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    DECEMBER                                                                                             2008
                                                                   our Prez
                                        Future From Yas to those who sent
Send letterS and articleS for the neWS by the 25th of the month to the addreSS on the back, or e-mail:

                     e Past And
       Thoughts On Th me to the fall membership meeting, assswions and suggestions,
                    ca                                scu
                             of you who                                    enthusiastic di
          Thanks to all                               oductive, with
                           The   meeting was pr
   in their proxies.                      r the upcoming
                                                                 year.                                              h CATS for
                     e solid plans fo                                                         partnering wit
   and we mad                                                   nanci  ally because of                                 ss income.
                                            ul past year fi                                       gnificantly le
           We had    a very successf                                 hich   will result in si                             e plan
                                                that in 2009, w                                      generate incom
                          won’t be doing                                     whose activities                                      better
    their trial. We                                 d that commit
                                                                       tees                                activities, which
                              mittee requeste                     means a rise       in costs of club
    The Steering C
                                             next year. This                                                       r agility offer-
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                    ets to break even                                   onable when co
     their budg                                    e still very reas
                            e costs. Costs ar
     re  flects their tru                                                                                                 for the stel-
                                                                                                      t to thank her
      ings    in the area.                                               am    singling her ou                                  camp
                                                     Billie Marsh, I                                      izing our first
             At the risk of     embarrassing                               year.    Her work organ                               pleasure
                                                      ittee chair this                                      illie, you are a
                           as S   eminar Comm                                    succ  essful camp. B                               ly for
       lar job she did                                    led to a hugely                                        e, and especial
                           effectiv  e, timely, and                     rs on the sem      inar committe
       was efficient,                                                                                                      ping down
                                                  your many yea                                       ts, Billie is step
                            Thank you for                                 ton  e of these plaudi                             creased
        to work with.                                can tell by the                                     as well. An in
                              s the rest of you                                     the committee                                 Billie’s
        the past year. A                                 mmittee, but fr
                                                                                                              ee time for her.
                                     the seminar co                                     e amount of fr
         not only as ch
                            air of                               eatly reduced th                 up very capabl
                                                                                                                       e relative new-
                                             at pays” has gr                of that, lining
         workload      from her “job th                               care                                                  k you, Billie!
                                                 t she even took                                        -chairs. Than
                           tough to fill, bu                                  in  ar Committee co
          shoes will be                                  clair to be Sem
                                    and Mitzi Sin
          bies  Michelle Force                                                                                                    s. Kim
                                          Mitzi!                                                               ting is Lesson
          Welcom     e Michelle and                                                     place at the mee
                                                                 ship already in                                      im so capably
                                             with new leader                                    position that K
                 Anot   her committee                                tak  e over the chair                                   t of Kim’s
                                                 r Judy Frey to                                          taking up mos
                           sing the way fo                                      an puppy is now
           Rubin is ea                                   rtain little hum
                                    few years. A ce
           fill ed for the past                               Judy!                                                               It is a
                                         ks to Kim and                                                         d Kate Carter.
            time.   Heartfelt than                                               d by   Lisa Barrett an                          mittees
                                                           ill be capably le                                 . The trial com
                                       t Committee w                                     rienced hands
                  The Equipmen
                                                rtant committe
                                                                     e in such expe                                     DAA trial, and
                           have that impo                                                         hairing the US
             comfort to                                                  in e and Lisa co-c                                anks for your
                                                    , with Kit Ersk                                    A thousand th
             are also in w    ell-tested hands                                  e NADAC trial.
                                                          ia Gilliland, th
                                      ey and Cynth
              Car oline McKinn                                 a succ  ess.                                                           down
                                           ing next year                                                         who is stepping
                      itment to mak                                                     Patty McMahon                                    ment
              comm                                                mittee member                                     ght cryptic com
                                            to Steering Com                                  s had just the ri                            guid-
                    Thank you also                                rvice. Patty al
                                                                                                                       our input and
                                             very effective se                                  y appreciated y
               after several y
                                  ears of                                 close. We greatl                   ed out with help
                                                                                                                                   from other
                                                      scussions to a
               to make to br     ing lengthy di                                   ry ou that was pick                              l for Patty.
                                                            parting gift fo                                    Not too colorfu
                                    n  ique leash as a                                    for little dogs.
               ance. I have a u                                   s. Light enough
                                              DAA National
                NOMA     Ders at the US                                   or teal leashes!                                                 h you
                                                    get the fuchsia                                                     to working wit
                They convi     nced me not to
                                                                             ember Roberta       ! I look forward
                                                       g Committee m                                                           e and resources
                                                                                                           ving your tim
                      Welcom     e to new Steerin                                    e generously gi
                                                               eful that you ar                                     mittee .
                                          r and am grat                                       er practice com
                    the coming yea                                      ring the summ                                                SC) with a
                 in                               addition to chai                                                st year on the
                 to help  lead the club, in                               president (a      s well as my la
                                                    y final year as
                       I am   heading into m
                  smile on my fa
                        —Lynne von T
              MINuTEs: NOMAD FAll MEMBERshIP MEETINg
                                                   November 9, 2008
                                                                          purchasing the timer because it is becoming more expected
meeting called to order at 2:00 p.m.                                      at trials. there was discussion about using it at practice and
in attendance: 18                                                         the consensus was that it was not likely that we’d use it at
                                                                          practices. the general feeling among the members was that we
proxies: 9                                                                would like to wait on the purchase of an electronic timer.
                                                                               lisa moved to raise the equipment budget $300 to pay for
                        OlD BusINEss                                      the rubberized contacts and shipping (and incidentals). caroline
                                                                          seconded the motion. there was a discussion about whether
    minutes from the Spring membership meeting:
                                                                          there were additional pieces of equipment which needed to be
     linda ladd moves to accept the minutes as written. kit               repaired. there was also discussion about insuring the trailer. it
