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The Secret of


									                             The Secret of 99¢ Auctions

                    ** Any word or phrase you see highlighted in green,
                there is a definition of it available at the end of this report **

Maybe you do not see how this could work already… but you do realize that I now have your email
address and you are reading some material of mine. Do you know that is it very likely you already
helped me earn money and you didn't even realize it. Don't be offended!! Just say 'Wow, she's
right… now I want to do the same thing!"

You could stop right now, remove yourself from my email list and never hear from me again. But I
bet you are here because you WANT to make money online. In that case, stay with me and read
what I have to say.

Now, the secrets I give you here might not encompass every eBay seller, because other people
may have their own ideas about why they sell so low that are not covered here.

I will give you all the reasons I know and then share with you MY reasons and secrets.

Here are some scenarios as to why people will sell items for .99¢

They list a website for .99¢ - They may sell you the website for pennies, but there are catches.
Some catches are NOT good for you, and others are for the benefit of the seller but they do you no

   1. In order to receive the website:
          a. You are required to have that website hosted through their company so you will pay
             them a monthly fee for as long as you own that website. They don't care about even
             giving you the website for free, because their objective is to get you on a monthly
             paying plan.
          b. You must buy a domain name through them. They earn money for every domain
             name sold.
          c. You are required to do both of the above

   2. You end up on mailing lists which they sell for big bucks to spam-sending companies.
      They JUST want your email address so they can sell it.

   3. The seller supplies other services to which they hope their customer will use. They may
      offer web design to upgrade the website look and content, or graphic design to create a
      nicer looking, custom banner. They may offer to supply the hosting or domain name, but
      unlike above, it is optional. The seller is hoping you will hire them because they know you
      DO NEED hosting and a domain name, but they do not require that you hire them.

   4. The seller has other websites that have Google Ads or other Pay Per Click advertising on
      them. These ads earn income when they are just clicked. The customer does not need to
      buy anything, just click the ad and the seller makes money.

   Reasons 1 & 2, well you be the judge. A lot of buyers will fall for this because they do not read
   the auction listing thoroughly. I believe these are bad business practices because if the buyer is
   caught off guard in that manner, the seller probably ends up with a negative feedback rating.

   Reasons 3 & 4 bring no harm to you. YOU decide if you want more services. If you don't, then
   you have a website for little money. If you DO need hosting anyway, then the seller can earn
   more money.
   Now, let's get to exactly what I do and why I sell websites and products for 99¢ and how you
   too can do this.

   I fall into the #3 and #4 categories. However, I don't have just one or two services, products or
   websites to offer after the sale. I'm going to show you every way that I earn money and how I
   perform my sales and after-the-sale processes.

       My Monthly Income
       eBay Listings             $300-500
       Google AdSense            $80-150
       Affiliate Programs        $1500-2000
       My Own Products           $1000-2000                     Monthly Profit
       My Monthly Expenses
       Website Hosting   $29
       eBay Fees         $200-250

   I usually list 50-70 items a day. They key is in the numbers. The more you list, the more you
   sell, the more traffic you get!
   You can do this on a smaller scale but of course your numbers will be lower.

   The Short Version (fully explained later)
      1. I have hundreds of digital products and websites that I sell. I list approximately 50-70
         per day. During the course of the auctions, I earn money from Google Ads and other
         products of mine that are displayed on the "Demo Pages" that eBay customers visit to
         see what they are bidding on.
      2. Once an item sells, I add the buyer to my "Digital Delivery System" where they can log
         in and download their item plus collect any bonuses I've offered. On these pages, I also
         have links to other peoples products and services for which I am an affiliate. So if my
         clients click those links and purchase something, I earn a commission on every sale.
      3. I add their email address to my Email/Newsletter Script and every so often, I will send
         out an article, offer or announcement. Articles will often contain an affiliate link, Offers
         will be a sale on another item of mine, for a limited time and I make announcements of
         any new products or websites I have.

Now, let's say a person visits my auction listing, but does NOT bid on my item… Guess what, I
most likely made money from them anyway. Keep reading….

The answer to selling anything online is TRAFFIC!! Visitors, People, Potential Customers… where
better to get these customers than from a website full of traffic all day long… eBay!
So you basically view your listings as a way to get attention drawn to OTHER items of yours… but if
your listing does sell, it's just icing on the cake. Normally, the amount I earn from the sale of
websites on eBay covers ALL of my listing fees, so I end up listing for free.

