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					The Turbo Twister
 Wichita Region — Porsche Club of America

                                        January 2011

   This month Tammy Allen continues her series on
Porsche Turbos and the club members who drive them!
             World premiere in Detroit:
                   Porsche 918 RSR
Porsche AG, Stuttgart, is continuing to extend its
performance and high efficiency competence via intensive
development work in the field of hybrid technology. With
the Porsche 918 RSR, the manufacturer of sporty
premium vehicles is presenting a high-end synthesis of
2010's successful hybrid concepts. The two-seater mid-
engine coupé 918 RSR clearly reveals what happens
when the technology fitted in the 911 GT3 R hybrid and
the design of the 918 Spyder are transferred to a modern,
innovative super sports car.

With the new 918 RSR racing laboratory, Porsche is now
elevating this motor racing hybrid concept to an
experimental level. In the 918 RSR, “Porsche Intelligent
Performance" equates to research into methods for
further sustainable efficiency improvement under the
intensified conditions of the race track, lap times, pit stops
and reliability – a metier in which Porsche has been
demonstrating its success for over 60 years.

                                    Unbelievable Opportunity!
        2009 Porsche 911Carrera Cabriolet under 3,000 miles, sport chrono,
           PDK, turbo wheels, gorgeous Macadamia with Cocoa soft top.
                                               Porsche Certified
                                               Only $79,950

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                       Search for Scholfield Auto Plaza
                               Porsche Cayennes NOW in Stock!
                        2011 Cayenne S Hybrid • 2011 Cayenne S
          Just arrived! Porsche Pre-owned Certified 2008 Cayennes
                                                        2 in stock

                                                                     Porsche of Wichita
                                                                     11212 E. Kellogg, Wichita, Kansas

                         IN THIS ISSUE
                         4……….Wichita Region Calendar of Events
                         5……….Zone 10 Calendar of Events
                         6……….Rocky Mountain and Alpine Mountain Regions
                                      Calendar of Events
                         7……….Prez Craig Voigt Says
    2011 OFFICERS
                         8……….Men of the Turbo Brotherhood, Part Two
      Craig Voigt
       President                      Tim Hellman and Ric Knorr
                         12……..What if One Turbo Isn’t Enough?
      Terry Morris
     Vice President/     13……..Bucky Fowler Entertains Club Members
      Safety Officer     14……..After-Holiday Christmas Party
    Tammy Allen          16……..Meet Club Member Keith Epperly
      Secretary          18……..HPDE Insurance Program: New Annual Policy
     Carl Compton
       Treasurer         19……..Thoughtful Thoughts from the Editor
                         20……..Club Meeting Minutes from January 12, 2011
    Chester Bailey
     Past President      22……..Here’s the Latest From Our Friends at PCA
EXECUTIVE APPOINTEES     Cover: Klaus Viljanmaa’s new race car featuring the Lion of Finland,
      Tom Zickuhr        blends nicely with his Christmas lights. Photo by Emily Compton
  Autocross Chairman
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        Webmaster               Read Login directions.
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                         Wichita PCA Calendar of Events
                Check for the latest information

   9 Membership Meeting 6:30 @ Old Chicago on East Kellogg

    2 Movie Night/Membership Meeting
18-20 Lone Star Region Club Race and DE at Texas World Speedway
   26 Dinner/Loony Bin Comedy Club
26-27 *COMMA/High Speed Touring at Hallett Motor Racing Circuit
                                                                       *COMMA is a racing series
                                                                       sponsored by Hallett Motor Racing.
   13   Membership Meeting 6:30 @ Old Chicago on East Kellogg
15-17   Kansas City Region Club Race and DE at Heartland Park Topeka   HST is High Speed Touring—a DE
                                                                       type event sponsored by Hallett
22-23   COMMA/High Speed Touring at Hallett Motor Racing Circuit       Motor Racing. Everyone is welcome
   30   Cimarron Region Mayfast DE at Hallett Motor Racing Circuit     to drive his or her car on the track.
                                                                       Instruction is available.
   1 Cimarron Region Mayfast DE at Hallett Motor Racing Circuit
                                                                       See for more
   11 Membership Meeting 6:30 @ Old Chicago on East Kellogg            information.
28-29 COMMA/High Speed Touring at Hallett Motor Racing Circuit

  3-5 Great Plains Region Club Race and DE at Hastings, NE
    8 Membership Meeting 6:30 @ Old Chicago on East Kellogg
25-26 COMMA/High Speed Touring at Hallett Motor Racing Circuit

   13 Membership Meeting 6:30 @ Old Chicago on East Kellogg
23-24 COMMA/High Speed Touring at Hallett Motor Racing Circuit
   31 Porsche Parade in Savannah, GA