erskine seconds the motion. motion passes unanimously.                    was decided that we are already covered for liability, and that it
                                                                          was not worth the money to further insure the trailer. roberta
    Treasurer’s Report:                                                   noted that the screen vent on the trailer does not have a door.
                                                                          She covered the screen with plastic and duct tape to prevent
     projected income in the 2009 budget is much less than the            water from getting into the trailer. She will ask performance
2008 budget because we are not doing a joint trial with catS              trailers about replacing the screen door. kit also noted the
this year. We asked the committees, when doing their budgets,             bed of the trailer should be waterproofed this spring while we
to try and break even. the price for camp nomad is going to               are doing other equipment maintenance. We will also have to
increase this year. the original budget for 2008 was for two              replace a wire connector on the trailer (which kit estimates will
instructors. We also caught a break on instructor travel expenses         cost about $25).
in 2008 because two instructors were able to divide the cost of
their travel between nomad and the people who were hosting                     kim i. is going to make the two missing tunnel bag holders
the instructors following our camp. the subsidy for camp nomad            for the cost of materials, but kim has not advised as to the cost
is going to be half what it was last year. the committee has              of the materials. Safety repairs to the trailer are expected to be
asked for $1900 ($1500 for camp and $500 for the two one day              $250, plus the cost of the rubberization for $300, would increase
seminars.)                                                                the budget addition to $550. following the discussion, there
                                                                          was some confusion about the pending motion because the
     the equipment committee wants to add some expenses to                equipment budget was going to need to be increased by more
the budget. there have been suggestions that we rubberize the             than $300. as a result, kim r. moved to withdraw the motion
contact equipment. lisa barrett suggests that we only rubber-             to increase the equipment budget by $300 and kit seconded the
ize one a-frame. the cost for changing one a-frame is $129 for            motion to withdraw. the motion was passed.
rubber slats and $195 for the coating or $276 for the combo
package of both. it is lisa’s understanding that the rubberized               the equipment committee had already budgeted $400 for
contacts are acceptable for USdaa trials. it was suggested we             repairs. lisa moved to increase the equipment repair expenses
wait to see if there are more companies offering this service             to $950. kate seconded the motion. the motion was passed
in the future and perhaps the price will go down. the question            unanimously.
was raised which a-frame to rubberize (the one with slats or the              kit moved to accept the budget as amended. caroline sec-
one without) and how would it be used (trials only? practice?)            onded the motion. the budget was approved unanimously.
lisa suggests doing the slatted a-frame and using it for trials               as of november 9, $6893.42 was in our operating account,
and practice. lynne suggested we authorize the purchase and               and we had $10,709.96 in our money market account. We have
allow the equipment committee to determine which a-frame to               19 members who have renewed to date. We are in the black
rubberize.                                                                $2,628 for the year.
     lisa advised that while the nomaders were working at
USdaa nationals, they found an electronic timer for sale for
$490. the one we use at trials costs about $2000. the less                                    Committee Reports:
expensive version had a smaller readout and did not have a                seminar:
manual start or stop. it does not come with stands. it was sug-
                                                                               billie marsh gave the Seminar committee report. the club
gested that we could use it for practice (to see which way on
                                                                          did a great job getting camp off the ground. even though we
a course was faster, e.g., doing a front or rear cross). We could
                                                                          had a small waiting list, due to people with a change in plans,
use it for trials, particularly Steeplechase where we were hand-
                                                                          everyone who originally wanted to go to camp was able to
timing with very close times. it could be used for Jumpers and
                                                                          attend. all three instructors have agreed to come back this year
Standard runs. We wouldn’t be able to use it for Gamblers or
                                                                          because they liked working with the participants. We were $72
Snooker because it has no horn and no manual reset.
                                                                          ahead this year, despite billie’s worries we wouldn’t come within
     carla raised the issue that times are getting tighter and            budget. the camp will be august 21 to 24 and will be three
agility is getting more competitive. therefore, we might consider         consecutive of those four days (friday to Sunday or Saturday to
monday), depending on the trapp family lodge’s schedule. the           NADAC: cynthia Gilliland and caroline mckinney are co-chairs
cost will increase to $350 (proposed) for working members and              the nomad nadac trial will be august 15 and 16. cynthia
$500(proposed) for supporting members. the Seminar committee           and caroline are just getting started and have not yet contacted
is seeking a $1500 subsidy for camp.                                   judges. they wanted to be sure the club approved a nadac trial.
     the committee is organizing two small one day seminars in         they will ask erin to be trial Secretary again and to bring equip-
2009. lynn Smitley and fiona robertson agreed to teach, but            ment – she makes it so easy for us. cynthia is asking if anyone
the committee has not yet firmed up dates for the seminars. the        has any suggestions for improvement for people to let her know.
Steering committee has set fees of $60 for a working member
and $90 for supporting members (a $5 increase from last year’s
seminar fees.) the committee has asked for a subsidy of $200
per seminar.                                                               lynne von trapp gave the membership committee report
                                                                       because nancy dashnaw was unable to attend the meeting. as of
    billie has sought a new committee chair because she does
                                                                       october we had 40 working members, 18 supporting members,
not have enough time to devote to chair. mitzi Sinclair and
                                                                       6 working families, 3 supporting families, 2 junior members and
michelle force have volunteered to co-chair the committee.
                                                                       one lifetime member.
applause all around!
                                                                            lisa raised the issue of offering self-reporting forms. people
                                                                       would not be asked to turn in the form, but it might be helpful
Equipment:                                                             for people to keep track of their hours. We could have it on the
     the equipment committee report was given during the trea-         website, as well as in the newsletter. kit suggested the Sc define
surer’s report because of the need to amend the budget.                what counts as working, and then we could put that on the form.
                                                                            kate suggested having links to agility training schools on
Trials:                                                                our website (e.g., amy, Jamie, kim i.) and names and numbers
                                                                       of agility instructors who don’t’ have websites (e.g. lisa barrett)
usDAA: lisa barrett and kit erskine are co-chairs.
                                                                       and having a “Getting Started on agility” page on our website.
     lisa barrett gave the report. last year, we did the combina-      the consensus was that this was a good idea, and the Sc will
tion nomad/catS USdaa trial and generated $3500 profit, and            follow through with the suggestions.
the following weekend, nomad hosted our trial at trapp family
lodge and made almost no money. this year, cpe nationals is
30 miles from catS’s trial location on the same weekend as the         Winter Practice:
catS USdaa date. catS asked to have our date for a joint trial.             there has been good turnout at practice so far. due to some
the consensus among nomaders was that the joint trial was a            confusion, practice will always start at 12:30 – whether or not
huge amount of work for $3500 and that we are better off as a          classes are being held. people will be divided into jump heights
club simply hosting our trial on our date. We could make that          and run sequences for first half of practice and will run courses
money, but we had a really wonderful experience at Stowe and           for second half of practice. there is parking for 8 to 9 cars by
many people felt that was what nomad was all about rather than         barn and another 4 or 5 by roadside. We can make it work. those
the money. We had to let catS know because they plan so far in         who instruct get one practice free for each class they instruct,
advance.                                                               but kit already gets free practice because he is facilitating.
     it will be a Starters/advanced trial. lisa thinks our entries     We offered to pay his mileage for his free practice (when he is
will increase because we got such great word of mouth. We              teaching in december) but kit said he did not want that since he
already have a judge lined up (paul Solsenberg) and he is able to      is there anyway. So, each practice in december is “bring kit food
drive (saving us some money on transportation expenses). We are        day”. please consider bringing kit some baked goods or extra
going to add Grand prix in addition to Steeplechase because he is      food you have prepared to show your appreciation.
a masters judge. it might make sense to add masters Snooker and            auditing is free for classes for nomad members.
master Jumpers (they take up very little time and the courses can
be easily nested). cynthia suggested having double Jumpers and
double Snooker to make more money. the committee will deter-           summer Practice:
mine what classes to offer.           lisa asked if anyone thought          Six people bought a season pass for summer practice.
we were making the wrong decision to not do catS. everyone             roberta used the backyard dogs segment in clean run and set
agreed that it was in our best interest to not do catS this year.      up 3 sequences each week, and if time permitted, they also set
carla medved noted that it was not “now or never”. kim r. noted        up course. on average 3 to 4 people attended summer practice.
that if the people who did all the work do not want to do the          eight was the largest number of attendees and on 2 nights no
work again this year, then it is not fair for the rest of us to say    one showed up. We made $180 from season pass and another
they should so that we all can make the profit.                        $90 from other attendees. roberta is willing to do it again next
    linda ladd wants to retire as hospitality chair and is seeking     year.
someone to replace her. She would like someone to sign on for
both because it’s easier to keep track of the items.

