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                                         Percent Error Worksheet

Directions: Answer the following questions in the space provided. If a calculation is required, make sure to
SHOW ALL WORK to receive credit for an answer! No work, no credit, no kidding! Box in all your answers.
Remember units and significant figures where appropriate (or lose points)! Good luck!

1. Why is it beneficial to calculate the percent error of your measurements/findings in an
experiment? Explain.

2. What is the mathematical equation for finding percent error?

3. In a lab activity, Brittany finds the density of a substance to be 1.24 g/cm 3. The accepted
   density for this substance is 1.30 g/cm3. What is Brittany’s percent error?

4. Students were asked to measure out 235 mL of liquid. Nick read the procedures incorrectly and
   measured out 252 mL instead, causing the rest of his data to be inaccurate. What is Nick’s
   percent error?

5. According to Ashley’s molarity calculations, she should get 22.4 L of solution. When Ashley
   measures her solution, she sees that she was only able to obtain 22.2 L of solution. What is
   Ashley’s percent error?

6. After filtering a mixture in lab, Seth obtained 124.8 mg of dry sediment. He should have
  obtained 125.2 mg of sediment. What is Seth’s percent error?

7. Which of the students above (in questions 3-6) is the most accurate in their measurements?

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