  1-6 Porsche Parade in Savannah, GA
   10 Membership Meeting 6:30 @ Old Chicago on East Kellogg
12-14 Rocky Mountain Region Club Race and DE at High Plains Raceway
27-28 COMMA/High Speed Touring at Hallett Motor Racing Circuit

   14 Membership Meeting 6:30 @ Old Chicago on East Kellogg
24-25 COMMA/High Speed Touring at Hallett Motor Racing Circuit
   30 Cimarron Region Octoberfest Club Race and DE at Hallett Motor Racing Circuit

  1-2 Cimarron Region Octoberfast Club Race and DE at Hallett Motor Racing Circuit
   12 Membership Meeting 6:30 @ Old Chicago on East Kellogg
28-30 Maverick Region Club Race and DE at Eagles Canyon Raceway
29-30 COMMA/High Speed Touring at Hallett Motor Racing Circuit

              PCA ZONE 10 CALENDAR
For detailed information about listed events, see the respective Region’s website
  12             Valentine’s Day Stuff Your Sweetie–Bros Bistro Americano    Dakota
  12             Dinner at Bella Vita                                        Great Plains
  19             Dyno Tech Session, Union Mo                                 St. Louis
  20             Wine Tasting at A Wine Flights Bar & Bistro, Leawood, KS    Kansas City

  12             Leprechaun Leap-Happy St. Paddy’s Day at McNally’s          Dakota
  12             St. Patrick’s Day Parade, downtown St. Louis                St. Louis
  19             Wine Tour and Tour of Illinois                              St. Louis

  3              Cayman/Boxster Tech Session, Plaza Tire in Chesterfield     St. Louis
  4              50th Anniversary Celebration                                Schönesland
  9              Tour to Cape Girardeau                                      St. Louis
  16             The Bunny Hop Dinner                                        Dakota
  16-17          PCA Club Race and Driver Education, Heartland Park          Kansas City
  25             Parktown Membership Appreciation Night                      St. Louis
  29             BIR First Fling Driver Training                             Nord Stern
  30             BIR First Fling Driver Education (continued)                Nord Stern
  30             Tech Session – 996 90,000-mile maintenance                  St. Louis
  30             One-Day DE at Mid-America Motorplex, Pacific Junction, IA   Great Plains

  1              BIR First Fling Driver Education                            Nord Stern
  1              Maplewood Imports Car Show                                  Nord Stern
  16             Mai Tag Dinner                                              Dakota
  21             Intermarq Car Show Como Park, St. Paul, MN                  Nord Stern
  22             Annual Poker Run for Charity                                St. Louis

  3-5            5th Loess Hills Lambada                                     Dakota
  3-5            PCA Club Race, Motorsport Park Hastings, Neb.               Great Plains
  5              European Auto Show                                          St. Louis
  11             17th Annual German Carfest Rally                            Nord Stern
  11             Tour to Clarksville                                         St. Louis
  17             BIR Fast Fling Driver Training                              Nord Stern
  18-19          BIR Fast Fling Driver Education                             Nord Stern

  9              Labadie Dinner Tour                                         St. Louis
  11-12          Nord Stern at Road America, Elkhart Lake, WI                Nord Stern
  24             Fast Eddie’s Run                                            St. Louis
  29-31          BIR PCA Club Race and Driver Education                      Nord Stern
  31             Porsche Parade, Savannah, Georgia (continued)

  1-6            Porsche Parade, Savannah, Georgia
  13-14          DE at Mid-America Motorplex, Pacific Junction, IA           Great Plains
  14             Augusta Wine Tour                                           St. Louis
  25-28          Run fo the Hills 9, Multi Region event, Keystone, SC        Dakota

  9              BIR Fast Fling Driver Training                              Nord Stern
  9-11           Woodhouse Track Day at Motorsport Park Hastings, Neb.       Great Plains
  10             Carr’s Car Cruise                                           St. Louis
  10-11          BIR Fast Fling Driver Education                             Nord Stern
  14-18          PCA Escape, Flagstaff, AZ
  17             Ste. Genevieve Wine Tour                                    St. Louis
  23-25          RVBOWWOW 6                                                  Dakota
  23-25          North Shore Color Tour                                      Nord Stern

     Tentative 2011 Driving Events Schedule for
       Rocky Mountain Region PCA and Alpine

