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					                                                                   Fayette County Transition Resource List

                                                                              Public Preschools

             SCHOOL                            ADDRESS                    PHONE NUMBER                       CONTACT                        AREA SERVED
                CFR                      1200 Spartan Drive,              (765) 827-8400 or               Ginny Brackemyre             Centerville-Fayette-Rush
                                        Connersville, In. 47331            (877) 420-8400                                                  Special Services

                                                                                  Head Start

                   School                                Address                    Phone Number                 Contact                  Area Served
        Fayette County Head Start                      306 W. 16                (765) 827-0191 ext. 232         Deb Barrett         Fayette County, Indiana
                                                     Connersville, In.            Fax- (765) 825-8221

                                                                             Private Preschools

              School                               Address                Phone Number                          Contact                         Area Served
         Magic Moments                      1601 Spartan Drive             (765) 825-0023                       Teresa Levi                   Connersville Area
                                           Connersville, In. 47331                      

                                                                           (765) 825-1567                       Director                      Connersville Area
     Happy Time Preschool                    1929 N Grand Ave
                                            Connersville, IN 47331

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  Temple Christian Preschool                1382 E State Road 44           (765) 825-5198                            Director                           Connersville, IN
                                            Connersville, IN 47331
    Calvary Baptist Preschool                  309 W 24th St               (765) 827-4798                          Tracie Bever                         Connersville, IN
                                            Connersville, IN 47331

                                                                                Local Resources

      Resource                        Address                      Phone                                               Comments
 Childcare Resource             2000 N. Elgin St.              (765) 284-0887    Provides Information regarding childcare locations for families.
    and Referral                Muncie, In. 47303              (800) 554-9331
  Whitewater Care                 450 Erie Street              (800) 959-4529       Provides behavioral health services for children and adolescents through clinical
       Pavilion              Connersville, In. 47331                                                                  excellence.
  Healthy Families             Achieva Resources               (765) 827-4402               Home visiting program offered to first time parents who qualify
                           St Rd. 44, Connersville, In.           ext. 232
  Family Nutrition             401 Central Avenue              (765) 647-3511      Helps families and individuals to select nutritious foods that fit within their budget
     Program                 Connersville, In. 47331           (765) 825-8502

   Community                3013 Virginia Avenue P. O.         (765) 825-7633   The CEC organizes partnerships between schools and the business community to create
Education Coalition                  Box 225                                       opportunities for students to learn outside the classroom in different programs.
                              Connersville, In. 47331
Community Partners            2508 Western Avenue              (765) 827-2045      Provides children’s services to persons who are at risk for child abuse and neglect.
    Reid Hospital               1401 Chester Blvd              (765) 983-3092    Provides a team approach for quality therapeutic services to help children, infants and
  Therapy Services             Richmond, In. 47374                                                          young adults reach their potential
    Connersville                 440 Ariens Ave,               (765) 825-2297      Provides gymnastics instruction for children in preschool all the way to adulthood
 Gymnastics Center           Connersville, IN 47331

                                 306 W. 16th S                 (765) 827-0191
  Even Start Family           Connersville, In. 47331              ext 229       Even Start is a family literacy program for Fayette County residents who are in need of
      Literacy                                                                                a GED / workskill development who has a child 0-5 yrs. of age

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   Fayette County                828 N Grand Ave               (765) 827-0883         Preschool Storytime for children 3-5. Please call for more information
    Public Library             Connersville, IN 47331
    Dunn Center                    390 Erie Ave                (765) 825-4124                     Mental Health Services for people of all ages
                               Connersville, IN 47331
  Hope Pregnancy               220 West 9th Street             (765) 825-1244   Pregnancy Services and Parenting Classes- Weekly Appointments available. Call for
      Center                  Connersville, IN. 47331                                                          more information.

