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SUMMER 2009 - FuelsFix.com

Blender Pumps • Propane Partners • Biodiesel Myths: BUSTED
Raleigh One of the First for Project Get Ready
Alt Fuels Training Comes to Alabama
TSE Coming to Rowan County
We Googled “Clean Cities” - Where Did Your Coalition Turn Up?

Pipeline B5: What are the Pros and Cons?
                                             Propane Focus
                                                       BY CRYSTELLE MARKEY AND JIM COKER
                                             4         CleanFUEL USA continues to develop technically advanced
                                                       engine and fueling systems and Metro Lawn provides solutions to
                                                       the pollution caused by lawn and garden equipment.
    The ethanol industry is
  seeking to do the same                     Pipeline B5
      thing the petroleum                              BY RANDY JENNINGS, AL CHRISTOPHER, TOMMY HUNT,
 industry has been doing
for years to help provide
                                             6         STEVE RILEY, AND MARK MAUSS
                                                       The Fix asks the southeastern Actors for Change how they feel
   retailers a pathway for                             about increasing movement of biodiesel through pipelines.
                                             Clean Cities Connections
                                                       BY OUR SOUTHEASTERN ALT FUEL PARTNERS
                                             8         Meet the supporters of the Southeastern Fuels Fix!

                                             Raleigh One of the First for Project Get Ready
                                                       BY KATHY BOYER
THE FIX EDITORS                              9         Rocky Mountain Institute invites Raleigh as one of first three cities
                                                       in nation to prepare for the introduction of plug-ins.
Jonathan Overly
East Tennessee Clean Fuels Coalition
jgoverly@utk.edu                             Keepin’ it Sunny in Florida
Chelsea Jenkins                                        BY BILL YOUNG
Virginia Clean Cities
                                             10        Florida is working on an electric vehicle initiative and is charging
                                                       NEVs with PV power systems.


Jacob Krekorian, www.krekura.com
                                             National FFV Awareness Campaign
Jonathan Overly, Chelsea Jenkins                       BY BURL HAIGWOOD
FuelsFix.com                                 12        FFV Club of America helps after press, tent, ribbons and VIP
                                                       speakers are gone.

The Southeastern Fuels Fix is published

                                             Clean Cities 15th Anniversary
quarterly and produced by the U.S. DOE
Clean Cities Program coalitions in the
southeastern United States.
                                                       BY STEVEN RICHARDSON
Advertising information may be obtained      13        Our southeastern fearless leader discusses the March 4 event
                                                       that celebrated 15 years of Clean Cities successes.
by contacting either of the editors. All
advertising revenue goes to coalitions
to help maintain activities focused on
putting alternative fuel and efficient
                                             Clean Cities Supported by ICF International
transportation technologies on the streets
                                                       BY STACY NOBLET
in the southeastern U.S.
                                             14        If you don’t already know about ICF, you need to know.

Opportunity Meets Preparation
New opportunities and challenges have positioned Virginia
Clean Cities and stakeholders well.

East Tennessee Peaks and Valleys
The Run for Clean Air, Biodiesel ups and downs, and an electric
boat is plying the waters of East Tennessee.
                                                                        18   PERC’s propane road
                                                                             shows provide a chance
TARC Adds HEV Buses to Fleet                                                 to “kick the tires”
The Transit Authority of River City brings 12 hybrid electric transit
buses to Louisville.
Southeast Alt Fuels Matrix
Here lies our best information on public alternative fuel stations
across all nine states in our region.

Fleet Focus: Alliance AutoGas
Alliance AutoGas is working on turn-key platforms for fleets.
                                                                        20   Biodiesel Myths: Busted
SC Hosts Annual Hydrogen Conference
Over 1,000 researchers, manufacturers, gov’t and business               21
leaders attended the annual hydrogen conference in Columbia.

TSE Project Coming to Rowan County
Charlotte Metro area breaks ground on areas first truck-stop
electrification project that will add 44 spaces.
AL’s National Training Center for Alt Fuels
BY MARK BENTLEY                                                              Thornton’s holds grand
Lawson State Community College is training techs how to install,
maintain and repair alternative fuel technologies.
                                                                        25   opening of second E85
                                                                             site in Kentucky, and has
                                                                             highway signage!

PIX Pages                                                                    28
Take a look at what southeastern coordinators and their
stakeholders have been up to.
                                                                        SUMMER FIX 2009 |        3
             PROPANE FOCUS

    CleanFUEL USA On the Job
    Contributed by Crystelle Markey, Sales & Marketing Coordinator

    A visionary company since inception in 1993, CleanFUEL USA                programs, CleanFUEL USA provides the “Total Alternative Fuel
    is recognized by fleet managers, fuel equipment manufacturers              Solution” with superior economic and environmental advantages.
    and distributors throughout the world for building safe and reliable
    equipment that satisfies environmental regulations and U.S.                Visit: http://cleanfuelusa.com.
    dependence on foreign oil.

    CleanFUEL USA’s most recent ventures include a partnership with
    Conoco Phillips to increase propane infrastructure throughout the
    United States. Atlanta will serve as the first of many cities where
    CleanFUEL USA will be opening up service centers for propane
    vehicles as well as increasing fueling sites for alternative fuel
    vehicles. CleanFUEL USA continues to engineer and develop
    their Liquid Propane Injection (LPI) system for several upcoming
    applications including the GM 6.0L engine and has also signed
    an agreement to distribute Impco conversion kits as a propane
    bi-fuel option. The Blue Bird Propane Vision school bus, equipped
    with the LPI system, continues to be a popular option for school
    districts nationwide.

    Fleets across the US are encouraged by the increase in
    alternative fuel offerings and CleanFUEL USA is working diligently
    to play a key role in developing technologically advanced propane
    engine and fueling systems. From fuel and refueling infrastructure
    to station equipment, engine systems and fleet management

     Go Green. Save Green. Metro Lawn
     Contributed by Jim Coker, Heritage Propane & Metro Lawn

          Metro Lawn is a division of Heritage Propane, the nation’s           Heritage Propane is working on a new Engine Fuels Program,
          third largest propane company. Millions of Americans have            and believes that in order for propane mowers to be accepted,
          been using propane (Liquid Petroleum Gas/LPG) for over               the consumer must have a cost effective product, a good expe-
          100 years. Many today have propane grills on their back              rience using the equip-
          decks or patio’s for those nice evening grill outs. What many        ment, and support from
          people do not know is that propane is the third largest en-          the manufacturer and
          gine fuel in the world and in 1990 was added as an alterna-          propane industry.
          tive engine fuel by the Clean Air Act.
                                                                               Metro Lawn will support
          Metro Lawn wants to combat one of the nation’s largest pol-          your efforts in conver-
          luters, Lawn and Garden Equipment, which are estimated               sions and new mowers
          to produce up to 10 percent of the nation’s pollution. Some          with our technical staff,
          have estimated that one conventional lawn mower (3.5 hp)             while supporting your
          pollutes as much in an hour as 40 late model cars. To add to         fuel needs. If you would
          this problem, it is said that 17 million gallons are spilled each    like to learn more, you can contact me at 865-850-2277 or go to
          year from overfilling this equipment, which is more oil than          www.gogreenmetrolawn.com
          was spilled by the Exxon Valdez in Prince William Sound off
          the Alaskan coast.

                                                I believe Abra-       Our propane
                                                ham Lincoln
    SCUTTLEBUTT                                 said, “I will         workshop is
                                                prepare, and
                                                one day my            paying off
                                                chance will
GEFA has funded 34 public bio-
                                                come.” I think        as interest
fuel pumps in the last two years,               many have been
and plans to fund even more.                    preparing for
                                                                      in propane
Can you see that I’m smiling?                   some time, and        vehicles is
Don Francis Atlanta                             now our chance
                                                has come. It’s        really
The Knoxville Electric Vehicle As-              an extraordi-
                                                nary time for         ramping up.
sociation (KEVA) has started and                us in the al-         Amy Lawrence
an excited team is forming to                   ternative fuel        South Carolina
collaborate on pushing EVs here.                world, and I’m
                                                excited to see        I'd put my money on
Jonathan Overly East Tennessee
                                                how our passion       solar energy... I hope
                                                and dedication        we don't have to wait
We’ve got good biodiesel use in
                                                unfolds on this       'til oil and coal run
our area, but we are going to
                                                new road we           out before we tackle
use our upcoming biodiesel work-
                                                are fashioning.       that.
shop to kick it into high gear.                 Chelsea Jenkins       Thomas Edison, in
Bill Young Space Coast, FL                      Virginia              conversation with
                                                                      Henry Ford and
                                                                      Harvey Firestone
        I’m over “stimulated.”                                        March 1931
                      Mark Bentley Alabama

Georgia is turning trash into treasure. From pine trees or
landfill waste to ethanol, we are striving to meet our energy
needs in a renewable way.
Charise Stephens Middle Georgia

KY is targeting projects with stakeholders
based in Louisville but nationwide in scope -
                                                If House Bill 906 passes ($2,000
UPS, Yum! Brands (KFC, Taco Bell, Long John
Silvers, Pizza Hut, A&W) and Whayne Power       for any dedicated alt fuel ve-
Systems (Caterpillar, Thomas Built Buses)...
these projects can be replicated!
                                                hicle), I’ll scream with joy!
Melissa Howell Kentucky                         Kathy Boyer Triangle (NC)

                                                              SUMMER FIX 2009 |           5
    Pipeline B5: Moving
    to Greater Use of
    and Blending of
    Biodiesel Upstream
    of the Terminal

                                                                               target blends. Downstream blenders will need
    The Fix posed the following question to some                               to look for information on their Product Transfer
    of our partners and southeastern Actors for                                Documents for an indication of biodiesel content,
                                                                               and may need to specifically ask their suppliers
    Change with regard to greater movement                                     for a confirmation of any biodiesel in the fuel.
    of biodiesel in U.S. pipelines: “What are the                              Alternatively, there are numerous rapid field test
                                                                               instruments available that marketers may wish
    pros and cons of such action, considering the                              to purchase to verify the presence of biodiesel in
    southeast?” Here’s what we received.                                       their base fuel prior to blending.

