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									2009 National Allii a n ce for Partnerships
in Equity and W o m en Work!
Professional D e v e lopment Institute

  on the PATH
                                    h                 0
                                March 29 - April 1, 2009

                               Mov i n g Together Toward Equity
                               in E ducation and Employment
    Dear Colleagues and Friends,
    On behalf of the National Alliance for Partnerships in      clients – and in turn, we hope that you will educate
    Equity (NAPE) and Women Work! The National Network          your policymakers in Congress and in your home
    for Women’s Employment, it is our pleasure to welcome       communities about them. There will also be a chance to
    you to Partners on the Path to Equity – our second joint    meet and network with colleagues, as well as show your
    Professional Development Institute.                         support of NAPE and Women Work!, during this year’s
                                                                Silent Auction.
    We recognize that many of you have overcome
    significant barriers to be with us; we have worked hard     Since we last met, many changes and challenges have
    to make the next few days worth your efforts.               occurred both on the federal level and in each of your
                                                                individual states. It is our hope and the goal of both
    It is always a pleasure to reconnect with colleagues        NAPE and Women Work! that you receive valuable tools
    throughout the country. The changes underway in the         for meeting both the challenges currently before you
    current economy have made it all the more imperative        and those you will face once we part ways. What was
    that we come together around new solutions and best         said last year remains true – in the enduring struggle for
    practices. This will be highlighted in the Weathering       economic equity, our greatest resource is each other,
    the Storm session and will also be a theme running          and we look forward to strengthening the connections
    throughout our work here. This year’s workshops             among our network of members.
    include a wide range of experts and advocates from
    education, workforce development, and direct-service        Sincerely,
    communities. Their presentations will enlighten us in our
    own work, but will also inform our discussion.

    Professional development is once again foundational         Sandra McGarraugh
    to this year’s programming, but there are several           Chair, Women Work! Board of Directors
    additional opportunities of which you can take full
    advantage. The 2009 Advocacy Day theme, New
    Directions in Education and Labor Policy, underscores
    the opportunities that present themselves with a new
    Congress and a new Presidential Administration. We
                                                                Julia Martas
    hope to inform you about existing and forthcoming
    programs and policies that can help you serve your
                                                                National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity

      Schedule at a Glance ........................ 1           Event Descriptions ....................... 10-11
                                                                 Tuesday & Wednesday
      Special Features .................................. 3
                                                                Woman of Vision ............................... 12
      Leading the Way................................. 4
                                                                Closing Speaker ................................ 13
      Sponsors and Donors .......................... 7
                                                                Local Transportation/Hotel Map
      Event Descriptions ............................ 8-9       ............................................. Back Cover
        Sunday and Monday
                                                                                                                                                 2        3
       Presidential Hallway        2. Madison                  6. Wilson                                             1
       Rooms:                      3. Monroe                   7. Harrison                                            Presidential Hallway
       1. Business Center          5. Van Buren                8. Jackson
                                                                                                                4        5              6        7            8

Sunday, March 29, 2009
                          Lobby            Potomac View                          Wilson                             Harrison                     Jackson
     7 - 9:00 am        Registration
                        Cyber Cafe
    9 am - 2:30 pm      Registration         Women Work!                     Pre-Conference:
                        Cyber Cafe         Board of Directors               Five-Step Program
                                               Meeting                    Improvement Process
                                               goes until 4:30 pm               goes until 3 pm

     2:30 - 3 pm        Registration                                                                        Pre-Conference: Tools
                        Cyber Cafe                                                                         to Plan a Secure Future
                                                                                                                goes until 4:30 pm

     3 - 4:30 pm        Registration                                                                                                           NAPE Education
                        Cyber Cafe                                                                                                            Foundation Board
                                                                                                                                               goes until 7:00 pm

      4:30-5 pm         Registration
                        Cyber Cafe
     7 - 9: 00 pm      STEM Equity Pipeline Dessert Reception - Invited Guests Only - Potomac View - 14th floor, South Tower

Monday, March 30, 2009
                     Lobby          Crystal Monroe                     Van Buren                    Wilson               Harrison                    Jackson
    7 - 9:00 am     Registration                   Resource
                    Cyber Cafe                      Room
    9 - 9:15 am     Registration    Welcome        Resource
                    Cyber Cafe                      Room
9:25-10:30 am       Registration    Corporate      Resource                                                               Microsoft
                    Cyber Cafe     Roundtables      Room                                                                 Roundtable
    10:45-12:15     Registration                   Resource           Legal Rights and            Just Say No to        Today’s Working        Employing Sector
                    Cyber Cafe                      Room            Policy Protections for         Stereotypes:             Women in            Partnerships to
Workshops                                                           Victims of Domestic            Strategies for      Transition: Current     Achieve Gains for
 Session I                                                                Violence                   Changing            Resources and          Women Workers
                                                                                                   Unconscious        Initiatives at the US
                                                                                                        Bias              Dept of Labor

      12:30 -       Registration    Woman of       Resource
     1:45 pm        Cyber Cafe        Vision        Room
    2 - 3:30 pm     Registration                   Resource           Weathering the                Women in            Mentoring and             Case Studies:
                    Cyber Cafe                      Room             Storm: Facilitated            Technology:           Mythbusting:             State Efforts to
Workshops                                                               Roundtable                  Building an       Promoting Gender         Promote Equitable
Session II                                                              Discussions                  Effective        Equity in Emerging        Representation in
                                                                      Addressing the                  Pipeline           Technologies          the Classroom and
                                                                       Impact of the                from STEM                                   in the Workplace
                                                                     Current Economic              Education to
                                                                           Crisis                 the Workforce

    3:45 - 5:15     Registration                   Resource           We are IT: Ohio’s                                 Employment                 A Hand Up:
       pm           Cyber Cafe                      Room             Statewide Initiative                              Challenges for                Helping
                                                                    to Expand Women’s                                 Women Veterans             Disadvantaged
Workshops                                                             Entry into IT Fields                                                         Women Find
Session III                                                                                                                                     Financial Security
                                                                                                                                                   Later in Life

