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									    The Whistle
   NAHRA’s Midwest Region Newsletter
                            November 2005

       The North American Hunting Retriever Association, Inc., (NAHRA), is a not for profit
       corporation existing by virtue of the laws of the State of Vermont with its principal office, P.O.
       Box 5159, Fredericksburg, Virginia 22403. NAHRA was created in 1983 to preserve the hunting
       instincts of our retriever breeds. For years, small groups throughout the country conducted gun
       dog stakes and tested dogs, one against another, to find the top dog. NAHRA revolutionized the
       retriever world by testing dogs against a written hunting standard. Today, NAHRA has clubs
       throughout North America and continues to test and reward the hunting retriever and to maintain
       computerized records of those dogs and their working accomplishments. The principal purpose of
       the corporation is to educate the public in the use of purebred hunting retrievers as conservation
       animals and to promote the field testing of retrievers in simulated hunting situations.

2006 Midwest Region Field Test Calendar – so far
  Clubs are still in the discussion process of selecting 2006 Field Test dates. At this time, test
site locations are tentative and subject to change. A full calendar of Midwest Region events,
locations, contact names and information will be sent when all region clubs have responded.
Remember to check the region website as well. Until then, approved Midwest
Region Field Test dates are:

April 29-30        Skunk River Hunting Retriever Association – Location TBD – SE IA
May 6-7            Four Points Retriever Club – 2 ST, 2 IN, 2 SR – Western WI
June 3-4           Okoboji Retriever Club – 4 ST, 4 IN (No Senior) – Milford, IA
July 29-30         Four Points Retriever Club – 2 ST, 2 IN, 2 SR – Location TBD
August 18-19* Four Points Retriever Club – 2 ST, 2 IN, 2 SR – Location TBD
  * Regional will be held in conjunction with two regular Licensed Field Test Events
  Central Flyway HRA (CFHRA), Eastern Iowa HRA (EIHRA), Southern Minnesota HRA (SMHRA)
and the former Midwest Retriever Club (MRC) have gone hunting and will forward test date
information upon their return.

Midwest Regional – August 18-19, 2006
 Four Points Retriever Club will host the 2006 Midwest Regional on August 18-19, 2006.
           The qualification period for the 2006 Regional is: May 8, 2005 through July 7, 2006
 All individuals who have completed a new title on their dog or have collected the necessary number of
qualifications during the qualification period stated above have qualified to run their dog at this event.
More information will be sent to qualified dogs as event planning continues. In addition to the Regional,
there will be two regular Licensed Field Tests hosted by Four Points RC. Stay tuned for more details.
The Whistle – November 2005                                                                                                               Page 2

Comments Shared From Around the Region
“I really enjoyed these tests today. They were straight forward, yet challenging tests. I would
love to run tests like these all the time.” A Senior handler
 “There is too much emphasis put on having a raffle/auction at every event, that sometimes it
seems that that’s all we’re there for… is to make money. What ever happened to putting on the
test and enjoying the company of others at dinner on Saturday night?” A Senior handler
“I don’t understand why I have to run my dog from a boat in Started?” A Started handler
“Too much concept testing – where’s the hunting scenario in this test?” A Senior handler
“Don’t you get tired of helping people all the time? It “really is” like work, isn’t it?” A
Started/Intermediate handler
 “Why are some dogs allowed to creep so much? Aren’t they supposed to sit still at this level?” A
Started handler observation at a Senior test
“WOW! I could do this with my dog? Where can I sign up?” A future Started handler
“A water blind in Intermediate is too tough. Why can’t we do a land blind instead?” An
Intermediate handler
“Thanks for your advice. I was scared that these judges were going to be really tough on us
beginning people – they never smile.” A Started handler
“This isn’t as easy as it looks. Takes a lot of time to get a dog to do these things by waving your
hands and arms, so the dog brings it back to you.” A Mom telling her children at an Intermediate
“Yah, but see, it sits and looks at you when you blow a whistle!” One of her children with a reply
“Where’s the NAHRA News?” Lots of people

From the Midwest Regional Director                                                     – Sandy Zandlo
  “Where’s the NAHRA News?” A very good question and one that bears repeating. Multiple
threads have been started on the NAHRA website forum regarding this question – unfortunately,
with the same answer – “It’s coming.” Well, so are Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.
Below is a clip from the forum (in case you were unaware) with an explanation of where the News

Author: Jeffs         ( 317 posts )   Posted: Sat, Aug 20 10:05 AM
Howdy everybody,

