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									E- news bulletin N° 118 – 26/01/11

Dear Colleague,
Welcome to our e-news bulletin no 118, published 26th January.
There is a lot going on here at Community Links Bromley, so I have gathered it
all up under the spotlight section – upcoming training, an exciting new community
cohesion project, a volunteer‟s fair, police consultation and a review of the launch
of Bromley Healthcare forum.
For those who missed last week‟s e-alert this is a link to Stephen Blann‟s article
briefing on the proposed Budgets cuts from LBB.
There are eight major consultations for you to review relating to the future of
health care some with relatively short deadlines – not Compact compliant but
excused on the grounds of time/ expediency.
Philippa Leary
Membership, Information and Communication Officer

e-news bulletin publishing date:
               Wednesday 23 February 2011
Copy deadline: Thursday 16 February 2011
e-news alerts are published as and when time-sensitive information comes

   Spotlight – CLB events                                                            4
     The Big Society and the Mottingham Movers & Groovers                            4
     Launch of Bromley healthcare Community Forum                                    5
     Heads Up for new training programme from our Funding, Information and
     Advice Service                                                                  6
     Volunteers’ Week 2011 – planning ahead                                          6
     Bromley Mobility Forum asking for your experiences on Bromley’s Buses           6

Community Links Bromley e-news bulletin 117 – 15/12/10
     Reminder – Still places on the SORP training                              7
     Police Consultation Event – Phase 2                                       7

   Local news                                                                  8
     Bromley Council tackles homelessness with private sector properties       8
     Bromley's Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) service      8
     New Family Officer from the NDCS working in Bromley                       9
     Are you Deaf? Do you live in London or Essex? Do you have low
     confidence? Do you feel on your own?                                      10
     NHS care record launches in Bromley                                       10

   Local events                                                                11
     Bromley Fun Run is back                                                   11
     Beckenham Youth Voices present Sing Out - a free workshop for young
     people                                                                    11
     Would you like to raise money for a Bromley group using your general
     knowledge on prime time TV show called Heros?                             12
     Bromley Mencap celebrates 60 years with evening of live entertainment 12

   Local training                                                              13
     PCT Health Improvement Service - free courses January - March 2011        13
     Affinity Sutton Resident Courses January – March 2011                     14
     Counselling Skills for non Counsellors from Relate                        14
     PRINCE2® Foundation & Practitioner                                        15

   National/regional news                                                      16
     Health & Social Care Bill – first reading 19th January 2011               16
     Changes to Bromley Council Social Care charging and introduction of
     Personal Budgets                                                          16
     Healthy Lives, Healthy People: public health white paper                  17
     Healthy Lives, Healthy People: Transparency in Outcomes Proposals for a
     Public Health Outcomes Framework                                          17

Community Links Bromley e-news bulletin 117 – 15/12/10
     Consultation on the funding and commissioning routes for public health 17
     Ending Child Poverty                                                      18
     Measuring National Well-being                                             19
     Commissioning Green Paper                                                 19
     Giving Green Paper                                                        19

   National/regional training                                                  20
     Getting community buildings right: refurbishing community buildings and
     training and events on design                                             20

   National/regional event                                                     21
     Rethink's recent e-campaign puts Minister of State for Work and Pensions
     on the spot                                                               21

   Jobs                                                                        21
     Promote your vacancies free of charge through new national website        21
     Bromley CAB - Finance Administrative Officer                              22

   Funding News                                                                23
     The Co-operative Loan Fund                                                23
     The Jubilee People’s Millions                                             24
     Healthy Heart Grants                                                      24
     Grow the Game                                                             25
     Affinity Sutton                                                           25
     Giving Green Paper                                                        26
     Lady Neville Charity: arts strand                                         26
     Emmandjay Charitable Trust Grant                                          26
     Funding for local Olympic sports legacy                                   27

   Volunteer News                                                              27
     Volunteers! Volunteers! Volunteers!                                       27
     European Year of Volunteering                                             28

Community Links Bromley e-news bulletin 117 – 15/12/10
   Best Practice, Resources and Offers                                             29
     London action trust newsletter                                                29

   Membership                                                                      29
     Join Community Links Bromley                                                  29

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     Data protection                                                               30
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     Sources                                                                       31

Spotlight – CLB events

The Big Society and the Mottingham Movers & Groovers
In line with the Government‟s Big Society launch in May earlier this year,
Community Links Bromley is pleased to announce that we are hosting a new
post for Community Cohesion.
Jo Guest, our new Community Cohesion Officer, has set up the „Mottingham
Movers & Groovers‟ to support and encourage local people with great ideas who,
perhaps for lots of different reasons, don‟t wish to attend formal meetings, but
would still like to be involved in some way.
Jo said, “I am really excited about working on this project. At the moment, in
order to get the ball rolling, my job is to contact local residents to help them
understand that they have a role in making decisions. With the additional exciting
news that the Big Lottery is investing over a million pounds into parts of
Mottingham over the next ten years, everyone needs to be included, to have a
say in what activities are developed. It is most important to me and to the
success of this project that everyone needs to feel listened to.