6:00 pm      Silent Auction and Reception - Jefferson Room - 15th floor, South Tower
7 - 9:00 pm Women Work! Board of Directors and Corporate Board of Advisors Dinner
    Tuesday, March 31, 2009
                             Lobby          Washington Ballroom                    Monroe                 Lower Lobby                          Capitol Hill
       7 - 8:00 am         Registration                                         Resource Room
                           Cyber Cafe
       8 - 9:30 am         Registration                Breakfast                Resource Room
                           Cyber Cafe                 & Overview
     9:30 - 10:00 am
               00          Registration                                         Resource Room                Bus Loading
                           Cyber Cafe                                                                      & Transportation
    11 am - 12:30 pm       Registration                                         Resource Room                                               Congressional Briefing
                           Cyber Cafe
       12:30 - 1 pm
       12:30               Registration                                         Resource Room                                               Congressional Awards
                           Cyber Cafe
       1 - 2:00 pm         Registration                                         Resource Room                                                  Lunch on the Hill
                           Cyber Cafe                                                                                                            on your own
       2 - 5:30 pm         Registration                                         Resource Room                                                 Individual Hill Visits
                           Cyber Cafe
    Showtime 7:30 pm      An Evening at the Theatre: “Crowns”- Discount tickets purchased with registration only - contact theatre for ticket availability

         Presidential Hallway Rooms:                 5. Van Buren                                                                                  2       3
         1. Business Center                          6. Wilson                                                   1
         2. Madison                                  7. Harrison                                                  Presidential Hallway
         3. Monroe                                   8. Jackson
                                                                                                             4       5                  6          7           8

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009
                      Lobby         Washington Monroe                      Van Buren                  Wilson                   Harrison                  Jackson
    7 - 8:00 am      Registration                         Resource                                                                                     NAPE Executive
                     Cyber Cafe                            Room                                                                                         Committee
                                                                                                                                                       Meeting at 7:30
    8 - 8:30 am       Breakfast                           Resource
                     Registration                          Room
                     Cyber Cafe
    8:30 - 10 am     Registration                         Resource     Women Work! State                                                                  NAPE
                     Cyber Cafe                            Room        Affiliate Leadership                                                              Membership
                                                                             Meeting                                                                     Meeting
    10:15 - 11:45    Registration                         Resource      Focus Your Future:         Infrastructure            Young Women                 Forging New
        am           Cyber Cafe                            Room         Recruiting for Girls    Renewal: Creating            with Disabilities          Paths: Women
                                                                          in High School         Opportunities for            take Charge              in Construction
     Workshops                                                              Engineering         Pre-Apprenticeship               Through                  and Green
     Session IV                                                              Programs                 Training                Self-Directed                  Jobs
      Noon -         Registration       Closing
      1:30 pm        Cyber Cafe        Luncheon
    1:30 - 6 pm                                                                                                STEM Equity
                                                                                                            Leadership Institute
                                                                                                   NAPE charges an additional $75 for this event

    6 - 9:00 pm STEM Equity Pipeline Leadership Institute continues with Dinner - Jefferson - 15th floor, South Tower

Resource Room                                              An Evening of Theatre
Stop by the Resource                                       Tuesday, March 31, 2009
Room to gather                                             Join other PDI participants and guests for an evening
introductory information                                   at the Lincoln Theatre
and materials about                                        for the hit musical
organizations present at                                   Crowns. Come see
the PDI. Help others learn                                 the crowns worn by
about your organization                                    the “hat queens” of
by providing information                                   the South – women
and materials yourself.                                    whose storied lives
                                                           are woven into the
                                                           straw, silk, wool, and
                             Cyber Café                    lace that adorn their
                             Located by the registration   heads. Discount tickets
                             desk in the Washington        were sold at the time
                             Ballroom Foyer, the Cyber     of registration and
                             Café will help you keep in    will be distributed at
                             touch with home and the       the theatre. You can
                             office while you’re away,     contact the theatre for
                             without having to miss a      other ticket availability
                             moment of professional        at 202-488-3300. To
                             development.                  travel with the group
                                                           please meet in the
                                                           lobby at 6:15 sharp to
                                                           make the 6:30 shuttle.
Door Prize                                                 Metro fare is $2.10
As if the valuable content wasn’t reason enough to         each way.
attend PDI sessions, there is also a chance to win a
fantastic door prize. Don’t forget, though, you must be
present to win!                                                                    Early Check Out
                                                                                   Don’t want to miss a session,
                                                                                   but need to check out? Don’t
Silent Auction                                                                     worry. You can check out
Monday, March 30                                                                   early at the front desk or by
Connect or reconnect                                                               using the TV in your room.
with your colleagues and                                                           Just leave your bags at the
friends from around the                                                            bell stand and get back
country while shopping for                                                         to the programming and
unique and exciting items                                                          professional development.
like airline tickets, artwork,
homemade goods,
and hotel stays. In the
Jefferson Room, you can
enjoy light refreshments
and incredible views of
Washington, DC without
missing a bid. All proceeds
from the Silent Auction
support the National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity
Education Foundation and Women Work!.

    Moving g
    Moving Together Toward Equity in Education and Employment
    Mov ng       e    w d     i         c    n   d   p m

    Women Work! The National Network for Women’s                         The National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity is a
    Employment advances economic justice and equality for                consortium of state and local agencies, corporations, and
    women. Since 1978, the Network has assisted more than 10             national organizations that collaborate to create equitable
    million women to successfully enter, re-enter, and advance           and diverse classrooms and workplaces where there are no
    in the workforce. Through supporting, advocating, and                barriers to opportunities.
    advancing women’s economic self-sufficiency, Women
    Work! members strengthen families and communities.

