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   Leaving my cousins castle
   We will all be together again one day
   The Fiurth Kingdom
   Finally met my mate
   Getting to know Wolf
   Sheep hearding......really?
   I'll be waiting
   Cottage home
   Somewhat normal
   Wolf, what are you doing here?
   The Queen let you go?
   So Prince Wendell is a dog and we have to save this girlmfrom the trolls why?
   She's the Queen's daughter and she doesn't know it.
   I hate troll kingdom. It's just creepy
   We need a diversion
   Climb the wall
   You were going to cook her grandma?
   It's in our nature to be playful
   She does smell good. Like the fields in the Second Kingdom
   We need to get out of here soon
   Leave the shoes alone
   Backdown the balcony
   Run faster Virginia
   We're going to prison? Through Bean Forest?
   Your with two wolves in a forest. You couldn't be safer
   Do you smell her too? She's a wolf mate. Could be Leo for all we know
   Where'd she go?
   Guess we gotta go sniff her out
   They're magic shoes Virginia, very addicting
   Okay, a little too close for my liking
   That's crossing the line
   They're close
   Up the stalk and be quite
   Male hae their tales all the time, females don't. They have long nails
   Back in the Fourth Kingdom
   I can't believe we're sneaking into prison
   I'll sit this one out, besides I doubt the shoes are charged enough for all of us
   I'll meet you by the East Wall
   I didn't exactly expect you to come through the wall
   I guess we're going after him
   Trolls attack
   On the river
   So you're Prince Wendell? Oh hello, I'm sorry for not introducing myself, I'm
    Valora Lunar
   You don't have to worry about Wolf and your daughter. He's just protecting
   He's my mate
   2 beds. We'll sleep upstairs
   Are we going towards Rivertown? My brother's there.
   What is the Gold Fish? I've never heard of it.
   Down the river
   What happened?
   The Queen talked to you through the mirror?
   Found Acorn
   She's at Ruin Castle. You sure?
   Where's he going?
   Through the forest
   Let him look for Prince. Just for a while
   While we're here can we make a five minute detour
   Baby bro, you're all grown up
   This is Wolf, my mate, and Virginia
   I was right about her
   You wanna come with us?
   Tony, this is my brother
   Why would you need a chisel?
   Oh my goodness
   Chisel apart Prince
   We need some sleep
   Nature at night
   What are you doing Leo?
   Are there any non burnt pieces?
   Seeing them together. He really does like her, I've just got this feeling she's
    gonna break his heart
   Begger woman. I'll spare you some food as well
   We're being followed, great
   Through the forest
   It's a warning spot
   Walking forever
   Gypsy camp
   They're not from here. They wear the clothes of the 2nd Kingdom
   Tony sings, Valora plays "Maudabawn Chapel"
   He's a wolf too
   Fortune telling
   Tony, Virginia, Leo, Valora, then Wolf
   You were outcast from your family because of what you are. But you are the
    rightful heir and will have the title once again
   Night with the gypsies
   Young wolf talk
   I'm going to sleep. Goodnight boys
   Early morning start
   What is she doing?
   Run!
   Hiding
   Wat are they doing. Gypsies never give up without a plan
   The gypsies cursed you
   Walking
   It just never stops growing
   And now it's raining
   Abandoned cottage
   There's seven of everything
   It's Snow White's cottage
   History lesson
   Very funny Leo, we don't need to tell everyone
   Well they want to know now so ineed to tell them. I am the granddaughter of
    Queen Red Riding Hood and King Hansel. The legitimate heir of the entire
    2nd Kingdom
   I was not allowed it because of the reputation that wolves have obtained
   Let's go to bed
   I'm sorry that I didn't tell you. It's just that I hate being liked because of my
    heritage and I didn't want that with you
   I love you too
   Sleep
   It grew everywhere
   The fabled magic axe
   On the move
   We've gotta move faster
   Burry them
   Making tracks
   Night arrives
   Mating game
   Found Toby, but the Huntsman got Virginia
   Let's just look fornthe axe then well worry about finding Virginia
   Guessing his name?
   Who's head on the block? Leo's, great
   Really Tony? Think....what do you mean we can't guess
   You're on your own
   Don't move babe

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