                                                                ground              switched    ramps placed
                                                                floor               to ‘T’      on north
City of London Festival 2011

                                                                                      setting   entrance.
Merchant Taylors’     No                  Yes, via                 Yes, on the Yes.   Yes       Approx 3
Hall                                      Threadneedle St.         left at rear                 steps from
                                          Lift from street level   of hall.                     street level to
                                          to ground floor,                                      entrance. Lift
                                          further lift from                                     access
                                          ground floor up two                                   throughout.
                                          steps to cloister                                     Level access
                                          level.                                                via
Music Hall,           None, but are       Yes, ramped main         Yes         Yes    Yes       Ramped main
Guildhall School of   able to use         entrance and lift                                     entrance.
Music & Drama         Barbican parking    access throughout
                      facilities – see    venue.
                      Barbican details.
October Gallery
Plaisterers’ Hall     No, on-site         Yes, access to all       Yes         Yes    Yes       Level access
                      parking. Very       levels available via
                      limited parking     lifts
                      spaces for
                      disabled patrons
                      must be pre-
                      booked. Nearest
                      public car
                      parking: 1. Next
                      to EAT (opposite
                      the hall) 2.
                      Aldersgate NCP
Southwark             No, within the      Yes, access to all       Yes,         Yes   Yes       Ramped
Cathedral             Congestion          levels available via     available at                 access
                      Charge Zone but     lifts or fixed and       the West                     throughout.
                      access for Blue     portable ramps.          end on the
City of London Festival 2011

                      Badge Holders.                             ground
                      Nearest                                    floor and
                      designated                                 East End
                      Disabled Parking                           in the
                      space is situated                          basement
                      in Park Street

St Andrew Holborn     No                  Yes, level access      Yes, a      n/a   Yes   Approx 20
                                          available via South    disabled                steps down
                                          door on St Andrew      toilet is               (10 up) from
                                          St. Prior notice       situated in             Holborn
                                          required please call   the                     Viaduct. Level
                                          the Festival office    Courthous               access
                                          on 020 7583 3585.      e, ramped               available via
                                                                 access and              South Door on
                                                                 assistance              St Andrew St.
                                                                 required.               Prior notice
                                                                                         please call the
                                                                                         Festival office
                                                                                         on 020 7583

St Andrew by the      No                  Yes – disabled         General     n/a   No    Approx 20
Wardrobe                                  access from            facilities              steps up from
                                          Wardrobe Terrace,      are                     Queen
                                          off Addle Hill.        accessible              Victoria Street;
                                                                 for a                   10 steps from
                                                                 wheelchair.             St Andrew’s
                                                                                         Hill into north
                                                                                         and west
City of London Festival 2011

St Anne & St          No       Yes, portable ramp      No              n/a   No    Level access
Agnes                          to provide access                                   apart from one
                               due to a step at                                    step at the
                               entrance.                                           church
                                                                                   which can be
St Bartholomew-       No       Yes, all level          No              n/a   No    Level access
the-Great                                                                          to main
St Bart’s Hospital    No       Yes, via the            General     Yes       No    Steps at
Great Hall                     archives                facilities                  general
                               department,             are                         entrance to
                               ramped entrance         accessible                  hall, there is
                               and lift facility       for a                       disabled
                               bringing user out at    wheelchair.                 access via the
                               the back of the hall.                               archives
                                                                                   this is ramped
                                                                                   and a lift is
                                                                                   bringing user
                                                                                   out at the back
                                                                                   of the hall
St Botolph’s          No       Yes. Newly              Yes. One        Yes   Yes   Two steps
Bishopsgate                    completed ramp          wheelchair                  from road.
                               access.                 accessible                  Ramped
                                                       toilet in the               access
                                                       church                      available.
                                                       office, (one
                                                       step); one
City of London Festival 2011

                                                              toilet in
                                                              lower hall
                                                              (with lift)

St Bride’s Fleet      No                 Yes, via the west    No            n/a   No    Steps up from
Street                                   entrance from                                  St Bride Lane
                                         Salisbury Court.                               but level
                                                                                        access from
St Ethelburga’s       No                 Yes                  Yes           n/a   Yes   All level