                                                                              For biodiesel growth as a whole, I feel that
                                                                              the pros are more important than the cons
                                                                             on this issue, and the daily use of biodiesel in
                                                                           conventional diesel fuel will strengthen the industry.
                         The recent demonstration of a
                         successful delivery of a B5 biodiesel
                         blend batch on Plantation Pipeline
                         represents a tremendous leap forward                              I have ambivalent feelings about the
                         for the mainstream commercialization                              consequences of pipeline distribution
                         of biodiesel. As we all know, our                                 of biodiesel. On the one hand,
                         distribution system is based upon                                 biodiesel can better compete on a
                         fungible pipeline deliveries, and the                             price and quality basis with petroleum
                         potential for success of any fuel will                            equivalents if producers and
                         be enhanced if that fuel finds a place                             distributors are able to use the same
                         in this system.                                                   well-developed distribution network
    Randy Jennings                                                                         available to petroleum producers and
    Biofuels Adminis-      Since the 2008 revision of ASTM D                               distributors. Fuel distributors are more
    trator, Tennessee      975 incorporated up to five percent                              likely to promote biodiesel blends if
    Department of          biodiesel, B5 is by definition diesel      Al Christopher        they can obtain them from the same
    Agriculture            fuel. The United States consumes          Director, Division    terminals where they load petroleum
    Nashville, TN          about 40 billion gallons of diesel fuel   of Energy, Virginia   fuels and at very close to the same
                           each year. In 2007, we consumed           Dept. of Mines,       price. Terminal access to biodiesel is
                           about 450 million gallons of biodiesel.   Minerals and Energy more likely to become widespread if
    If B5 could move forward as the default diesel fuel              Richmond, VA          it can be shipped by pipeline, which
    formulation, the same way that E10 is moving forward for                               probably will result in more injection
    gasoline, the consumption for biodiesel as B5 alone would        blending, which solves one of the tougher quality issues
    grow to 2 billion gallons per year – quite an increase from      and costs for distributors of biodiesel blends.
    where we are today. Current U.S. production capacity for
    biodiesel is about 2.69 billion gallons per year, so I’m sure    But is the volume of biodiesel usage great enough to
    that our producers are very excited about this step forward.     justify pipeline distribution in more than a handful of
                                                                     markets? The answer now, I think, is no. It is possible that
    What are the negatives of both pipeline distribution and         the answer will continue to be—or possibly should be—no
    B5 and lower injections at the rack? Potential blenders          for quite some time to come. One of the potential benefits
    downstream will need to be aware that the diesel fuel            of biodiesel production is that it can be accomplished on a
    that they plan to use for blending may already contain           sustainable (distributed production) scale, avoiding great
    biodiesel, and that will need to be accounted for as they        transport distances for raw materials and distribution of
    calculate the amount of biodiesel to use to reach their          co-products and improving the fuel’s energy balance.

Pipeline distribution could have the downside of disrupting     not affect the engine performance or warranty.
markets now served by small producers. One might say            6. Biodiesel mixed at the refinery and transported via
that is an acceptable price to pay if large-scale economies     pipeline would attain a greater level of blending than the
of scale ever are to be reached. But is it desirable or even    traditional splash-drop method used at times by local fuel
possible to commoditize biodiesel on anything near the          distributors.
scale of petroleum?                                             7. In the future, the refineries and B100 manufacturers
                                                                could develop a pipeline system that could link the many
                                                                small B100 distillers around the country with the regional
                                                                refineries. In essence it would be a reverse pipeline to the
                     I have to say I am excited that five        fuel refineries. This would eliminate the need to transport
                     percent of the ULSD product in Kinder      the B100 via conventional trucking methods.
                     Morgan pipelines has the chance to         8. Regional refinery blending would stabilize the production
                     be produced by the American farmer         levels of smaller B100 manufacturers whose local markets
                     and not by an Arab in a desert or          fluctuate greatly.
                     bought from a nationally owned oil         9. An efficient and reliable supply of “pipelined” B5 could be
                     company run by a dictator who hates        legislated as a required fuel for certain areas of the country.
                     America. The ability to ship B5 on         You cannot legislate its use if there is not a consolidated
                     Kinder Morgan will make this blend         and constant supply.
                     commercially viable immediately IF         10. Overall, a stable and central market for B100 should
Tommy Hunt           the price of the base stock remains        bring down the price of biofuels while encouraging the
CEO & President,     commercially competitive compared to       startup of new biorefineries.
Calloway Oil Co.     petroleum diesel.
Maryville, TN
                      I am disappointed as a distributor
                      since the product I buy will already be                          The Kinder Morgan announcement
blended and I will lose the RINS value. The Southeast will                             of moving biodiesel through the
have the advantage of cheaper freight by using this blend                              pipeline is great news for the biodiesel
in the pipeline, which should increase fleet acceptance and                             industry. It is validation that the fuel is
decrease air pollution. It is also bound to help our foreign                           proven for mainstream use. Pipeline
trade deficit. Any producer of biodiesel along the pipeline                             transportation is a natural step for
who is close to a breakout terminal has to be excited about                            biodiesel helping to reduce our
the opportunity it gives him to market his products all                                dependence on foreign oil and build
the way to the East Coast. It is a good move for both the                              national energy security. The move,
biodiesel industry and the motoring public in my opinion.                              however, brings political and practical
                                                                                       challenges. Several states are
                                                                                       deliberating legislation to effectively
                                                                Mark Mauss             ban blending of biodiesel outside the
                    Here are my unordered thoughts on           CEO & President,       terminal, which would concentrate the
                    the issue of B5 in the pipelines.           SunsOil, LLC           power and, therefore, the profits, with
                    1. Will provide a centralized B100 bulk     Athens, TN             the majors. Enactment of such a law
                    storage facility at the refinery. This                              would clearly stand against functioning
                    alone would reduce the uncertainty                                 free markets, against the interests of
                    of the biodiesel market for the             the American people and against national energy security.
                    manufacturers and serve as a reliable       Pipeline movement also raises a practical question
                    one-stop-shop for B100 product sales.       of blending biodiesel with pipeline “diesel.” Typically,
                    2. Facilitate the widespread use of         distributors can sell up to B5 without special labeling, and
                    biodiesel. In parts of the country with     blends coming through the pipeline are expected to be
                    nonattainment or other air pollution        B5 or lower. So it is essential that terminals identify the
                    issues, B5 could be distributed as the      biodiesel blend and the properties of the original B100 to
Steve Riley         normal summer blend, similar to E10         ensure proper handling and use downstream. Otherwise
Fleet Manager,      gasoline.                                   distributors may unknowingly further blend and sell B10
City of Atlanta     3. Reduces transportation and               with unknown properties. Let’s applaud pipeline movement
Atlanta, GA
                    distribution costs incurred by the          of biodiesel while working to ensure the informed use and
                    biodiesel manufacturer.                     availability of high-quality fuel outside the terminals.
4. B5 has been found to be completely reliable in the
southeast (no cold flow problems when properly blended).
5. B5 is endorsed by most (if not all) major vehicle
manufacturers (such as Ford) as a viable fuel mix that will

                                                                                      SUMMER FIX 2009 |                        7
                              CLEAN CITIES CONNECTIONS
                                     “Our Project Partners... Your Project Partners”

                                             Renewable and clean,

      www.gogreenmetrolawn.com               Biodiesel is one of the
                                            nation’s most promising
          Real Propane                                                               less greenhouse
                                             fuel alternatives and is
         Fuel Solutions.                         helping to reduce
                                                                                      gas emissions
                                            America’s dependency
       We’ll provide a
      FUEL PROGRAM                                  on foreign oil.                         more
    to help you go green                                                             en ine performance
       and save green.
                                                Find out more at
    Here’s how. Metro Lawn:                    www.biodiesel.org
    1. has local suppliers.
    2. provides special tanks which
       help (a) control your cost and (b)
       lower your maintenance costs.
                                                                                      Propane is the number
    3. will provide fuel YOUR way.                                                     one alternative engine
    4. provides technical support for;                                               fuel in the world. Find out
       propane safety training,                                                        why at propane.com.
       fuel system support and
       support on conversion.

    Do you have a FlexFuel Vehicle?
                                            The natural                                                            Like a springtime breeze
                                            resource                                                               bringing fresh purified air
                                            for ethanol                                                            clean fuels flow anew
                                            The Renewable Fuels Association                                        a diversity
                                            is the leading resource for ethanol
                                            information. It’s just natural to                                      of cleaner, greener fuels are
                                            call our experts first if you need
     We need your help.                     authoritative answers about renew-                                     blossoming nearby
                                            able fuels. Call (202) 289-3835, or
                                            visit ethanolrfa.org.