Community Links Bromley e-news bulletin 117 – 15/12/10
“So if you are a resident of Mottingham, particularly living around the shopping
area near Kimmeridge Road and would like to join our rapidly growing group,
please get in touch.”
Contact Jo Guest, Community Cohesion Officer, email or phone 020 8315 1917. Working days:
Monday to Friday between 10 and 4 pm.

Launch of Bromley healthcare Community Forum
There was a very successful first meeting of the Bromley Healthcare Community
Forum on the 13th January. 25 local residents out of the 60 who attended, signed
up on the spot to join Bromley‟s Healthcare forum.
Bromley Healthcare is the new social enterprise that will take over community
health services in Bromley from March 2011. It has asked Community Links
Bromley to work with it to set up a Community Forum for past and present
patients and carers of the new Bromley Healthcare.
On the day there were three presentations including one from the new chair
designate Raoul Pinnell. He said, “This community forum will help keep the
patient at the very heart of all we do and this first meeting is the start of an on-
going dialogue.”
The new members heard about Bromley Healthcare itself, a new role of
Community Governors and the role of the Community Forum - including electing
Community Governors.
The next meeting is the 9th February at 7.30pm in Community house, South
Street, Bromley and will provide an opportunity to meet the candidates for
Community Governors and hear how the election will be run.
You can join the forum by completing a membership form.
You can download the presentations from the first meeting from the CLB website
where you can also find out more about being a Community Governor.
The deadline for nominations for Community Governors is the 8th February. For
more information, contact Stephen Blann

Community Links Bromley e-news bulletin 117 – 15/12/10
Heads Up for new training programme from our Funding, Information and
Advice Service
Three new events running from March to April. Full and finalised information will
be sent out in a separate e-alert next week.
        Social Enterprise Network - Bromley - Wednesday 16 March 2011
        Developing an Investment Ready Business Plan - Thursday 31 March
        Meet the Funders Event - Tuesday 5 April

Volunteers’ Week 2011 – planning ahead
Volunteer Centre Bromley‟s team is already planning events for this year‟s
national celebration of volunteering - Volunteers‟ Week from 1st to 7th June.
This year, in addition to our ever-popular Volunteer Awards Ceremony we will be
hosting a Volunteering Fair. This will be your opportunity to promote your
volunteer vacancies directly to members of the public. Currently in the planning
stage, we will be sending out more information shortly.

Bromley Mobility Forum asking for your experiences on Bromley’s Buses
In order to build a clearer picture of the experiences on Bromley buses of people
who have mobility problems, the Mobility Forum would like to gather some
anecdotal evidence from people who have mobility issues through physical
disability, illness, age or coping with small children, bags and buggies.
This week we are launching a survey using a „Passenger Experience‟ form for
people to complete, outlining both positive and negative experiences on Bromley
It asks for the date and time of the incident, the route and provides space to
describe the details.
Sometimes people have difficulties travelling on the buses for a variety of
reasons and often do not report this to the bus companies. Equally sometimes
people have very positive experiences in difficult situations and do not pass
these on either.

Community Links Bromley e-news bulletin 117 – 15/12/10
The form has a section to outline what, if any actions were taken i.e. was a
complaint made to the relevant bus company and / or Transport for London and
was it acted upon.
Please focus on your experiences over the last 6 months; if you feel your
experiences have been neither exemplary nor terrible but satisfactory it would be
helpful if you could still indicate this too and return the form. Remember we will
be looking for specific incidents not general discord. Forms are available from
Community Links Bromley either by email, post or by download from our website
until the end of February.
Look out for the press release in the News Shopper!
LBB‟s Adult & Community Services and Community Links Bromley support
Bromley Mobility Forum.

Reminder – Still places on the SORP training
An update on SORP, run on Tuesday 29 March from 10am – 1pm at Community
House, South Street, and Bromley will provide you with on the preparation of
accruals accounts and applies to accounting years commencing on or after 1st
April 2005.
Click here to download the booking form and registration information.

Police Consultation Event – Phase 2
In May 2010, Bromley Police, in partnership with Community Links Bromley, held
a consultation event to look at how crimes against vulnerable groups were dealt
with by Bromley Police and identify any areas for improvement.
It was a very well attended and successful day and included a number of
presentations and workshops discussing Hate Crime, Vulnerable Victims and
Trust & Confidence in the Police, which were used to develop an action plan.
A follow up half-day event is planned for the morning of Wednesday 2 of March
at Ripley Arts Centre to look at progress to date and where to go from here.
This is a good opportunity to get involved in shaping priorities with Bromley

Community Links Bromley e-news bulletin 117 – 15/12/10
Those that attended the previous event will have priority booking, for those that
did not but would be interested in learning more about it, the report from the initial
consultation is available on the CLB website.
Booking forms and information will be sent out directly to members and available
on the CLB website from next week.