A website surfer is on eBay and they pull up one of my listings…
Once on my listing, there is a link for them to see a demo of the digital item I am selling.
They click that link and when the demo site opens, there is a 'pop up script' on it that will open yet
another website of mine.
Now, just from a customer clicking the link in my listing, I have multiple streams of income
potentially about to happen.
   1. The demo page has Google AdSense Ads at the top and Bottom. I am paid (by Google) for
       every click on those ads. The person never has to buy a thing. Just click and I earn.
   2. The demo page has a banner at the bottom for another product/ebook that I sell. If the
       person clicks that banner and purchases the product, I earn more money.
   3. The other website of mine that opened contains more Google Ads, Links to products to
       which I am an affiliate and I earn commissions on all sales and a sign up form where I get
       their email address for future promotions, Newsletters or offers.
    Flowchart of how my auction cycle goes for a potential
customer. LOOK AT THE CHART closely and read everything to
              fully understand how this works.

  Whether or not the eBay item sells, it's a win-win situation for me!
Great! You're sold, you want to do this too…. now what?

I'm going to tell you what you need to do it exactly as I do. You are 100% free to go out
and do it all on your own. However, I have also created all of these items for you and I do
sell them as a package or separately, but like I said, as always, you are completely free to
do this on your own.

      You need Digital Products with Resell Rights
       You need to obtain digital products that you are allowed to sell.
       I bought mine at Niche Empires. This is NOT an affiliate link and I earn NO money from you
       clicking it or from buying his products. I just think Alex Major does a TOP notch job with his
       website and offer -

      You need to create Auction Listings and Images
       You need to create listings that provide a link to the corresponding 'demo website'
       mentioned above.
       View the eBay listings for the items I currently list

      You need a Demo Website for each of the products
       These websites are to be used as a way to give eBay visitors more information on the
       product you are selling and for you to put a pop up script on the page to open another
       website of yours. You will also want to put Google AdSense Ads and/or banners to products
       you sell. You may also want to links to products of which you are an affiliate so you can
       earn commissions.
       AT Niche Empires mentioned above, Alex gives a ready-made sales website about 95% of
       the time. Use this for the demo website/description.
       BE SURE to NOT put a working 'Buy Button' on the demo site because this goes against
       eBay rules!
       However, DO be sure to put Google AdSense Ads and/or banners to products you sell or for
       which you are an affiliate.
       As far as a pop up script to make another website open when your customer views the
       demo website, please see the end of this report for the pop up script code I use.
       You can see each product I list has a demo website by visiting the page I have linked below:

       View Website Demos
       When you click on each Demo Website, what you see happen is what happens when an
       eBay visitor clicks a link in my auction listings. Hopefully, by this, you can see how I earn
       money just from people visiting my auction listings.

      You need a Digital Delivery System
       This isn't completely necessary because you could just email the product to the person.
       However, let me share with you what I've learned through the years. Many times, I will sell
       a digital product and then months later, I'll receive an email from the buyer saying they
       accidentally deleted the product or their computer crashed, etc. With the Digital Delivery
       System, they always have a log in so they can get back in and re-download the item.
       Also, I frequently change things on some of the pages to display other products I sell or an
       affiliate link to another website. Especially, since I sell websites, I always have affiliate links
       to Hosting accounts. P.S. You get big bucks for hosting account affiliate programs. GoDaddy
       pays me $65 - $105 when someone gets a hosting account through my affiliate link. I sell
       approximately 18 websites a day. Usually at least ONE person needs a hosting account!
       I have a delivery system that I created based on the features that I need as an eBay seller
       and to deliver the links for downloading products. You CAN find scripts for free but you will
       most likely have to edit them to fit your needs.

       You can test out my Digital Delivery Demo
       Test Demo as a Customer (this would be YOUR eBay Customer)
       Username: johnbay Password: 123456
       Test Demo as a the Admin (this would be YOU, as the digital product seller)
       Username: admin Password: 123456

      You need an Online Digital Store
       What better than to have all your other products ready for sale somewhere else off eBay.
       Avoid eBay fees by having people go directly to your store. I have a very simple PayPal
       Store script that handles the sales. I do delivery these items through my Digital Delivery
       System, just as mentioned above.
       View Demo for MY Online Digital Store - Add items to the cart and see how the cart drops
       down… very cool PayPal Script
       Take a look at the Store Demo - Add items to see how it works

      Email/Newsletter Script
       Very Important. Always add your customers to a list. Most people do not buy something the
       first time they see it, or even the second and third time. You must have a way to follow up
       with people. How you handle that list is up to you. You may just gather them in a text file
       and then email them later on one by one. Better yet, get a script on your website that
       handles it for you. I enter the customers email address and then when I am ready to send
       out a newsletter/offer, I can send it to ALL my customers at one time.

