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The Irish



                                                              The Irish
                                          Official Newsletter of the 116th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, Co. B

                              VoL. X. – No. 1] PENNSYLVANIA, MAY, 1863 [SINGLE COPIES SIX CENTS

            Entered according to Act of Congress, in the Year 1863, by Sullivan et-al in the Clerk‘s Office for the Far Western District of Pennsylvania

May 2005                                                                                                             them. Finally, in Exodus 14:9 Pharaoh's
                                                             SAVING THE FORT                                         army and chariots overtook them at the
Joe and Holly Sullivan Editors                                HOSKINS, PHIL                                          camp and they were closing in for the kill.
                                                  SHERIDAN HOUSE                                          Because there was no escape, there
                                                                                                                     appeared to be no other option for the
ADMINISTRATION                                                                                                       children of Israel and the situation
                                                         Dr. Dave Brauner has indicated that he                      definitely looked hopeless.
IN THE FIELD                                             would like to take any interested parties on
Capt. Steve Stowell                                      a field trip to see the Fort Yamhill, Phil                  The point being, sometimes life is exactly
                                                         Sheridan house that is being restored at                    like that, when one may be in "a place of
                                                         Fort Yamhill. Dr. Brauner hopes to do                       encampment." First, in situations like this
BEHIND THE DESK                                          this towards the end of May. Please                         it may appear that the Lord is not around
Chairman, Kevin Burton                                   contact Joe Sullivan via email at                           but the Lord is around and He definitely
                                                          e d i t o r if you are                         knew that the children of Israel were
                                                         interested. We hope to have more details                    encamped and Pharaoh's army was
ON THE HOME FRONT                                        at our first meeting on May16th at 6PM, at
Civilian Advocate, Holly Sullivan                                                                                    coming. Actually, it is likely that the Lord
                                                         John Baker‘s office.                                        allowed it to happen so that the people
                                                                                                                     would have a dependency on Him instead
Official Web Site of 116 PVI                                                                              of themselves. "A place of encampment"
                                                                                      is usually a place of inconveniency and it
                                                    From our Chaplain:                                    can be life threatening especially when the
                                                                                                                     enemy is coming against you and there are
  UPCOMING EVENTS                                                                                                    no options or it appears to be no escape
                                                          Greetings to all! First I wanted to thank
    AND MEETINGS                                         everyone for their support and welcoming
                                                                                                                     from it. A place of encampment can be a
                                                                                                                     lack of money and financial stress,
                                                         me as a participant and Chaplain of our                     economic burdens and personal struggles,
May 14, 2005. School of the Soldier and
                                                         unit at my first reenactment battle event at                family crises, health issues in the family,
School of the Company - at Fort
                                                         McIver. It is appreciated and I am truly                    emotional and physical trauma, and much
Vancouver, starts 1PM
                                                         blessed!                                                    more. A place of encampment can happen
May16th, 2005. Fort Hoskins Phil Sheridan’s                                                                          to anyone regardless of age, race, gender,
                                                         In the book of Exodus 14:2 of the Old
House Meeting 6:00PM . John Baker’s office,                                                                          ethnicity, social economic status, married
                                                         Testament Scriptures, Moses led the
2339 State Street, Salem                                                                                             or single, whether one is a city dweller or
                                                         children of Israel out of Egypt, but they                   living in rural areas. When one is in this
May16th, 2005. Board meeting 6:30PM . John               had not crossed the Red Sea yet. They had                   situation, some times they may react just
Baker’s office, 2339 State Street, Salem                 encamped between Midol and the sea,                         like the children of Israel did in Exodus
                                                         before Pihahiroth and over against                          14:10. The scriptures says that "they were
                                                         Baalzephon, which meant that they were
May 20th, 2005.        LaPine School                                                                                 sore afraid." Their soreness represents that
                                                         trapped against the Red Sea from the back                   they were wounded and their being afraid
Presentation. Contact Stu Johnson for
                                                         side, next to the wilderness on another                     represents fear, stress, and anxiety. Fear is
                                                         side, and land or a desert on even another                  one of the main weapons that the enemy
                                                         side. They were completely boxed in from
May 30th, 2005 Memorial Day ceremony                                                                                 uses against people.