Dates         Region      Event                      Venue

Apr 23-24     RMR         No Times DE                High Plains Raceway

May 14-15     AMR         AMR DE                     LaJunta

May 21        RMR         Autocross School           Front Range Airport

May 22        RMR         Autocross                  Front Range Airport

Jun 4-5       AMR         AMR DE                     Pueblo Motorsports Park

Jun 18-19     RMR         RMR DE                     High Plains Raceway

Jul 16        RMR         Ladies' Day DE             High Plains Raceway

Jul 17        RMR         President's Day DE         High Plains Raceway

Aug 6         AMR         AMR Autocross              tbd

Aug 13-14     RMR         Club Race / Super DE       High Plains Raceway

Sep 17-18     RMR         RMR DE                     High Plains Raceway

Oct 1-2       AMR         AMR DE                     Pueblo Motorsports Park

Oct 15-16     RMR         RMR DE                     High Plains Raceway

Oct 23        RMR         Trick or Cross Autocross   Front Range Airport

                             Prez Craig Says….
      Just a quick President’s message to all.. Why?
‘Cause I’m supposed to. HAPPY NEW YEAR!
       I survived another year as lead dog and look
forward to another year. Hopefully, we as a club have
done things to keep you all interested in coming out
to meetings and events, and if we need to improve in
any area, let us know. Judging by the attendance at
our monthly meetings and events, I think we are still
on the right track and hope to keep building on that
success. You have a great group of very enthusiastic
officers for the coming year, so thank them for
helping you and myself set up a year of great events.
Once again it’s your yearly membership dues that
                                                                 Contact Craig: Cell (316) 641-1590
help us put these events together, so come out and
enjoy, or I will be happy to spend the money on                                  Home (316) 722-5471

       Thanks again to Klaus and Tracy Viljanmaa
for opening their lovely home to the club for this
year’s great After-Holiday Party. Everyone loved
checking out the unique collection of motorcycles and
Happy driving,


   Tammy Allen was driving her Porsche 911 Turbo home from one of her business trips in
   Northern Arizona when she saw an elderly Navajo woman walking on the side of the road.
   As the trip was a long and quiet one, she stopped the car and asked the Navajo woman if
   she would like a ride.

   With a silent nod of thanks, the woman got into the car. Resuming the journey, Tammy tried
   in vain to make a bit of small talk with the Navajo woman. The old woman just sat silently,
   looking intently at everything she saw, studying every little detail, until she noticed a brown
   bag on the seat next to Tammy.

   'What's in the bag?' asked the old woman. Tammy looked down at the brown bag and said,
   'It's a bottle of wine. I got it for my husband.' The Navajo woman was silent for another
   moment or two. Then speaking with the quiet wisdom of an elder, she said: 'Good trade'.....

        Men of the Turbo Brotherhood, Part II:
               Tim Hellman, Ric Knorr
                                Presented by Tammy Allen

       Tim Hellman’s relationship with
Porsches – and with PCA – is in his
blood. Tim was introduced to Porsches
more than 40 years ago when his cousin
Gerald Hudson was racing a 1959
Porsche 356 Convertible D in E
Production in the SCCA events. Hudson,
a former Wichita chapter treasurer and
president, also owned a rare 1962 Twin
Grill 356 and a 1969 Porsche 904.
       But despite Tim’s early exposure
to Porsche and a fascination with the
wide-hipped whale-tail Turbos of the
1970s, this horsepower fanatic’s first
Porsche is the one he’s currently driving
– a white 2009 Turbo (six-speed)
purchased new from Scholfield Auto
Plaza in January of 2009. White was the Tim Hellman hangs out with his pride and joy, his 2009 Turbo.
deal-breaker for Tim, who had looked at
a silver Turbo at the dealership, but set his sights on a white car after a series of earlier
speedsters, including a silver 1991 Twin Turbo 300 ZX. The outlook wasn’t positive, however;
Scholfield knew Porsche planned to shutter the factory early that year due to the economy, and
white was a relatively rare color, so they were doubtful they could deliver Tim’s dream car. Tim
recalls thinking, “Good, I just saved $150,000!” But just a week and a half later, he was handing
over his credit card so Scholfield could bring in a white Turbo from Atlanta!
        Although the 2009 Turbo is Tim’s first Porsche, it’s far from his first performance vehicle.
“I’ve always been into horsepower,” Tim admits. “Just about every car I’ve ever purchased, street or
race car, I got the biggest motor or tricked it out with upgrades. Back in my racing days, I got 450
horses out of a 70 C.I. Mazda 12A engine; that was in 1978 when I raced it in the B-Sedan class.”
Tim’s garage and “man-cave” (yes, those are two separate areas) hold a number of delightful
surprises, including a 1966 Cobra replica boasting 650 horsepower. Visitors at the Hellmans’
summer lake party saw Tim’s Lotus open-wheel racer parked in the man-cave.
       These days, the Hellmans’ garage also houses a 2010 Cayman S with PDK, which is Brenda
Hellman’s Porsche; Tim calls the PDK “really remarkable.” Another Porsche may yet be in Tim’s
future. He’s currently in the hunt for a 1977-1979 911 Turbo, saying he “loves the iconic look of
those model years.”
       Tim may have spent more time modifying his Turbo than actually driving it so far. “I wanted
that classic Porsche sound because the car was just too quiet. Once I convinced myself to do one
upgrade, the other upgrades come easy.” So far, Tim’s upgrades have rocketed his stock 480 hp up
to 625 with FabSpeed carbon fiber intakes, high-performance breather cones, ECU upgrade, and
straight pipes. An on-again, off-again mod is the high-flow mufflers Tim purchased because
“running those straight pipes sounds so good, but you can’t hear yourself think inside the car.