       Take a look at the Newsletter Demo             Password is 123456

Trust me, I know this can all be daunting, but once you understand the process and flow
that you want a customer to go through, it all makes sense. It's all second nature to me.

eBay supplies people/traffic. So you want to get those people from eBay, to a website of
yours and/or onto your mailing list.

Summary:        The Secret to 99¢ Auctions is that the sellers want you to buy other
services/products from them. The auctions are their "loss-leaders". Read listings carefully
because if the seller requires you to do/buy something, it should be written in the listing.
If they do not require anything further, then you can be pretty sure you will hear from
them again, regarding another product, service or website, like you heard from me again.

  If you are interested in doing this also, but would
   like to purchase a Package that encompasses all
    of the above instead of doing it yourself, please
                visit the website below.

                         Click to Visit Website
Put this code in the <head> section of the html code - Be sure to change the part that
says to your actual website

var popunder=""

//specify popunder window features
//set 1 to enable a particular feature, 0 to disable

//Pop-under only once per browser session? (0=no, 1=yes)
//Specifying 0 will cause popunder to load every time page is loaded
var once_per_session=1

///No editing beyond here required/////

function get_cookie(Name) {
  var search = Name + "="
  var returnvalue = "";
  if (document.cookie.length > 0) {
    offset = document.cookie.indexOf(search)
    if (offset != -1) { // if cookie exists
      offset += search.length
      // set index of beginning of value
      end = document.cookie.indexOf(";", offset);
      // set index of end of cookie value
      if (end == -1)
         end = document.cookie.length;
      returnvalue=unescape(document.cookie.substring(offset, end))
  return returnvalue;

function loadornot(){
if (get_cookie('popunder')==''){

function loadpopunder(){,"",winfeatures)

if (once_per_session==0)

Here are the definitions of terms highlighted in green in the report

Web Page
A web page is a document, usually with text, images and hyperlinks. The document is
made up of a special code called HTML. HTML is code that a web browser can see and the
browser will display the web page for human eyes.

A website is a collection of web pages linked together and placed onto a hosting server
(computer) so that the world can view it.

Domain Name
When you have a website on a hosting server, it is given an address that consists of all
numbers (like 192.25.515.3). In order to allow people to visit websites without having to
remember all those numbers, the website can be issued a domain name (like Typing into a web browser would be the
same as typing in http:// 192.25.515.3

In order for the world to be able to see your website, it needs to be on a computer that is
connected directly to the internet 24/7. There are "hosting companies" that have these
computers (servers) that are specifically made to handle large quantities of websites.

Google AdSense Ads has a program called AdSense. You can sign up for free and then use their
tools to place ads on your website. When your website visitors click these ads, you earn
money. The visitor doesn't even have to buy anything, they just click and you make

Pay Per Click
There are some programs out there where if you place a link on your website and a visitor
clicks it, you earn a commission on anything they buy on the website they are taken to.
However, the visitor has to buy something in order for you to earn. With Pay Per Click
programs, you are paid just for your visitor clicking a link… not for buying something.
Google AdSense is a Pay Per Click program.

An affiliate is basically a 'sales person' for another company. You can offer products for
sale on your website that were created by another company and you earn commissions on
all sales.

Affiliate Link
As an affiliate, you are given a special link which, when clicked, will show the product
owners WHO sold that product and to whom commissions are owed.
Email/Newsletter Script
This script will allow you to add peoples emails to it and then whenever you want to send
out a newsletter, offer or announcement, you can easily do so to ALL subscribers at once.

Pop Up Script
A pop up script is some code that you can put into the HTML of a webpage and when a
visitor opens that webpage, the pop up script is triggered and will make a new website (of
your choosing) to open as well. I'm SURE you've seen at least one pop up in your internet
life =)

Resell Rights
People will make products and then give or sell the "resell rights" to it, which will allow
you, as the buyer, to also sell the item even though you did not make it.

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