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					Executive Bio
Gopal Vemuri
President, Chief Executive and Founder

        Gopal Vemuri is president, chief executive officer and founder of JobPad, based in North Brunswick, N.J.
Vemuri formed the company in August 2009 to serve an unmet market need among job seekers,
outplacement agencies and others within the human resources and talent management profession. JobPad is
an online job-search management tool, a virtual desktop for job seekers and career counseling professionals.
Vemuri and team created JobPad to be simply a virtual “job pad” where job seekers can have a “full-throttle
focus” on finding the job they need vs. wasting hours on various job boards, writing and re-writing letters and
resumes, and trying to remember what jobs they applied for, and when. The result: JobPad Inc. and JobPad
the online job pad for job seekers.
        Vemuri formed the company to solve the job-search blues he’d heard from many of his friends and
colleagues. “Once unemployed, so many men and women have no idea how to get started, what to do, where
to go, or how to get organized,” said Vemuri. “JobPad is the online version of “get organized, get going, get a
        Today, the company employs 12 personnel, mostly in research and product development. Vemuri and his
team completed its application development of JobPad in December 2010. The core of JobPad’s job-search
management prowess is JobClipper, a tool that “auto clips” every submitted job application made by a job
seeker. Once it’s “clipped,” the job application can be filed and found in seconds since everything is centralized
in JobPad.
        Before starting JobPad, Vemuri spent 15 years in the technology industry. He served in various senior
positions that included global product development, product marketing and customer support. He worked at
HSBC as part of its Global Business Systems team, and worked with Business Evolution Inc., a provider of
Web-based customer-assistance software. The company was acquired by Kana Software in 1999.
        In addition, Vemuri is an active board member of the Concept Venture Group, a holding company that
owns Addict juice bars, a retail concept that introduces Indian consumers to nutritional “fast food” and
convenience. He’s also a serial entrepreneur—and investor—in several interests, including being an active
investor and mentor of Addict Juice and Smoothie stores in India.
        Vemuri holds a BS from Nagarjuna University and MBA from American Intercontinental University. When
Vemuri is not running JobPad or pursuing entrepreneurial interests, he enjoys organizing and participating
community activities, watching comedy shows and football, and jogging. For more information about JobPad,
contact Gopal Vemuri at, or call 908.975.9495. For media queries, contact Gopal Vemuri
at, or call 908.975.9495.

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