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                                                       SELECTION DOCUMENTATION KIT
                                                        Job title                     Business Analyst

                                                        Location                      National Finance - Treasury and
                                                                                      Management Accounting Team, Braddon

                                                        Classification                APS Level 6

                                                        Remuneration                  $67,939 - $78,764

                                                        Status                        Ongoing, Full-time

                                                        Position number               PN 382712

                                                        Contact officer               Damien Crisp on 02 6211 6982

                                                        Closing date                  Sunday, 21 August 2011

                                        This selection documentation kit provides useful information on the role you are applying
                                        for including information to guide you through the application process, along with
                                        information on CRS Australia and the benefits of working with us. We also encourage you
                                        to visit our internet site at for more information.

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                                        CRS Australia | Selection documentation kit

                                        ABOUT THE ROLE
                                        Business Analyst - APS Level 6

                                        Position purpose

                                        The Business Analyst will fulfil a key position within CRS Australia’s National Finance Team. Under limited
                                        direction, the position will contribute to the delivery of a range of services and functions that contribute to
                                        the analysis of financial and performance data undertaken by the National Finance Team.

                                        Reports to

                                        Manager, Treasury & Management Accounting


                                        The position will focus on internal relationships with CRS Australia corporate and finance staff. This role
                                        works closely with the Manager, Treasury & Management Accounting and the Manager, National Finance.
                                        Key result areas

                                            Maximise workforce participation                           Deliver effective, competitive and innovative
                                            Build leadership, capability and safe                       services
                                             workplaces                                                 Influence the disability employment and
                                                                                                         social inclusion agenda

                                        Key responsibilities
                                         Prepare reports benchmarking CRS Australia’s business unit performance against regional, divisional
                                             and national averages.
                                         Assist with the preparation of monthly executive reporting.
                                         Develop budgets, forecasts and other financial models as required.
                                         Prepare various ad hoc qualitative financial analyses and commentary to assist management.
                                         Assist to develop and document costing methodologies for commercial analysis and reporting.
                                         Producing and maintaining a forward multi-year financial model incorporating a full set of financial
                                         Responding to management accounting inquiries from internal clients with limited direction.
                                         Develop models to assist in the presentation of financial information.
                                         Providing assistance to the Treasury and Management Accounting Team and National Finance Team
                                             as required.

                                        Qualifications and Skills
                                         Tertiary qualifications in Accounting or related discipline are desirable.
                                         Highly developed management accounting skills and knowledge.
                                         Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
                                         Advanced Microsoft Excel skills.
                                         Demonstrated expertise in the analysis of financial and non financial data.
                                         Proven planning and organisational skills.
                                        Exposure to SAP or similar Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems is highly desirable.

                                        CRS Australia | Selection documentation kit

                                        CAPABILITY STATEMENT
                                        You must submit a statement against each of the 6 criteria as part of your application.
                                        Selection will be based on your capability to undertake the role as evidenced through application, and
                                        where necessary, interview and referee reports. In addressing the following criteria, you should focus on
                                        describing your ability (based on your skills and relevant experience) to perform the key responsibilities
                                        detailed in this job description. You need to demonstrate the relevance of your experience with specific
                                        examples. The following criteria are based on the APS Integrated Leadership System .
                                        Remember we are interested in you so please focus on your specific involvement (use ‘I’ instead of ‘we’)
                                        and give examples within the last two or three years if possible.
                                        Please explain how you meet each of the 6 criteria using no more than 500 words for each criterion:

                                        1.     Supports strategic direction
                                        This criterion includes the ability to:
                                         Support shared purpose and direction                                      Harness information and opportunities
                                         Think strategically                                                       Show judgement, intelligence and

                                        2.     Achieves results
                                        This criterion includes the ability to:
                                         Identify and use resources wisely                                         Respond positively to change
                                         Apply and build professional expertise                                    Take responsibility for managing projects to
                                                                                                                     achieve results