    Women Work!
    National Staff
    JoAnne Lyons Wooten           Tiffany Boiman                       Helen Luryi                          Sarah Rose-Jensen
    President &                   Director of Programs & Policy        Public Policy Manager                Membership &
    Chief Executive Officer                                                                                 Field Services Manager
                                  Amy Dudas                            Vrae McNeil
    A.J. Barks                    Public Policy Intern                 Office Manager                       Audie Shushan
    Communications &                                                                                        Communications Intern
                                  Tamika Hodnett-Johnston              Jill Miller
    Membership Manager
                                  Senior Development Manager
                                                                       Senior Advisor for Corporate         Sana Waqar
                                                                       Relations & Development              Membership & Field Services Intern

    Board of Directors
    Sandra McGarraugh             Marsha Mortimore                     Cindie Alwood                        DiAnn Kothe
    Chair                         Albany, NY                           Lansing, MI                          Sioux Falls, SD
    Delanson, NY                  Northeast                            General                              Northwest
    Ann Petter                    Vanessa Nelson-Reed                  Melissa Gregory                      Marlene Seltzer
    Vice Chair                    Columbia, SC                         Wichita, KS                          Boston, MA
    Hudson, MA                    Southeast                            General                              General
    Ina Fernàndez                 Kelly Kupcak                         Barbara Twitchell                    Lois Schiappa
    Treasurer                     Cleveland, OH                        Reno, NV                             Sudbury, MA
    Fairfax, VA                   General                              General                              General

    Board of Advisors
    Frito-Lay                     biogen idec                          SBLI USA Mutual Life                 2wo One 2wo Group
    CBA Co-Chair                  Lynn Difinizio                       Insurance Co., Inc.                  Troy Moore
    Barbara Buchanan              Director, Statistical Programming    Nanci Tolk                           Chief Executive Officer
                                                                       Vice President,
    Vice President, Operations
                                  Inova Health System                  Corporate Communications             Information Technology
    Panasonic Corporation                                              Mariam Eisenberg,                    Association of America
    of North America              Continental Airlines                 Senior Vice President - Operations   Phil Bond
                                  Felicia Daniels
    CBA Co-Chair                                                                                            President & CEO
                                  Promotion Manager                    The Stop & Shop
    Marilyn “Penny” Joseph
                                                                       Supermarket Company LLC Merrill Lynch
    Director, Corporate           Verizon                              Jeanine Jones                        Westina Matthews Shatteen
    Outreach Programs             Tammie Cottom                        Director of Diversity                Managing Director
                                  Vice President,
    Nuance Communications                                              Gerlach Real Estate                  Community Leadership Strategy
                                  Regional Operating Systems
    Susan Hunt                                                         & 3 Twins Construction               & Business Development
    Vice President,               Procter & Gamble Beauty              Colleen M. Lee
                                                                                                            Tyco International
    Communications Division       Cheryl Hudgins Williams              Realtor & Owner
                                                                                                            Karen L. Vossler
                                  Associate Director,
    Spurrier Media Group                                               Turner Construction                  Labor & Employment Counsel
                                  Global P&G Beauty
    Donna Spurrier                                                     Company
    President                     Youngblood
                                  Executive Search                     Scripps Networks
    JPMorgan Chase                                                     Lenore Washington-Graham
                                  Ava D. Youngblood                    Vice President Strategic
                                  Chief Executive Officer              Resourcing
National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity
NAPE National Staff
                                          Joyce Ayers                         Holly Blue                             Fern Bowling
Mimi Lufkin                               Manager of Finance                  Manager of Communications              Director of Policy
Chief Executive Officer                   & Administration                    & Member Services                      & Programs

Executive Committee
Mimi Lufkin                               Lou Ann Hargrave                    Marnie Jain                            Mary Bunn
Chief Executive Office                    President Elect                     Member at Large                        Member at Large
                                          Stillwater, OK                      Malden, MA                             Salem, OR
Cochranville, PA
                                          Debra Huber                         Debbie Hopper
                                                                                                                     Nora Pugh-Seemester
Julia Martas                              Past President                      Member at Large
                                                                                                                     CTEEC President
President                                 Bismarck, ND                        Springfield, IL
                                                                                                                     Oklahoma City, OK
CTEEC President-Elect                     Barbara Bitters                     Shelby Frame, RN, BSN
Washington, DC                            Treasurer                           Member at Large
                                          Madison, WI                         Pierre, SD

Foundation Board
Mary Wiberg                               Jocelyn Riley                       Barbara Orwig                          Judith D’Amico
President                                 Madison, WI                         Overland Park, KS                      Rancho Cordova, CA
Sacramento, CA
Jan Huss                                  Gary Waters                         C. Deanna Lewis                        Raelene Sanders
Treasurer                                 Las Vegas, NV                       Washington, DC                         Tacoma, WA
Omaha, NE
Fern Bowling                              Jocelyn Samuels                     Catherine Didion                       Sandra Westlund-Deenihan
                                          Washington, DC                      Washington, DC                         Schaumburg, IL
Stillwater, OK

Advisory Board                            Carroll McGillin                    Claudia Morrell                        James R. Stone
                                          Cisco Networking Academy Program    Maryland Women in Technology           National Research Center for
Jill Miller                                                                                                          Career & Technical Education
Women Work!                               Bridget Brown                       Leroy Tripette
Barbara Bitters
                                          National Association of Workforce   Intel Corporation                      Diane Matt
                                          Development Professionals                                                  Women in Engineering
Association for Gender Equity
                                          Jan Bray                            Samuel Truesdale                       ProActive Network
Leadership in Education                                                       Rolls-Royce Corporation
                                          Association for Career
Mary Wiberg                                                                                                          Connie Cordovilla
                                          and Technical Education             Virginia Stern                         American Federation of Teachers
NAPE Education Foundation
                                          Joan Kuriansky                      American Association for
Harilyn Rousso                            Wider Opportunities for Women       the Advancement of Science             Tim Lawrence
Disabilities Unlimited                                                                                               SkillsUSA
                                          Jill Cook                           Kevin Christian
Jocelyn Samuels                           American School                     American Association of                Karen Peterson
National Women’s Law Center               Counselors Association              Community College                      National Girls Collaborative Project
Kimberly Green                            Niel Tebbano                        Andrea Prejean
                                          Project Lead the Way                                                       Gene Bottoms
National Association of State Directors                                       National Education Association
                                                                                                                     Southern Regional Education Board
of Career Technical Education             Barbara O’Connor                    Norman Fortenberry
William A. Howe, Ed.D.                    AAUW Educational Foundation
                                                                              Center for the Advancement of
National Association for                  Betty Shanahan                      Scholarship on Engineering Education
Multicultural Education                   Society of Women Engineers