                                                         three sides, or cornered in within three                    Fear is the imagination, thought or belief
at City View Cemetery in Salem Oregon
                                                         sides, and Pharaoh was coming in from the                   that something terrible or bad is going to
                                                         front side, which was the only open side.                   happen soon. Consequently, the children
**For more information and for a full
                                                         Therefore, there was absolutely no way out                  of Israel cried out to the Lord but it is very
calendar of events please visit our web
                                                         and Pharaoh and his six hundred chariots,                   good to know exactly who you are crying
page at and
                                                         and all the chariots of Egypt with their                    out to for help!
follow the events link.
                                                         captains, were hot on their trail to destroy
Moses had a response for them being "sore           From      the                 Civilian         to Cpl. Sullivan, ,
afraid" and their cries, which is in Exodus                                                        along with the ancestors' name, rank (if
14:13: "Fear ye not, stand still," and              Advocate:                                      applicable), occupation, (if applicable),
Exodus 14:14, says "the Lord shall fight                                                           place of residence during the War,
for you, and ye shall hold your peace."                                                            relationship to you, and your name. Your
Most of us know what happened when the                                                             name does not have to be listed on the
children of Israel led by Moses crossed                                                            website.
through the Red Sea, when the waters were
divided, but let us look at Moses' words in                                                         This month we will examine the fashions,
his response and see the significance of the                                                       clothing, and deportment of civilian
sequence of it. First, he said "fear ye not."                                                      gentlemen during the War of the
To not have fear I must have faith. I                                                              Rebellion. There are, alas, far fewer
mentioned earlier that the enemy uses                                                              resources available for the Civil War
fear as a weapon against people.                                                                   gentleman than there are for the ladies.
Therefore, to counter that fear I must have                                                        Even period photographs of gentlemen
faith in the Lord. The Lord sent the ten                                                           seem to be fewer and much farther
plagues on Egypt. Why? The Lord was                                                                between. We must content ourselves with
showing that his power was greater than                                                            a sigh of disappointment at the slim
the wisdom of Egypt and the Lord was                                                               pickings available and move on.
building faith in his people to trust only in                                                              First and foremost, the civilian
him. 1st Corinthians 2:5 says "your faith                                                          gentleman reenactor would be well
should not stand in the wisdom of men but                                                          advised to study as closely as possible
in the power of God." If one has faith in                                                          photographs of non-military men taken
the Lord than one can definitely stand still                                                       during the Civil War. As with the ladies,
in spite of the situation and circumstances                                                        achieving the look of a reenactor should
surrounding them. Also, Psalm 34:4 says                                                            not be the goal; our purpose, rather, is to
"I sought the Lord and he heard me and                                                             replicate as exactly as possible the true
delivered me from all my fears." To seek                                                           look and standards of the Civil War era.
Him I need faith to believe in Him and His          Civilians of Pennsylvania,                     For your perusal, some period photographs
power. Faith enables one to stand still                                                            may            be           found         at
because one knows that the Lord will fight                  Greetings! It was good to see so
the battle for them, which enable us to             many of you braving the torrential floods      0-victorian-photo-gallery.php,          and
hold our peace, which also is in Him.               at McIver! I hope that everyone's canvas
There is always the Lord's imminent safety          has dried out by now!                          thiers/OPCivilWarMen.html . Again, the
and security even in "a place of                            I wish to call your attention to two   author suggests that the gentleman
encampment."                                        Important Announcements:                       reenactor     should     closely    examine
                                                                                                   photographs of his own Civil War-era
Your servant in the Lord!                                    Announcement #1: There will be a      gentlemen ancestors.
                                                    potluck for all interested members of the              An article by "Fanny & Vera"
Daniel E. Hayes Jr.                                 116th PVI, both civilian and military, on      directed      at     civilian     reenactors
Chaplain of the 116th Pennsylvania                  the 116th Civilian Street at 6:00 p.m. on      (
                                                    Sunday, July 3rd, 1863, (during the            vilians/gents/menswear.htm) notes that
                                                    Willamette Mission Reenactment). All           men's fashions have not changed much
                                                    participants are asked to bring a dish or      since the Civil War. The author wishes to
                                                    two to share and their own place settings      take a small exception the statement.