                                        3.     Supports productive working relationships
                                        This criterion includes the ability to:
                                         Nurture internal and external relationships                               Value individual differences and diversity
                                         Listen to, understand and recognise the                                   Share learning and support others
                                            needs of others

                                        4.     Displays personal drive and integrity
                                        This criterion includes the ability to:
                                         Demonstrate public service professionalism                                Promote and adopt a positive and balance
                                         Engage with risk and show personal courage                                 approach to work
                                         Commit to action                                                          Demonstrate self awareness and a
                                                                                                                     commitment to personal development

                                        5.     Communicates with influence
                                        This criterion includes the ability to:
                                         Communicate clearly                                                       Negotiate confidently
                                         Listen, understand and adapt to the audience

                                        6.     Professional/technical knowledge and skills
                                        Please provide a brief statement outlining your professional or technical expertise that will enable you to
                                        effectively perform the duties of the position.

                                            APSC Integrated Leadership System

                                        CRS Australia | Selection documentation kit

                                        APPLICATION PROCESS
                                        Application checklist

                                        □   Applicant personal details.
                                        □   Resume or CV summarising contact details, referee contact details, work history and qualifications.
                                        □   Capability Statement (see previous page). Fully address the selection criteria. As a guide, you
                                            should aim for no more than 500 words per criteria.
                                        □   Please provide contact details of two referees. Referees will only be contacted after an interview
                                            and in determining an order of merit. Permission will be sought from shortlisted applicants to contact
                                            their referees so that current employment is not jeopardised.

                                        Submitting your application
                                        Register on CRS Australia’s e-recruitment system ( by clicking on Start new
                                        application. Complete your application by following the prompts. You will need to respond to application
                                        questions and selection criteria. You can prepare your responses in a word document and then cut and
                                        paste into the e-recruitment system. You will also need to upload a copy of your current resume.

                                        Posted applications are also accepted. Please send to:
                                        CRS Australia Recruitment Services
                                        PO Box 10679
                                        Adelaide Street
                                        Brisbane QLD 4000
                                        Fax: (07) 3000 1137

                                        If you have any questions, please contact our Recruitment team on 1800 817 263 or email
                               If the team cannot answer your questions, they will be able to direct
                                        you to someone who can.

                                        Please note: Separate applications must be submitted for positions with different position numbers.

                                        Processing your application

                                                                         Applications received by email          Applications received by post or fax
                                        Acknowledgement                  Within 24 hours by return email.        On the day of receipt via Australia Post
                                                                                                                 or via our fax machine.
                                        Access by selection panel        Applications are sent to the selection panel when the position has closed.
                                        Shortlisting                     Once your application has been received by the panel, the shortlist process
                                                                         commences. Please note the total selection period can take up to 6 weeks but
                                                                         in most cases it is much less than that. Progress enquiries can be directed to
                                                                         the contact officer nominated on the job description. You may be phoned as
                                                                         part of the short listing process.
                                        Interviews                       Interviews may be offered to shortlisted applicants. The selection panel may
                                                                         select without interview, based on the information you provide in your
                                                                         application. Referee reports will be obtained in order to confirm the merit list,
                                                                         or where additional information is required.
                                        Unsuccessful applicants          Applicants will be notified in writing by the contact officer once the successful
                                                                         applicant has been notified and accepted the position.

                                        Late applications

                                        Selection panels are not obliged to accept late applications. If you are not able to email or fax your
                                        application by the closing date you should discuss this with the contact person as indicated on the job
                                        description, to find out if an expression of interest or late application will be accepted.