Local news

Bromley Council tackles homelessness with private sector properties
Homelessness and housing waiting lists in the London Borough of Bromley are
being tackled by offering tenants private sector properties in partnership between
the Borough Council and private sector leasing specialists Orchard & Shipman.
Rather than waiting for existing housing stock to become available, the London
Borough of Bromley (LBB) will have access to properties owned by private
landlords to help house the growing number of people in the Borough who are in
need of a place to live.
Under the contract, 150 private properties will be offered on long-term leases to
LBB for occupancy by those people in most need, with opportunities to expand
that number once the scheme is established. The properties are fully managed
by Orchard & Shipman who have a track record with similar schemes in
Edinburgh, Brighton, Westminster, Hillingdon, East Lothian and Southwark.
John Taylor, CEO for Orchard & Shipman explains: “Leasing private sector
property in this way gives councils the chance to reduce their housing waiting
lists and enables us to secure long-term investments for landlords.”
Because of this new scheme Orchard and Shipman is now urgently searching for
properties throughout the Borough to house more families in the area and to
cope with the expected demand. For more information interested landlords
should visit or call 0203 301 5993.

Bromley's Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) service
Bromley Working for Wellbeing (BWW) and provides CBT based interventions for
people with anxiety disorders and depression.

Community Links Bromley e-news bulletin 117 – 15/12/10
Sinead Brennan‟s role is to link our clients into community services, which may
be more appropriate for their needs. Sinead is looking for organisations to
provide any leaflets (via either post or email) for her team to give to clients to
help them access your service. If you have any people experiencing anxiety or
depression, who you feel could benefit from CBT based interventions, then
please direct them to their GP for a referral to Bromley Working for Wellbeing at
the Primary Care Mental Health Team at Beckenham Beacon.
Next month printed leaflets for BWW will be available, so please contact her if
you would like some of these at Bromley Mind, 5 Station Road, Orpington Kent
BR6 0RZ. M: 07841 873158 L: 01689

New Family Officer from the NDCS working in Bromley
The National Deaf Children‟s Society (NDCS) has a team of family officers that
cover the UK. Alison Marrs is the family officer for Bromley.
If you are aware of any families who have a deaf child and who may be wanting
support and information linked to their child‟s deafness (this can be a hearing
loss in one ear or both ears, a temporary loss such as glue ear or a permanent
loss and can be mild to profound) then, please ask them to call the NDCS
Helpline on 0808 800 8880.
If these families need direct support from a family officer, the Helpline will refer
the family onto Alison Marrs, if the family is from Bromley. If you would like to
speak directly to her, then contact the Helpline who can put you in touch with her.
For families where English is not their first language, they can leave their name,
number and language and a member of the Helpline team can call back using a
telephone interpreter. Alternatively, families or professionals can email
For more information on the services that the NDCS offers then please, visit its
website where there is support for both families and
professionals and information about events for families with a deaf child or

Community Links Bromley e-news bulletin 117 – 15/12/10
More about the Family Officer role can be found on the NDCS website.

Are you Deaf? Do you live in London or Essex? Do you have low
confidence? Do you feel on your own?
Contact the Deaf Achieve project to:
      Improve your confidence
      Develop your skills
      Help you to become a volunteer
      Get involved in community groups
      Support you on your own or in a group
For more information contact Natalie Creevy - email: SMS: 07595 652 411 Minicom: 0845 688 2527
Fax: 0845 688 2526

NHS care record launches in Bromley
Following a letter last year to all Bromley residents registered with a local GP, the
NHS Summary Care Record (SCR) is being introduced in Bromley during 2011.
The SCR is a nationwide initiative focused on ensuring the best possible care for
people when they need to be treated by the NHS in an emergency. The SCR
holds details of medication the patient is taking and any allergies or adverse
reactions to medicines they have had. This is information that could make all the
difference to ensuring fast, safe treatment when a patient needs emergency or
unplanned care and they are not known to the clinicians treating them. The SCR
is accessible only to staff directly involved in treating the patient and access is via
a secure NHS line. Additional information will only be added to the record with
the patient‟s explicit consent and because it could be important to making sure
they get the right treatment.
Anyone not wishing to have an SCR can opt out from the start or at any point
after his or her SCR has been created. They can do this by completing a form
available at their GP‟s surgery or on-line at
GPs from Tudor Way and Bromley Park surgeries, the first Bromley practices to
get involved said: “We welcome this move. In our experience, unconnected
Community Links Bromley e-news bulletin 117 – 15/12/10
healthcare causes untold and unnecessary anxiety at very difficult times for
patients and relatives. The SCR gives easy access to patient information when it
is most needed. For the great majority of patients, making this information
available is common sense and they are surprised it doesn‟t happen already.”
It is hoped that the SCR will roll out across all Bromley practices by the end of
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Local events

Bromley Fun Run is back
After two previous successful events, the Bromley Fun Run is back on Sunday
10th April 2011 at Norman Park, Bromley.
Over the last two years, attendance has risen from 800 to 1,500 local people
taking part in the event, bringing together residents from all areas of our
community, with experience, age or ability being no barrier to participation.
This year there is a 5k Fun Run and 2k Family Run/Walk, with all runners
receiving a medal, event t-shirt and goody bag. There are also a number of
volunteering opportunities for people to become involved in the event, so even if
you don‟t fancy running there‟s no excuse not to be involved.
For full details on the race and how to register please, visit the event website –
So now, it's over to you to take up the challenge and enter the Fun Run
today! Dig out your trainers from the back of the cupboard and make your New
Year's resolution one of fun and preparation ready for the main event. Whether
as an individual, family, group of friends or work colleagues, the Bromley Fun
Run is the ideal way to get your year off to a healthy start!

