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									Information Services Overview

     An introduction to DePaul’s
    especially for new employees
Who is Information Services?
• Information Services (IS) is one of
  DePaul’s academic divisions
  responsible for the University’s
  technology systems:
  – Computer support, computer labs
  – Telephone, e-mail, printing, network
  – PeopleSoft collaboration
  – Dozens of behind-the-scenes technologies
  – Implement new, upgrade existing systems
     Need more information?
• Anything you learn today can be further
  explored at and
  – Technology Instructions
  – Help
  – Details
  – Technology training (MS Office 2007)
  – Technology QuickGuides
        Technology Overviews
•   Secure computing      •   News & Events
•   Acceptable use        •   Computer equipment
•   Social Media          •   Network drives
•   Technology Support    •   Software/licensing
•   ID Card               •   E-mail
•   User ID & passwords   •   Technology Training
•   Campus Connection /   •   Telephone
    PeopleSoft            •   Wireless
               Secure Computing
• Passwords                            • Personal security
   – Create a strong password
   – Never share or write!                – Carry your ID with you
   – Use different combinations           – Do not leave laptop in plain
   – No IS member will ask you for          sight – including your car
     your password
                                          – Get a laptop lock
   – Last 4 digits of your SSN and
     DOB are used to verify identity      – Lock your laptop overnight
     for password reset requests
• General security
                                       • Data Security
   – Don’t open unknown                   – Never store sensitive data
     attachments                            on mobile devices
   – Lock your computer when away
     from desk                         • Security Questions?
   – Lock drawers & cabinets at end       – Contact the Security Team
     of day                                 at
   – Never let anyone else use your
             Acceptable Use Policy
• Privacy                                       • Examples of Non-Acceptable
   –   DePaul deeply values privacy rights        Use
       and does not routinely monitor use of       –   Uploading, storing, transmitting, etc.
       computing resources, such as e-mail             material that violates the law
       and internet
                                                   –   Sending unsolicited e-mail
   –   But, computing resources belong to
       DePaul, and IS may access them and          –   Using computing resources to harm
       information stored or transmitted               minors
       through them                                –   Transmitting communications or
   –   IS will do so only legally and for              materials to promote financial scams or
       legitimate business purposes                    other wrongdoing
                                                   –   Unauthorized access of computing
• Acceptable Use is                                –   Intercepting communications
   –   For legitimate educational and              –   Unauthorized collection of personal or
       business purposes                               university data
   –   Includes limited personal use, as long
       as users do not violate policies or
       interfere with DePaul’s educational      • Questions?
       and business purposes                       –   See the Acceptable Use/Network
                                                       Security policy
        Social Media Guidelines
• Employees are welcome to participate in social
  media, such as Facebook or Twitter
   • If you do so on behalf of DePaul, be sure to get your
     supervisor's permission
   • Remember that DePaul policies, like FERPA
     compliance or logo usage, also extend to social
• We encourage you to review DePaul's social
  media guidelines at:
Technology Support Center (TSC)
•   Provides technical assistance for DePaul supported software, systems and services,
    including DePaul (ID) Cards and U-Pass
•   The first point of contact for technical problems
•   Three product lines with multiple locations:
     –   Call Center (aka Help Desk) Mon-Thurs: 8am-8pm, Fri: 8am-5pm, Sat 8am-4pm, Sun: 12pm-4pm
           • Immediate assistance: Ext. 2-8765 (312-362-8765)
           • Non-urgent issues
                 – Submit ticket online: Campus Connection > Technology Contact Center
                 – Email
     –   ID Card Services Mon-Thurs: 9am-5:30pm, Fri: 9am-5pm
           • DePaul Center 9200 (Loop)
           • Student Center 109 (Lincoln Park)
           • All suburban campuses
     –   Genius Squad Mon-Fri: 9am-5pm
           • Lewis Center 1420 (Loop)
           • Schmitt Academic Center (SAC) 235 (Lincoln Park)
•   Services offered include:
     –   Account & password support
     –   Wired and wireless network connections
     –   Telephone connectivity on campus
     –   Campus print service support
     –   Windows and Mac desktop and laptop computer support
     –   General technical support for DePaul educational and administrative applications
                    ID Card
• Keep it with you at all times
• Common staff uses include
  – Library, photocopiers, restricted doors, cafeteria
    usage, building entry, reimbursements, tickets
• Keep it secure
  – Demon Express Account linked to this card
  – Empl ID is listed on the card
  – Provides access to secured areas
• Immediately contact the TSC if lost or stolen
 Your Employee ID and User ID
• Employee ID (Empl ID / DePaul #) is the top
  number on your ID card
  – Empl ID is used to identify students, faculty and
• Login with your campus connect User ID and
  password to access almost all systems:
  – Campus connect, E-mail, your computer
     – Hint: Make sure to change your password before you
       log into your computer or E-Mail
  – Your email address is
         Campus Connection
  – Gateway to many DePaul applications
  – Interactive Web site that includes numerous
    Web-based services for students, faculty, and
• Self service for staff:
  – Pay stubs, time sheets, vacation tracking,
    benefits enrollment, address updates, budget
    administration, etc.
 PeopleSoft (Campus Connect)
• Web-based group of administrative business
  – Supports university operations, academics, and
    decision making.
  – Human resources data, financial data, student
    administration, customer relationship
    management communications, TSC.
• Do you need access to PS systems?
  – It depends. Talk with your supervisor.
  – If yes, follow the access request procedures on
    the IS Web site at:
    Demographic Information
• In Campus Connection, you need to
  – DPU Alert
  – Campus Location Address