St Giles              No                 Yes                  Yes,          n/a   No    All level
Cripplegate                                                   situated at
                                                              the rear of
                                                              the church
St Lawrence Jewry     None available for Yes                  No            n/a   No    All level
                      general use.
                      There are
                      disabled spaces
                      for blue badge
                      holders in nearby
                      streets including
                      and Basinghall St.
                      Possible to
                      arrange disabled
                      parking with prior
                      notice, please call
                      festival office on
                      020 7583 3585.
St Margaret           No                  Yes, level access   Yes           n/a   No    A couple of
City of London Festival 2011

Lothbury                                  via the West                                    steps at the
                                          entrance on                                     main entrance
                                          Lothbury.                                       but level
                                                                                          access via the
                                                                                          west entrance,
                                                                                          which is also
                                                                                          situated on
St Margaret           No                  Yes, ramp access      Yes,          n/a   No    Steps at
Pattens                                   via the Vestry.       situated at               entrance,
                                                                the back of               ramp access
                                                                the church                round the
                                                                                          back of the
                                                                                          church by
St Mary Abchurch      No                  Yes, step free        No            n/a   No    Steps at front
                                          access via side                                 entrance, but
                                          door.                                           step free
                                                                                          access via
                                                                                          side door.
St Mary Aldermary     No                  Yes, ramped           Yes,          n/a   Yes   Steps from
                                          access via the        situated at               Queen
                                          West entrance on      the rear of               Victoria St
                                          Bow Lane.             hall.                     entrance but
                                                                                          access via
                                                                                          West entrance
                                                                                          on Bow Lane.
St Mary-at-Hill       No car parking      Yes, access using     Yes           n/a   No    Steps at front
                      facilities at the   a movable ramp                                  entrance and
                      church. Street      over stairs at rear                             at entrance to
                      parking is          entrance to the                                 churchyard
City of London Festival 2011

                      available in   church.
St Mary le Bow        No             No                     No          n/a   Yes   Steps at every
                                                                                    entrance and
                                                                                    no ramp
St Michael Cornhill   No             Yes – down St          Yes         n/a   No    7 steps up
                                     Michael’s alley and                            from Cornhill.
                                     round through                                  Flat access
                                     parish rooms.                                  from St
St Olave, Hart        No             Yes, ramped            No          n/a   n/a   A couple of
Street                               entrance                                       steps at main
                                                                                    ramp available
                                                                                    but very steep
St Paul’s             No             Access for             No,         n/a   Yes   Steps at front
Cathedral                            wheelchair users       audience is             of the
                                     and visitors with      able to use             Cathedral.
                                     mobility issues is     nearby                  Access for
                                     via the South          Paternoste              wheelchair
                                     Churchyard.            r Square                users and
                                                            toilets.                visitors with
                                                                                    mobility issues
                                                                                    is via the
St Sepulchre          No             Yes, ramped            Yes         n/a   No    A couple of
without Newgate                      access via the                                 steps at main
                                     West gate on Snow                              entrance,
                                     Hill. Please contact                           ramped
City of London Festival 2011

                                          Festival office on                      access via the
                                          020 7583 3585 as                        West gate on
                                          prior notice needs                      Snow Hill.
                                          to be given.                            Please contact
                                                                                  Festival office
                                                                                  on 020 7583
                                                                                  3585 as prior
                                                                                  notice needs
                                                                                  to be given.
St Vedast Alias       No                  Yes                   No    n/a   No    Approx 5
Foster                                                                            steps up from
                                                                                  Foster Lane
                                                                                  into Church
                                                                                  and courtyard.
                                                                                  Ramp can be
Stationers’ Hall      None for general    Yes, through the      Yes   Yes   Yes   Steps on main
                      use but up to 3     courtyard entrance.                     entrance.
                      spaces available                                            Ramp can be
                      for disabled                                                placed at
                      patrons.                                                    secondary
2 Temple Place        Limited parking     Yes via Mobile        Yes   Yes   No    8 steps from
                      outside. Drop off   Stairclimber                            street
                      possible. 2
                      disabled parking
                      spaces in Temple
                      Place and 3 in
                      Surrey St.
City of London Festival 2011