                                                    and eating utensils. Civilians are             While it is true that a well-dressed
                                                    encouraged to cook and bring extra food        gentleman of 2005 might wear the same
                                                    for the benefit of the soldiers. A lyceum      clothing components as his Civil War
                                                    will immediately follow dinner. Everyone       counterpart, there was absolutely nothing
                                                    is urged to participate with a song, a poem,   in the Civil War to compare to today's
                                                    a skit, a dance, or an exhibition of musical   usual male attire of sloganed tee-shirt and
                                                    or oratorical prowess. (I would be grateful    jeans slung loosely around the hips. In
                                                    for any help in the way of borrowing and       fact, the author wishes to suggest that the
                                                    setting up tables, etc.!)                      only thing comparable to the fashions of
                                                                                                   the men of 2005 would be the fashions of
                                                            Announcement #2: We have started       the ladies of 2005, who also usually
"In your hands, my dissatisfied fellow-
                                                    a page on the 116th PVI Website for the        bedeck themselves with sloganed tee-shirts
countrymen, and not in mine, is the
                                                    display of photographs of Civil War-era        and jeans slung loosely around the hips.
momentous issue of civil war. The Government
                                                    ancestors or relatives, both military and      The strain upon the aesthetic sensibilities
will not assail you. You can have no conflict
                                                    civilian, Union or Confederate, of             of those with an artistic temperament
without being yourselves the aggressors. You
have no oath registered in heaven to destroy the    members of our group. The reason for this      forced to live in the modern world aside,
Government, while I shall have the most             is twofold: first, to promote our connection   Fanny & Vera have done their usual very
solemn one to 'preserve, protect, and defend        with those we are striving to honor in our     good job, and their short article is well
it'." Lincoln's First Inaugural Address, March 4,   reenacting, and secondly, to provide a         worth reading. (The author also wishes to
1861.                                               collection of photographs for study for        direct gentlemen with the interest to read
                                                    those in our club who may interested in        Fanny and Vera's articles on Gentlemen's
                                                    replicating the semblance of our Civil War     Shirts
                                                    counterparts. Photographs may be emailed
ilians/gents/menshirts.htm which includes
instructions for transforming a modern          ent.html , are included herein. The author
                                                                                                    SI KLEGG: HIS
men's shirt into a fair replica of a Civil      wishes to state that from her observations       TRANSFORMATION
War gentlemen's shirt, (something the           the soldiers and male civilians of the
author of this piece would not recommend        NCWC do very well in this regard. (The
                                                                                                FROM A RAW RECRUIT
unless a gentleman was truly in a bind and      only time, in fact, which the author can           TO A VETERAN
would either have to use a modern shirt or      recollect unpleasantness associated with
attend a reenactment in his undershirt),        Men's Etiquette was at a reenactment in             by John McElroy
and their article on Coats, Jackets, and        California, when a woman in a men‘s
Vests                                           uniform and fake mustache tipped her hat                       CHAPTER 13         at the author's little girls and said, in a
ilians/gents/menshirts.htm.                     voice as low and gruff as she could make             SI ―STRAGGLED‖— AND THE
         Before leaving the subject of the      it, "Good day, little ladies! My, you look         OTHER BOYS MADE IT MIGHTY
similarities and dissimilarities in the dress   like a bouquet of pretty flowers this fine
                                                                                                          LIVELY FOR HIM.
of our forefathers and ourselves, it should     morning!" We are certain the woman's
be pointed out that gentlemen (and              intention was well-meant, but it had the
soldiers) of the Civil War usually wore the     unhandy effect of unsettling the "little
waistband of their trousers up at their         ladies", who were quite repulsed and spent          ONE day while Buell was chasing
waist. In the author's opinion, nothing so      the rest of the reenactment begging their       Bragg, two or three weeks after leaving
spoils the look of an otherwise perfect         mother to take circuitous routes around the     Louisville, the army was pushing forward
Civil War outfit, civilian or military, than    reenactment so as to completely avoid any
                                                                                                at a gait that made the cavalry ahead trot
to see the waistband hanging about the          possible repeat of verbal exchange with the
wearers hips. Most slovenly!                    young woman.)                                   half the time to keep out of the way of the
         The very best articles concerning              Gentlemen wishing to know where         infantry. The extraordinary speed that day
gentlemen's clothing may be found on The        to purchase ready-made Civil War era            was due to the fact that there were no
Gentleman's                             Page,   clothing are encouraged to try the Men's        rebels in sight. Half a dozen ragged      Department        at     Timeless    Stitches   troopers with shotguns, a mile away,
ml . On this site the reader will find
                                                                                                would have caused the whole army to halt,
presented not only much useful                  my=HOME . For gentlemen with sewing
information, but also period photographs        ability or tailors, patterns may be had from    form line-of-battle, and stay there the rest
illustrating gentlemen's dress in the 1860's.   either Timeless Stitches or Past Patterns at    of the day.
