11 Ways to Monetize Your Web App

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					11 Ways to Monetize Your Web App

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            October 4, 2010
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                    #1. Donations

Factoid: Leo Laporte’s TWIT grosses $20,000 in monthly donations.
     #2. Cost Per Click (CPC) Ads

Factoid: Google makes 30% of its total revenue from AdSense.
      #3. Cost Per Action (CPA) Ads

Factoid: Netflix spent $24.37 per customer acquisition in Q2 2010.
 #4. Cost Per iMpression (CPM) Ads

Factoid: 35% of the US online ad spend is for CPM advertisements.
        #5. Pre-Roll Video Advertising

Factoid: Pre-roll is the fastest-growing ad segment, up 48% in Q1 2010.
            Intermission: CPWTF?
      CPM                 CPC                 CPA
  Cost per 1000
                      Cost per click     Cost per action

$0.003 per pageview   $0.25 per click   $150.00 per student
    #6. Subscriptions / Freemium

Factoid: W.o.W. boast 11.5m subs, @ $15/mo, with 55% in Asia.
                #7. Micropayments

Factoid: Of the $71b PayPal processed in 2009, $2b was digital goods.
              #8. Virtual Currency

Factoid: Second Life has $26.5m in virtual currency in circulation.
             #9. Mobile Payments

Factoid: In 2009, 4.6 billion people had a cell phone subscription.
                   #10. Offer Wall

Factoid: SuperRewards’ top user generated $30,000 within 6 months.
#11. Build, then Exploit, a Community
    How to monetize your web app?
Indirect Payments                                 Direct Payments
    Cost per click                                      Donations
   Cost per action                                    Subscriptions
 Cost per impression                                 Micropayments
    Video pre-roll                                   Mobile payments
      Offer wall                                     Virtual currency
             download these slides at i sto c k n i n j a . c o m (really)

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