Charitable giving:                                                                              NEW BusINEss:
     kate carter asked for nominations in the past two newslet-              Slate of Steering committee members to be voted on:
ters seeking the name of the organization, why you felt they                      linda ladd, treasurer (2 year term)
deserved to get money from us, and how to contact the organi-
zations. While there was discussion on the newsgroup about a                      kim ingraham, member at large (2 year term)
few organizations, only three people formally submitted nomina-                   roberta dumas, member at large (1 year term)
        1. karen clark nominated Sheila mcGregor of Vt dog                   there were no additions from the floor. kim r. moved to
           rescue. Sheila has been doing rescue for 25 years and         accept slate as presented. kate seconded the motion. the slate
           has put her all into rescue. She works very hard at           was approved unanimously. Welcome roberta. thank you to
           matching up dogs with owners.                                 patty who has been on the Sc for four years. thanks linda and
        2. Judy kessler nominated the Veterinary Scholarship             kim i. for doing it again.
           trust association which provides scholarships for
           veterinary students in new england.
                                                                             kim i. will again do our audit.
        3. nicki houghton nominated Glen highland farms.
           they hit their 1000th adopted dog mark recently and
           the farm has a special needs dog who has significant               the Sc asked the club to start thinking about changing the
           medical expenses.                                             bylaws to allow for a longer term for the treasurer (rather than
    cynthia noted that the club has very different interests and         being subjected to the 6 year term limits.) the reasons for
perhaps rewarding one rescue group isn’t the best way to spend           changing the bylaws to reflect an expectation for the treasurer’s
our money. lynne liked cynthia’s suggestion of donating to a             job are there it is not always easy to get someone to take the
food bank to help Vermonters in need to be able to keep their            job and it takes a while to get a new treasurer up to speed. .
pets. kit encouraged members to think outside the box (e.g.,             there are term limits for treasurer. not always easy to get some-
when we gave money to local vets going to aid after katrina).            one to take the job. We will begin asking for proxy votes early
after discussion, the membership decided to go ahead and                 next year in an effort to ensure we have the requisite member-
donate to the food bank. cynthia was going to follow through             ship participation to alter the bylaws.
with contacting the food bank.
                                                                              linda moved to adjourn the meeting. kim seconded. meet-
                                                                         ing adjourned at 4:17 p.m.