                                                                                 Continued on page 9

  Men of the Turbo Brotherhood: Tim Hellman
                                    continued from page 8

       “Driving the car through
underpasses, under bridges and
downtown, I can be heard for miles – it’s
that good!” Tim says he’s had the high-flow
mufflers on and they work great, but he
can’t persuade himself to put them back
on because that Porsche howl is so much
fun! He’s also added BBS LM-R wheels for
more of a racing look, and thinks he’s
“about done …although I might look into
lowering the car!”
       Tim’s travel schedule keeps him out
of the car more than he’d like – it’s nearly
two years old and has only racked up
2,300 miles. But when he does have the
chance, Tim says he “loves the entrance
and exit ramps around the 235 bypasses
and passing folks with their windows down Tim gives his turbo a workout at Hallett Motor Racing Circuit
at 6500 RPM with the straight pipes – it     near Tulsa.
blows their minds!” He also thoroughly
enjoyed a day at Hallett, finding the Turbo handling impressive and the carbon ceramic brakes
unfazed by a day of hard work. He’s looking forward to another day at Hallett without drizzle to
really put the car through its paces.
       Regretfully, Tim acknowledges one drawback for the Turbo – its performance as an
autocrosser. Taking in a club autocross day
along with Brenda and her Cayman S, Tim
pooh-poohed Turbo driver Don Mayer’s
warning that the Turbo wasn’t made for AX
… but discovered the ugly truth as
Brenda’s Cayman S “kicked my butt in the
Turbo.” Tim says he was so frustrated with
the car he ended up getting lost in the sea
of orange cones. But, still … “the car
sounded good though!”
       Now that he’s got both Porsche and
Turbo fever, Tim says he’d love to special
order another Turbo someday and go to the
factory to see it built. His final comment on
the subject: “The Turbo models just add
that extra bang for the buck. Why have a
regular Porsche 911 when you can have a

                                                Tim got girled by his wife Brenda in her 2009 Cayman S on
                                                the autocross course last fall.

     Men of the Turbo Brotherhood: Ric Knorr

      Ray Koenig and Ric Knorr, PCA
members and long-time friends, now share one
more thing in common since Ray’s purchase of
his 2010 Turbo. Ray’s Turbo experiences were
featured in the last issue of the Turbo Twister
(a particularly apt name for these two issues!);
now we highlight Ric’s 2011 Turbo S along
with the excellent photos Ray took of the two
friends and their cars.
      Ric’s enthusiasm for automotive high-
performance isn’t new – previous cars have
included powerful Corvettes and BMWs,
including the first M Roadster (the BMW                     Ric Knorr adores his 2011 Turbo S.
Motorsport division’s tuned version of the BMW
Z3). But a Porsche Club event at Heartland
Park in 1992 first sparked his interest in the
marque. Once Porsches caught his eye, though,
Ric jumped into the Turbo world with both feet,
owning in order a 2003 Turbo (manual), a 2007
Turbo (Tiptronic with modifications) and now
the ’11 Turbo S with PDK. He also owned a 944
Turbo “a long time ago,” keeping his Porsche
record 100% Turbo – no doubt about what Ric’s
preferences are!
       Although none of the cars have been on a
track and Ric considers his ’11 primarily a “fun
car” that he’d like to like to get into
autocrossing/DE, Ric’s clear about why he
                                                          A “fun car?” What an understatement!!!
prefers the Turbo platform: “Horsepower, torque
and now PDK! All-wheel … avoids getting the
back end out of shape. Any doubt?” But what he
likes best of all: “The ‘ZING’ slingshot
acceleration is something special.” But Ric’s
Turbo hasn’t been a garage queen either; he’s
driven it to Florida and back, earning a
surprising and/or respectable 26 mpg for the
roundtrip. (Must have been some serious law
enforcement along the way ….) While Ric’s wife
Darlene appreciates the Turbo, her hands-on
outings to date have been on the Turnpike at the
speed limit.
                          Continued on page 11
                                                      Ric and fellow PCA member Ray Koenig share a
                                                      fascination with Porsches — especially Turbos.