                                                                                                                   winds of change blowing
                                                                                                                   in a southeasterly way
                                                                                                                   to rain clean fuels in
     National FlexFuel Vehicle
         Awareness Project
                                            Renewable Fuels Association
         What you can do for
                                            One Massachusetts Avenue NW, Suite 820
     yourself… and your country.            Washington, DC 20001



           kathy boyer
           central north carolina
           po box 12276, research triangle park nc 27709
           kboyer@tjcog.org - 919-558-9400

The City of Raleigh has been invited by the Rocky Mountain         • Several cities are taking aggressive and excellent action
Institute (RMI) to be one of the first three cities in the nation   to implement plug-ins, but their approaches and lessons
to participate in Project Get Ready – a national effort to         learned aren’t coordinated.
prepare markets for the introduction of plug-in electric and
hybrid-electric vehicles (plug-ins). RMI and the City will be      These problems can be overcome if cities/regions become
joined by Advanced Energy, Progress Energy and from                ecosystems that welcome plug-ins. To create such an
various business, state, university and civic leaders in           ecosystem, incentives need to be implemented ranging
developing a Raleigh Plug-In Readiness Charter, which will         from financial incentives, “luxuries”, advertising, job training,
include:                                                           education, service, and more.

1. How different stakeholders will work together,                  Project Get Ready will:
2. Major milestones in several content areas, and
3. Identification of next steps and who will lead them.             • Create a dynamic “menu” of strategic actions that city and
                                                                   regional leaders can enact to be a plug-in pioneer, based
Over 50 energy, state agency, municipal, and private               on input from technical advisers and cities already engaged
industry partners joined together in an initial facilitated        in implementing plug-ins. In this menu, RMI will analyze
conversation on Thursday, February 19th. Partners heard            the “business case” for each action from the perspective of
from the Rocky Mountain Institute, Raleigh City Manager            several key stakeholders (city gov’t, employers, consumers,
Julian Prosser, Progress Energy’s Mike Waters, and                 etc.)
Advanced Energy’s Jeff Barghout                                                              • Provide a web database of all
on national efforts in this initiative,                                                      national (and some international)
and the status of production                                                                 plug-in readiness activities (LINK).
plans by major automotive                                                                    • Work one-on-one with at least
manufacturers. Partners began to                                                             5 cities on creating their coalitions
identify strategic actions we can                                                            and charters.
take to be a plug-in pioneer.                                                                • Convene at least 20 cities as well
                                                                                             as technical players regularly to
What is Project Get Ready?                                                                   discuss their lessons learned and
                                                                                             best practices, and report these
Bringing electrified vehicles,                                                                conversations on our website and
advanced net-zero buildings,                                                                 materials. Some of our partner
and a smart renewable grid                                                                   cities will have their own plans
together in innovative ways to                                                               underway, others will be starting
provide clean, cheap, and secure                                                             from the ground up.
mobility and electricity: that is the                                                       • Provide a benchmark that will
vision of integrated, electrified transportation. Project Get       allow cities/regions to “prove” that they are ready for mass
Ready is an initiative coordinated by RMI with the goal            adoption of plug-ins, and have taken meaningful steps to
of accelerating the arrival of plug-in vehicles by helping         support this critical green technology (this may take the
communities get ready.                                             form of a seal of approval or certification like the LEED
                                                                   system that gauges readiness).
Project Get Ready solves four problems simultaneously:             • Document the progress made by participant cities in
                                                                   order to help quantify future demand and make it more
• Regional leaders often ask, “how do I become a leader”           transparent to industry (how much, where, and what type of
and we don’t have a great answer;                                  support to expect) for plug-ins.
• OEMs are nervous that consumers won’t adopt plug-                • Provide helpful background and educational material on
ins because the cars will be too strange (have early-stage         plug-in readiness.
snafus), have high costs, and infrastructure won’t be in
• Infrastructure is expensive. Who will pay?

                                                                                        SUMMER FIX 2009 |                      9
                  bill young
                  florida - space coast
                  1679 clearlake road, cocoa fl 32922-5703
                  young@fsec.ucf.edu - 321-638-1443

     Florida Battery Beach Burnout                                            Electric Vehicle Initiative team will visit many schools during their
     Competition among cars and drivers has excited people since cars         6-week trek to Tallahassee to meet state representatives. You
     hit the road. NASCAR isn’t the only car event, as shown in Florida       can follow their daily activities through their blog at http:eviblog.
     on February 21st and 22nd. The Florida Electric Auto Association         floridaeaa.org. They have attended the FLAEAA Battery Beach
     (FLEAA) hosted the 4th Annual “Battery Beach Burnout”, an                Burnout (EV race and event), Indian River Community College and
     electric drive vehicle competition, in Jupiter, FL at Florida Atlantic   Palm Beach Community College in their converted Toyota Prius
     University. The event consisted of multiple competitions involving       plug-in hybrid using a Hymotion kit.
     electric vehicles (EV), hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) and plug-in
     hybrids (PHEV), including an auto-cross, scooter-cross, vehicle
     performance tests, Electrathon and a Show & Shine event.

     This premier annual electric vehicle event in the Southeast was
     free to the public. The purpose of Battery Beach Burnout was
     to raise public and media awareness of the current state of
     electric and hybrid vehicles and to educate people about ‘green’
     alternative fuel vehicles. The event showcased and promoted
     alternative energy technologies to power vehicles of the future to
     solve our transportation, energy and air quality problems.

     The FLEAA had approximately 80 vehicles participating and on
     display throughout the weekend. Vehicles ranged from a beautiful
     1920 Milburn Electric to the stylish new Tesla Roadster, from
     modern show-room hybrids to A123/Hymotion converted Prius to
     FPL’s Plug-in Hybrid Aerial Bucket trucks, and electric scooters to

     For the results of the event, go to the FLEAA Website:

     What a Sunny Idea
     The sunshine state is using its most abundant resources to
     power electric vehicles: the sun. The city of Eustis is installing a
     photovoltaic (PV) power system to charge neighborhood electric
     vehicles (NEV). The utility grid-tied PV system developed by
     Rublab of Eustis has three charging station terminals for the
     vehicles to plug into. Progress Energy will distribute the energy
     back to the grid when the sun is shining and supply the energy
     needed to charge vehicles plugged into the system any time
     of the day as needed. The solar panels are being developed
     by Advanced Solar Products of Lake Mary. This Florida project
     sounds like a Rube Goldberg idea, but that is not only how Rublab
     got its name it makes sense as locals drive their NEVs between
     Mount Dora, Travares and Eustis each day, as oil cost rise like the
     sun each morning.

     A Florida Electric Vehicle Initiative
     Fran and Ron Fahs started the Electric Vehicle Initiative as an
     educational outreach program with the Florida Electric Auto
     Association to make automotive students aware of electric drive
     technologies. The Automotive Service Excellence Program (ASE)
     provided training at many Florida Community Colleges. The


Blender Pumps
Contributed by Robert White, Renewable Fuels Association

What if fuel retailers could offer drivers more choices at      to be produced, distributed and sold. Blender pumps not
the pump without adding expense? What if one of those           only offer choices today, but provide retailers a pathway for
choices was an alternative fuel, like E30 or E85? These         growth into the future. We are confident that the maximum
are the questions America’s ethanol producers are asking        level for non-flex-fuel vehicles will increase at some point
petroleum marketers and fuel retailers across the country.      above 10% ethanol. We also believe that more consumers
                                                                will want a blend between E10 and E85, like what we have
The concept here is simple and one that has been used           seen in the Midwest already. Blender pumps are a safe and
by the petroleum industry for years: blender pumps. The         economical solution to both issues.
petroleum industry has successfully used blender pumps to
combine regular unleaded with premium gasoline at a 50/50       Gas stations of today will give way to refueling stations in
ratio to create a mid-grade product without the need for a      the future, providing consumers the choice at the pump they
third storage tank. The ethanol industry is simply seeking to   deserve. Ethanol blender pumps are not only beginning
do the same.                                                    that transition, but also offer a way for retailers to capitalize
                                                                on the growing demand and production of renewable
By blending denatured ethanol (or E85 – 85% ethanol, 15%        alternatives to petroleum.
gasoline) and regular unleaded, a fuel retailer could then
offer regular unleaded, E10 (10% ethanol, 90% gasoline)         Robert White is the Director of Market Development for
and E85 for flex-fuel vehicles (FFVs) designed to use this       the Renewable Fuels Association, the national trade
higher ethanol blend. In addition, retailers would also be      association for America’s ethanol industry. Follow his
eligible for the blender tax credit otherwise known as the      activities via twitter at www.twitter.com/fuelinggood .
Volumetric Ethanol Excise Tax Credit, which puts them in
control of that federal funding (a positive for them versus
                                                                The blender pump image below is from a Zarco 66 station in Ottawa, Kansas. Note
someone else controlling the blending and the credit). If       the clearly displayed “Flex Fuel Vehicles Only” text, as well as the price differences.
those incentives weren’t
enough, instead of
having a stand alone
E85 dispenser that only
a certain percentage of
customers can use, these
dispensers have a product
for everyone and every
engine type. If you need
fuel for your lawn mower
or your flex-fuel vehicle,
you are set. If prices are
such that you feel like you
can afford E30 in your
FFV at the moment but not
E85 (if ethanol prices are
temporarily high), then you
have that option. With no
blender pump, you do not
have that option.