                                        CRS Australia | Selection documentation kit

                                        MERIT SELECTION IN THE AUSTRALIAN PUBLIC SERVICE
                                        As an Australian Public Service (APS) agency, CRS Australia provides an opportunity for all eligible
                                        members of the community to apply for APS employment. Employment decisions within the APS are based
                                        on merit. Under the Public Service Act 1999 a selection decision is based on merit if:
                                          an assessment is made of the relative suitability of the candidates for the duties, using a competitive
                                            selection process
                                          the assessment is based on the relationship between the candidate’s work-related qualities and the
                                            work-related qualities genuinely required for the duties
                                          the assessment focuses on the relative capacity of the candidates to achieve outcomes related to the
                                          the assessment is the primary consideration in making the decision.

                                        CONDITIONS OF ENGAGEMENT
                                        You should be aware that the employment of an APS employee may be made subject to a number of
                                        conditions, including:

                                        Australian Citizenship

                                        It is the Australian Government’s preference that its ongoing public servants be Australian citizens. The
                                        Public Service Act 1999 provides that an agency must not employ a person who is not an Australian citizen
                                        as an APS employee unless it is considered appropriate to do so. An Australian birth certificate or passport,
                                        or in the case of applicants born outside Australia, a certificate of Australian Citizenship must be sighted.

                                        Non-Australian citizens may be employed on an ongoing basis only if they are eligible to apply for
                                        Australian citizenship within a limited time (for example: six months). Non-ongoing employment may be
                                        considered for non-Australian citizens with the appropriate visa/s and working rights.


                                        Engagement will be subject to probation. The length of the probationary period is set out in an employee’s
                                        letter of engagement. Probation allows a manager to assess and monitor a probationer’s suitability for
                                        employment and also gives the employee the opportunity to decide whether a career with CRS Australia is
                                        the right choice for them.

                                        Criminal history check

                                        CRS Australia conducts a criminal history check on all employees prior to commencement. We check police
                                        records with the Australian Federal Police (AFP) to determine if the person to be employed (or engaged as
                                        a contractor, consultant or on student placement) has a record of any criminal charges, convictions or
                                        findings of guilt.

                                        Where a check comes back from the AFP indicating that there is a record of previous criminal conviction/s,
                                        a judgement is made by the Manager, the relevant Divisional Manager and the National HR Manager, on
                                        whether continued employment is appropriate. Before making the decision CRS Australia may consider the
                                          the type of criminal record
                                          the time elapsed since the offence
                                          the type of duties to be performed
                                          whether or not the individual declared the conviction/s on the AFP form
                                          the views of the manager in the employing unit having regard to the duties performed by the employer.
                                        Health checks

                                        CRS Australia | Selection documentation kit

                                        An employee may also be required to attend a health check examination. This requirement will be in the
                                        position advertisement or during the selection process.


                                        To be employed by CRS Australia as a rehabilitation consultant, an applicant must demonstrate that they
                                        have the professional and technical expertise either through their qualifications or through a combination of
                                        qualifications plus demonstration of the required professional competencies. For positions other than for
                                        rehabilitation consultants, qualifications may be mandatory or desirable and are specified in the job

                                        Drivers Licence

                                        There may be a requirement for employees of CRS Australia to drive in the course of their employment and
                                        as such they must hold a current Australian drivers licence. Where such a requirement exists applicants will
                                        be notified in the position advertisement or during the selection process.

                                        You will be advised of these conditions of engagement should you be successful in a merit selection

                                        Redundancy from APS

                                        Under the Public Service Act 1999, if a prospective employee indicates that they are within a redundancy
                                        benefit period from an APS agency there are restrictions on being able to engage them within CRS
                                        Australia. If the agency head is satisfied that the engagement is essential to the agency’s operations and
                                        the Public Service Commissioner agrees, applicants within a redundancy benefit period may be engaged

                                           an ongoing employee,
                                           a non-ongoing employee for a period of more than 6 months, or as
                                           a non-ongoing SES employee.

                                        For non-ongoing positions of less than six months or duties that are irregular or intermittent, applicants
                                        within a redundancy benefit period may be engaged if the agency head is satisfied that the engagement is
                                        essential to the agency’s operations.

                                        Please contact Recruitment Services for more information on these restrictions.