      Continued from page 10      Ric Knorr Talks Turbo

Given his vehicular history with Porsche, it’s no surprise that Ric says he’d buy another
Turbo, although he just took delivery of his current one this summer. His only advice to
club members considering a Turbo purchase: HAVE FUN!
       (Author’s note: Ric’s enthusiasm for high-performance cars extends to sharing his toys
with friends – or even near-strangers. The first time I met Ric, we swapped car stories over a
board meeting dinner. The second time we crossed paths at a related event, he tossed the
keys to his BMW M Roadster to me and encouraged me to take it for a spin. I nervously
declined, and Ric laughed: “It’s OK, I’m an insurance guy!” Still later, after we’d run into
each other a few more times at various community and PCA events, Ric not only took me for
a spin in his fresh-off-the-boat Turbo – must have been the 2007 – but also offered to let me
take the wheel. Don Mayer has also made such an offer in his Turbo, and I must say … after
listening to all of these Turbo stories, one of these days my resistance will crumble and I’ll
take one of these generous Turbo enthusiasts up on their offer!)

       What if One Turbo Isn’t Enough?
                     (Editor pulled this from Wikipedia)


Some engines, such as V-type engines, utilize two identically sized but smaller turbos,
each fed by a separate set of exhaust streams from the engine. The two smaller turbos
produce the same (or more) aggregate amount of boost as a larger single turbo, but since
they are smaller, they reach their optimal RPM, and thus optimal boost delivery, more
quickly. Such an arrangement of turbos is typically referred to as a parallel twin-turbo
system. The first production automobile with parallel twin turbochargers was the Maserati
Biturbo of the early 1980s. Later such installations include Porsche 911 TT, Toyota Supra
TT, Nissan GT-R, Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4, Nissan 300ZX TT, Audi RS6, and BMW twin-
turbo 3.0 liter inline N54 6 cylinder [N54 uses two different-size turbos, a sequential
setup] cars (E90, E81, E60).


Some car makers combat lag by using two small turbos. A typical arrangement for this is
to have one turbo active across the entire rev range of the engine and one coming on-line
at higher RPM. Below this RPM, both exhaust and air inlet of the secondary turbo are
closed. Being individually smaller, they do not suffer from excessive lag and having the
second turbo operating at a higher RPM range allows it to get to full rotational speed
before it is required. Such combinations are referred to as a sequential twin-turbo.
Porsche first used this technology in 1985 in the Porsche 959. Sequential twin-turbos are
usually much more complicated than a single or parallel twin-turbo systems because they
require what amounts to three sets of intake and wastegate pipes for the two
turbochargers as well as valves to control the direction of the exhaust gases. Many new
diesel engines use this technology to not only eliminate lag but also to reduce fuel
consumption and reduce emissions.

Remote installations

Turbochargers are sometimes mounted well away from the engine, in the tailpipe of the
exhaust system. Such remote turbochargers require a smaller aspect ratio due to the
slower, lower-volume, denser exhaust gas passing through them. For low-boost
applications, an intercooler is not required; often the air charge will cool to near-ambient
temperature en route to the engine. A remote turbo can run 300 to 600 degrees cooler
than a close-coupled turbocharger, so oil coking (forming solid residue) in the bearings is
of much less concern. Remote turbo systems can incorporate multiple turbochargers in
series or parallel.

                      Bucky Fowler Entertains
                           Club Members

      Wichita Region PCA club members descended on Newton, Kansas in December to
attend Bucky Fowler’s holiday celebration at the Newton Opry House. The fun began with
a German dinner at the Bread Basket. Members were treated to several authentic German
sausages, salads and dessert. Yummy!
      Bucky and his family provided wonderful entertainment. The Fowlers shared
country songs the first half of the show and concluded the second half with traditional
holiday Christmas music. Thank you Ken and Lavonna Huston for arranging a great

Club members Beth and Alan Snyder brought their        Julie Bailey enjoyed the show with her kids and
parents.                                               their friends.

Terry Morris, Ken Huston, Chester Bailey and           Lavonna Huston and Kathy Morris took a break in
Mike Cain enjoyed the dinner as much as the            the lobby at the Newton Opry.

          After-Holiday Christmas Party

      WOW!! Each year our annual After-Holiday Christmas Party gets bigger and better.
This year Klaus and Traci Viljanmaa opened their new home for club members and
guests. Guests were treated to tours of Klaus’s Harley Davidson and car collections.
Nearly 50 guests feasted on barbeque from When Pigs Fly and side dishes were provided
by members.
     Ken Huston, our new Charity Chairman, asked everyone to bring a food donation or
make a cash donation for the Kansas Food Bank. The drive was successful and most
members brought several items and made some very generous contributions.
     A huge THANK YOU goes to the Viljanmaas for opening their home to a bunch of
rowdy Porsche owners.

                   THANK YOU to Traci, Klaus and Finley Viljanmaa for
                   hosting this year’s After-Holiday Party in your new home.