STEM Equity
California                                Iowa                                                           Wisconsin
                                          Courtney Reed-Jenkins               Missouri                   Howard Glasser - Facilitator
Mimi Lufkin - Facilitator
                                          Facilitator                         Mimi Lufkin & Freda Walker Barb Bitters
Mary Gallet                                                                   Facilitators
California Dept. of Education             Jeanette Thomas                                                            Wisconsin Dept. of Public Instruction
                                          Iowa Department of Education        Nancy Fedorchak                        Karen Showers
Sharon Wong                                                                   Missouri Center for Career Education
                                                                                                                     Wisconsin Technical College
California Community College              Minnesota
                                                                                                                     System Board
Chancellor’s Office
                                          Howard Glasser - Facilitator        Oklahoma
                                                                              Rick Larkey
                                          Brenda Lyseng
Illinois                                  Minnesota State
                                                                              Facilitator                                                Together
Freda Walker - Facilitator                Colleges and Universities           Lou Hargrave                                           Toward Equity
Lynn Reha                                 Daniel Smith                        Oklahoma Dept. of CTE
Illinois Center for Specialized
                                          Minnesota Department of Education
                                                                                                                                 In Education and
Professional Support
                                                                                                                                      Employment 5
    Women in Nontraditional Careers: An Introduction
    Work Talk: Women in Nontraditional Careers in Their Own Words
    Shifting Gears: Changing Careers

    Math at Work: Women in Nontraditional Careers
    Writing at Work: Women in Nontraditional Careers

    Women in the Automotive Industry
    Women in Building Construction
    Women in Dentistry
    Women in Electronics
    Women in Engineering
    Women Entrepreneurs
    Women in Firefighting                                      Labor Studies Journal
    Women in Highway Construction
    Women in Machining
    Women in Policing
    Women in Welding

 A      S

      nsors and D
 Donors                                 Sponsors
 American Red Cross                     Career Communications, Inc
 Cabot Creamery Cooperative             Cooper Printing
 Career Communications, Inc.            Career & Technical Education
 Cosmetics Specialty Labs, Inc.                Equity Council (CTEEC)
 Frito-Lay                              Frito-Lay
 Hilton Hotels                          Her Own Words
 Home Builders, Inc.                    Home Builders, Inc.
 The Kimpton Group                      Kuder, Inc.
 Kuder, Inc.                            Multistate Academic and Vocational
 L’Oreal                                       Curriculum Consortium (MAVCC)
 Multistate Academic and Vocational     National Women’s Law Center
        Curriculum Consortium (MAVCC)   Verizon
 MGM MIRAGE                             Youngblood Executive Search
 National Women’s Law Center
 Panasonic Corporation
                                              career communications, inc.
                                          A leading educational publisher
        of North America
 The Personal Care Products Council
 Procter & Gamble Beauty

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                                                                     In EducaNAPE 2009and
                                                                          Employment 7
    PARTNERS on the   h
    PATH toSunday, March 29, 2009                                                          Workshop Session I - 10:45 - 12:15
                               Pre-conference                                            Legal Rights and Policy Protections for
              Women Work! Board of Directors Meeting                                        Victims of Domestic Violence
                                   Potomac View                                                            Van Buren
                                   9 am - 4:30 pm                                   Anya Lakner, The Legal Aid Society – Employment Law Center,
                                                                                                           San Francisco, CA
                                                                                     Karen Minatelli, National Partnership for Women and Families,
              Five-Step Program Improvement Process                                                        Washington, DC
                                                                               This workshop session explains the connections between violence
                                    Wilson                                     and work, provides screening tips, and discusses federal, state, and
                                9 am - 3:00 pm                                 local laws that provide survivors with time off for court, services,
                            Pre-Conference Session                             and family and medical leave; disability and anti-discrimination
                         (Pre-registration required for this event)
                                                                               law protections; paid sick days; and unemployment insurance. The
      The Five-Step Program Improvement Process is the central                 session will also showcase the efforts and planning culminating in
      professional development vehicle being used in the STEM Equity           District of Columbia legislation providing paid safe leave for workers
      Pipeline Project. This pre-conference session will give you an           dealing with domestic violence and related situations.
      overview of the process and help you understand the steps
      necessary to select an effective strategy for increasing participation
      and completion of students in nontraditional career and technical                       Just Say No to Stereotypes:
      education programs. You will leave this session with training                    Strategies for Changing Unconscious Bias
      exercises, materials, and a complete set of resources to introduce                                 Wilson
      the process to others.                                                    Pamela Dempsey, Weldon Cooper Center at the University of Virginia,
                                                                                                          Charlottesville, VA
                                                                               This workshop examines the impact of traditional stereotypes on
                      Tools to Plan a Secure Future                            girls’ pursuit of math and science courses of study and presents
                                     Harrison                                  research that suggests alternative approaches to solving the issue
                                 2:30 - 4:30 pm                                of gender equity in nontraditional careers. Research suggests that
                            Pre-Conference Session                             prevailing misconceptions about gender-based aptitudes and
      Tools to Plan a Secure Future will focus on meeting the economic         interests can be diminished by a proper institutional climate.
      challenges many organizations are currently facing. A single
      strategy is often not sufficient for achieving diverse, sustainable               Today’s Working Women in Transition:
      funding, so the session will present several approaches, including                Current Resources and Initiatives at the
      advocacy efforts, to meet this need.                                                     U.S. Department of Labor
            NAPE Education Foundation Board Meeting                              Karen Furia: moderator, Women’s Bureau, U.S. Department of Labor
                                                                                      Felecia J. Hart, Employment and Training Administration,
                                    Jackson                                                            Office of Apprenticeship
                                  3 - 7:00 pm                                        Pamela Langley, Veterans Employment and Training Service
                              Board Members Only                                     Christine D.K. Ollis, Employment and Training Administration,
                                                                                                       Division of Adult Services
                                                                                                        All of Washington, DC
               STEM Equity Pipeline Dessert Reception                          This workshop session will showcase programs that serve working
                    Potomac View - 14th Floor, South Tower                     women in transition. Representatives from the U.S. Department of
                                 7 - 9:00 pm                                   Labor will share information on projects, programs and funding
      The NAPE Education Foundation Board of Directors invites members         streams that impact women workers. This dynamic discussion
      of the STEM Equity Pipeline State Teams participating in the             panel will feature representatives from a number of DOL agencies,
      Professional Development Institute to this networking reception.         including Women’s Bureau, Veterans Employment and Training
      State Team members will have the opportunity to network informally       Services, and the Employment and Training Administration’s Office
      with members of the NAPE Education Foundation Board and share            of Workforce Investment, and the Office of Apprenticeship who
      their experiences implementing the Foundation’s National Science         will discuss issues related to women veterans, women entering non
      Foundation grant.                                                        traditional occupations and other women entering and re-entering
                             (by invitation only)                              the workforce.