I am sorry that it has taken so long for me to weigh in on this topic. First of all I am the one that has to take full responsability for the tardiness
of the NAHRA News. The News has in fact been pretty much done for the last month except for my part which is dealing with the advertisers
as well as the Bark and the Product Review.
I admitedly took on too much this year as far as my schedule is concerned and it has really put me behind especially when you ad the truck
troubles that I had this year and then on top of that my wife filed for dissolution last month which has casued me some challenges as well.
The good thing - I have learned my lesson. The bad thing - I have to get through the rest of the year. and don't take that as a complaint I just
have a big plate full to get through prior to first snow.
I apologize for the news not being out yet. I can assure you it is as important to me as it is to you and I do understand the value put on it by the
members. So I am giving all of you my word that over the next 10 days I will get my part finished so that we can get the magazine to print and
The Whistle – November 2005                                                                                                             Page 3

get it out and I will make sure that we stay on track in the future.
At the same time since there are so many members looking at this topic I thought we could talk a little about the magazine. First a little history
- When I first came aboard Rosemary was doing all the work on the news. That was when it was the rough paper stock cover in Black and
white. Rosemary did a good job, especially for someone that had no formal design training. But I felt strongly that the magazine had to be
upgraded to reflect the quality of the program that it was supposed to reperesent. My background is in Communications and I just happened to
own a high end glossy lifestyle magazine at that time. So I had the resourses to produce a high quality NAHRA News. At the same time my
company had amassed a large amount of trade dollars with a national trade organization. For reasons that I won't go into here we were not
having an easy time finding things to spend those trade dollars on so I looked into trying to use those trade dollars for printing the News. Well
we did ( Actually Eileen did ) find a printer in Post Falls, ID. ( Progressive Printing ) that would take the trade dollars. So that is how the news
has been printed up to this point. With the current membership and at current prices the magazine costs about $3000 to print. Additionally, the
design side costs about another $1250.00 an issue. During the time that I had my magazine I just had the staff put the NAHRA News together
and rolled it into my own costs. I sold my magazine a couple years ago. And at that time I put into place araingements with Eileen ( Designer )
and Amity ( editor ) to continue to help produce the News which they have. And since that time my company has continued to sponsor the
magazine. So during the time that I have bdeen involved there has been very little cost to NAHRA. So up to this point cost has not been any
issue with the magazines production schedule. And just so the membbership knows I have enough trade dollars to print this next issue and
then NAHRA will have to start to pay for the magazine.
Now many of you might wonder why there are these costs associated with the magazine. For those of you that call the News a Newsletter - It
is not. It is a 40 page magazine. This is not a product that can be produced from a template. Yes there is a Quark template that we work from
but becasue each issue is quite different there is real design time needed if it is going to look good be easy to read etc. Also, since it is so hard
to get folks to consistantly submit articles I have Amity write the features for the magazine so that we have conistantly good copy. In short the
magazine is a real job and that is the challenge for a mostly volunteer organization.
So that is what has been done up to this point.
Thanks much, Jeff

 It is now late in October, and the News has not yet appeared. Since the last BOD conference
call, several Board Members have sent repeated requests to Jeff via e-mail and/or by telephone
asking for copies of articles that were submitted for an alternate News source. To no avail – no
response was received by any of those who requested one.
 On another note, there have been multiple requests from members on the NAHRA forum to
update, modify and/or add to the organization’s website. In one of our conference calls, it was
decided to allow Rosemary the ability to post premiums, add news/headline articles, and upload
test results. The following day, a call was to be placed to get Rosemary up to speed. No call and
to date she has not received the call. The website is under the control of Jeff and his company.
Again, the BOD has questioned, called, e-mailed – no reply.
 Still yet, there is an Invitational Committee trying to plan the 2006 R.A.W. Invitational, looking
for direction and assistance. Please see the e-mail below that was sent to all Region Club Reps
requesting direction on how the Midwest Region should/could assist or support the 2006
Invitational. It may be discussed at your next club meeting.