After-Holiday Party Pictures
       Continued from page 14

        See the Club website for more
           images from the party.

        Meet Club Member Keith Epperly
       Keith Epperly’s
life reads like a movie
script – probably one
starring a combination
of James Bond and
McGyver. A self-
professed “complete car
freak” all his life, Keith’s
biography contains
plenty of adventure, but
as you might expect of
many PCA members, the
theme of cars runs
       Despite multiple
gunshot wounds in
Vietnam that resulted in
chronic illness, Keith’s
interest in all things
mechanical and
especially automotive
has led him on a
                           Keith Epperly shows off his slantnose Porsche Carrera.
meandering but
fascinating path. A high-
school dropout, Keith’s hard-earned and self-taught electrical, engineering and mechanical
skills landed him a position as an engineer for an electrical company. After that position
ended, his innate curiosity and fondness for “tinkering to make things better” resulted in
the invention of a commercially successful gradual light-dimmer used in many restaurants
and bars to boost sales.
        Never one to take the ordinary route, Keith’s pursuits have included professional
motocrossing – he was ranked third in the state of Kansas at one point – and selling
Porsches, which was his introduction to the brand. As a salesman at a
Mercedes/Audi/Porsche dealership in Houston, Keith purchased his first Porsche, a 1967
911 S trade-in, which was soon followed by a 1977 Turbo and a 1978 Targa. But his ideal
Porsche was yet in the making. Built from 1987-89 and again in 1991, the "Flachtbau"
(slant-nose) was otherwise available only from the Porsche factory’s Special Wishes
program. The cars were built in very limited numbers; likely less than 1,000 total. Keith
fell in love with the slant-nose profile and purchased a 1987 Carrera Turbo-look which
had been modified in Germany to the slant-nose look with pop-up headlights.

                                                                       Continued on page 17

Continued from page 17      Club Member Keith Epperly

        Although he’s owned, modified,
restored, tuned and otherwise tinkered with
likely dozens of cars in his lifetime, Keith
has kept his slant-nose since he purchased
it in 2000. He says after rebuilding,
replacing or restoring nearly every part of
the car, no one would give him what he’s got
in it, so it’s his to keep. Keith’s work
includes a completely rebuilt engine, new
transmission, suspension, new wiring, and a
reupholstered interior to bring the car up to
his standard of quality. “I like to take
something like a Porsche and figure out how
to make it better,” Keith says about his
mechanical obsession.
       Many other cars have rotated in and
out of Keith’s garages over the years – all of
them built for hotshoes, of course, and
mostly modified to put out even more power.
A partial list includes a 1969 427 Camaro, a
Lamborghini, a ’68 El Camino, and fairly
recently, a 1956 Chevy Del Rey two-door
post sporting a 454 Yenko engine which had
two different fuel pumps: one for normal           Keith’s wife liked his Smart Car so much he bought
driving and one for nitrous that added about       one for her as well!
300 more horsepower. Keith recalls: “When
you matted it, the front end lifted about two    remembers an earlier PCA get-together with
feet off the ground and scared the crap out      former PCA president Fred Borsdorf and
of me. I said, enough of this $#%&, it’s         another PCA member, Fred Quintania, with
gonna kill me and I sold it.” Other              special fondness. The two Freds, Fred
restoration ventures have been less              Borsdorf's grandson and Keith were
terrifying and more award-winning – Keith’s      attending a Porsche driving event at
garage holds three restoration trophies for      Topeka's Heartland Park at which
his 1969 427 Camaro and the 1968 El              participants could donate to the ASPCA in
Camino from Darryl Starbird car shows. His       return for “parade laps” on the track.
car ventures have also allowed him to see        “Parade laps” somehow became hot laps as
other outstanding cars, including a Brumos       Quintania had a newer Turbo, and Keith’s
Racing Porsche piloted by Porsche legend         slant-nose was tucked on his tail. Keith
Hurley Haywood in the Rolex 24 Hours at          remembers, “We get back to the pit and Fred
Daytona and the 1932 Ford Roadster Frank         Borsdorf’s grandson calls his mother and
Currie drove to a 205 mph speed record at        says, ‘You know how fast I was going with
Bonneville.                                      Mr. Epperly? 135 miles an hour!’ His mother
                                                 said: ‘LET ME SPEAK TO MY FATHER!’”
    Most recently, Keith has been a
member of the Porsche Club since 2000, but                                     Continued on page 18

      Thoughtful Thoughts from the Editor

       Call it cabin fever, being stir crazy or the winter blues but whatever it is , I have it.
The Silver Flash has it too. Both of us need some road or track time to stretch our wheels
and legs. The other night I was so desperate, I just walked out to the garage and sat
inside the Flash practicing some heel/toe and visualizing the Hallett and Heartland tracks.
I got so fast, I lapped Ken Houston!
      I’m filling these short, cold, winter days cruising the PCA websites and checking out
special interests groups ( When you have time, PCA has
several interest groups. If you Google Porsche forums, you’ll find more. I think there’s a
group for everyone.
       Stay warm, use your down time wisely and dream of warm spring days.