                                                                                       Employing Sector Partnerships to Achieve
                    Monday, March 30, 2009                                                    Gains for Women Workers
                                    Welcome!                                   Tarecq Amer, The Insight Center for Community Economic Development,
                                                                                                             Oakland, CA
                                  Crystal Ballroom                                         Allison Gerber, The Aspen Institute, Washington, DC
                                    9 - 9:15 am                                  Bill Browning, Northern Virginia Community College, Annandale, Virginia
                   JoAnne Lyons Wooten, CEO, Women Work!                       Drawing on the recent work of two renowned experts in the
                                                                               area of sector partnerships, the Aspen Institute and the National
                           and Mimi Lufkin, CEO, NAPE                          Network of Sector Partners, this workshop session highlights two
                                                                               different approaches to facilitate the equitable inclusion of women
                                                                               job seekers in developing sector partnerships. One presentation
                         Corporate Roundtables                                 describes innovations both in addressing challenges faced by low-
                                 Crystal Ballroom                              income adults seeking education and occupational training and in
                                 9:25 - 10:30 am                               sector initiative collaborations between community colleges and
      The Corporate Roundtables are sessions hosted by corporate partners      community-based organizations. The other details a new gender-
      of NAPE and Women Work!. This is a unique opportunity to speak with      focused methodology that identifies the barriers to access and/or
      corporate experts on a variety of topics that can help to improve        mobility that women face in any given industry, including, the basis
      your program.                                                            of the methodology, how to identify user-friendly data sources that
                See insert for roundtable topics and locations.                can be used to develop a gender-focused sector analysis, and
                                                                               case studies outlining successful piloting of the approach.

                                                                                                Case Studies:
              Monday, March 30, 2009                                                 State Efforts to Promote Equitable
                                                                                     Representation in the Classroom
                Woman of Vision Luncheon                                                   and in the Workplace
                          Crystal Ballroom                                 Jennifer Jirous, Colorado Community College System, Denver, CO
                           12:30 -1:45 pm                                       Hans Meeder, Meeder Consulting LLC, Columbia, MD
                                                                             Teresa Boyer, Center for Women and Work, Rutgers University,
                 Welcome: Sandra McGarraugh,                                                      New Brunswick, NJ
                Chair, Women Work! Board of Directors                   Fatima Goss-Graves, National Women’s Law Center, Washington, DC
            Introduction of the 2009 Woman of Vision:                   Glenda Gracia-Rivera, Center for Women and Work, Rutgers University
                                                                                                  New Brunswick, NJ
                         Tammy Cottom
                               Verizon                                  This workshop session showcases examples in two states where key
                                                                        stakeholders developed a coordinated approach for improving
                    Woman of Vision:                                    gender equity in educational and workplace opportunities. One
                                                                        presentation features an overview of the Colorado Community
                     Lilly Ledbetter                                    College System’s five-year strategic plan designed to address the
                                                                        lack of gender balance in both education and the workforce. as
                  Closing: JoAnne Lyons Wooten,                         well as the shortage of skilled workers within the state. The other
                         CEO, Women Work!                               presentation illustrates a model for government agents, advocacy
                                                                        groups, and technical assistance providers to work collaboratively
                                                                        to affect gender equity in CTE programs and will direct attention to
            Workshop Session II - 2 - 3:30 pm                           institutional assessment and technical assistance components.

