June 2011 CFA Scholarship Application

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              CFA® Society of Iowa Scholarship Program—June 2011 Exam
Society scholars must fulfill all CFA candidate requirements to register. If society scholars are
undergraduate students, they must be in the final year of their degree program.

What the scholarship covers:
CFA Program enrollment fee (if applicable) is waived and the registration fee is discounted. Society
scholars pay only the cost of curriculum and shipping costs ($185/eBook, $245/print, and $275/eBook and
print) plus any applicable taxes and import duties. Curriculum discounts apply for returning candidates.
The fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. Scholarships cannot be deferred to another exam offering.

Complete the following (please print):

June 2011 Exam                                                  Enrollment Level I II III (circle one)

Candidate No.: ________________

Name: ___________________________________________

Mailing Address: ___________________________________________

City: State: Zip: ___________________________________________

Home Phone: ________________

Work Phone: ________________

Fax: ________________

E-mail: ___________________________________________

Have you already registered for the CFA exam?                             [ ] Yes [ ] No
Are you a member of the CFA Society of Iowa?                              [ ] Yes [ ] No

Are you employed?                                           [ ] Part-time [ ] Full-time
        Name of employer: ___________________________________________

         Address of employer: ___________________________________________

         Occupation: ___________________________________________

Are you a student?                                                        [ ] Part-time [ ] Full-time
Level of school completed: ________________

Name of undergraduate college or university: ___________________________________________

Name of graduate college or university: ___________________________________________

Highest degree held: ________________

If no degree is held, when do you expect to receive your degree? ________________

Current field of study: ________________
             CFA® Society of Iowa Scholarship Program—June 2011 Exam

Why do you want to achieve the CFA® Charter?

Briefly describe your involvement in activities and organizations:

Briefly describe your financial need for this scholarship:

I heard about this scholarship from:

Attach Resume
Attach College Transcript
Include a Letter of Recommendation

________________                           ___________________________________________
(Date)                                     (Signature)

Please return this Application to:

Milt Milloy
Principal Global Investors
711 High St. G-27
Des Moines, IA 50392-0880

Deadline: January 17, 2011

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