Venue                 Car Parking   Wheelchair         Wheelchair       Lift   Loop     Steps/Ramps
                                    Access             Toilet                  System

Carter Lane           No            Yes                No               No     No       No steps other
Gardens                                                                                 than leading to
Canary Wharf:         No            Yes                In retail area   No     No       No steps other
Canada Square                                          off the park                     than roadside
Park/ Cabot                                                                             curbs
Cleary Garden         No            Yes – upper part   No               No     No       Yes steps
                                    of garden                                           leading to lower
Devonshire            No            Yes                Yes – Cental     No     No       No
Square                                                 courtyard

Finsbury Circus       No            No – step access   No – nearest     No     No       Yes
Gardens                             down to sunken     Paternoster
                                    grass level        Lodge
Great St Helen’s      No            Yes                No               No     No       No
City of London Festival 2011

Guildhall Yard        No                  Yes                   Available in    No             No   No steps other
                                                                the Guildhall                       than roadside
                                                                Art Gallery                         curbs
HQS Wellington        No                  No                    No              No             No   Yes – both
                                                                                                    steps and
Liverpool Street      Disabled Parking    Yes – Access to       Yes –           Lifts          No   Ramp access
Station               available on road   terrace through       available in    available in        from Bus station
                      within 50m of       station or side       the Station     station             on Liverpool
                      Station             entrance by bus                       between             Street and
                                          depot.                                lower and           through Station
                                                                                upper levels        from
Monument              No                  Yes                   No              No             No   No steps other
                                                                                                    than roadside
Moorgate &            No                  Yes                   No – nearest    No             No   No steps other
London Wall                                                     available at                        than roadside
                                                                Liverpool                           curbs
Museum of             In the Congestion   Yes – Atrium is       Yes – within    Lift access to No   Lifts provide
London                Charge Zone,        level, on             the museum      the Museum          access from
                      free access for     highwalks which                       from the car        street level to
                      those with a        can be reached                        park. Lift          the upper
                      disability (Blue    from ground by                        access to           walkways. No
                      Badge holders).     lift.                                 the Museum          steps once on
                      Disabled parking    Wheelchair and                        from street         this level
                      for blue and        disability scooters                   level on the        (see Museum
                      orange pass         available to                          London Wall         website for Lift
                      holders in          borrow from                           roundabout          access points
                      Museum of           Reception.                            at the              http://www.mus
                      London Carpark                                            junction with       eumoflondon.or
City of London Festival 2011

                      on London Wall.                                        St Martin's le )
                      (See website)                                          Grand

New Street Square No                      Yes                No              No               No   No steps other
                                                                                                   than roadside
Parliament Hill       No – but can park   Yes                Yes             No               No   No
(Hampstead            in the lido.
Paternoster           No                  Yes – good         Available in    No               No   No steps other
Square                                    access with even   Paternoster                           than roadside
                                          paving             Lodge on the                          curbs
                                                             south edge
                                                             of the square
Peter’s Hill          No                  Yes – good         Available in    No               No   No steps other
                                          access with even   Paternoster                           than roadside
                                          paving             Lodge on the                          curbs
                                                             south edge
                                                             of the square
Royal Exchange        No                                     Yes – public    No               No   Yes
Building                                                     toilets with
                                                             accessed via
Tower of London       No                  Yes                Yes – coach     No               No   No steps –
(riverside Wharf                                             park on                               some cobbles
area)                                                        Lower
City of London Festival 2011

West steps of St      No       Yes, but will have     Available in     No            No   No steps other
Paul’s Cathedral               to view from           Paternoster                         than roadside
                               street level, not      Lodge at the                        curbs
                               on the steps           nearest
                                                      entrance to
Exchange Square       No       Yes                    Yes              Yes           No   Yes

Finsbury Avenue       No       Yes                    No               No – Street   No   Yes
Square                                                Mcdonalds in     level
                                                      Street station

Broadgate Arena       No       Yes – top level only   No               Yes           No   Yes
                                                      Mcdonalds in
                                                      Street station

St Bartholomew’s      No       Yes                    Available in     No            No   No steps
Hospital (Barts)                                      the West
                                                      Wing of the

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