As the country works
toward the requirements
of the Renewable Fuels
Standard - 36 billion
gallons of renewable fuel
use annually by 2022 -
more ethanol will need

                                                                                             S U M M E R F II X 2 0 0 9 |
                                                                                             SUMMER F X 2009 |                                      11
     Burl Haigwood, President, FlexFuel Vehicle Club of America
     202-441-2400; burl.haigwood@flexiblefuelvehicleclub.org
     The FlexFuel Vehicle Club of America was              The FlexFuel Vehicle Club’s national FFV
     created to implement a national Flexible Fuel         awareness program will work with the
     Vehicle (FFV) Awareness campaign and build            automobile dealership network and other
     a national database of FFVs owners and                community leaders to increase FFV awareness
     alternative fuel enthusiasts to support biofuel       (and by default energy security and ethanol/E85/
     stakeholder organizations. The Club’s mission         biofuel) to the public. This two pronged portfolio
     will compliment and accelerate the existing           approach to branding (e.g., the gasoline retailer
     efforts of other stakeholders trying to increase      + fuel in combination with the vehicle owner +
     ethanol demand through the sale of higher             automobile dealer network) will take advantage
     volume blends of ethanol. Increasing the ethanol      of the existing and caring connection that FFV
     blend level above 10 volume percent is critical       owners have with their cars and the trusted
     to 1st generation biofuel plants so they can          business relationship they have with their local
     avoid hitting the E10 blend wall and be forced        automobile dealership/maker.
     into “pit row” early for running out of market. The
     mission of the Club is also necessary to pave         The Club, through its outreach project entitled
     the way for the rest of the race to 2nd generation    “E-Powerment”, can help after the technical
     biofuel projects. The Club’s mission has been         support and investment have been made in
     supported by the Clean Fuels Foundation, the          developing new E85 refueling infrastructure
     Ethanol Across America education campaign,            by other stakeholders. The Club will work with
     FFV makers, and other biofuel stakeholders.           local Clean Cities coordinators and local civic
                                                           organizations to execute a series of specific
     The FlexFuel Vehicle Club effort will directly        and periodic outreach programs aimed at the
     support      state/federal    government     and      Governor, state energy offices, Department of
     environmental community goals to increase             Motor Vehicles, inspection stations, auto service
     the utilization of E85 in FFVs and expand the         centers, and new and used auto dealerships.
     education and outreach focus from fleets to
     the public. The Club is designed to help local        As a free or fee membership organization, the
     Clean Cities coordinators, gasoline retailers,        FlexFuel Vehicle Club will corral and harness
     ethanol suppliers, and FFV makers meet                the power that seven million FFV owners and
     national renewable fuel standard goals. Most          the millions of future FFV owners can represent.
     important is to complete the life cycle of            The core message of the Club will be to validate
     refueling infrastructure development through          and evangelize the proven fundamental
     residual education and outreach after the new         principles that FFV ownership and E85 use
     station grand opening. “With the exception of the     have on stimulating the economy, improving the
     amazing work that is being done by in Minnesota       environment, enhancing energy security, and
     by the American Lung Association of the Upper         directly empowering the consumer to have an
     Midwest, the vast majority of infrastructure          impact on their personal and their community’s
     development and high blend ethanol marketing          health and economic well being. Lowering the
     effort end after the station’s opening. After the     price of gasoline and crude oil, reducing oil
     press, the tent, guest speakers, and ribbons          imports, and creating 500,000 jobs are much
     have gone, we want the Flexible Fuel Vehicle          more popular and widely accepted noble causes
     Club [decal] to carry on,” said Club president        when compared to just environmentalism. Tired
     Burl Haigwood.                                        of just complaining about your oil addiction?
                                                           JOIN THE CLUB! www.flexiblefuelvehicleclub.
     The tactical execution of the FlexFuel Vehicle        org.
     Club mission is to decal FFVs, E85 and blender
     pump dispensers, gasoline retailer store doors,
     auto dealer showrooms, and service center
     doors and use the Club website to coral and
     nurture brand loyalty. Currently, ethanol and E85
     branding and education/outreach efforts are
     targeted to the gasoline retailer and messaging
     is focused on the fuel. FFV decal branding will
     compliment those efforts but target the FFV
     owner and then the FFV seller for messaging

           steven richardson
           southeast DOE program leader
           po box 880, morgantown wv 26507-0880
           steven.richardson@netl.doe.gov - 304-285-4185

On March 4, 2009, coordinators, past and present program         12 Five-Star Schools
staff, industry and government stakeholders gathered in      •   Philadelphia: Dennis Winters of Greater Philadelphia
Washington to celebrate Clean Cities’ 15th anniversary.          Clean Cities (GPCC) and GPCC chairman William
Hosted by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) at DOE             Flemming of PECO Fleet Services
headquarters, this special event lauded the program’s        •   Delaware: Emily Kuiken of the State of Delaware
accomplishments since its 1993 inception, as well as the         Governor’s Office
people who helped contribute to its success.                 •   Las Vegas: Jim Brandmueller, first chairman for Las
                                                                 Vegas Regional Clean Cities and coordinator of the
After a formal welcome by National Clean Cities Director         Eastern Sierra Regional coalition
Dennis Smith and Co-Director Linda Bluestein, MotorWeek      •   Washington, D.C.: George Nichols and Leah Boggs of
host John Davis presented a special video montage                Metropolitan Washington Alternative Fuels Clean Cities
highlighting 15 years of significant Clean Cities moments,        Partnership, Michael Carter and Ron Flowers of the
events, and media coverage. Following the video, a panel         Washington Department of Public Works (WDPW), and
of current and former Clean Cities staff members discussed       George Hawkins and Sabrina Williams of the District
the program’s progression. Panel members included:               Department of the Environment (DDE)

•   Dennis Smith,                                                                                   Also during this
    national Clean                                                                                  segment, DDE,
    Cities director                                                                                 MARTA, PECO, and
•   Linda Bluestein,                                                                                WDPW received
    national Clean                                                                                  Lifetime Partnership
    Cities co-director                                                                              Awards for being
•   Michael Scarpino,                                                                               original Clean Cities
    regional Clean                                                                                  stakeholders, and Jeff
    Cities project                                                                                  Rader received an
    manager for the                                                                                 Award of Recognition
    Northeast region                                                                                for his service as
•   Tom Gross,                                                                                      the first Clean Cities
    deputy assistant secretary for EERE’s Office of           coordinator and for his leadership in helping to establish the
    Transportation Technologies, 1992-2002                   Clean Cities program.
•   Shelley Launey, Clean Cities director, 1992-1994,        In addition, Dennis Smith presented the following awards to
    1999-2005                                                Clean Cities staff members.
•   Tommy Foltz, Clean Cities co-director, 1993-1997
•   Marcy Rood Werpy, Clean Cities deputy director, 1995-    •   David Rogers received a Leadership Award for 15
    2008                                                         years of outstanding vision, dedication, and exceptional
•   Ernie Oakes, regional Clean Cities project manager           leadership.
    retired, 1996-2008                                       •   Wendy Dafoe of the National Renewable Energy
                                                                 Laboratory received a Lifetime Achievement Award
The two-hour event also included an awards ceremony              for 15 years of outstanding service to the Clean Cities
that was hosted by Associate Under Secretary of                  program.
Energy Richard Moorer, which recognized the following        •   Mike Scarpino of the National Energy Technology
representatives from Clean Cities’ first six coalitions:          Laboratory received a Lifetime Achievement Award for
                                                                 12 years of outstanding leadership, creative thinking,
•   Atlanta: Dwight Ferrell of Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid        and devotion to the Clean Cities program.
    Transit Authority (MARTA); Clean Cities Atlanta (CCA) •      Barb. Wolfe of New West Technologies received
    chairwoman Patsy Brownson of Cox Enterprises;                a Lifetime Achievement Award for nine years of
    and CCA’s first coordinator Jeff Rader, county                outstanding service for to the Clean Cities program.
    commissioner of Dekalb County, Georgia
•   Denver: Natalia Swalnick of Denver Metro Clean Cities
    (DMCC) and DMCC chairman John Gonzales of Adams

                                                                                 SUMMER FIX 2009 |                      13
                stacy noblet
                ICF International
                9300 lee highway, fairfax, va 22031
                snoblet@icfi.com - 703-934-3309

     Many readers, particularly those in and around the Beltway,   coordinators, utility employees, and state and federal
     may be familiar with the name ICF International (ICF). The    employees from transportation, energy, and environmental
     company has worked on a vast array of energy, climate         departments.
     change, transportation, social programs, and homeland
     security projects for government and private clients for      Historically, ICF has assisted with updating the light-,
     more than 40 years. What readers may not know is our          medium-, and heavy-duty vehicle databases, tracking and
     connection to Clean Cities. Since 1997, ICF has supported     supporting industry events, maintaining an industry contacts
     Clean Cities by working with the National Renewable           database, coordinating and managing the National Clean
     Energy Laboratory to provide technical expertise, program     Cities Conference & Exposition, developing the Clean Cities
     support, and research capabilities toward the advancement     Handbook, and writing the Biofuels News and Alternative
     of alternative fuels, advanced vehicles, and petroleum        Fuels News publications (predecessor to Clean Cities Now).
     reduction strategies.
                                                                   ICF is widely regarded as the leading firm in the U.S. for its
     ICF has operated the Clean Cities Technical Response          analysis of fuel economy technology issues. In 2007, ICF
     Service for the past four years, which involves responding    acquired Energy and Environmental Analysis (EEA), Inc.,
     to inquiries and requests related to the Clean Cities         which enhanced our capabilities in the areas of natural gas,
     portfolio items of alternative fuels and advanced vehicles,   fuel efficiency technology and regulatory standards, vehicle
     fuel economy, and idle reduction.                                                   emissions, biofuel production, and
     These inquiries and requests come                                                    modeling.
     from Clean Cities Coordinators
     and stakeholders, legislators,                                                      ICF’s extensive experience in the
     fleet managers, industry contacts,                                                   alternative fuels and advanced
     and consumers. Previously, we                                                       vehicles arena makes us a
     operated and managed the National                                                   valuable resource for Clean Cities
     Alternative Fuels and Clean Cities                                                  stakeholders and other industry
     Hotlines, which were precursors to                                                  players. Our technology expertise,
     the Technical Response Service.                                                     knowledge of the applicable state
                                                                                         and federal laws and incentives,
     ICF is responsible for the                                                          and demonstrated program
     maintenance of the Alternative                                                      implementation experience
     Fuels & Advanced Vehicles Data                                                      contribute to high-quality products
     Center (AFDC) fueling stations                                                      and services that help Clean Cities
     database, which populates                                                           meet its program objectives. ICF
     the online Alternative Fueling                                                     looks forward to supporting the
     Station Locator. Fuel types included in this database are     expected growth of Clean Cities as the alternative fuels and
     compressed and liquefied natural gas, E85, liquefied            advanced vehicles industry continues its expansion through
     petroleum gas (propane), biodiesel blends of at least 20%     the decades to come.
     (B20), and electricity. The database includes stations
     available to the public as well as private access stations    Web sites mentioned above include:
     to provide an accurate picture of the nation’s alternative    • Alternative Fuels & Advanced Vehicles Data Center -
     fueling infrastructure.                                          www.afdc.energy.gov/afdc/
                                                                   • Alternative Fueling Stations -
     ICF also updates the AFDC database of state and                  www.afdc.energy.gov/afdc/fuels/stations.html
     federal incentives and laws that apply to alternative         • State & Federal Incentives & Laws -
     fuel consumers, fleet managers, advanced vehicle                  www.afdc.energy.gov/afdc/incentives_laws.html
     manufacturers, alternative fuel producers, and infrastructure • Clean Cities Now -
     developers. Each year, we are responsible for researching        http://www.afdc.energy.gov/cleancities/ccn/
     and summarizing enacted state and federal legislation,
     confirming public and private incentive program details,
     and corresponding with contacts such as Clean Cities