Beckenham Youth Voices present Sing Out - a free workshop for young
Date: Saturday 12 February 2011, 3-6pm

Community Links Bromley e-news bulletin 117 – 15/12/10
Venue: Beckenham Baptist, Church Hall, Elm Road, Beckenham BR3 4JB
It‟s fun, it‟s free, it‟s open to all young people aged 11-16. You will be welcome
whatever musical experience you have (even if none!). It‟s a great chance to add
your voice to our lively choir in a friendly workshop setting and you will be
working with a highly experienced choir leader and an international opera singer.
Refreshments provided. Please register with Elizabeth Beroud on 020 8777 8605
or e mail: or visit

Would you like to raise money for a Bromley group using your general
knowledge on prime time TV show called Heros?
The makers of Who Dares Wins, In It To Win It and Eggheads are developing a
quiz show for ITV with a difference and are looking for contestants to take part.
      Is there a local cause or small charity close to your heart?
      Someone who works tirelessly for others in your community?
      Alternatively, a local group crying out for funding?
      Would you be happy to appear on a show where your general knowledge
       could change someone else‟s life forever?
If you would like the opportunity to be a real life hero, potentially to win big money
to help others then the production team would love to hear from you.
Email with your contact details, including your telephone
number and nearest city. Or write to Hero Applications, 12 Yard Productions,
131-151 Great Titchfield St, London W1W 5BB. Please complete and return
application forms by 11th February 2011
One last thing please do not tell the person or cause you wish to help that you
have applied to be on the show ,as we would like this to be a surprise!
There is no charge for requesting an application form via email although internet
services provider‟s fees may apply. We will not reimburse any postage costs
incurred by you in writing to us. All applicants must be over 18 years of age

Bromley Mencap celebrates 60 years with evening of live entertainment
Date: Saturday 2 April 2011
Community Links Bromley e-news bulletin 117 – 15/12/10
Venue: The HG Wells Centre, (behind Waitrose, Bromley South), St Mark's
Road, Bromley BR2 9HG
Time: Doors open 7pm
Cost: Admission £5 adults, £3 children/students
Bromley Mencap‟s anniversary celebrations kick off with an evening of live music
from the 50s and 60s with the Sticklebacks. There will be Surf, Blues and Rock „n
Roll, sensational jokes, a “twist” contest and a raffle in interval.
Further details: or phone 020 8464 3502
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Local training

PCT Health Improvement Service - free courses January - March 2011
The Training and Development Department at Bromley Primary Care Trust has
the following free courses running from January to March 2011 at the
Beckenham Clinic.
      Alcohol Brief Interventions
      Diversity & Substance Misuse
      HIV Awareness
      Condom Distribution Scheme
      Train the Trainer
      Smoking Cessation Community Adviser
      Mental Health Awareness
      Creative ways of Engaging Young People
      Alcohol Awareness
      Relapse Prevention
      Working with Young People to Improve their Health
      Let‟s Leave it Till Later
      Community Lifestyle Advisor
      Sex and Relationships

Community Links Bromley e-news bulletin 117 – 15/12/10
If you would like more information on any of these courses or to book a place,
please call the Training Department on 01689 880830 or e-mail

Affinity Sutton Resident Courses January – March 2011
Dates: January – March 2011
Venue: Cotmandene Centre or Maple House, Bromley
      Basic IT
      Hair and Beauty
      Food Safety Course
      First Aid „Save a life‟ – Children and Baby
      First Aid „Save a life‟ – Adults
      Beauty and Hair - taster session
      Nail taster session
      Business start-up
      Finding your way workshop – Managing your money
      Finding your way workshop – Introduction to the Internet
      Finding your way workshop – CV and Job search skills
      Finding your way workshop - Basic bank accounts and debt management
      Finding your way workshop – Dressing for success
      Finding your way workshop – Confidence and Motivation
      Finding your way workshop – Managing Stress
All courses are FREE. There are no eligibility criteria, but priority will be offered to
Affinity Sutton residents. Childcare and travel expenses will be paid where
If you would like to refer anyone, find out more about dates and times or book a
place on one of these courses, contact Esther Longe on 0208 285 4163 or e-

Counselling Skills for non Counsellors from Relate
Date: Thursdays 17, 24, 31 March 2011 and 7 April 2011

Community Links Bromley e-news bulletin 117 – 15/12/10
Time: 9.30am – 4pm
Venue: Community Links Training Room, Community House, South Street,
Bromley BR1 1RH
Cost: £210
This is a 22-hour course for those engaged in a helping or supporting role
privately or professionally. The purpose of the course is to offer a framework and
some of the skills necessary in helping others - this course does not provide a
qualification in counselling.
With 65 years experience in couple counselling Relate is in a prime position to be
able to offer Basic Counselling Skills Training to those who wish to use these
skills in their work. Mary Blair, manager at Relate Bromley said, “We select our
trainers for their interpersonal skills as well as their training ability. Our trainers
create an environment where they encourage and enable course participants to
join in group discussions and activities. The students are actively involved in the
learning process and have full opportunity to raise concerns and practise skills.”
This course does not prepare learners for professional counselling careers and is
not suitable for individuals requiring individual attention, counselling, or a
therapeutic group.
Please email for registration form or further