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                                                                    TOLL-FREE RESOURCE GUIDE- INDIANA
                                                                STATEWIDE DISABILITY INFORMATION NUMBERS
                                                                 List compiled by The Indiana Governor’s Council for people
                                                                                        with disabilities
                                                                 ISTA Building, Suite 628; 150 W. Market St. Indianapolis, In.
                                                                           (317) 232-7770

                       Program Name                                                      Description                                       Phone Numbers

              ADA Technical Assistance Program                  The Great Lakes ADA Center answers questions regarding the                   ((800) 949-4232
                                                                     Americans with Disabilities Act and provides technical
                                                                assistance and training to people with disabilities and business

                       The Arc of Indiana                         Advocates for people with mental retardation and related                   (800) 382-9100
                                                                  developmental disabilities and their families. The ArcLink
                                                                provides resources and advice on home and community based                          Or
                                                                services with detailed information on service providers via the
                                                                      Web Site or                          (317) 977-2375

            Area Agencies of Aging (and Disability)                Provides a broad range of in home and community based                     (800) 986-3503
                                                                  services to eligible older adults and persons of all ages with
                                                               disabilities. This toll free number will connect you with the local

                                                               Statewide referral services on disability, including providers,
                                                               support groups, educational and residential facilities. Lends
        Center for Disability Information and Referral         books and videos (part of the Indiana Institute in Disability and     (800) 437-7924 or (812) 855-9396

            Children’s Special Health Care Services             Helps eligible families with children’s medical expenses related             (800) 475-1355
                                                                           to a disability or chronic health condition.

                                                               Enforces Indiana civil rights laws, prohibiting discrimination in
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                                                               employment, housing, education, public accommodation and
                                                               credit. This includes Fair Housing and many ADA provisions
                    Civil Rights Commission                                                            (800) 628-2909 or (317) 2320 2600

     Disability, Aging and Rehabilitative Services (DDARS)         Assists eligible people with disabilities and older Hoosiers     (800) 545- 7763 or (317) 232-7000
                                                               through in home services supported employment, independent
                                                               living, deaf/hard of hearing services, blind and visually impaired
                                                                    services and social security disability eligibility and more

   Division of Special Education---Department of Education      Provides information on special education services and issues       (877) 851-4106 or (317) 232-0570
                                                                               for individuals from ages 3-99

                                                               Telephone hotline through the Indiana State Department of
                                                               Health. Responds to all categories of calls for assistance.
                        Family Helpline                                                                                                      (800) 433-0746

             First Steps Early Intervention Services            Refers families to community early intervention programs for        (800) 441-7837 or (317) 232-1144
                                                                children birth to 3 who are developmentally delayed or are at

                  Hoosier Healthwise Hotline                        Assists lower-income residents of Indiana by providing                   (800) 889-9949
                                                                insurance coverage for health care services, including Hoosier
                                                                                    Healthwise for children.

Indiana Institute on Disability and Community                  Provides training, advocacy and research to support inclusive        (800)825-4733 or (812) 855-6508
                                                               education, community living/membership integrated
                                                               employment, autism support and choice for people with
                                                               disabilities and families.

                   About Special Kids (ASK)                         A family directed organization that works with parents,         (800) 964-4746 or (317) 257-8683
                                                                 professionals and volunteers to support children with special

  IN*Source (Resource Center for Families with Special Needs    Provides families with information and training to help assure      (800) 332-4433 or (219) 234-7101
                                                                 effective educational programs and appropriate services for
                                                                children and young adults with disabilities. Links families with

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                                                                  parents in their community who have been trained to help
                                                                       resolve special education issues and concerns.

     NAMI Indiana (National Alliance for the Mentally Ill)      Provides family and consumer support and public education                 (800) 677-6442 or (317) 925-9399
                                                               about people with psychiatric disabilities

              Protection and Advocacy Services                    Assists people with disabilities to resolve disability related          (800) 622-4845 or (317) 722-5555
                                                                    problems including problems with services and access
                                                                          discrimination issues.

                  State Information Center                          Provides general information and referral for all state               (800) 457-8283 or (317) 233-0800
                                                               government services, permits, licenses, etc. For an online listing
                                                                          of state agency telephone numbers go to

     United Cerebral Palsy Association of Greater Indiana           Provides Information, referral, advocacy, diagnostic and              (800) 723-7620 or (317) 632-3561
                                                                 treatment clinics, equipment funding and support services to
                                                                    people with cerebral palsy and their families throughout

                  Vocational Rehabilitation                     Provides referral for persons with disabilities to local office for   (800) 545-7763 ext. 1319 or (317) 232-1319
                                                                            education/training for job placement.

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