                                                                             respectfully submitted,
                                                                             kim rubin

           steering Committee
  Contact them if you have questions or suggestions.
  President (11/07 – 11/09)
  lynne von trapp _____________ 253-7673
  Vice-President (11/07 - 11/09)
  cynthia Gilliland _____________ 295-2659
  Treasurer (11/06 - 11/08)
  linda ladd __________________ 879-3461
  secretary (11/07 - 11/09)
  kim rubin __________________ 899-3382
  Members at large
  don denette (11/07 - 11/09) ___ 872-8767
  kim ingraham (11/07 - 11/08)__ 223-1429
  patty mcmahon (11/06 - 11/08) _ 434-3423
                                            COMINg EVENTs CAlENDAR
                                                       Compiled by Cheryl French as of 11/27/08

DECEMBER 2008                                                                     FEBRuARY 2009
dec. 4-7; AKC; open to all pure breds; yankee Golden retriever club; boston,      feb. 7-8; AKC; open to all pure breds; american bullmastiff assoc.; amherst,
ma; opens: 10/8/08; closes: 11/11/08; limti: 330 runs per day; classes:           nh; opens: 12/29/08; closes: 1/24/09; limit: 330 per day; classes: all
all classes/all levels; contact: trial Secretary: noreen bennett, 1 West St.,     classes/all levels; contact: trial Secretary: noreen bennett, 1 West St.,
belchertown, ma 01007, 413-283-4490; email:;            belchertown, ma 01007, 413-283-4490; email:;
Website: .                                                 Website: .

dec. 5-7; usDAA; open to all dogs; all dogs Gym agility; all dogs Gym,            feb. 7-8; CPE; open to all dogs; all dogs Gym, manchester, nh; limit: 400
manchester, nh; closes: 11/14/08; Secretary: Judy davis; email: tss@              runs Sat, 375 runs Sun; closes: 1/16/09; contact: Sue fountaine, 603-627- ; Website: .                             7322; email:; Website: .

dec. 6-7; CPE; open to all dogs; riverside k-9 llc; nashua, nh; contact:          feb. 21-22; CPE; open to all dogs; riverside k-9 llc; nashua, nh; limit:
Valori duff; email: ; Website:        400 runs per day; closes: 2/2/09; contact: Valori duff; email: valwaussies@
.                                                                       ; Website: .