PRINCE2® Foundation & Practitioner
Date: Tuesday 1 February 2011, 6.30pm - 8.30pm
Venue: CVA Resource Centre, 82 London Road, West Croydon, CR0 2TB
In May 2011 Croydon Voluntary Action will be hosting PRINCE2® Foundation
and Practitioner Courses here at the CVA Resource Centre. PRINCE2 can
provide an in-depth understanding of Project Management and is particularly
suited to Finance, ICT and Management personnel in both the private and public
You are cordially invited to come along to our FREE taster session in PRINCE2®
facilitated by Balance Global - APMG Accredited Trainer

Community Links Bromley e-news bulletin 117 – 15/12/10
    •   Meet the Trainer
    •   Nibbles and drinks
    •   FREE prize draw
    •   Network with colleagues
To book call 020 8253 1266 or e-mail:
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National/regional news

Health & Social Care Bill – first reading 19th January 2011
The Health and Social Care Bill – putting the proposals in last year‟s NHS white
paper into law – was introduced into parliament on the 19th January. It will take
some time to complete all the parliamentary stages before it is law. The bill is
enormous – 367 pages long with 13 pages of contents covering:
       281 clauses – the actual „law‟
       22 schedules the details and regulations need to make it work.
Click here to read Stephen Blann‟s notes on each part and schedule in brackets
to distinguish it from the tiles of each part / schedule and any explanatory notes
in the Bill.
The Bill itself can be downloaded at the UK Parliament website

Changes to Bromley Council Social Care charging and introduction of
Personal Budgets
Reminder that Bromley Council is consulting on proposed changes to its
Personal Budget and Personal Contributions Policy for Adult Social Care.
You can download more information on the council website including a factsheet on
the proposals and a response form. Any comments should be sent to Emma Maton
Stephen Blann, Policy & Networks Officer, Community Links Bromley has
prepared a summary, which you can download from the CLB website.
The consultation closes on 28 February.

Community Links Bromley e-news bulletin 117 – 15/12/10
Healthy Lives, Healthy People: public health white paper
As reported in the previous e-news, the Government published a public health
white paper to accompany the NHS white paper published in the summer. As with
the NHS white paper, there are some linked consultations on the details.
Stephen Blann, Policy & Networks Officer, Community Links Bromley has
prepared a briefing on the public health white paper you can download from the
CLB website.
The consultation closes on 8th March 2011

Healthy Lives, Healthy People: Transparency in Outcomes Proposals for a
Public Health Outcomes Framework
The Department of Health published a public health white paper in the autumn
and as with the NHS white paper. It is also consulting on an outcomes framework
for public health. You can download a copy of the consultation from the
Department of Health website as well as respond online.
As with the NHS white paper Outcomes Framework there are five „domains‟ of
broad aspirations each with a series of proposed indicators – these are the
proposed domains for public health:
Domain 1: Health protection and resilience
Domain 2 Tackling the wider determinants of health
Domain 3: Health improvement
Domain 4: Prevention of ill health
Domain 5: Healthy life expectancy and preventable mortality
You can read briefing by Stephen Blann, Policy & Networks Officer, on CLB‟s
The deadline for comments is the 31 March 2011.

Consultation on the funding and commissioning routes for public health
Alongside the public health white paper – Healthy Lives, Healthy People, the
Government has just published a consultation on how the new public health
service will be funded.

Community Links Bromley e-news bulletin 117 – 15/12/10
Public health services will be funded by a new public health budget, separate
from the budget managed through the NHS Commissioning Board for
Healthcare, to ensure that investment in public health is ring-fenced. Public
Health England will fund public health activity three ways:
   1. allocating funding to local authorities;
   2. commissioning services via the NHS Commissioning Board; or
   3. commissioning or providing services itself.
You can respond by email: or online. You can
download the consultation from the Department of Health website.
You can read a briefing by Stephen Blann, Policy & Networks Officer, on the CLB
The consultation closes on 31st March 2011.

Ending Child Poverty
The Government has said, including in the recent public health white paper that it
wishes to keep the last government‟s aim of ending child poverty by 2020.
However, it feels that the last government‟s policy, increasing incomes of poor
families through tax credits, failed. The consultation has a very strong focus on
life chances and employment of parents. There will be four main topics in the
Government‟s strategy:
   1. Early intervention and the „Foundation Years': intervening early to support
       every child to fulfil their potential
   2. Employment and skills: removing barriers to work and supporting families
       to achieve financial independence
   3. Financial support: reforming the benefits system to ensure that work pays
   4. Devolving power: freeing up local authorities and partners, voluntary
       organisations and communities to target resources more effectively.
You can download the consultation at the Department for Education website and
respond online.

Community Links Bromley e-news bulletin 117 – 15/12/10
The consultation closes on 15th February 2011. The Government admits that
this short closing date is not to Compact standard, but needs to have this
deadline to allow publication of the strategy in March.