Dear MW Region Club Representatives,
 Back in 2004 the NAHRA Executive Board voted to reinstate running the Richard A. Wolters (R.A.W.) Invitational, a once a year Senior only
event. The last time the Invitational was run in June 2001, and the Midwest Region clubs hosted it. In prior years, a specific NAHRA affiliated
club was chosen as a Host Club for the event. Since the suspension of holding the Invitational, the Senior Regional was created for the
Senior dogs and it was generally run in conjunction with the Started and Intermediate Regional.
  During 2004, an Invitational Committee (IC) was created from a number of NAHRA members, who would then follow-up with the task of
planning and pulling off the first Invitational in five years. Not unlike the business of planning a Field Test event for a club, although there are a
few special twists. The wheels starting turning - visions were created, targets set. Winning selection: May 13-17, 2006, Scenic Mesa Ranch
in Hotchkiss, Colorado.
  Unfortunately, communication and sponsorships were not established. As you are all aware, the NAHRA News, which was to be the main
source of announcing and advertising the Invitational, has not been published to date. Because of this, it has left the IC and the BOD in a
difficult situation. Yes, raffles, auctions and/or other fund raising activities are 'normally held' at the Main Banquet on Saturday evening and
throughout the course of the five-day event. (In past years, the Invitational has been one of the main fundraisers for the NAHRA program.)
 What was to be a premier event, hosted by a "conglomerate of NAHRA members" with sponsorship monies, has now been made a priority of
the BOD to ensure that this event will not leave a large red line in NAHRA's budget. In order to accomplish funding the Invitational, the IC has
now turned to the BOD to request monies and donations from our Region Funds, our Region Clubs and its' members, respectively.

 Your feedback is important as to what the Region "can        or should do" to help fund the 2006 Invitational.
The Whistle – November 2005                                                                      Page 4

  As the Regional Director, I look to the Club Reps for their input and a majority decision. On the
flip side, there is an option nonetheless, to make a decision of my own accord in the best interest
of the Region. I prefer to have a discussion with the Club Reps and a cooperative decision. There
are no easy answers. With the advent of the “new to NAHRA” democracy and the Board,
decisions and options must be pursued, discussed and finalized in a more formal format than of
days gone by. YES, we (BOD) are aware of the perception AND we are working toward solutions –
temporary and permanent. The only thing I can offer is to say is “that we are working on multiple
items that will take effect shortly”. Please remain steadfast - I will pass along any and all
information regarding these solutions as they happen. If you have any questions, concerns and/or
comments, please send me e-mail at:
 In closing, I wish to congratulate all Region members and their four-footed hunting partners on
a successful Field Test season. Here’s to the same success in the field or waterways during the
hunting seasons. Please be safe in your travels.

2006 Richard A. Wolters (R.A.W.) Invitational
In 2006, NAHRA enthusiasts will see the return of the Richard A. Wolters (R.A.W.) Invitational.
The last R.A.W. was hosted by the Midwest Region Clubs in June of 2001. Since then, the Senior
Regionals have been a ‘temporary’ replacement for the previously annual ‘Senior only’ event.
Scenic Mesa Ranch in Hotchkiss, Colorado will be the Field Test location, and will take place May
13-17, 2006. Visit Scenic Mesa’s website for a look at the facility and
beautiful countryside. At the time of this writing, all qualified dogs include:
               All GMHRCH titled dogs to date
               All GMHR titled dogs to date
               All newly title MHR dogs from January 1, 2001 through December 31, 2005
               All dogs who have acquired 5 (five) Senior qualifications from January 1, 2001
               through December 31, 2005
(NOTE: A normal qualification period for the Invitational runs on a calendar year format. In past history,
all Senior level dogs would need to “re-qualify” by acquiring 5 (five) Senior qualifications during the
qualification period. When discussions opened in 2004 to resume holding the Invitational, the NAHRA
Executive Board approved the expansion of the eligible dog field to include all historical GMHRCH and
GMHR dogs, plus newly titled MHR dogs since the Invitational was last held in 2001 for the 2006 event.)
Specific Invitational invitations and test premiums will be sent to all qualified dogs’ owners from
the Invitational Committee in January 2006. Visit the Midwest Region website for more
At print time, an alphabetical list (by Dog Name) was obtained from the NAHRA office detailing
the MW Region dogs (ten years of age and younger) and owners who have qualified for the 2006
The Whistle – November 2005                                                                  Page 5