Links may be followed from this site for .             The tanned veterans didn‘t mind the
information on frock suits, sack suits,         (Timeless Stitches has a pattern for            marching. They stretched their legs and
morning suits, the colorful vests and large,    removable men's cuffs and collars -             went swinging along with a happy-go-
bright ties of the era, evening wear, and       removable collars being the norm in the
informal clothing. The photographs              1860's - for that added touch of period         lucky air, always ready for anything that
included with this last are especially          correctness.) The author is certain that        might turn up. But it was rough on the new
interesting.                                    there are many more fine companies which        troops, just from home. It taxed their        supply these items, but lists herein those      locomotive powers to the utmost limit.
l.html                                          with which she has had the most success             The boys of the 200th Ind. started out
         A checklist of men's civilian          and satisfaction.
                                                                                                bravely. Their fresh, clean faces, new
clothing       may        be       had     at           The above sites and articles will all       be printed and available for those without      uniforms, and shiny accouterments
1.html . This site includes a very nice         a way to access the links.                      contrasted strongly with those of the
article, also, and an ambrotype of some                 In hope that the Union will not be      weather-beaten soldiers of ‗61. You could
gentlemen dressed in 1860's attire.             permanently torn asunder, I remain              tell a ―tenderfoot‖ as far as you could see
         One area in which all of us could                                                      him.
use improvement is that of hairstyles. The      Your most humble servant,
                                                                                                    They trudged along in fair shape for an
clothes may be right, but modern hair can       Mrs. Joseph T. Sullivan
spoil the impression. A good article on         (―Molly‖ Sullivan)                              hour or two. Before starting in the morning
1860's gentlemen's hair is found at                                                             strict orders had been read to the regiment (For                                              forbidding straggling, for any reason,
ladies reading this article, the author                                                         under the most terrifying pains and
promises to go into details of women's hair                                                     penalties.
styles of the 1860's at a later date.)
                                                                                                    ―Them fellers that‘s been in the service
No matter where the amateur historian                                                           longer'n we have think they‘re smart,‖ said
seeks information on the attire of                                                              Si Klegg, as he and Shorty plodded on,
gentlemen during the Civil War, the               Wanted to buy: used .58                       both already a little blown. ―We‘ll show
subject of Gentlemen's Behavior and             Caliber, 3 band musket.                         ‗em that we can hoof it jast as fast as they
Deportment comes up. We have no clear           Rich     Lindvall,     (541)929-4681      or
                                                                    can, and jest as fur in a day
idea as to why this should be, but because
etiquette seems to go hand-in-glove with                                                            ―Seems to me we‘re git‘n over the
clothing for the well-bred (or even                                                             ground purty lively to-day,‖ replied
working class) man, links back to The                                                 Shorty, who was in a grumbling‘ mood.
Gentleman's         Page:        Behavior                                                       ―Wonder if the Gin‘ral thinks we‘re                                                        hosses! I‘m a little short o‘ wind, and these
r.html          and            Deportment
pesky gunboats are scrapin‘ the bark off‘n             ―Better not, Si‖ said the Orderly; ―ye            Si threw aside his traps, took off his
my feet; but I‘ll keep up or bust.‖                know it‘s agin orders, and the rear-guard          shoes and stockings, and bathed his feet
    Though the spirit of these young               ‗ll punch ye with their bay‘net‘s if they          with water from his canteen. He ate a
patriots was willing, the flesh was weak. It       catch ye stragglin‘.‖                              couple of hardtack, and in the course of
wasn‘t long till Si began to limp. Now and             But Si concluded that if he must die for       half an hour began to feel more like Si
then a groan escaped his lips as a fresh           his country it would be sweeter to do so by        Klegg. He geared himself up, shouldered
blister ―broke.‖ But Si clinched his teeth,        having a bayonet inserted in his vitals, and       his gun, and started to ―ketch up.‖
humped his back to ease his shoulders              then it would be all over with at once, than
from the weight of his knapsack, screwed           to walk himself to death.
up his courage, and tramped on over the                So he gradually fell back till be reached
stony pike. He thought the breathing spells        the tail of the company. Watching his
were very short and a long way apart.              opportunity, he left the ranks, crept into a
    Si‘s knapsack had experienced the              clump of bushes, and lay down, feeling as
universal shrinkage, as told in a previous         if he had been run through a grist-mill.
chapter of our hero‘s martial career. He           Soon the rear-guard of the 200th came
still had, however, a good many things that        along, with fixed bayonets, driving before
he thought he couldn‘t spare, but which he         them like a flock of frightened sheep a
found later he could very well get along           motley crowd of limping, groaning men,
without.                                           gathered up by the roadside.