            chelsea jenkins
            1059 angler lane, virginia beach, va 23451
            cjenkins@hrccc.org - 757-256-8528

To say we have been busy would be an understatement. Virginia          Virginia Diesel Emission Reduction Initiative
Clean Cities and stakeholders have been working excitedly and          Clean Cities and stakeholders have been awarded $1 million
doggedly since February to chase the multitude of opportunities        provided under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of
that have seemingly been raining down mostly as a result of the        2009 National Clean Diesel Funding Assistance Program. The
Recovery Act. Many of us in Clean Cities disappeared into a cave       award is the largest award granted to Virginia Clean Cities and
and wrote grant proposals for four months straight. But now we         stakeholders to date to assist in reducing petroleum consumption
are beginning to relish in the pleasure (or displeasure) of our hard   and air pollution.
work and are beginning to learn of the results. Luckily, Virginia
Clean Cities was positioned quite well to assist stakeholders in       Hampton Roads Transit (HRT) will receive funding to retrofit 35
navigating the rivers of funding, and were able to come out alive      transit buses with continuously regenerating technology diesel
and ahead. Since we have so many exciting projects underway,           particulate filter technology. Chesterfield County will replace a
we figured we’d provide a brief summary of some of our current          diesel refuse hauler early with a new hybrid version for use in
top focus items. Some of these programs are sourced from               a senior citizens neighborhood. Spotsylvania Public Schools
Recovery Act funding, while others are ongoing projects that might     will replace 4 school buses ahead of schedule with Blue Bird
be of interest.                                                        Propane Vision school buses, which already meet the 2010
                                                                       emissions standards. The City of Chesapeake will accelerate
Biodiesel 301: Soy Biodiesel and Our Changing Alt Fuels                the replacement of 10 refuse haulers and replace with vehicles
Landscape                                                              meeting the 2007 and 2010 emissions standards.
Virginia Clean Cities teamed with the East Tennessee Clean
Fuels Coalition on a United Soybean Board/Soybean Checkoff             The Virginia Diesel Emission Reduction Initiative will improve air
request for applications for the Soy Biodiesel Communications          quality by reducing NOx by 7.14 tons, particulate matter by 7.36
Reimbursement Program. We were awarded $11,070 to conduct              tons PM, hydrocarbons by 5.52 tons, and carbon monoxide by
workshops in Virginia and Tennessee, and host one webinar.             65.45 tons annually.
Here’s the skinny on the workshops:
                                                                       Green Operators (GO) Program
Virginia Workshop                                                      The Green Operators (GO) program
Tuesday, August 25, 2009                                               provides rebates to retrofit older vehicles
8:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.                                                  with more emission-efficient engines
Virginia Department of Environmental Quality                           and recognizes partners for setting and
629 East Main Street, Richmond, VA                                     achieving goals for reducing air pollution
Register and agenda at http://www.hrccc.org/main/?page_id=7            and greenhouse gases associated with
                                                                       the transport of goods.
Tennessee Workshop
Wednesday, August 26, 2009                                             Program partners include the Virginia Port Authority, the Virginia
Register and download agenda at www.ETCleanFuels.org                   Department of Environmental Quality, The EPA, the Mid-Atlantic
                                                                       Regional Air Quality Management Association, and Virginia Clean
Webinar                                                                Cities. To find out more about the program, visit http://www.
Tuesday, September 22, 2009                                            portofvirginia.com/corporate/environment/go-program.aspx.
1 pm EST
Please check www.hrccc.org for updates and registration info.

      Thanks to
      Our 2009
      Sponsors &

                                                                                             SUMMER FIX 2009 |                           15
                 chelsea jenkins
                 1059 angler lane, virginia beach, va 23451
                 cjenkins@hrccc.org - 757-256-8528

     Hydrogen Education for Decision Makers Project                       Virginia Electric Drive Road Show
     The goal of this two-year project is to increase a targeted          Virginia Clean Cities is hosting an electric drive road show on
     audience’s understanding of hydrogen and fuel cells, including       Wednesday, August 19, 2009 in Poquoson, Virginia. The event will
     early market applications, and to provide specific examples           begin at 11:30 a.m. with lunch and a panel of speakers, and then
     of actions that the targeted audience – state and local              feature a ride-n-drive event with hybrids, electric vehicles, and
     government leaders – can take to support the development and         plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. Speakers range from Jim Francfort
     use of hydrogen and fuel cell technology leading to a better         of Idaho National Labs who will discuss the research they are
     understanding of the community benefits that can result.              doing on plug-in hybrid batteries and John Aker of Aker Wade who
                                                                          will discuss fast charging infrastructure and the exciting pilot being
     In-person workshops are being conducted by technical experts         launched in Charlottesville.
     and professional educators over the two years, which ends
     September 2010, in Virginia, Maryland and DC. To find out more
     about the hydrogen workshop series, download past workshop           There are many more exiting projects underway and opportunities
     curriculum, or learn about upcoming workshops, visit our website.    on the table, so check out our website at www.hrccc.org or email
                                                                          us at info@hrccc.org to find out more.
     Virginia Clean Diesel Campaign
     The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 provides
     $88 million in new funding to support clean diesel grant and loan
                                                                                                                    Bob Dineen (RFA), RDML
     programs administered by states and the District of Columbia.                                                  Robert Bianchi (Navy),
     The Recovery Act Funding for the State Clean Diesel Grant                                                      Congressman Glenn Nye
     Program provided the Commonwealth of Virginia with $1.73 million                                               (VA-001), CAPT Markham
                                                                                                                    Rich, Todd Garner (Protec)
     to help reduce diesel emissions and maximize job creation and
                                                                                                                    take part in ribbon cutting
     preservation. Virginia Clean Cities assisted eligible stakeholders                                             ceremony at Oceana Navy
     with successful applications to the state for propane school                                                   Exchange on March 13,
     buses, idle reduction devices, new vehicles, and a biodiesel grant                                             2009. This E85 station is the
                                                                                                                    first public station in Hampton
     program that will buy down the cost of biodiesel for public fleets.
                                                                                                                    Roads, Virginia.

     E85 Infrastructure Project
     The goal of this project is to make E85 publicly available in up
     to 12 locations in Virginia, Maryland, and DC by providing grant                                               Lieutenant Governor Bill Bol-
                                                                                                                    ling pumps the first gallon of
     funds to station owners to help defray the cost of conversion.
                                                                                                                    E85 from the new Charlottes-
                                                                                                                    ville STOP IN that opened on
     To-date, eight E85 stations have been opened in VA-MD-DC.                                                      January 5, 2009. The station
     Virginia Clean Cities helped organized two recent grand opening                                                was the first public retail E85
                                                                                                                    station in Virginia, and also
     events in Charlottesville and Virginia Beach:
                                                                                                                    sells biodiesel. Virginia Clean
                                                                                                                    Cities worked with the media
     STOP IN                                                                                                        on a radio remote and gave
     1220 Seminole Rd, Charlottesville, VA 22901                                                                    away $300 of free fuel!
     (434) 973-1005
     Hrs: 24/7
                                                                                                                    The MotorWeek crew
     Navy Exchange Oceana                                                                                           interviewing Patrick Serfass,
     1449 Tomcat Blvd, Virginia Beach, VA 23460                                                                     Communications Director of
     (757) 425-4281                                                                                                 NHA, at the National Hydro-
                                                                                                                    gen Conference and Expo
     Hrs: 24/7                                                                                                      in Columbia, SC. Virginia
                                                                                                                    Clean Cities and MotorWeek
     Funding is still available to retailers interested in making E85                                               wrapped up filming and just
     available to the public.                                                                                       completed the first “hydro-
                                                                                                                    gen update” video, that is
                                                                                                                    available for viewing on our