                Weathering the Storm:
 Facilitated Round Table Discussions Addressing the                              Workshops Session III - 3:45 - 5:15 pm
        Impacts of the Current Economic Crisis                                                 We are IT:
                            Van Buren                                             Ohio’s Statewide Initiative to Expand
                       Sandra McGarraugh,                                             Women’s Entry into IT Fields
                Chair, Women Work! Board of Directors
                                                                                                      Van Buren
This workshop session takes an interactive approach to encourage
                                                                            Tamara Norris, Northwest State Community College, Archbold, OH
information sharing among participants regarding the impact
of the current economic crisis on programs and agencies, and                Lana Evans, Northwest State Community College, Archbold, Ohio
strategies programs are implementing to address the challenges          In this workshop session, presenters describe how a dedicated
created by it. Participants will engage in facilitated small group      group of women information technology professionals in Ohio
discussions to share their programs’ experiences in the wake of the     came together to develop and launch an innovative initiative
current economic crisis and also to discuss strategies for meeting      to increase the number of young women enrolled in IT programs.
the challenges generated by it.                                         In addition to details about the “We are It” initiative, workshop
                                                                        participants will come away from the session with an understanding
                                                                        of how to adapt the program to their organization/state, including
                Women in Technology:                                    identifying potential topic areas to be incorporated, engaging the
             Building an Effective Pipeline                             business community, and developing fundraising strategies.
         from STEM Education to the Workforce
                              Wilson                                        Employment Challenges for Women Veterans
                           Leslie Wilkins,
           Maui Economic Development Board, Inc, Kihei, HI
Led by the Maui Economic Development Board’s Women in                       Cindy Hunt, The Business and Professional Women, Washington, DC
Technology (WIT) Project, Maui has launched nationally recognized       This workshop session will address the issues women face when
middle, high school and post-secondary model programs                   transitioning from the military, particularly a military combat zone,
designed to align curricula with identified industry needs, preparing   and how employers can tap into the special skill sets women
residents for emerging jobs in Hawaii’s growing technology              veterans can bring to the workplace. The presenter will discuss the
sector. This workshop session assists participants in replicating the   Business and Professional Women’s research on military veterans.
WIT approach and will include a discussion of portable middle
school, high school, and post-secondary mentoring programs to
augment tech education. In addition, internship, apprenticeship,                               A Hand Up:
and recruitment/retention programs with a special focus on                           Helping Disadvantaged Women
gender equity and cultural diversity will explore ways to convert                   Find Financial Security Later in Life
nontraditional resources into effective workforce strategies.
                                                                              Cindy Hounsell, Women’s Institute for a Secure Retirement,
           Mentoring and Mythbusting:                                                              Washington, DC
 Promoting Gender Equity in Emerging Technologies                              Laurel Beedon, Women’s Institute for a Secure Retirement,
                                                                                                   Washington, DC
                             Harrison                                   Disadvantaged women face numerous obstacles planning for
                       Ann-Claire Anderson,                             retirement. This workshop educates participants about the risks
     Center for Occupational Research and Development, Waco, TX         of poverty in retirement and provides strategies and a tool-kit to
         Margaret Semmer, Joliet Junior College, Joliet Illinois        help at-risk women join the economic mainstream. Participants will
In this workshop, participants will learn about the research            learn how to collaborate with WISER to incorporate a unique and
supporting mentoring as a tool for recruitment and retention of         innovative financial security program into their agency’s offerings.
women into STEM career fields and will tour the Collaborative for
Gender Equity’s Building Your Mentoring Program toolkit, a step-by-
step guide for designing, launching and evaluating a mentoring
program. The session will also include replicable sample planning                     Monday, March 30, 2009
exercises.                                                                                  continues on page 10

     PARTNERS on the h
     PATH to
           Monday, March 30, 2009                                                              An Evening at the Theatre
                                  Continued                                        Lincoln Theatre, 1215 U Street, NW, Washington, DC
                                                                                                    Showtime 7:30 pm
                     Silent Auction and Reception                        Join other PDI participants and guests for an evening
                      Jefferson - 15th Floor, South Tower                at the Lincoln Theatre for the hit musical Crowns.
                                    6:00 pm                              Come see the crowns worn by the “hat queens” of
       Connect or reconnect with your colleagues and friends             the South – women whose storied lives are woven into
       from around the country while shopping for unique and             the straw, silk, wool, and lace that adorn their heads.
                                                                         Discount tickets were sold at the time of registration and will be distributed at the
       exciting items like airline tickets, artwork, homemade goods,     theatre. You can contact the theatre for other ticket availability at 202-488-3300.
       and hotel stays. In the Jefferson Room, you can enjoy light       To travel with the group please meet in the lobby at 6:15 sharp to make the
                                                                         6:30 shuttle. Metro fare is $2.10 each way.
       refreshments and incredible views of Washington D.C.
       without missing a bid. All proceeds from the Silent Auction
       support NAPE and Women Work!.
                                                                                         Wednesday, April 1, 2009
          Women Work! Board of Directors and Corporate                       Women Work! State Affiliate Leadership Meeting
                  Board of Advisors Dinner
                                                                                                            Van Buren
                               Offsite Location                                                            8:30 - 10 am
                                 7 - 9:00 pm
                                                                         This session is an opportunity for Women Work! to outline its
                                                                         newly adopted strategic plan to members and State Affiliate
                                                                         leaders. Following the presentation will be a discussion of the
                                                                         innovative impact this plan will have on the organization’s future.