                                                       Si lay very still, hoping to escape
    By noon the 200th began to show signs          discovery; but the keen eye of the officer
of going to pieces. The column stretched           detected the blue heap among the bushes.
out longer and longer, like a piece of                 ―Bring that man out !― said he sternly to
India-rubber. The ranks looked thin and            one of the guards.
ragged. Lame and foot-sore, with wo-                   Poor Si scarcely dare to breathe. He               All this time the stream of troops—
begone faces, their bodies aching in every         hoped the man would think he was dead,             regiments, brigades and divisions—had
bone and tendon, and overcome with a               and therefore no longer of any account.            flowed on. Of course, soldiers who were
weariness that no one can realize unless he        But the soldier began to prod him with his         with their colors had the right of way, and
has ―been there,‖ the men dropped out one          bayonet, ordering him to get up and move           the stragglers were obliged to stumhle
by one and threw themselves into the               on.                                                along as best they could, over the logs and
fence-corners to rest. The officers stormed                                                           through the bushes at the sides of the roads
and drew their swords in vain. Nature—                                                                or skirt along the edges of the fields and
that is, the nature of a new soldier—could                                                            woods adjoining. It was this fact added to
endure no more. The ambulances were                                                                   their exhausted and crippled condition that
filled to their utmost, but these would not                                                           made it almost impossible for stragglers to
hold a twentieth part of the crippled and                                                             overtake their regiments until they halted
suffering men.                                                                                        for the night. Even then it was often
    ―How‘re ye gittin‘ on, Shorty ?― said                                                             midnight before the last of the wayfarers,
Si, as he and his comrade still struggled                                                             weary and worn, dragged their aching
along.                                                                                                limbs into camp.
    ―Fair to middlin‘,‖ replied Shorty. ―I‘m                                                              Si started forward briskly, but soon
goin‘ to try and pull through !―                                                                      found it was no easy matter to gain the
    ―I thought I could,‖ said Si, ―but I‘m                                                            mile or so that the 200th Ind. was now
‗bout played out! I am, fer a fact! I guess                                                           ahead of him. It was about all he could do
ef I rest a bit I‘ll be able to ketch up after a                                                      to keep up with the fast-moving column
while.‖                                                ―Look-a-here, pard,‖ said Si, "don't stab      and avoid falling still further to the rear.
    Si didn‘t know till he found out by            me with that thing! I jest can‘t git along         Presently the bugles sounded a halt for one
experience how hard it was to ―ketch up‖           any furder till I blow a little. You please        of the hourly rests.
when a soldier once got behind on the              lemme be, an‘ I‘ll do as much for you.                 ―Now,‖ said Si to himself, ―I‘ll have a
march. Si was too fat for a good roadster,         P‘rhaps come time you‘ll get played out            good chance to git along tor‘d the front.
but it didn‘t take a great while to work off       and I‘ll be on the rear-guard. The Cap‘n ‗ll       The soljers ‗ll all lie down in the fence
his surplus flesh. Shorty was tall and slim,       tell me ter fotch ye ‗long, an‘ I‘ll jest let ye   corners an‘ leave the road clear. Ill jest git
mostly bone—one of the sort that always            rest, so I wi!l !‗                                 up an‘ dust !―
stood the marching best.                               This view of the case struck the guard             The sound of the bugles had scarcely
    Si crept up to the Orderly and told him        with some force. Moved with compassion,            died away when the pike was deserted, and
that he would have to stop and puff a while        he turned away, leaving Si to enjoy his            on either side, as far as the eye could
and give his blisters a rest. He‘d pull up         rest.                                              reach, the prostrate men that covered the
with Co. Q in an hour or so.                                                                          ground mingled in a long fringe of blue.