Measuring National Well-being
Office for National Statistics (ONS) - the organisation behind the census – is
consulting on some suggestions of how it can measure national well-being. This
is connected to the Coalition Government‟s interest in outcomes rather than
measuring what it sees as „process targets‟. The ONS is carrying out this
consultation to find out what could be measured and how. You can get more
information from the ONS website including the consultation document and the
consultation questions and online response.
The deadline for responses is 11th April 2011.

Commissioning Green Paper
The Government conducted a very short consultation – a month either side of
Christmas – on proposals to change public sector commissioning. The aim is to
increase the role of the voluntary sector and asocial enterprise in public service
delivery. A number of organisations submitted formal responses. The thrust of
these was that whilst government may want to open up local services for delivery
by voluntary organisations, it should be for communities and organisations to
decide if it is appropriate for them. There is concern about what “payment by
results” really means – who is defining the results? Follow the links to download
the NCVO response and the NAVCA response. You can also read the green paper
itself on the Cabinet Office website

Giving Green Paper
As part of the Big Society (and desire to see a smaller state), the Government
has published a green paper (usually a consultation on proposed legislation) on
Giving. It wants to create a more giving society - a society where

Community Links Bromley e-news bulletin 117 – 15/12/10
      individuals and communities are empowered to act together to make a
       positive difference to their own lives and those of others; one where
       people help people, and social action is seen as the norm;
       the giving – of money, assets, time, skills, knowledge, and energy – is
       simple, flexible, high impact, and properly recognised and celebrated;
      vital extra resources are brought to charities, community groups, and
       social enterprises
      the whole of society is involved
The green paper sets out why and how the government intends to do this. You
can download the Green paper from the Cabinet Office website .
The deadline for responses is 9 March 2011. This is again slightly under the
12-week Compact standard for consultation.
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National/regional training

Getting community buildings right: refurbishing community buildings and
training and events on design
The Glass-House Community Led Design is a national charity, working to help
local people and regeneration professionals make better community buildings,
spaces, homes and neighbourhoods. It has helped improve local areas
throughout the UK and continues to reach community groups who are passionate
about changing their neighbourhood. There are a series of events coming up
around London in the next 3 months. Free places are available on all of training
and events, but are limited and must be pre-booked. To find out more, visit the
“What‟s On” page of our website or call 020 7490
4583 to speak to a member of the team.
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Community Links Bromley e-news bulletin 117 – 15/12/10
National/regional event

Rethink's recent e-campaign puts Minister of State for Work and Pensions
on the spot
Minister of State for Work and Pensions will be joining Rethink for a live webchat
on Thursday 10th February at 11.30am. Anyone can join in.
This is your chance to ask the Minister a question about welfare reform. We also
want you to pass this message onto anyone you know who might like to ask their
own question.
Many people affected by mental health issues are worried about the
Government's proposed changes to the welfare system. The benefits that
millions currently receive are to be overhauled radically over the next few years.
This is a great opportunity to ask the question that you feel hasn't been answered
properly. Submit your question right now - visit
As these issues affect millions, please share this message with anyone you think
should know about this event.
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Promote your vacancies free of charge through new national website
In addition to using the e-news bulletin‟s job section, why not look at this new
service to meet your recruitment needs?
Calendar Check's recruitment pages allow registered charities, social enterprises
and not-for-profit organisations to advertise permanent, part-time and voluntary
charity jobs. Whilst it will be free to advertise 'paid' jobs until Spring 2011, it
will always free to advertise voluntary jobs on the Calendar Check website.
Georgia Wood, Customer Service Manager, explains “After April we will be
implementing a charging policy for charity advertisements for paid posts – but it
will be a fraction of our competitors.
“With our national coverage, as a recruiter you get your own management area
where you can log in, check on who has downloaded your applications, make

Community Links Bromley e-news bulletin 117 – 15/12/10
revisions to your advertisement and generally check the progress of the
Calendar Check has recently formed relationship with Student Employment
Services, and 25,000 students and graduates are being emailed to encourage
them job seekers to upload their CV's and browse the vacancies.
At this time of restricted budgets, we are all facing, it could be a good time to
look at your recruitment budgets and test the water particular with access to the
newest talent on the job market.
To find out more visit or go to[3] and click on Recruitment.. Any questions or
comments regarding Calendar Check , contact
Georgia Wood, Calendar Check LLP on 0113 240 9822 or email
Please feedback your thoughts on the service to Frances McAuley, CLB‟s
Capacity Building Manager, as she is planning a research project for Spring
around how Bromley‟s groups recruit and their return on investment.