dec. 27-28; CPE; open to all dogs; agile dogs agility training; Greenwich,        feb. 28-march 1; AKC; open to all pure breds; Southern adirondack agility
ny; contact: debbie Wlodarski, 518/346/7988; email: debbie@agiledogs.             club; Greenwhich, ny; opens: 1/7/09; closes: 2/7/09; limit: 330 per day;
net; Website: .                                                 classes: all classes/all levels; contact: trial Secretary: noreen bennett, 1
                                                                                  West St., belchertown, ma 01007, 413-283-4490; email: noreen@pawprint-
dec. 28; CPE; open to all dogs; all dogs Gym; manchester, nh; contact Sue; Website: .
fontaine, 603-627-7322; email: ; Website: www. or .                                                 MARCh 2009
                                                                                  march 7-8; AKC; open to all purebreds; american bullmastiff assoc.; ameri-
JANuARY 2009
                                                                                  can k9 country, amherst, nh; opens: 1/7/09; closes: 2/14/09; contact: trial
Jan. 1-4; usDAA; open to all dogs; bark-nh!; phanZone Sports center,              Secretary: noreen bennett, 1 West St., belchertown, ma 01007, 413-283-
142 rte. 111, hampstead, nh; limit: Unlimited; closes: 12/19/2008; event          4490; email:; Website: .
Secretary Valori duff, 252 boynton dr., hampstead, nh; Website: www.usdaa.
com .                                                                             march 7-8; CPE; open to all dogs; all dogs Gym, manchester, nh; limit: 400
                                                                                  runs on Sat, 375 runs on Sun; closes: 2/13/09; contact: Sue fountaine,
Jan. 3-4; AKC; open to all pure breds; beardie club of america; amherst, nh;      603-627-7322; email:; Website: www.alldogsgym.
opens: 11/12/08; closes: 12/13/08; limit: 330 per day; classes: all classes/      com .
all levels; contact: trial Secretary: noreen bennett, 1 West St., belchertown,
ma 01007, 413-283-4490; email:; Website: www.           march 14-15; AKC; open to all purebreds; Schenctady dog training club inc.; .                                                              high Goal farm, Greenwich, ny; opens: 1/21/09; closes: 2/28/09; contact:
                                                                                  trial Secretary: noreen bennett, 1 West St., belchertown, ma 01007, 413-
Jan. 10-11; CPE; open to all dogs; all dogs Gym, manchester, nh; limit:           283-4490; email:; Website: www.pawprinttrials.
400 runs per day; closes: 12/19/08; contact: Sue fountaine, 603-627-7322;         com .
email:; Website: .
                                                                                  march 14-15; CPE; open to all dogs; ace agility club; South Glastonbury,
Jan. 10-12; AKC; open to all pure breds; Southern adirondack agility club;        ma; closes: 2/21/09; contact: nancy obara, email: ray.wheeler@the -spa.
Greenwhich, ny; opens: 11/12/08; closes: 12/20/08; limit: 400 per day;            com ; Website: .
classes: all classes/all levels; contact: trial Secretary: noreen bennett, 1
West St., belchertown, ma 01007, 413-283-4490; email: noreen@pawprint-            march 21-22; AKC; open to all purebreds; leap agility club, mt holyoke; Website: .                                     college, South hadley, ma; opens: 1/21/09; closes: 2/28/09; contact: trial
                                                                                  Secretary: noreen bennett, 1 West St., belchertown, ma 01007, 413-283-
Jan. 17-18; AKC; open to all pure breds; american bullmastiff assoc.;             4490; email:; Website: .
amherst, nh; opens: 12/12/08; closes: 1/3/09; limit: 330 per day; classes:
all classes/all levels; contact: trial Secretary: noreen bennett, 1 West St.,     march 20-22; usDAA; open to all dogs; all dogs Gym, manchester, nh; tour-
belchertown, ma 01007, 413-283-4490; email:;            nament event; Secretary: Judy davis; email: ; Website:
Website: .                                        .

Jan. 24-25; CPE; open to all dogs; riverside k-9 llc; nashua, nh; limit:           The above listed events are in the following states within a reasonable
400 runs per day; Games only trial; closes: 1/2/09; contact: Valori duff;         driving distance for most of us: MA, ME, Nh, NY and VT. Please note for
email:; Website: .                    some events full information is not yet available. Please contact Cheryl
                                                                                  French ( with any corrections of the
Jan 24-25; usDAA; open to all dogs; feel the rush agility; american k9            events. sources include,, www.trialsecre-
country, amherst, nh; closes: 1/12/09; Secretary: kim tees, po box 388, , and various other sources.
raymond, me 04071; Website: .
Jan. 31-feb 1; AKC; open to all pure breds; tartan Gordan Setter club;
amherst, nh; opens: 12/15/08; closes: 1/10/09; limit: 330 per day; classes:
all classes/all levels; contact: trial Secretary: noreen bennett, 1 West St.,
belchertown, ma 01007, 413-283-4490; email:;
Website: .