Happy driving,
Emily Compton—Editor
Thankful for her 2006 Arctic Silver Cayman S, Venture Shield, colored wheel caps, clear markers,19” Nitto 05
tires and a track alignment!

        Continued from page 17           Club Member Keith Epperly
       Keith claims his wife, Betty, doesn’t share his automotive interests, but then admits
that he had to buy a second Smart Car because after he brought the first one home, she
“stole it from him.” So the couple’s bright-yellow garage now contains one yellow-and-
black 1987 Porsche slant-nose and two yellow-and-black Smart Cars – one of which Keith
brought to the last PCA meeting.
      So with the slant-nose completely rebuilt, and two tiny economy cars in the garage,
what’s next on the agenda? Not one to let any car – no matter how small – rest on its
laurels, Keith has big plans for the Smart Car. He’s already working with noted hot rodder
Tracy Pedigo to modify the Smart Car with new headers and a cold-air intake, with the
eventual goal of taking the Smart Car to Bonneville to shoot for a Smart Car speed record.
Stock Smart Cars are speed-limited to 90 mph, and Keith hopes to do 130-140 mph in his
modified version.
       Retired? Obviously, Keith Epperly’s never heard of the word.

 Club Meeting Minutes from January 12, 2011
President Craig Voight congratulated club officers and committee chairs for 2011 as follows – the same as
2010 with the exception of secretary:

President: Craig Voight    Vice President: Terry Morris       Secretary: Tammy Allen
Treasurer: Carl Compton    VP Membership: Mike Gray           Safety Officer: Terry Morris
Driving Events/Autocross Chair: Tom Zickuhr      Webmaster: Julie Bailey      Newsletter: Emily

A card circulated at the meeting for club members to express their best wishes to member John Born,
recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.
No comments from Terry Morris.

On behalf of newsletter editor Emily Compton, Tammy Allen reminded members that we are always
looking for membership profile and other newsletter ideas. The Turbo profiles part two will continue in the
January issue, with Keith Epperly featured as the member profile. Photos from the after-holiday party at
the Viljanmaas will also run.

Membership chair Mike Gray reported that the club ended the year with 136 members and 66 affiliate
members – a new club high. We started the year with 106 members; a terrific showing for the year and likely
to place us among the top 5 clubs for membership growth for the year by chapter size. Again, thanks to
Scholfield Auto Plaza for helping promote the club!

Autocross and driving events chair Tom Zickuhr said he is building the year's event schedule, but waiting
on other racing dates like SCCA to be announced to work the autocrosses around. Many of the official PCA
club races are already on the Website, like Mayfast, although Heartland Park's schedule is not out yet.

AX attendance was down last year, so Tom will be contacting other marque clubs and inviting them to attend
our events. Online pre-registration will be REQUIRED, with a deadline of a week ahead. If you register, then
do not cancel within a certain period before the event and then don't show up, you will have to pay for that
event anyway before you can attend another event.

Discussion of other potential AX venues followed, but no other great venues have been identified. SCCA has
tried some other locations.

Webmeister Julie Bailey noted that the club Website has been revamped and updated, so check it out ...
one of the additions that National has encouraged is a Facebook presence, so the Wichita PCA now has a
Facebook page. If you are a Facebook user, please visit and "friend" the Wichita PCA page; if you're NOT a
Facebook user but would like to learn how to use Facebook, Julie or Tammy can help you get acquainted
with the site. The information you disclose on the site can be controlled by the user, so that you do not share
any information you don't want to.

Treasurer Carl Compton reported that we currently have $1,575 in the treasury.

Social chair Sue Voight reported that about 50 people have RSVPed for the after-holiday party at the
Viljanmaas, and reminded all to bring canned goods or a donation for the Kansas Food Bank to the party.

Future events were discussed: Sue has talked to Mark from the Loony Bin comedy club. Popular comedian
The Sandman (a hypnotist) will be appearing March 26. We have tentatively scheduled that as a PCA event,
but members will need to call to make reservations with the Loony Bin individually and say you are with the
PCA club; we can't make the reservations through our PCA club site. The show is likely to sell out, so check
the Website for more details and a reminder. It is an R-rated show.

Sue also noted that Merle's Bar, a watering hole just west of downtown, will do private parties on Sunday;
another option to check out.