Bromley CAB - Finance Administrative Officer
Salary: £17,160 inclusive pa; £6860 inclusive for two days includes London
weighting Type of contract: Permanent, Job share or full time
Following a review of our finance and administrative services, we are looking to
fill a new post of Finance/Administrative Officer. Candidates should have
successful experience of dealing with financial matters, using soft ware
packages, keeping track of budgets, paying invoices etc., in accordance with
financial procedures. Experience in human resources and general administration
would be an advantage. Candidates should have a “can do” attitude to work, be
customer focused and flexible in their approach.
The post is based at Bromley Town Citizens Advice bureau. Job share
candidates will be considered to cover this full time post.
For further details and an application form please contact

Community Links Bromley e-news bulletin 117 – 15/12/10
Joe Clark, Chief Executive, Bromley Citizens Advice, Community House, South
Street, Bromley, BR1 1RH Tel: 020 8315 1941 Email:
Closing date for receipt of applications is 5 pm, Monday 7 February 2011
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Funding News

The Co-operative Loan Fund
The Co-operative Loan Fund is provided by the Co-operative Group to assist the
start-up and development of viable co-operative enterprises in the UK. The fund
aims to strengthen the size and scope of the co-operative sector through the
provision of ethical, accessible loan finance.
The loans are available to co-operatives that require loan finance to:
       Set up as a new co-operative.
       Expand their size and scope.
       Assist an employee buyout or company succession.
       Purchase a property or business.
       Purchase capital equipment or create working capital. Loans are charged
        at or near market rates and have lowered initial capital and interest
Maximum Value: £ 75,000 - Minimum Value: £ 5,000. Maximum term is ten
years. Interest will be at or near market terms. Capital and interest payments are
initially low.
Applicants should be viable start-up or existing co-operatives that are based in
the UK. Co-operative enterprises can include:
       Incorporated co-operatives
       Companies limited by shares.
       Community interest companies
       Companies limited by guarantee.
       Industrial & provident societies

Community Links Bromley e-news bulletin 117 – 15/12/10
The Co-operative Group also assists the start-up and development of co-
operatives through the Co-operative Enterprise Hub (opens in new window).
Application forms can be submitted in hard copy or online via the Co-operative
Loan Fund website. Applicants will be required to submit a business plan and
memorandum and articles of association with their application.
Applicants should see the Co-operative Loan Fund website for further
For further information on how to obtain this funding opportunity locally, please
contact the following: Co-operative Loan Fund, Co-operative and Community
Finance, Head Office, Brunswick Court, Brunswick Square, Bristol, BS2 8PE.
Telephone: 0117 916 6750

The Jubilee People’s Millions
To help mark the Queen‟s Diamond Jubilee in 2012 the Big Lottery Fund is
looking for new projects that will improve local places or the lives of people in
local communities.
In June 2011, ITV regional news will feature two great project ideas in each
region each night for three nights, competing for viewers‟ phone votes. At stake
is up to £60,000 from the Big Lottery Fund.
For more information go to The Jubilee People's Millions website
Queen Elizabeth II Fields Fund will be launched soon. This funding scheme will
provide grants for volunteer-led improvements to recreation areas. For more
information go to

Healthy Heart Grants
Heart Research UK - Healthy Heart Grants support innovative projects designed
to promote heart health and to prevent or reduce the risks of heart disease in
specific groups or communities They have funded more than £280,000‟s worth of
grants around the UK and focus on innovative, original projects that are based
around heart health.
Grants are available to community groups, voluntary organisations and
researchers who are spreading the healthy heart message.
Community Links Bromley e-news bulletin 117 – 15/12/10
Applications are only accepted during January and February for the May round of
grants and July and August for grants awarded in November, each year.
Applications received at any other time of year will be returned. The next
deadline is 28th February 2011 for grants of up to £10,000. Contact the lifestyle
team on 0113 297 6206 for more information.

Grow the Game
Grow the Game provides funding for projects that use football to increase
participation by both players and volunteers in England. This is done by
supporting the costs associated with providing new activity. The following
organisations are able to receive a £5,000 grant over two or three years with
financial support being reduced in the second or third year of the project:
        Football clubs
        Youth clubs with a football programme.
        Community groups/centres/clubs
        Charitable organisations
        Parish councils
        Sports associations
        Local authorities
        Leagues
Deadline 11th February 2011. For more information go to their website: or contact: The Football Foundation, Whittington
House, 19-30 Alfred Place, London WC1E 7EA, Phone 0845 345 4555 0845 345
4555 Fax 0845 345 7057, Email

Affinity Sutton
Affinity Sutton has teamed up with the Capital Community Foundation to offer
grants of between £300 and £5,000 for activities that benefit residents in Affinity
Sutton housing. Community groups, registered charities, companies limited by
guarantee, social enterprises or Community Interest Companies are all eligible to

Community Links Bromley e-news bulletin 117 – 15/12/10
The deadline is Friday 4th February 2011.
For more information and details of how to apply go to:

Giving Green Paper
This document sets out the Government‟s initial ideas for building a stronger
culture of giving time and money. Ideas include greater use of the internet in
volunteering, ATM giving and micro-volunteering. Other proposals include:
Community First Scheme – targeted at deprived areas that will provide at least
£50m of match funding over the next four years to encourage the building up of
local endowments.
Volunteering Match Fund – Worth up to £10m per annum will match private
donations to volunteering projects on a pound for pound basis.
White Paper is expected in the spring.