               Dog Food Donation                                                               NEW MEMBERs
    at nomad’s general meeting in november, the club decided                                        from Judy Kessler
that this year’s charitable donation of $200 would go to the
Vermont food bank. after that decision was made, we found out                                       neW doG member
the food bank does not accept dog food donations (something
                                                                                  ashley fischer's youngest pug, Stanley, is now a nomad
about the people eating the kibble). however, since the econ-
                                                                             member. Got his application last week. Give him a great wel-
omy’s downturn, the food bank has been getting requests for
                                                                             come, if you run into him and all the other pugs) at an event
dog food, so they are reconsidering their policy and were happy
                                                                             this winter
to accept the bags of food i dropped off on november 25.
                                                                                             neW doG and hUman memberS
     Special thanks to evan at pet food Warehouse for the 10%
discount on the eleven, 17.5-pound bags of dog food (187                 John and lisa Marcus                 Carlene W. squires
pounds, or, approximately a buck a pound). also, thanks to tom           45 Skunk hollow road                 74 Jonesville ext.
aviati at the food bank, who will make sure the dog food goes            Jericho, Vt 05465                    richmond, Vt 05477
where it is needed most. at this point, a portion is earmarked           802-899-3477                         802-434-2533
for the Woodstock food Shelf and as more requests come in he        
will keep me informed about where it goes.                               Supporting family                    working member
         nomad hopes the donation will help keep pets where              no committees                        dog: Callahan, 14 m.o. male
they belong—at home with their humans and out of the                     dogs: Elmo, 4 y.o. male              Golden retriever
humane Societies.                                                        lexi, 3 y.o. female                  carlene is interested in work-
                                                                         both cavalier king charles           ing on the nadac trial com-
     —kate carter
                                                                         Spaniels                             mittee and has requested an
                                                                         Kristine hitchcock                   agility buddy.
                                                                         384 hitchcock road                   Kristin haas
 “Preparing for Trials” March class                                      pittsford, Vt 05763
                                                                                                              324 black dog lane
                                                                                                              hinesburg, Vt 05461
     response for the march class at the barn was less than                    802-482-7087
overwhelming. in fact, it didn’t even approach whelming. there           Supporting member          
is plenty of time to adjust plans for march, but perhaps a more          no committees                        working member
extensive description of the class will be helpful to those who          dog: Kiri, 7 y.o. female             dog: Coach, 3 y.o. male
are thinking about taking the class. Someone said it sounded             border collie                        Golden retriever
like it could be a lot of standing around. it is not a lecture class                                          kristin is interested in working
and will be very active. handouts will cover what could be con-          Mary Pierce
                                                                         31 north Williams St.                on the membership committee
strued as a lecture.                                                                                          and would also like an agility
                                                                         burlington, Vt 05401
     Working on novice level standard and jumpers courses, we            802-865-8051 (h)                     buddy.
will practice skills necessary for trialing: walking the course; get-    802-863-7240 or 7304 (w)             Maria germano
ting measured; warming up your dog; starts into unusual obsta-                 21 canine run rd.
cles; working with distractions (judges running up to contact            Working member                       Jericho, Vt 05465
obstacles, paper skittering across the course, people eating near        requests an agility buddy            802-363-0374(h)
the course); being crowded at the start line; toys falling from the      no committees                        802-899-3711(w)
skies; people clapping and yelling; handler and dog tugging near         dog: lily, 3 y.o. female   
the course. tips on becoming an efficient volunteer.                     yellow lab                           dog; Bristol, 3 y.o. rottweiler
    you will choose what level of distraction you would like for         Betsy Nye                            male
your dog. We won’t overwhelm anyone.                                     25 Stannard drive                    working member
    here are a couple of situations that will be covered: your           essex Jct., Vt 05452                 might be interested in the
dog ran a lovely jumpers course but had the last bar down, and           802-318-3808                         seminar committee
you didn’t even check to see how you placed. later someone                        does want an agility buddy
congratulates you on your first and Q in the class. What do you          Supporting member
do?                                                                      no committees
    you are filling out your entry form, and you are not sure if         dog: Meg, 3 y.o. female
your dog will be in the 20” or 16” height. Which height do you           mountain cur
     if you are considering taking the class, please let Judy f
know, so the class and seminar committees can make appropriate
    many thanks, lynne von trapp
    Judy frey 802-893-2467

hazel-Nut Barrett, ADCh, NATCh, sTM, CgC, TDI
     December 29, 1996–April 26, 2008

     hazel came to me in the Spring of 1996.
     little did i know my life she would fix.
     athletic, smart and loyal to me,
     in agility she excelled and always ran with such glee.
     her muscles now gone,
     She resembles a little fawn.
     but the light in her eyes shows no compromise.
     can’t wait for her and me to lay in the sun
     and remember all of our fun.
                  –randi barrett