                                                                                                       NAPE Meetings
                                                                                                         7:30 - 8:30 am
                                                                                      NAPE Executive Committee Meeting
                                                                                                           8:30 - 10 am
                                                                                             NAPE Membership Meeting
                                                                         The “NAPE Membership Meeting” is open to all interested
                                                                         in the NAPE program of work. This meeting will include
                   Tuesday, March 31, 2009                               information about current projects such as the STEM Equity
                                                                         Pipeline, online professional development, the Perkins IV
                             Advocacy Day                                research report and a presentation on the update of Taking
                          Breakfast & Overview                           the Road Less Traveled in partnership with MAVCC. Come
                                                                         and help develop the organization’s priorities for future
                            Washington Ballroom
                              8:00 - 9:30 pm
                                                                         projects and professional development!!
       Staff of Women Work! and the National Alliance for
       Partnerships in Equity will review logistics for Advocacy Day               Workshop Session IV - 10:15 - 11:45 am
       and provide an overview of the current public policy priorities
       for both organizations. You will receive materials and tips to               Focus Your Future: Recruiting for Girls in
       assist you in making effective visits to your legislators.                     High School Engineering Programs
                   Please come ready to board the buses.                                                    Van Buren
                                                                                                Jan Huss, NAPE
                Bus loading & Transportation to the Hill                   Diana Jensen-Dooling, Monroe 2 Orleans BOCES, Spencerport, NY
                              Lower Lobby Level                          This workshop session provides participants with step-by-step
                                 9:30 - 10 am                            guidance to plan for and execute a successful recruiting
       Attendees will begin boarding buses at 9:30 am for                reception at their schools designed to attract girls and young
       transportation to the Hill and must provide their own return      women to engineering and other non-traditional fields.
       transportation. See insert to learn more.
                                                                                              Creating Opportunities for
                   Congressional Briefing & Awards                                            Pre-Apprenticeship Training
                                  11 - 1:00 pm
                     Capitol Visitors Center Room 212/210
                                                                                          Cris McCullough & Mavis McAllister,
                                                                                            American River College, Sacramento, CA
       Meet with congressional staff and administration
       representatives to learn about what we can expect as the          This workshop session draws on the example of California’s
       111th Congress and the Obama Administration take over             State Infrastructure Bonds and the subsequent influx
       leadership. A favorite program each year at the annual            of resources and need for skilled workers as a point of
       conference, this session will help you understand the             departure for a broader discussion about the relationship
       opportunities as advocates to influence federal policies          between state and regional infrastructure renewal and
       that impact your programs and participants.                       the need for pre-apprenticeship training programs.
                                                                         Specifically, the session will present options for developing
                                                                         pre-apprenticeship programs, strategies for recruiting
                           Individual Hill Visits                        women and special populations into apprenticeship and
                                 2 - 5:30 pm                             pre-apprenticeship programs, and assist participants in
       Speak to your Senators and Representative about new               identifying for infrastructure employment opportunities
       directions in education and labor policy.                         within their states and regions.
     Young Women With Disabilities Take Charge                                         Closing Luncheon
         Through Self-Directed Employment                                                  12 - 1:30 pm
                              Harrison                                                  Washington Ballroom
                          Wendy Parent                                   Welcome and Introduction: Julia Martas,
        Kansas University Center on Developmental Disabilities,                   NAPE Executive Committee President
                  University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS
This workshop session highlights successful approaches
enabling young women with disabilities to obtain                                 Joyce Leavitt Winterton
employment in non-traditional occupations.           Modules                      Assistant Administrator for Education
promoting self-directed career choice for middle and high                                        NASA
school girls will be presented along with preliminary data                      Closing: Mimi Lufkin, CEO, NAPE
and stories illustrating their effectiveness. Customized and
supported employment strategies leading to positive post-
school outcomes, including carved and created jobs and                        Wednesday, April 1, 2009
self-employment, will be discussed.
                                                                          STEM Equity Pipeline Leadership Institute
                                                                             Post-Conference Session & Dinner
                Forging New Paths:                                                          Wilson/Harrison
       Women in Construction and Green Jobs                                                    1:30 - 6 pm
                              Jackson                                            Jefferson - 15th Floor, South Tower
                            Susan Rees                                                         6 - 9:00 pm
          Wider Opportunities for Women, Washington, DC           Representatives from the seven STEM Equity Pipeline State
                         Camille Cormier                          Teams will meet to share their accomplishments and
          Wider Opportunities for Women, Washington, DC           challenges in implementing professional development
In this workshop session, participants gain insights into the     efforts in their states. Participants will have the opportunity
latest federal policy developments for women in construction      to provide input to the projects future implementation in
and Green jobs, as well as approaches for effectively             its remaining three and one half years. Team members will
appealing to policymakers to give women and girls better          receive technical assistance and conduct future planning for
access to high-paying jobs. In addition, the presenter will       their states activities. Following the afternoon’s collaborative
share best practices in implementing a pre-apprenticeship         work the group will share dinner and learn about new
training program for women in the Washington, DC Metro            professional development resources developed by the
Area and discuss Green job opportunities for low-income           project. Wraping up the evening will be a performance by
women locally and throughout the country.                         Jane Curry, an author, storyteller, performer and recovering
                                                                  academic with a knack for provoking both thought and
                                                                  laughter with her one-woman show: Miz Wizard’s Science
                                                                  Secrets! (registration is required for this event)

   Features nontraditional careers!
      American Careers
  Parent Resource Guide –
                                                                          Taking the Road Less Traveled II:
                                                                        Educators Tool Kit to Prepare Students
                                                                              for Nontraditional Careers
                                                                  Features of this revised resource include:
                                                                    • Alignment with Career Pathways
                                                                    • Enhanced PowerPoint® presentations
                                                                    • New photo gallery and sample brochures
                                                                     Pre-order your copies today at

                                                                                    Literacy Resources
                                                                  MAX Teaching with Reading and Writing: Classroom
                                                                  Activities for Helping Students Learn New Subject Matter
                                                                  While Acquiring Literacy Skills
                                                                                             DVD Set
    A powerful tool to engage parents in the
                                                                  MAX Teaching in Action: Classroom Demonstrations of
   process of preparing their children for life.                  Reading and Writing Activities that Help Students Learn
  (800) 669-7795 • •                Skills Subject Matter While Acquiring Literacy Skills

                  career communications, inc.                     For pricing or for more information visit our website
              A leading educational publisher                     at or call toll-free 1-800-654-3988
     PATH to

          09 Woma
                                                     The Woman of Vision Award is presented annually to
                                                     a woman who has demonstrated vision and courage in
                                                     her work, served as a role model for other women, and
                                                     exemplified unique abilities and leadership. Women Work! is
                                                     proud to name Lilly Ledbetter as the 2009 Woman of Vision.

                                                     Alabama. When the case went              made the Ledbetter Act a priority,
                                                     to trial, Goodyear made the              leading to its quick passage in both
                                                     defense that Ledbetter’s pay             the House and the Senate. It was the
                                                     was based on her poor work –             first bill signed into law by President
                                                     an allegation disproved by her           Barack Obama, on January 29, 2009.
                                                     history of glowing performance
                                                                                              Lilly Ledbetter will never receive the
                                                     reviews, including a “Top
                                                                                              back pay she was cheated out of. Her
                                                     Performance Award” in 1996.
                                                                                              retirement income is also smaller than
                                                     The jury sided with Ledbetter            it should be, because it was based on
                                                     and awarded her $3 million in            her discriminatory pay. Despite this,
                                                     compensatory and punitive                she has continued to fight for other
                                                     damages, but Goodyear                    women – and men – who are victims
                                                     appealed, and the case went all          of pay discrimination.
                                                     the way to the Supreme Court.