Lady Neville Charity: arts strand
The Charity aims to support performing arts and visual arts by providing one-off
grants of between £500 and £1,000 for non-recurring expenditure e.g.
equipment, an event.
Applications may be made by small registered charities and not-for-profit
organisations that employ less than four full-time paid staff. Applications must be
received six weeks prior to committee meetings that are held in May and
November each year. For further information to

Emmandjay Charitable Trust Grant
Provides grants for third sector organisations undertaking general charitable
activities in the UK, the trust supports projects in the following areas:
      Health and sickness
      Poverty relief
      Disability
      Overseas aid
Will fund costs associated with eligible projects. Further information: Emmandjay
Charitable Trust, PO Box 88, Otley, West Yorkshire, LS21 3TE.
Community Links Bromley e-news bulletin 117 – 15/12/10
Funding for local Olympic sports legacy
Places People Play is a funding programme aimed at London 2012 mass
participation legacy plans, based on the pledge in the London bid for the 2012
Games to inspire a new generation to play sport. £135 million is being directed
from other Lottery funding into the programme.
Sport England will deliver places People Play, in partnership with the British
Olympic Association and the British Paralympics Association.
It will fund:
       upgrades of up to 1,000 local sports clubs and facilities
       multi-sport facilities that set standards for future facilities development
       protection and improvement of playing fields across the country
       recruitment, training and deployment of sports leaders to organise and
        lead grassroots sport
       motivating adults to test themselves in multiple Olympic and Paralympic
        sports, and raise money for charity
Sportivate – a nationwide campaign providing opportunities for teenagers and
young adults to receive six weeks of coaching in the sport of their choice and
guiding them into regular local participation in sport
Click here to find out more:
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Volunteer News

Volunteers! Volunteers! Volunteers!
Would you like some support with your project? An extra pair of hands to answer
the phone, arrange a meeting or support your service users?
We‟re very lucky in Bromley that so many people are interested in giving their
time for free – How could they help you?
People are interested in all sorts of volunteering roles from the unusual to the
practical. We are currently promoting opportunities ranging from British Red
Cross Casualty Simulation Volunteer (

Community Links Bromley e-news bulletin 117 – 15/12/10 to Office Helper for the 5000 Project
( ).
What the most popular type of opportunity?
People are keen to learn new skills and be of practical help to an organisation. In
the last 6 months over 350 people have contacted us about Volunteer
Administration roles, which makes it the most popular category.
Have all these people found volunteering opportunities? No, as we do not have
enough Administration roles registered on our database – we‟d love to have
some more.
If you would like to discuss how volunteers could help support your organisation,
please contact the Volunteer Centre team or you can complete and return the
registration forms

European Year of Volunteering
On 10th January, The Cabinet Office made available small-scale contracts and
grants for organisations to develop and implement activity within England, as part
of the national work programme for European Year of Volunteering.
2011 has been designated as the European Year of Volunteering within the
European Union. The purpose of the Year is to support the efforts of member
states and civil society organisations to create conditions that are conducive to
the development of volunteering across Europe.
As part of the national work programme for the Year, The Office for Civil Society
has identified national priorities that support the Big Society Vision, and is
seeking partner organisations to support the development and implementation of
activities within England that relate to these priorities. The national priorities
      Encouraging and enabling individuals to contribute within their
       communities and help solve social issues by volunteering.

Community Links Bromley e-news bulletin 117 – 15/12/10
      Promoting good practice within the private, public and voluntary and
       community sector in relation to the development of effective employer
       supported volunteering (ESV) programmes.
      Identifying and sharing good practice and resources relating to effective
       volunteer management; and,
      Promoting good practice in opening the door to volunteering opportunities
       to those traditionally less likely to volunteer.
More information on the roles available and how to apply is available here
More information on the European Year of Volunteering can be found here

Best Practice, Resources and Offers

London action trust newsletter
The London Action Trust newsletter, a London-wide resource for tackling ASB
and youth crime, is available on-line. For the latest policy developments around
crime, anti-social behaviour and community safety in London, as well as
information on funding sources for work in these areas, follow this link to a
sample issue and the opportunity to register for future updates:
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Join Community Links Bromley
Benefits of becoming a member of Community Links Bromley are many. Here
are a few:
                Membership is free
                Specialist advice and support services
                Inclusion in the Directory of Local Voluntary Organisations
                Community library with over 500 titles
                Specialist funding information service
                Networking events

Community Links Bromley e-news bulletin 117 – 15/12/10
              Forum events
              Benefit from CLB‟s strong relationship with statutory authorities
              Opportunity to elect CLB trustees and attend the AGM
              Free or discounted prices on members‟ events
              Advertising job adverts and events on our website and e-bulletin
              Volunteering brokerage and representation
Membership of Community Links Bromley (CLB) is open to charities, voluntary
organisations and community groups operating for the benefit of Bromley people
and those groups whose aims are compatible with those of CLB. To become a
member your organisation needs to fulfil these criteria.
Please note that CLB is a company limited by guarantee. Therefore, all members
are liable for the sum of £1 if CLB should be wound up.
To apply or to check the full criteria, download the membership form and criteria. Or
contact Sue Lee on 020 8315 1902.
If you aren‟t sure whether or not your organisation is a member, follow this link to
the full membership list of Community Links Bromley.
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