                                        CRS Australia | Selection documentation kit

                                        CRS AUSTRALIA CORPORATE PROFILE
                                        Who we are

                                        CRS Australia is a leading provider of disability employment and assessment services to people with a
                                        disability, injury or health condition and has nearly 70 years experience in the industry.

                                        CRS Australia is part of the Australian Government Department of Human Services (DHS). It is an
                                        organisation with over 170 metropolitan, regional and remote sites throughout Australia, each staffed by a
                                        group of rehabilitation professionals and supported by a Regional Manager as well as employment and
                                        administrative services staff. A region may encompass one location, or may be made up of multiple sites
                                        depending on the size of the population serviced by CRS Australia in the area.

                                        CRS Australia’s service delivery network is supported by a range of national corporate functions located
                                        primarily in Canberra, Brisbane, and Melbourne.

                                        What we do

                                        The core business of CRS Australia is to deliver disability employment and expert assessment services.

                                        For people with an injury, disability or health condition CRS Australia:
                                          professionally assess their needs
                                          develops and manages individually tailored vocational rehabilitation programmes
                                          helps them get and keep a job
                                          helps them live as independently as possible.
                                        CRS Australia provides a range of expert assessment and consultancy services including:
                                         Job Capacity Assessments (JCA)
                                         Business Service Wage Assessments
                                         Consultancy to prevent and manage injury in the workplace.
                                        CRS Australia has a strong history of working collaboratively with the health community and the
                                        professional staff are part of that health community all across the country. Our staff are committed to
                                        helping people with a disability, injury or health condition to find, and keep a job.

                                        With CRS Australia’s national coverage – in rural, regional and metro areas – it has helped thousands of
                                        employers. CRS Australia has provided services to a range of organisations in both the private and
                                        government sector. Small, medium and large businesses have benefitted from recruitment, training, injury
                                        prevention and workplace health and safety services. CRS Australia’s main customer is the Department of
                                        Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR). State Workers’ Compensation insurers are
                                        also major customers.

                                        CRS Australia has strong links with the community including:
                                         Centrelink
                                         hospitals and community health centres
                                         treating health practitioners
                                         individuals, employers and disability groups.

                                        CRS Australia | Selection documentation kit

                                        BENEFITS OF WORKING WITH CRS AUSTRALIA
                                        CRS Australia is committed to developing a work environment that brings out the best in people and, in
                                        turn, delivers the best possible service to job seekers, clients, employers and the community. CRS Australia
                                        continues to play an important role in the Government’s agenda of participation and social inclusion.

                                        Each year, CRS Australia helps over 50,000 Australians with a disability, injury or health condition get and
                                        keep a job.

                                        CRS Australia offers its teams a range of flexible working conditions and arrangements where employees
                                        are encouraged to maintain a work/life balance. Given the nature of its business, CRS Australia knows how
                                        important it is for its staff to have balance between work and personal lives. Staff are supported to achieve
                                        this balance with a range of flexible policies and practices to assist in juggling commitments.

                                        Working conditions
                                         Flexible work hours.
                                         Attractive remuneration package.
                                         A generous superannuation scheme with excellent employer contribution levels of 15.4%.
                                         Salary advancement through the Performance Achievement System.
                                         Reward payments.
                                        Career development
                                         Comprehensive induction training and ongoing development for staff.
                                         Career advancement opportunities.
                                         Opportunities to transfer between offices throughout Australia.
                                         Transfer opportunities with other Australian Public Service (APS) Agencies.
                                         Support through systems such as CRS intranet, Networks of Excellence, professional training and staff
                                         Study assistance (after 12 months service).
                                         A continuous improvement environment with opportunities to share information and ideas both locally
                                            and across the country.
                                         An extensive library service, with the latest best practice information and research.
                                         The application of Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) principles, where the worth of an individual is
                                            respected and diversity, tolerance and flexibility are valued.

                                        CRS Australia | Selection documentation kit

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