    Si got up into the road and started along        ―Hep—hep—hep !―                            to the other, uncertain where to begin the
the lane between these lines of recumbent            ―How‘d ye leave Mary Ann ?―                assault.
soldiers. His gait was a little shaky, for the       Si had never been under such a fire            Instantly there was a loud clicking all
blisters on his feet began to give evidence      before. He stood it as long as he could, and   along the line. The Illinois soldiers, almost
of renewed activity. He trudged pluckily         then he stopped.                               to a man, fixed their bayonets. Half of
along, limping some in spite of himself,             ―Halt !― shouted a chorus of voices.       them sprang to their feet, and all aimed
but on the whole making very good                ―Shoulder —Arms !― ―Order—Arms !―              their shining points at the poor young
headway.                                             By this time Si‘s wrath was at the         Hoosier patriot, filling the air with shouts
    Pretty soon he struck a veteran              boiling point. Casting around him a look of    of derision.
regiment from Illinois, the members of           defiance, he exclaimed:                            It was plain, even to Si in his inflamed
which were sitting and lying around in all           ―You cowardly blaggards; I can jest        state of mind, that the odds against him
the picturesque and indescribable postures       lick any two of ye, an‘ I‘ll dare ye to come   were too heavy.
which the old soldiers found gave them the       on. If the 200th Ind. was here we‘d clean          ―Unfix—Bay‘net !― came from half the
greatest comfort during a ―rest.‖ Then the       out the hull pack of ye quickern ye can say    regiment.
fun commenced—-that is, it was great             scat!‖                                             Si concluded he had better get out of a
sport for the Sucker boys, though Si did             This is where Si made a mistake. He        bad scrape the best way he could. So he
not readily appreciate the humorous              ought to have kept right on and said           took off his bayonet and put it back in its
features of the scene.                           nothing. But Si had to find out all these      place. He shouted words of defiance to his
    ―What rigiment is this ?― asked Si,          things by experience, as the rest of the       tormentors, but they could not be heard in
timidly.                                         boys did.                                      the din.
    ―Same old rijiment !― was the answer             All the members of the regiment now            ―Shoulder — - Arms !― ―Right — Face!
from half a dozen at once. A single glance       took a hand in the game. They just got         ―Right       shoulder      shift—Arms        !―
told the swarthy veterans that the fresh-        right up and yelled, discharging at Si a       ―Forward—March !― These commands
looking youth who asked this conundrum           volley of expletives and pointed remarks       came in quick succession from the ranks
belonged to one of the new regiments, and        that drove him to desperation. Instinctively   amidst roars of laughter.
they immediately opened their batteries          he brought up his gun.                             Si obeyed the orders and started off.
upon him                                             ―Load in nine times—Load !― shouted a          ―Left—-left—left !―
    ―Left—-left-- -left !―                       dozen of the Illinois tramps.                      ―Hayfoot—strawfoot !―
    ―Hayfoot — strawfoot! Hayfoot —                  If Si‘s gun had been loaded he would           Forgetting his blisters, Si took the
strawfoot keeping time with Si‘s                 have shot somebody, regardless of              double-quick, while the mob swung their
somewhat irregular steps.                        consequences. Thinking of his bayonet, he      caps and howled with delight.
    ―Hello, there, you! Change step and          jerked it quickly from its scabbard.               Si didn‘t ―ketch up‖ with the 200 Ind.
you‘ll march easier !―                                                                          until after it had gone into camp. Shorty
    ―Look at that ‗ere poor feller; the only                                                    had a quart of hot coffee waiting for him.
man left alive of his regiment! Great                                                               ―Shorty,‖ said Si, as they sat by the fire,
Cesar, how they must have suffered! Say,                                                        ―I‘m goin‘ to drop dead in my tracks
what rigiment did you b‘long to ?―                                                              before I‘ll fall out again.‖
    ―Paymaster‘s comm‘, boys, here‘s a                                                              "Why, what‘s the matter ?"
chap with a pay-roll round his neck !― Si                                                           ―Oh, nothin‘; only you jest try it,‖ said
had put on that morning the last of the                                                         Si. Had it not been for the ―fun‖ the
paper collars he had brought from home.                                                         soldiers had in the army to brighten their
    ―You‘d better shed that knapsack, or                                                        otherwise dark and cheerless lives, they
it‘ll be the death of ye!‖                          ―Fix—-Bay‘net !― yelled the ragged          would all have died. Si was a true type of
    ―I say, there, how‘s all the folks to        veterans.                                      those who had to suffer for the good of
home?‖                                              And he did, though it was more from         others until they learned wisdom in the
    ―How d‘ye like it as far as you‘ve got,      the promptings of his own hostile feelings     school of experience.
any way?‖                                        than in obedience to the orders.
    ―Git some commissary and pour into              ―Charge—Bay‘net !―
them gunboats !―                                    Si had completely lost control of
    ―Second relief‘s come, boys; we can all      himself in his overpowering rage. With
go home now.‖                                    blood in his eye, he came to a charge,
    ―Grab a root!‖                               glancing fiercely from one side of the road

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