The 3 Major Monotheistic Religions

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					  The Origins of the
    Three Major
Monotheistic Religions

  Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
• Founded approximately 5,000 years ago
• Abraham is the father of Judaism
  – Father of the descendents of Judaism
  – Didn’t have children until age 75
  – Was willing to sacrifice his first born son,
    Isaac to God
  – Moved to Canaan, the Promised Land, and
    started the worship of one almighty God
                                                              Abraham just before
                                                              God allowed him to
                                                              spare his son Isaac

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• One of Isaac’s sons
• Jacob’s twelve sons became the
  ancestors of the twelve tribes of Israel
• Twelve is a very important number in
• Received the name “Israel” from an angel
• Died at 147 years of age
• Buried at Canaan, The Promised Land
                   Jacob once dreamed of a ladder that would reach heaven

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• When Moses, a Hebrew, was a baby, he was put in a
  basket and sent down the Nile River
   – He was found by the Pharaoh’s daughter and raised as an
• At this time, Jews were enslaved by the Egyptians
• When Moses reached his late teens, he killed an
  Egyptian who mistreated a Jewish slave
   – The Pharaoh spared his life, but banished him from Egypt
• He spends the next several decades in the exile
   – God visited Moses in the form of a burning bush and told him to
     free the Jews from bondage
                Moses cont’d
• Moses returned to Egypt and demanded that the
  Pharaoh let his people go
  – When the Pharaoh refused, Moses let loose the ten
    plagues on Egypt
  – The tenth and most dreadful plague, the killing of
    every first born child convinced the Pharaoh to let the
    Jews go
• Moses leads over 600,000 Jews through the
  – The Pharaoh changes his mind and decides to send
    his men to bring the Jews back
               Moses cont’d
• With the Egyptians in hot pursuit, Moses parts
  the Red Sea and the Jews are finally safe
• Years later, Moses is given the Ten
  Commandments by God
  – These Commandments become the divine law in both
    Judaism and Christianity
• Moses dies on Mount Nebo at age 120
• Moses is perhaps the most important figure in all
  of Judaism
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• Began roughly 2,000 years ago with the
  birth of Jesus Christ (6 B.C.)
• Jesus was divinely conceived by the Virgin
• Jesus was born in the town of Bethlehem
  in the presence of a great star
• The presence of this star made people
  believe that Jesus was the Messiah
          Christianity – cont’d
• Jesus grew up in Nazareth and learned
  carpentry from his father, Joseph
• At age 12, Jesus preached in the Temple
  at Jerusalem
• At age 30, Jesus started his mission
  – He began recruiting disciples to help him
    spread his word
  – Performed miracles such as healing the sick
    and curing the blind
                                                              A common
                                                              of Jesus

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         Christianity – cont’d
• Jesus built up quite a following during his
  3-year mission
• He preached love and goodwill towards all
  people, friend or enemy
• He also proclaimed to be the Son of God
  – This greatly upset the Jewish High Priests in
     • They thought Jesus was a blasphemer
          Christianity – cont’d
• Jesus and his disciples went to Jerusalem
  around 30 B.C.
  – Jesus entered riding a donkey and the people laid
    palms at his feet
• The High Priests saw this as their chance
  to arrest Jesus
  – One of Jesus’ disciples, Judas, betrayed Jesus and
    told the High Priests where he would be
        Christianity – cont’d
• Jesus and his disciples had the “Last
  Supper” where Jesus of his upcoming
• After supper, he prayed in the woods
• Judas led a group of soldiers to arrest
• He was tried by Caiphas, the Jewish High
  Priest; he was found guilty and sent to
  Pontius Pilate
         Christianity – cont’d
• Pilate sentenced Jesus to be crucified
• When he died, it was been said the sky went
  black, an earthquake occurred, and a great
  storm shook the land
• Three days later, Jesus rose from the dead and
  appeared to his disciples one last time
• Jesus’ disciples carried on his mission and
  helped make Christianity the world’s largest
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• One of the world’s newer religions, Islam
  was founded in during the 7th Century A.D.
• The founder of Islam was Muhammad
• God spoke to Muhammad near the city of
  Mecca and he recorded God’s words in
  the Koran
• When Muhammad spoke of what
  happened in his hometown, he was
              Islam cont’d
• Muhammad and his small band of
  followers fled to Medina
• There, he found more converts and
  decided to return to Mecca
• His pilgrimage from Medina to Mecca is
  known as the Hajj
• His return to Mecca led to the conversion
  of many to Islam
• Muhammad died in 632 A.D.
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   Map showing the distance
   between Mecca and Medina

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