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            Online Exercise
• Sign-in
  – From
• Demographic Profile
  – Update DPU alert
  – Update Campus Address
  – Update Emergency Contact Info
  – Check preferred email
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Login Using Your User
 ID and Password You
Received This Morning
     DePaul News and Events
• Customizable resource to view and share
  information about what’s going on at DePaul
• Visit Campus Connection and select “DePaul
  News and Events”
  – Click “Subscribe” to choose the information you
  – Click “Create/Edit My Content” to share
    information with the university
• Visit for
  detailed instructions
        Computer Equipment
• Standard office equipment:
  – Desktop PC or laptop
  – Shared printer
• Classroom equipment:
  – PCs
  – projectors and screens.
• Computer labs are also open for staff
• Request additional equipment through TSC
• Reserve classrooms on the IS website
              Network Drives
• Your network account enables you to connect to
  the university’s network, shared files, and
  – U: drive is a personal folder just for you.
  – W: drive is a shared folder for your department.
  – U: and W: drives are “backed up” automatically by IS
• Store important documents that need to be
  shared or backed up on the U or W: drive
  – There are no automatic backups of your C: drive
  – You must manually back up your files from your C:
      Software and Licensing
• Check the “Software” section on the IS
  website before purchasing or installing
  – All software must be legally licensed.
  – Not all freeware is licensed for university use
  – Installing unlicensed software is forbidden by
    University policy
  – IS software consultant: ext. 2-8899 or
        Faculty & Staff E-mail
• Supported Clients
  – PCs use Outlook
  – Macs use Entourage
  – Web:
• Email address:
• Login with your Campus connection password
• E-mail is automatically deleted after 90 days
  – To setup an archive see handout for instructions or
    contact the TSC for assistance
        Faculty & Staff E-mail
• Wireless devices
  – BES Server for Blackberries
     • Contact TSC to setup
  – Active Sync for all other devices
     • Set up via
     • Contact the TSC for details
         Faculty & Staff E-mail
• Spam Control
  – Exchange accounts ONLY
  – Google/Postini to filter e-mail messages for viruses and spam
  – All accounts are filtered for viruses and spam automatically
  – You receive a daily Quarantine Summary every day if they
    received spam the previous day
  – You can also go to the Message Center to view their quarantined
    messages and update their spam control settings
  – You will receive a temporary password via email to log into the
    Message Center
  – The Message Center website is
 Media Production and Training
• Source for Technical Training
  – Windows 7 and MS Office 2010
  – MS Office 2007 including Outlook
  – Apple Mac OS X and iLife applications
• One on one personal training
• Sign up at

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• Dial 9 + 1 + area code + number when calling
• Five-digit dialing within DePaul:
   – Loop Campus:
     • 2-XXXX   (312-362-XXXX)
  – Lincoln Park Campus (LPC):
     • 5-XXXX   (773-325-XXXX)
  – Suburban Campuses:
     • 6-XXXX   (312-476-XXXX)
  – LPC Residence Halls:
     • 7-XXXX   (773-687-XXXX)
• Access messages through the phone or your
  Outlook Inbox
  – PC Interface
     • Click on “Play on PC” to listen to your messages through the
       speakers on your computer.
  – Telephone interface
     • Access numbers:
         – Nortel phones: 312-362-5000 or ext. 2-5000
         – VoIP phones: 312-362-7900 or ext. 2-7900
     • Password for telephone interface is in your email.
  – Quick Guide in your folder and on the IS website
• Wireless is available at DePaul
  – In all common areas and classrooms
  – In some office areas and meeting rooms
• Two networks
  – ‘depaulblue’ is primarily for Faculty & Staff
     – Most secure network
  – ‘depaulwireless’ is for students and browsing
• Additional info:
 Tips for when you get back to your desk
• In Campus Connection: Demographic Portfolio
   – Update your password (if you haven’t already)
   – Set DPU Alert (if you haven’t already)
   – Set Campus Location Address (if you haven’t
• In Campus Connection: Employee Self Service
   – Benefits Enrollment
   – Time Reporting and Approval
• In Outlook:
   – Set up your Archive
   – Set up your Outlook Email Signature
• Set up your voicemail (password is in email)
              Contact Information
    Colin Dekuiper                        Russ Patterson
     Technical Trainer,        Instructional Technology Coordinator
Media Production & Training             Media Production & Training             
Ext. 5-7681 (773-325-7681)              Ext. 2-8028 (312-362-8028)

Technology Support Center
Ext. 2-8765   (312-362-8765)
 Click The “For
Employees” Link
        Click Demographic

          Update your

Click Save
Update Campus Location Address

                          Click the Campus Address
                     Definitions Link for more information

             Click Save

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