... “clean cities”, “clean fuels”, and “clean cities, fuels” to see which coalition’s Websites from all over the country landed in the top
20 results. We repeated the test on several computers, and although the results varied somewhat, it was quite clear which coalitions
(seen below) are ranking higher in searches, at least the ones using these terms. We realized that Google may have been affecting
the results on one of our computers (due to the chance of frequent use of the terms ‘clean,’ ‘cities,’ and ‘fuels’), thus we used a com-
puter in our office that had likely not been “tainted” with frequent searching for those words. [ --- = not a coalition related result]

       “clean cities”                                “clean fuels”                                  “clean cities, fuels”
 1.    ---                                    1.     ---                                     1.     ---
 2.    ---                                    2.     ---                                     2.     ---
 3.    ---                                    3.     ---                                     3.     Tucson
 4.    ---                                    4.     Alabama                                 4.     Centralina
 5.    Utah                                   5.     Kentucky                                5.     Kentucky
 6.    ---                                    6.     Palmetto State                          6.     Utah
 7.    Austin                                 7.     Utah                                    7.     Chicago
 8.    Tulsa                                  8.     Ohio                                    8.     Puget Sound
 9.    Oklahoma                               9.     ---                                     9.     Puget Sound
 10. Triangle (NC)                            10. Centralina                                 10. Oklahoma
 11. Wisconsin                                11. Ohio                                       11. Ann Arbor
 12. Chicago                                  12. ---                                        12. Dallas-Fort Worth
 13. Puget Sound                              13. ---                                        13. Wisconsin
 14. Greater Lansing                          14. ---                                        14. ---
 15. Greater Philadelphia                     15. ---                                        15. South Shore (IN)
 16. South Shore (IN)                         16. Southern Louisiana                         16. Louisiana (both coalitions)
 17. ---                                      17. ---                                        17. ---
 18. Virginia                                 18. ---                                        18. Columbia-Willamette
 19. Columbia-Willamette                      19. ---                                        19. SCAG (SoCal)
 20. Space Coast                              20. ---                                        20. Virginia

                                                                                            S U M M E R F II X 2 0 0 9 ||
                                                                                            SUMMER F X 2009                            17
                  jonathan overly
                  east tennessee
                  311 conference center bldg, knoxville tn 37996-4134
                  jgoverly@utk.edu - 865-974-3625

     The Run for Clean Air                                                 Chattanooga, Kingsport, Sevierville, Gatlinburg, Johnson City
     Our largest annual event is called the Run for Clean Air and          and Jonesborough. Others with that “this is a good thing”
     is a 5k run/walk that’s held in April each year. The 2009 event       attitude include Knoxville Utilities Board and B&W Y-12. Kudos
     drew over 500 registered attendees. It is a combination of a          to them all for keeping with it!
     fundraiser for us and an air quality awareness event held to
     bring attention to what can be done at the local level to reduce      Electric Boat Quietly Traveling East TN Waters
     pollution in our air.                                                 ETCFC members and activists Ted Buel, Christian Cain and
                                                                           Mike Whedbee pooled their talents and resources to build
                                          Each year we draw upon a         a highly efficient solar electric drive system for a small boat
                                          bevy of area sponsors to help    last spring. Christened the “Green Tek 1,” the boat utilizes
                                          us put on the event and now      “off the shelf” components and 3 deep-cycle marine batteries
                                          raise over $20,000 annually      to power an aluminum runabout for up to 6 hours between
                                          for our local work. Since        charges. Three BP solar panels keep the system charged, and
                                          we are about transportation      a standard 36-volt golf cart charger will bring fully discharged
                                          fuels, we typically showcase     batteries back up to peak power overnight.
                                          on the order of 15-20
                                          alternative fuel vehicles in     “So far, we have never used up a full charge in one outing,”
                                          addition to doing a number of    says Buel. “ We usually get at least two trips totaling 15 to 20
                                          other things at the event. Our   miles between charges.”
                                          “Hybrid Ride-n-Drive” usually
                                          brings 4-8 hybrids to the        Work has already begun on “Green Tek 2” where Buel says they
                                          event from local dealers and     hope to double the power. Look for the larger solar boat to begin
                                          works to put butts in seats      testing on a nearby lake this summer.
     so people actually get behind the wheel and try it out, listen to
     it, and learn about what hybrids are. (Honestly, with all of the
     hype and press surrounding hybrids over the last 10 years, you
     wouldn’t believe how many people don’t even know the basics
     of how a hybrid operates!) We always have a band, plenty of
     food, door prizes and other awards like beautiful, large Jim Gray
     prints, booths that discuss local air quality, massages for all our
     entrants, and of course great t-shirts! You can even take our
     local air quality quiz online to bone-up on your East Tennessee
     air pollution knowledge!

     This year’s Run was the best ever with almost 500 registered
     participants. With the partnerships we assembled, we believe
     we are continuing to further our impact! For pictures or to learn
     more about the event, visit http://www.RunforCleanAir.org.

     Local Biodiesel Ups and Downs
     In our coalition, we have quite a few alt-fuel fleet users spread
     throughout East Tennessee. It can be hard keeping up with
     them all, as well as getting timely data. But it is always
     refreshing to hear good news while bad news seems to be
     everywhere. That starts with the economy right now for both the
     biofuels, which is not attractive at least in our part of the U.S.
     But through our annual reporting, I’m finding out who has stuck
     with some of their biodiesel usage (the most used alt fuel in
     East Tennessee right now) during the hard times.

     This has to start with one of our industry partners, Eastman.
     So far at least, the economic downturn has not hit them hard
     enough to dislodge them from their commitment to using
                                                                           Top - Whebee shows off the inner workings of the Green Tek 1. Bottom - Cain
     biodiesel year-round. In addition, several of our regional cities     loaded his family into Green Tek 1 and accompanied the canoe paddlers on the
     have stuck with their usage of biodiesel, and that includes           “Paddle for Clean Water” last October on Ft. Loudon Lake.


                             The Transit Authority of River City (TARC) took delivery of three additional hybrid
                             electric transit buses in June to bring their hybrid fleet to 12 operating in Louisville.
                             “These vehicles have proven to be an excellent investment. They get better fuel
                             economy, reduce
                             emissions, require
melissa howell               little maintenance
kentucky                     and provide a quieter
po box 5174
lexington ky 40255
                             and smoother
kycleanfuels@insightbb.com   ride for TARC’s
502-452-9152                 customers,” said
www.kentuckycleanfuels.org   Executive Director
                             Barry Baker of TARC.
                             An additional ten
                             hybrid buses have
                             been requested
                             under the economic
                             stimulus requests
                             sent to Washington.
                             If awarded, the fleet
                             will total 22 hybrid


                              State      \   Fuel      B20              B-other2        CNG            E85              H2            LNG          LPG            Total
                              Alabama                  33   3
                                                                        7   3
                                                                                        3 (+1)         14 (+8)          0             0            159 (*)                216
                              Florida                  15 (+3)          0               17             20 (+18)         2             0            49                     103
                              Georgia                  28               1               19             32 (+8)          0             0            39                     119
                              Kentucky                 0 (-1)           6               0              8 (+2)           0             0            16                     30
                              Mississippi              5                0               0              1                0             0            36                     42
                              North Carolina           24 (-8)    4
                                                                        17 (-1)   4
                                                                                        9              11 (-1)          0             0            50                    102
                              South Carolina           9 (+3)           28 (+24) 1                     68               2             0            27                     135
      SC - H2                 Tennessee                33 (+5)          6               0              24 (-6+4) 0                    0            53                     116
   TN - E85 + B20
                              Virginia                 21               19 (+1)         4 (-1)         3 (+1)           1             0            21                     69
                              Totals                   168              84              53             182              5             0            450                   933

                             NOTES FOR THE SUMMER ‘09 MATRIX:
                             1. This is a listing of public stations only! It is our best effort to quarterly aggregate accurate information on public alt fuel stations in our states.
                             Changes from quarter to quarter are noted in parentheses. The data was compiled using information directly from Clean Cities coordinators
                             and their working partners in each state, and the Alternative Fuels Data Center (AFDC) Website at www.eere.energy.gov/afdc/. The partners
                             who helped us with some of the numbers include: GA - Jennifer Wilson, Georgia Energy Innovations Center; TN - Linda Tidwell, Tennessee
                             Department of Transportation. In some cases, the number provided is just the AFDC number because we do not have any more accurate
                             2. “B-other” is public stations for any blend other than B20, and that includes lower and higher blends.
                             3. Uncertain of split between B20 and B-other in Alabama. This is a best guesstimate.
                             4. NC has three stations that sell B20 and at least one other blend; they are counted in both columns.
                             * Fix had number wrong in previous issue.

                                                                                                                       SUMMER FIX 2009 |                                         19
                   FLEET FOCUS

     Alliance AutoGas Cleans Up Fleets, Expands Network
     Contributed by Henry Bodie, VP Business Development, Blossman Gas Inc.