Photos from Fran Bartholomew's memorial serivce.
                                                     October 25-26, 2008, Muddy Paws
                                                     Agility CPE Westminster, VT
                                                     Michelle Force & Cholla
                                                     colors round 1 level 2 ______ 1st and Q
                                                     Jumpers round 1 level 2 _____ 1st and Q
                                                     Standard round 1 level 2 _____ 1st and Q
                                                     Wildcard round 1 level 2 ____ 2nd and Q
                                                     Jackpot round 1 level 2 ______ 1st and Q
                                                     full house round 1 level 2 ____ 1st and Q

                                                     Nov 8 - 9 AAC Dream Fields training
                                                     Center, Carleton Place, Ont, Canada
                                                     Don and Maggie 16” championship
                                                     Starters standard 1 _________ 2nd and Q
                                                     Starters standard 2 ________________ Q
                                                     Starters snooker_____________ 1st and Q
                                                     Don and Joshi 10” veterans
                                                     Starters standard ____ 1st and Q and title
                                                     advanced Jumpers ___ 1st and Q and title
                                                     masters Gamblers ____________ 1st and Q
         Lynne von Trapp and Lee Bartholomew
                                                     November 14/15 AsCA Nationals, las
                                                     Vegas, NV
                                                     lynne von Trapp and swix
                                                     nov. Jumpers ______________ 2nd and Q
                                                     nov. Jumpers _______________ 1st and Q
                                                     nov. Gamblers ______________3rd and Q
                                                     nov. Gamblers _____________ 2nd and Q
                                                     nov. regular ______________ 2nd and Q
                                                     nov. reg. __________________ 1st and Q
                                                     novice title and tied for high in trial

                                                     November 21-23; Thanksgiving Cluster
                                                     AKC trial; West springfield, MA
                                                     Ashley Fischer and Daphne
                                                     8" nov pref Standard ________ 1st and Q
                                                     8" novice pref Standard _______ 3rd, Q
                                                     and nap title
                                                     8" novice JWW ____________ 2nd and Q

                                                     ADCh, ATChC Blaze (aka The Big Red
                     Fran's Bushey                   giraffe)
                                                      blaze, who earned his USdaa adch at
                                                     the nomad/catS trial back in June of this
                                                     year has also officially (well, will be come
                                                     January 1, 2009) earned his aac atchc.
                                                     the new aac rules are removing team
                                                     relay (like USdaa pairs, but not time
                                                     plus faults) from the atchc requirements,
                                                     and instead adding another Q for each of
                                                     the other games (Jumpers, Gamblers and
                                                     Snooker). So blaze technically earned his
                                                     atchc in September of 2007!
                                                     Fiona Robertson