             ABBY GO LUCKY IV                             LARRY & FERN WILLSON
             BLACKBIRD'S MOON DANCER                      JOHN O. & KAREN M. BLACKBIRD
             BLACKHAWKS EARTHQUAKE                        KENNY A. MATTSON
             BLACKHAWKS MIDNIGHT SKYE                     JANET MATTSON
             CEDARS EDGE RAIDERS MIS ABBY                 DAN TONGEN
             CLARIDGE GIZMOS GOT PIZZAZZ                  SANDY I. ZANDLO
             DAKOTA SKYS CAROLINA EMBER                   JASON SKYBERG
             DAKOTA SKYS LEXIS                            JASON SKYBERG
             DOK'S ABBEY FONTANA                          WILLIAM L. JOHNSON
             FRISBIES HOPS                                JACK LEVINE, JR.
             GANDY'S BLEU MOON                            JOHN GANDY
             GANDY'S PAPA BEAR                            JOHN GANDY
             HOLZINGERS CHAI LATTE                        DINAH HARLOW
             INDIAN HILL SUMMER SUNRISE                   KIRK RICE
             JOEMAC'S DEAD ON ARRIVAL                     JOE K. MCKONE
             MAC'S SUNRISE GOLD                           DOUGLAS & BONNIE MOOTHART
             MIDVALE ACRES RISEN BELLE                    DANIEL T. HOVE
             MLTV MEGAN'S MISTY                           LARRY DUSANEK
             MOUNTAIN'S TOP ROCK STAR                     BRUCE G. MOUNTAIN
             MOUNTAIN'S TOP STORMY TIGER                  BRUCE G. MOUNTAIN
             MOUNTAIN'S TOP TIGER LILLY                   BRUCE G. MOUNTAIN
             MOUNTAIN'S TOP YELLOW TIGER                  BRUCE G. MOUNTAIN
             PLUM POINT MARSH HAWK                        JACK LEVINE JR.
             RIVERDUCK'S SECOND CHANCE                    CHUCK & ANITA RAITHEL
             ROMEO'S FAVORITE KHAKI                       ROBERT M. OWENS
             ROMEO'S STAR CLIPPER                         BOB OWENS
             SAUK RIVER'S FEATHERSTORM                    DAVID MORK
             SAWLOG'S HIGHLAND DRIFTER                    TRAVIS C. RUFF
             SCHINZELS HURRICANE ZOE                      CRAIG & SUZANNE SCHINZEL
             SHOHOLA COOKIE STORM                         MARK T. KLUBER
             SHOHOLA DINAH                                KEITH D. STROYAN
             SHOHOLA FAR-DA-GO LULU                       KEITH D. STROYAN
             STARBURST SUPERSONIC JETA                    JIM CIERNIA
             TNT BAILEYS DYNAMITE DRAKE                   TROY G. TILLERAAS
             TP'S TOP CHEYENNE                            TERRY PLAGMAN
             T'S BEST BUDDY BLACKJACK                     TROY SHEEDER
             TYSON TERROR OF THE NIGHT                    TODD & LEAH BATTERN
             WINDY RIDGE'S SADIE                          ROBERT & CHRISTINE RIGGS

                                            (Please excuse any omissions.)

NAHRA Judges, Handlers and Field Test Committee Seminar
Coming in February 2006
 A number of individuals were selected in late 2004, to review, revise and implement the
presentation previously known as the “Judges and Handlers” seminar. The “new” seminar has
evolved with an updated and standardized format, for both, Judges and Handlers, with the
addition of a portion dedicated to the importance and responsibilities of the Field Test
The Whistle – November 2005                                                                Page 6

Planning is underway for a February 2006 presentation and specifics are now being finalized –
watch for upcoming details and forms to register. Reservations will be required, as space is

 The email distribution list for The Whistle needs to be continually updated due to attrition (e.g.,
deletions due to email address or delivery problems). If you or someone you know would like to
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recently sent your email information but still are not receiving the announcements, then check
your junk-mail filter. Set your filter so that email from “” is on your Trust
or Safe List. Alternatively, you can monitor the FPRC or Midwest websites for new postings of
The Whistle.

Contact Information
       NAHRA Main Office: Rosemary Haynes, 540-899-7620,
       Regional Director: Sandy Zandlo,
       Midwest Region Website: Sandy Zandlo,
       Club Representatives: see Internet Links, below

Midwest NAHRA Clubs and Internet Links
       NAHRA (National) (
       Midwest Region (
       Central Flyway Hunting Retriever Association
       Eastern Iowa Hunting Retriever Association (
       Four Points Retriever Club (
       Former Midwest Retriever Club, Bob Riggs (515-961-4794)
       Okoboji Retriever Club, Doug Dodge (712-853-6378)
       Skunk River Hunting Retriever Association (
       Working Retriever Central (

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