     With major taxi fleets already operating on propane AutoGas in                                          integrated chain of what Alliance calls “clean fleet conversion and
     Detroit, Denver and Washington, D.C., Alliance AutoGas is deep                                         fueling.”
     into the first phase of rolling out an innovative turnkey platform for
     transforming fleets of conventional gasoline cars and trucks into                                       From that moment forward, each Hybrid fleet is then hooked into
     clean alternative fuel hybrids.                                                                        a far-reaching network of AutoGas delivery, with a fuel supply
                                                                                                            guaranteed by Blossman Gas’ more than half century of tradition
     Launched in early 2009, Alliance AutoGas is a partnership that                                         providing uninterrupted fuel supply from the Mississippi Gulf to
     builds on the deep engine expertise and extensive fuel delivery                                        Northern Virginia.
     network of its founding partners, Blossman Gas and American
     Alternative Fuel. Asheville, NC’s Blossman is the nation’s largest                                     Benefits are immediate and significant. “A fleet working with
     independent propane marketer. American Alternative Fuel, of                                            Alliance is not only receiving a powerful Hybrid engine system,”
     Albany, NY, is the North American distributor of the Prins VSI                                         says Henry Bodie, Vice President of Business Development for
     hybrid engine system utilized by Alliance, which is EPA Certified                                       Alliance. “These fleets get ongoing support, and guaranteed
     for a range of common fleet vehicles.                                                                   AutoGas fuel supply. With that come significant greenhouse gas
                                                                                                            emissions reductions and some serious cost reductions linked to
     When a fleet, public or private, makes the decision to convert from                                     a switch from conventional gasoline to less expensive propane
     conventional gasoline to propane Hybrid systems, technicians                                           AutoGas. 10 million vehicles worldwide run on propane AutoGas,
     certified by Alliance come to fleet headquarters and facilitate                                          and it’s the only domestically produced alternative fuel that is here
     conversion of gasoline engines to the Alliance AutoGas alternative                                     now, and totally viable, now.”
     fuel platform. Alliance also installs a fueling station at that
     fleet’s home base. Drivers and mechanics receive training from                                          For more about Alliance AutoGas: www.allianceautogas.com
     Alliance on safety, performance and maintenance. It’s a vertically

                                                   nc                             All
 Our fleet customers make a
 commitment to achieve:                              eA                                    Au
     - Lower fuel costs                                ut
     - Lower emissions                                   oG
     - Less dependence on foreign oil
     - Without sacrificing power
     - Without sacrificing performance
                                         When Alliance AutoGas converts vehicles
                                         into AutoGas Hybrids, we use Certified
                                         Technicians working in Certified Conversion
                                         Centers. That means our fleet customers receive:
                                         - The highest quality equipment
                                         - Installed by th best technicians
                                         - With tight quality & process control

                                                                                      Each of our fleet customers is:
                                                                                      - Displacing thousands of gallons
                                                                                        of gasoline with propane AutoGas,
                                                                                      - Using a fuel that is 90% produced in the U.S.
                                                                                      - Fueling their vehicles right at the home base
                                                                                      - Using a cleaner, less expensive alternative to
                                                                                        foreign oil

            amy lawrence
            south carolina
            1201 senate street, 408 wade hampton bldg, columbia sc 29201
            alawrence@energy.sc.gov - 803-737-8032

Columbia, South Carolina hosted the National Hydrogen
Conference and Expo from March 30-April 3, 2009.
This event attracted more than 1,000 researchers,
manufacturers, and government and business leaders.
Speakers at the conference included officials from the U.S.
DOE, Office of Naval Research, and Honda among others.
During the conference, the Palmetto State Clean Fuels
Coalition (PSCFC) sponsored an informational booth and
contributed to the Ride and Drive event featuring the Honda
Clarity and hydrogen-powered Segways.

The conference yielded more than a dozen direct leads
to companies interested in working with and within South
Carolina. According to the director of the South Carolina
Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Alliance, Dr. Shannon Baxter-
Clemmons, “South Carolina has a dynamic hydrogen
community and the knowledge necessary to be a leader
in the hydrogen economy.” She also argues “hydrogen
and fuel cells are a strategic investment in South Carolina
to create jobs in the short term and provide a structure for
green growth in future years.”

As part of the weeklong hydrogen festivities, the PSCFC
joined others from around the state in celebrating the
grand openings of South Carolina’s first two hydrogen
refueling stations located in Columbia and Aiken, which
connect along US Interstate 20 to form the “South Carolina
Hydrogen Freeway.” This will connect two major hydrogen
research hubs of the state, the University of South Carolina
and the Savannah River National Laboratory.

During the next year, Columbia will host a hydrogen hybrid
bus that will be used and tested on routes for the University
of South Carolina and the Central Midlands Transit
Authority. For more information about the South Carolina
Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Alliance, please visit their Website
at www.SCHydrogen.org.

                                                                           Top - Speaker of the House Bobby Harrell (left) and Columbia’s Mayer Bob Coble
                                                                           (right) dedicate the South Carolina Hydrogen Freeway, which will link South Caro-
                                                                           lina’s first two hydrogen stations in Columbia and Aiken. Middle - The Hydrogen
                                                                           Hybrid Bus, available for ride-n-drive at the conference, is a dual drive electric bus
                                                                           that is powered by rechargeable batteries and hydrogen fuel cells and will be hosted
                                                                           by the city of Columbia for the next year.

                                                                                                        SUMMER FIX 2009 |                                     21
     Propane Road Shows a Chance to
     “Kick the Tires”
     Contributed by Brian Feehan, Vice President of the
     Propane Education & Research Council

     A full lineup of propane-powered vehicles are touring the     For more on propane-powered equipment in general, log
     country in Propane Road Shows sponsored by the Propane        on to www.thirdthursday.net and sign up for a free PERC-
     Education & Research Council (PERC). To date, Propane         sponsored webinars held the third Thursday of every month
     Road Shows have been held in Alabama, California,             at 11:00 am EST.
     Georgia, Maryland, South Carolina, Texas, and Virginia.
     Locations planned for later this summer include Missouri
     and North Carolina.

     Each road show offers details about propane-powered
     on- and off-road vehicles from leading manufacturers,
     then moves outside so show-goers can see and drive the
     featured cars, trucks, school buses, mowers, and forklifts.

     Planning this sort of touring event involves many moving
     parts and requires flexibility to coordinate manufacturer
     involvement. To negotiate the process most effectively,
     the PERC team is working closely with Clean Cities
     coordinators, state propane trade association personnel,
     and local chapters of the National Fleet Management
     Association (NAFA).

     To learn more about Propane Road Shows, contact Greg
     Zilberfarb, education and outreach contractor for PERC at
     greg@thesales.net or 703-779-4890.

                                  America’s Clean Cities coalitions.
                                 Building Local Partnerships that put
                                   Clean Transportation to Work!

                    jason wager & sarah niess
                    greater charlotte area
                    po box 35008, charlotte nc 28235
                    cleanfuels@centralina.org - 704-372-2416

This spring the Centralina Clean Fuels Coalition               The collaborative project will improve local air quality
(CCFC) joined CabAire LLC, its technology partner,             and be a model project to replicate across the state
and a gathering of local officials and staff to mark the        and beyond.
groundbreaking for the Charlotte Metro region’s first
truck stop electrification project. The 44-space project        For more information about our Centralina Clean
will be constructed at the Derrick Travel Center off           Fuels Coalition contact cleanfuels@centralina.org or
of Exit 71 on I-85 in Salisbury, NC. The travel center         visit www.4cleanfuels.com.
is owned and operated by the Worsley Operating
                                                               Below - An overhead shot of the truck stop site along I-85. Bottom - Jim Bianco,
                                                               President and CEO of CabAire LLC, demonstrates the window unit that truckers will
The groundbreaking ceremony marked the end of                  use for heat, AC, electricity, cable and internet.
a multi-year process to develop the project.
Centralina Council of Governments, which
houses CCFC, received funding from both
EPA and the Congestion Mitigation Air Quality
Improvement Program for the project in 2004.
After several delays, CCFC selected CabAire
as its technology provider in early 2008 after a
competitive bid process.

CabAire will be installing 22 modular towers
that will each be able to serve two trucks,
saving valuable space. Truckers will be able to
easily access a window unit to obtain HVAC,
electricity, cable and internet for an hourly fee.
Sensor equipment on the towers will be able to
detect whether a parked truck has shut off its
engine or is continuing to idle.

Truck engine idling contributes to air pollution
while wasting a significant amount of diesel
fuel and money. Over a billion gallons of
diesel fuel is consumed annually by truck and
locomotive engine idling. Annually, 11 million
tons of carbon dioxide, 200,000 tons of oxides
of nitrogen, and 5,000 tons of particulate
matter are emitted from these vehicles.
Projects that reduce truck idling, such as truck
stop electrification, can have significant air
quality benefits.

CCFC expects the project to be completed in
the fall of 2009. The final project will provide
44 electrified truck stop spaces on a major
corridor through the Charlotte Metro region.

                                                                                          SUMMER FIX 2009 |                                  23

 Biodiesel Myths: BUSTED
 Contributed by the Jenna Higgins of the National Biodiesel Board

 The television show Mythbusters on the Discovery Channel takes commonly             Myth: No objective biodiesel fuel standard exists.
 held beliefs and puts them to the test of real science. Some hold up and            Fact: The biodiesel industry has been active in setting quality standards for
 are confirmed by the facts, some are ranked just plausible, but many are             biodiesel for more than 15 years. ASTM specifications exist for diesel fuel and
 BUSTED. If only more citizens would take the time to learn the facts, and           biodiesel fuel blends from 6 to 20 percent (B6 – B20 (D7467-09)), biodiesel
 not be persuaded by the myths…especially in the case of biodiesel! Though           blends up to B5 to be used for on- and off-road diesel applications (D975-08a),
 the show has yet to feature biodiesel myths, when they are held up to real          and home heating and boiler applications (D396-08b). ASTM approved the
 science, they fall cleanly in the BUSTED category. Here are some of the             original specification for pure B100 (D6751) in December 2001. These ASTM
 most common biodiesel myths featured in a new document published by the             specifications apply regardless of the fat or plant oil used to make the fuel.
 National Biodiesel Board.                                                           Copies of specifications are available from ASTM at www.astm.org.