                                                      In 2007, the Court ruled that
                                                                                              President Obama’s
                                                Goodyear was not liable because               Remarks at the Signing
      Lilly Ledbetter                           Ledbetter had not filed within six
                                                months of their initial decision to
                                                                                              of the Lilly Ledbetter
      Women Work!’s                             discriminate. This strict and unusual
                                                                                              Fair Pay Act
                                                interpretation of Title VII of the 1964
      2009 Woman of                             Civil Rights Act was famously opposed
                                                                                              “It’s the story of women across this
                                                                                              country still earning just 78 cents for
      Vision                                    by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who
                                                stated in her dissent from the bench
                                                                                              every dollar men earn – women of
                                                                                              color even less – which means that
                                                that the decision misunderstood the           today, in the year 2009, countless
      Lilly Ledbetter never set out to be a
                                                real-world experiences of women.              women are still losing thousands
      household name. For almost 20 years
                                                In reality, it is extremely difficult for a   of dollars in salary, income and
      she worked at a Goodyear Rubber &
                                                victim of pay discrimination to learn         retirement savings over the course of
      Tire Co. plant in Gadsden, Alabama.
                                                about it within six months, especially        a lifetime.”
      As one of the few women at the plant,
                                                considering that many employers
      she endured a stream of harassment                                                      “So signing this bill today is to send
                                                – including Goodyear – forbid
      and never knew that she was being                                                       a clear message: that making our
                                                employees to discuss their salaries.
      paid less than her male peers – until                                                   economy work means making sure
      someone slipped her an anonymous          Ledbetter didn’t give up. Instead, she        it works for everybody; that there
      note showing that other supervisors       worked with pay equity advocates              are no second-class citizens in our
      were receiving salaries anywhere from     and lawmakers and campaigned to               workplaces; and that it’s not just unfair
      15 to 40 percent higher.                  make the bill Ginsburg suggested into         and illegal, it’s bad for business to
                                                law. The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act         pay somebody less because of their
      Ledbetter has said that she “thought      clarifies the Civil Rights Act to provide     gender or their age or their race or
      about just moving on, but in the          a more reasonable time limit for filing       their ethnicity, religion or disability;
      end, [she] could not let Goodyear         pay discrimination suits. Early in the        and that justice isn’t about some
      get away with their discrimination.”      111th Congress, House Speaker Nancy           abstract legal theory, or footnote in
      She filed a lawsuit in federal court in   Pelosi and many of her colleagues             a casebook.”
  Joyce Leavitt                                         industry, education, and government.
                                                        Winterton’s previous experience also
  Winterton                                             includes serving as the team leader for
                                                        partner development for the National
  As NASA’s Assistant                                   Future Farmers of America student
  Administrator for Education,                          organization.
  Joyce Leavitt Winterton chairs the
  Education Coordinating Committee                      In 1986, Winterton became the
  and directs the development and                       Executive Director of the National
  implementation of the agency’s                        Council on Vocational Technical
  education programs that strengthen                    Education, a Presidential Advisory
  student involvement and public                        Council providing recommendations
  awareness of its scientific goals and                  to the President, Congress and the
  missions. In this role, she leads the                 Secretary of Education. Additionally,
  agency in inspiring interest in science,              Winterton served as the deputy
  technology, engineering, and                          assistant secretary for vocational and
  mathematics.                                          adult education in the United States
                                                        Department of Education and was
  Before coming to NASA, Winterton                      the first director of the Presidential
  served as the Director of Education                   Academic Fitness Awards program.
  Programs for USA TODAY. She was                       Previous to this, Winterton was a         economics education from Utah State
  also the founder and president of                     high school teacher, a teacher            University in Logan and completing
  Winterton Associates, a consulting                    educator, and a home economist            her doctorate in teacher education
  firm that specializes in working on                    in business, earning her bachelor’s       and administration at Colorado State
  joint projects with business and                      and master’s degrees in home              University in Fort Collins in 1978.

                    Join us for our
NATIONAL CONFERENCE                                                            COOPER PRINTING
                                                                                On time delivery, great quality, personal customer service,
        Sept. 17-18, 2009 • Tulsa, OK                                       competitive pricing, dedicated employees, generations of experience.

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    This national conference is designed for education, human
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    services professionals, TANF staff and employment and
    training professionals from the following entities:

    Vocational & Technology Centers    Economic Dev. Organizations
    Community Colleges                 Workforce Dev. Organizations
    Rehabilitation Service Agencies    Workforce Investment Boards
    Federal, State, & Local Agencies   Employers
    Community-based Organizations      Ed. and Literacy Organizations

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  You can also contact Nora Pugh-Seemster (,
405-682-7831 ) or Jennifer Davis (, 580-924-7081).
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 Potomac View Room /
 Windows Over Washington
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 North Tower Elevator 3 – To SD                                                          Dock                                    Lobby

                                  11th Street                                                                                                        Washington
                                                          Shuttle Service                                                                             Ballroom
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                                                              Sales, Catering                                                                4        5             6      7           8
SOUTH TOWER                                                 Conference Services
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                                                                                                                             PRESIDENTIAL HALLWAY SPACE LEGEND
                                                            Jefferson Room
          Conference Areas                                  15th Floor
                                                                                                                       1 - Business Center                          5 - Van Buren
                                                            South Tower                                                2 - Madison                                  6 - Wilson
                                                                                                                       3 - Monroe                                   7 - Harrison
                                                                                                                       4 - Executive                                8 - Jackson
                                                                                    I -- Outdoor Terrace -- I              Boardroom

Area Transportation
 Shuttle                                                   Pentagon City Metro                                              Taxi Services
 There is complimentary shuttle                            Walking Directions from the Metro                                Recommended by the Hotel
 service from the hotel to the Metro.                      to the hotel:                                                    Red Top Taxi (703) 522-3333
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                                                               faces Army Navy drive.                                       1215 U Street,
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