                              TRAININg: luRINg Vs. shAPINg
            Reprinted with permission of Susan Garrett and Helen King from AgilityPoodle list who got the info from Susan
This morning I emailed Susan Garrett and asked her to explain how she feels about luring vs shaping for the list. Here is her thoughtful
and detailed response to me. I also asked her why she shows luring on her One Jump Video. Susan explained that she says right in the
                              video that she does NOT lure her own dogs to focus forward, she shapes it.
     environmental manipulation is a step     dealing with motivation problems in the        then one that has been shaped. there is
in controlling the dog's options in order     ring are not seeing this in their dogs and     no doubt about it in my mind. So as you
to produce expedited results while shap-      possibly need to examine the lack of the       lure you're adding hours, possibly days,
ing. anyone doing any shaping should be       transfer of value or the conscience or         possibly months to your training of a
doing this. i have no data to support or      unconscious use of the almighty lure.          behaviour.
disagree with pam reid and i really don't           luring is reverse conditioning. there        take weave poles for example.
know if i care that much. once a behav-       is all kinds of scientific data that show
iour is "learned" it really doesn't matter                                                   lUrinG
                                              reverse conditioning does not produce
how it got that way does it? i could learn    the conditioned, expectant or emotional            i used luring with 3 dogs --3 differ-
to get to a my favorite vegan restaurant      response that classical conditioning does.     ent methods
by being lured by someone driving in the      hence there is no transfer of value as the     a) hand in the collar method with a
car ahead or by the lure of a GpS or i        value comes first (call it a bribe). the          cookie in front of the dog's face
could learn how to get there by following     value does not transfer from the bribe         b) channel method with a toy at the end
a map or trial and error--just stumbling      into the work the way it does with clas-          to lure the dog through
upon this great restaurant on my own.         sical conditioning. pavlov himself shows       c) Weave-o-matic (angled poles) method
once i have really 'learned' how to get       us that but many after him have come to           with a toy at the end to lure speed
there --it is in the vault--i can get there   the same conclusion. it is a mystery to           through
and i don't need to think about it. my        me why dog trainers are so stubborn to
tofu delight will be waiting for me.                                                              it took me between 6 months –1 year
                                              believe it.
                                                                                             to teach the dog really reliable weave
    learning is learning.                         does this mean that dogs that have         poles (ok my first dog was never reliable
     however there are 2 things to con-       been lured never run as fast as they could     but for arguments sake lets say she was)
sider when you are comparing luring to        have if they had been shaped? maybe . . .
shaping:                                      but not necessarily.
                                                                                                 the next 2 dogs i shaped using 3
     While science may be concerned with            you see many dogs (Shelties being
                                                                                             poles. it took me about 8 weeks and i got
simply the "learninG" of a response           great examples) that learn there is
                                                                                             really reliable weave poles with both.
those of us in dog training have far more     *value* in just running fast and chasing
at stake. yes any dog can learn to do a       you. So even though the "value" came           ShapinG in combination with enViron-
dogwalk but how many dogs can learn to        first when you lured the dog --there was       mental manipUlation
do it in less the 2.0 seconds? over the       more value that came after when the dog             my next 2 dogs i shaped but used
last 15 years i have trained 2 Jack rus-      figured out he liked the game of chasing       environmental manipulation to help
sells and 4 border collies to do just that    you.                                           control exactly what my dogs were learn-
because i ---like hopefully anyone reading         however this does not happen with         ing. i did this using my 2x2 weave pole
this post ---want more then just "learn-      all dogs--as evidenced in the agility          technique. both of these dogs took less
ing" from my dog.                             ring where you sadly see dogs walking,         then 2 weeks to get really reliable weave
     i want a fast performance. While         trotting or possibly cantering but rarely      poles.
scientists want a rat in a skinner box        galloping around the agility ring and               in the end all the dogs did learn to
to "figure it out" we want the rat to go      especially not if there is any stressor like   weave. all dogs where agility champions
exceptionally fast.                           rain or hot weather, right?                    and all were national champions in one
     What gets that speed is the transfer          the second major difference in the        venue or anther (with the exception of
of value from what you are using as a         "learning" with shaping vs luring is how       my puppy that i have not started to trial
reward into what the dog is learning to       long it takes for that learning to occur. i    yet).
do. yes i use environmental manipulation      of course have no scientific data to back           however, my border collie "Stoni"
but i also am very aware of using classical   this up, just observational learning of        (1990-2004) took 9 months to get decent
conditioning to my advantage while i am       having watched my dogs and hundreds of         weave poles (however she didn't have the
shaping. When you bring the reward out        others dogs 'figure' something out.            entries that my 2x2 dogs have) where as
only after getting the desired response            having a science background myself        my 17 month old border collie feature
you are getting that transfer of value. it    (i have a b.Sc) i recognize the value of       took only 5 days to learn a performance
is classical conditioning. the dog pairs      observational data if the same results are     that is far more reliable.
the value of the great reward with the        repeated over and over so i am egotisti-       best regards, Susan Garrett
work. Soon the dog gets all jazzed up at      cally saying my opinion here is valid.         Say yes dog training inc
just the thought of being able to work                                             
with you. chances are anyone out there            a behaviour that has been lured
                                              takes far far longer for a dog to assimilate

                                                                  -9-                                                    More on page 8
TRAINING continued from page 7
    from Steve Soberski (poodleagility list again)quoting from                 and from "excel-erated learning: explaining (in plain eng-
              Dr. Reid’s book and Bob Bailey’s DVD                        lish) how dogs learn and how best to teach them" by pam reid,
     bob bailey's comment on luring and not being ashamed                 pages 142, 142;
of luring; from disc #2 of his dVd on training. he says; "if our                 "not only does prompting produce faster initial results,
company, animal behaviors enterprises, relied on shaping to get           but you can add the cue as soon as you determine that you can
the vast majority of it's behaviors we would have gone broke              reliably elicit the behavior with the prompt. if you can do that,
in the first five years. We did much more luring, targeting, and          then you needn't worry about learned irrelevance. Give the
environmental manipulation - we arranged the environment so               command, give the prompt, reinforce the behavior. the dog will
the only thing the animal could do was what we wanted and it              not learn any differently that if you had shaped the behavior. he
eliminated reinforcing behavior we didn't want" (end quote).              still learns what behavior to perform long before he comes under
      another bob bailey quote from his dVd (disc #3); "teach-            good stimulus control but i would wager a guess that learning is
ing this dog to learn, and if i lure this animal, if i don't shape,       more rapid, even if you have to go through a complicated proce-
this animal will never learn to learn? the animal already knows           dure to fade prompts.
how to learn, you might be teaching the animal to pay atten-                  let me repeat a sentence from the last paragraph, "the
tion, but this gets back to the worthwhile for the dog. if you            dog will not learn any differently than if you had shaped the
make it worthwhile for this dog to pay attention to you it                behavior". Some people are under the impression that shaped
doesn't really make a difference how they learn. once they get            responses are learned "better" or retained longer than prompted
the behavior they have the behavior. the animal isn't being               responses. there is absolutely no evidence to support this view.
taught to learn, the animal is being taught to pay attention to           dogs do not learn the responses any differently.".
certain things. don't get carried away thinking you are teaching
this animal to learn. maybe what to learn, how to pay attention
to the environment..." (end of quote).

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