 Myth: Biodiesel contributes to global climate change and increased                  Myth: Biodiesel does not perform as well as diesel.
 greenhouse gas emissions.                                                           Fact: One of the major advantages of biodiesel is the fact that it can be used
 Fact: U.S. biodiesel is a green, sustainable part of the solution. It reduces       in most existing engines and fuel injection equipment in blends up to 20
 lifecycle carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, by 78 percent compared                  percent with little impact to operating performance. Biodiesel has a higher
 to petroleum diesel.    A 2008 USDA/University of Idaho study shows for             cetane number than U.S. diesel fuel. In more than 50 million miles of in-field
 every unit of fossil energy needed to create biodiesel, 4.5 units of energy         demonstrations, B20 showed similar fuel consumption, horsepower, torque,
 are returned. New cropland is not needed to grow materials for biodiesel,           and haulage rates as conventional diesel fuel. Biodiesel also has superior
 because soybeans are not grown for fuel, and there is a surplus of soybean          lubricity, and it has the highest BTU content of any alternative fuel (falling in
 oil on the market. Advances in technology enable us to grow more using the          the range between #1 and #2 diesel fuel).
 same acres of land. The National Biodiesel Board and its members support
 sustainable production of biodiesel. There is no scientific basis for assigning      Myth: Biodiesel use voids manufacturers’ engine warranties.
 any significant responsibility for rainforest destruction to U.S. biodiesel, and     Fact: All major U.S. automakers and engine manufacturers accept the use
 the vast majority of U.S. biodiesel is made from homegrown resources.               of up to at least B5, and many major engine companies have stated formally
                                                                                     that the use of high quality biodiesel blends up to B20 will not void their parts
 Myth: Biodiesel contributes to rising food prices.                                  and workmanship warranties. For a listing of specific statements from the
 Fact: Produced from a wide variety of renewable resources, including plant          engine companies, please visit the National Biodiesel Board Web site at www.
 oils, fats and even recycled restaurant grease, biodiesel is the most diversified    biodiesel.org/resources/oems.
 fuel on the planet. And soybean-based biodiesel has a positive impact on
 the world’s food supply. Processing soybeans for biodiesel uses only the oil,       Myth: Biodiesel has fuel quality problems.
 leaving 80 percent of the bean for protein-rich soybean meal. By creating           Fact: A study released in 2008 by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory
 a market for soybean oil (a co-product of soybean meal), we increase the            (NREL) shows the biodiesel industry has substantially met national fuel
 availability of protein-rich meal for human and livestock consumption. This         quality standards. The study demonstrated that plants certified under BQ-
 has a positive impact on the food supply. From an economic standpoint, the          9000 consistently hit the mark. BQ-9000 is a voluntary fuel quality assurance
 increased meal supply results in a more cost-effective food and feed source.        program that couples the foundations of universally accepted quality
                                                                                     management systems with the product specification (ASTM D6751). The
 Myth: Biodiesel doesn’t work in cold weather.                                       program covers storage, sampling, testing, blending, shipping, distribution
 Fact: Properly managed, high quality biodiesel blends are used successfully         and fuel management practices. Biodiesel production facilities certified as
 in the coldest of climates. Biodiesel will gel in very cold temperatures, just as   producers under the program cover nearly 80 percent of the U.S. biodiesel
 common #2 diesel does. Although pure biodiesel has a higher cloud point than        market volume.
 #2 diesel fuel, typical blends of 20 percent biodiesel are managed with similar
 management techniques as #2 diesel. Blends of 5 percent biodiesel and less          Myth: Biodiesel does not have sufficient shelf life.
 have virtually no impact on cold weather operability. See www.biodiesel.org/        Fact: The current industry recommendation is that biodiesel be used within
 cold for a cold weather guide.                                                      six months, or reanalyzed after six months to ensure the fuel meets ASTM
                                                                                     specifications. Most fuel today is used up long before six months, and
 Myth: Biodiesel is an experimental fuel and has not been thoroughly tested.         many petroleum companies do not recommend storing petroleum diesel for
 Fact: Biodiesel is one of the most thoroughly tested alternative fuels on the       more than six months. A longer shelf life is possible depending on the fuel
 market. A number of independent studies – performed by the U.S. Department          composition and the use of storage-enhancing additives.
 of Energy, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Stanadyne Corp. (the largest
 diesel fuel injection equipment manufacturer in the U.S.), Lovelace Respiratory     For copies of the brochure Biodiesel Myths: Busted, send an email to
 Research Institute, and Southwest Research Institute – have shown that              info@biodiesel.org or call 800-841-5849. It is also available online at
 biodiesel performs similar to petroleum diesel with greater benefits to the          www.biodieselsustainability.com.
 environment and human health.

           mark bentley
           2131 data office dr, suite 240, birmingham al 35244
           mark@alabamacleanfuels.org - 205-402-2755

As the nation drives toward greater alternative fuels use,       identify the best alternative fuel for the specific application.
demand for technicians familiar with the new transportation
technologies is increasing. Lawson State Community               The Alabama Center for Automotive Excellence at Lawson
College’s Alabama Center for Automotive Excellence has           State’s Bessemer campus offers students an associate
passed a milestone in meeting this need.                         degree in automotive technology, which allows them to
                                                                 specialize in GM, Ford, or Toyota technology. The Center
“The College has worked diligently to bring the leading          also has excellent auto body/collision repair and medium/
transportation technology to Alabama,” said Perry Ward,          heavy truck technology programs. The College leads the
President of Lawson State Community College. “The                southeast in transportation programs. For more information
National Alternative Fuels Training Center (NAFTC) and the       about alternative fuel classes or other automotive
Snap-on Diagnostic Training Center are two of our newest         educational opportunities, contact Tommy Hobbs, 205-929-
training opportunities at the Alabama Center for Automotive      3521.
Excellence,” added Dr. Ward.

Headquartered out of West Virginia University, the
NAFTC is the only nationwide training organization
for alternative fuel vehicle and advanced technology
vehicle training in the United States. By qualifying for
membership, Lawson State becomes one of only 38
National Training Centers and the only one in Alabama.

As a National Training Center, Lawson State will
provide classes and workshops covering a wide array
of topics such as biodiesel, ethanol, hybrids, hydrogen,
fuel cells, natural gas (CNG cylinder inspection, LNG,
and light- and heavy-duty vehicles), battery-powered
electric vehicles, and propane. Courses on emissions
testing and alternative fuel vehicle
applications for forklift and material
handling will also be available. This
new technology is especially relevant to
automotive technicians, employers, fleet
operators, public interest groups, and
private entrepreneurs.

“We congratulate Lawson State on this
historic occasion,” says Mark Bentley,
Executive Director of the Alabama
Clean Fuels Coalition (ACFC). “Training
the individuals that will install, maintain,
and repair alternative fuel technologies
is another important step toward the
wide-spread viability and sustainability
of an emerging alternative fuels industry
in Alabama.”

The ACFC serves as the principal
coordinating point for clean, alternative
fuel vehicle activities in Alabama. The
coalition helps public and private entities

                                                                                      SUMMER FIX 2009 |                       25

                 Pix from the North Carolina combined coalitions “Drive
                 Clean & Green Across North Carolina tour.”
                 Top left - Former U.S. Ambassador to Denmark James
                 Cain gives the thumbs up to E85 while sitting in an E85
                 Chrysler Town & Country from Novozymes. Below that is a
                 full picture of the Caravan.
                 Above - A 2009 GM Bucket Truck with an electric lift. The
                 truck is dedicated CNG, but the lift is plug-in capable and
                 the vehicle has additional on-board batteries to power
                 the lift first during typical operation. One of Baker’s three
                 conversion facilities is in North Carolina in Youngsville, in
                 the Raleigh-Durham area.
                 Bottom left - Thomas Built Buses has developed a hybrid
                 technology for school buses in High Point, North Carolina,
                 and is testing them there.
                 Below - A Lotus Exige 270E Trifuel that was in re-
                 engineered to operate on any of three fuels (methanol,
                 ethanol or gasoline). It was on its way to NCCAR for some


Top 3: Sweetwater Valley Oil’s grand opening on May 22 of their
E85 and B20 public pumps in Athens, Tennessee. Above - owner
Scott Shankle and police chief give the thumbs up to E85. Right -
Mark Mauss, the producer of the biodiesel being used in the B20,
posed with his family during the grand opening. Top - The line await-
ing reduced-price fuel!
Bottom 2: Below - Almost 500 runners and walkers hit the road
for the 6th annual Run for Clean Air in Knoxville. 20 AFVs were on
display spanning the five main fuels, and a prize was awarded to the
individual who racked up the most learning about AFVs!

                                                                        SUMMER FIX 2009 |   27

     Thorntons held a Grand Opening on April 23 for their second E85 site in Kentucky, this one just off Interstate I-64 in Louisville
     (see how close to the interstate!). This site and Thorntons first Kentucky site (located off I-65 and part of that Biofuels Corridor
     Project) have interstate signage! A first for Kentucky. As of yet, all other retailers have chosen not to advertise E85 on their
     interstate signage.

At right: The team at ICF that supports Clean Cities
and provides alternative fuel and advanced vehicle
technology deployment assistance. Left to right:
Jackie Stepan, who manages the team, and Emily
Fraser, Stacy Noblet, Alexis Castrovinci, and Sheri

Below: Land of Sky Clean Vehicles Coalition (Asheville,
NC) stakeholders test out several electric vehicles after
their June meeting. A new stakeholder—BioWheels
of Asheville—attended our 6/29/09 coalition meeting
and brought an electric bike and electric scooter that
stakeholders were able to test ride. Twenty to forty mile
range depending on 1 or 2 batteries.

                                                            SUMMER FIX 2009 |   29

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