                                                                                  Continued on page 20

    Continued from page 19                ...Jan. 12 Meeting Minutes

Todd Record provided information he had gotten on reserving the balcony at the East Warren Theatre for a
club social event. On any weeknight in March, the Warren would allow us to have the balcony exclusively for
our group. Movie tickets are normally about $18 each for the balcony; the Warren will offer us the balcony
for our club only, appetizers, set-ups, cash bar and the movie for $20 each, but we would need to have at
least 30 people attend to book this. Several movies are available and we would be able to choose whichever
one the group wanted to see; more information will be available at the after-holiday party and people can
RSVP and vote for the movie they want to see that night.

Ken Huston has volunteered (or perhaps more accurately, been volunteered by LaVonna!) to organize the
club's charitable activities for the year. The Kansas Food Bank will receive the goods donated at the after-
holiday party, but Ken suggested that at every club event, a donation jar will be set out for those who are
interested in contributing. Toward the end of the year, Ken will tally the money and invite anyone who has
contributed to suggest the name of a charity or several charities to receive the collected funds.

Scholfield Auto Plaza representative Priscilla Aguilera shared information about the new 918 RSR, debuted
at the Detroit Auto Show. More information is available at
She also noted that the construction currently underway at Scholfield is renovation of the site where the
Porsche showroom will be.

Submitted for the Wichita PCA by

Tammy Allen, Secretary

                  HPDE Insurance Program:
                  New Annual Policy Option
In June 2009, Porsche Club of America and the Lockton HPDE Insurance Program®
announced their partnership in delivering affordable insurance to the many PCA
enthusiasts involved in performance driving events. The program provides affordable,
single-event physical damage insurance for vehicles used in PCA high-performance driving
schools. Since its inception, many PCA enthusiasts have taken advantage of the PCA
HPDE Insurance Program and experienced its ease, affordability, and outstanding
customer service. Although the program already provides a fantastic solution for PCA
enthusiasts who participate in five events or less per year, we’ve listened to our customers
and are expanding our offerings in 2011 to meet the needs of enthusiasts that are more
active in the hobby. Insurance Program Administered by Lockton Risk Services

The trend of racetrack exclusions in standard auto policies has continued to the point
where it is now a rare exception for a personal auto policy to provide coverage while a car is
participating in on-track activities. We encourage you to take a look at your policy and make
sure you have the coverage you think you have. If you don’t, visit us online for an affordable
single or multiple event policy.
Endorsed by Porsche Club of America

In February of 2011, we will begin offering a number of annual policy options that
provide coverage at a discounted rate for multiple events in a policy year. Four
different policy options will allow enthusiasts to choose a package that matches their level
of activity in HPDE events. Coverage will be available at any approved track in the U.S.
and Canada, and the policy automatically extends coverage for up to $2,500 in additional
modifications made during the year. Coverage for a $20,000 vehicle participating in six
events or less per year can be purchased for a premium as low as $590.

                            or CALL TOLL-FREE 1.866.582.4957

Coverage is offered at a discounted rate to PCA participants attending PCA events
for both single-event and annual policies.

   Here’s the Latest From Our Friends at PCA

       2011 Version of the World's Most Successful GT Race Car Debut at

                             Porsche "Night of Champions"

Stuttgart - December 12 -- The Porsche 911 GT3 RSR takes off into the new
motorsport season with significant modifications. The 2011 version of the world's most
successful GT race car celebrated its international premiere at the "Night of Champions"
party held at the R&D Center in Weissach to mark the end of the 2010 motorsport
season. Priority in the further development of the GT3 RSR was given to the newly
designed aerodynamics at the front and rear, changes to the suspension kinematics and to
the engine.

The 4.0-litre, six-cylinder boxer engine now delivers 455 hp (355 kW) at 7,800 revs, five
horsepower more than its predecessor. The power increase results from an engine
management system which adapts even better to different fuel grades, as well as a
redesigned exhaust system and a modified air intake housing. Moreover, the drivability
of the famously efficient engine has undergone further improvements. Maximum revs
remain unchanged at 9,400 rpm.

Clearly visible are the modifications to the front. A new front lip provides higher
downforce at the front axle. The front wheels are now wider with the rims growing from
11 to 12 inches giving additional grip and less understeer. The position of the rear wing
and the shape of the wing mounting also underwent optimization and were adapted to
the new rear fairing with additional air outlet louvers. The rear lid was also redesigned for
optimized air ducting. Like the 911 GT3 Cup and the GT3 R, the RSR has now been
equipped with the LED rear lights taken from the latest 911 road-legal cars.

The 911 GT3 RSR joins the 911 GT3 R and the 911 GT3 Cup as the top model of
Porsche Motorsport's product range. The successful long distance racer from Weissach
can be ordered now at a price of 410,000 Euro plus country-specific value added tax. All
2011 modifications are available as a kit for GT3 RSR cars from the 2010 season.


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