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JMA 10-5


									                                 ADVANCE COPY

                              STATE OF NEW HAMPSHIRE
                        SCHOOL ADMINISTRATIVE UNITS #51 & #72
                        ALTON & BARNSTEAD SCHOOL DISTRICTS


                                  PMHS Joint Maintenance Board
                                         October 5, 2004
                                  Prospect Mountain High School

I.          CALL TO ORDER

            Members Present:            Cydney Johnson, Chair
                                        Sam Greenlaw, Vice-Chair
                                        Dan Barraford
                                        Maureen Fitzpatrick
                                        Loring Carr
                                        Terri Noyes
                                        Eunice Landry
                                        Kathy Preston
                                        Larry Alting
                                        Wayne Fraser

            Others Present:             Normand Tanguay, JMA Superintendent
                                        Russell Holden, PMHS Principal
                                        Barry Elliott, Clerk-of-the-Works
                                        Chip Krause, Architect
                                        Members of the Public

               Chairman Johnson called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.


     III.      ROLL CALL

     IV.       PUBLIC FORUM

               Joyce Hopper, senior student advisor, thanked Board Members for doing such a
               great job on opening a beautiful school. At the next meeting she will provide an
               update on things happening in the school. There are many firsts this year, such as
               caps and gowns, designing class rings, graduation, and prom committee. She

                                                                                         Page 1 of 12
                                                                                 PMHS Minutes 10/5/04
addressed the athletic eligibility policy, saying that she hopes kids will be given a
chance to make up failing grades to continue to participate in extracurricular
activities. For some children, these activities are what keeps them molded and
informed for school. They stay focused in their classes because of extracurricular
activities. Society today pushes our kids to be involved in many things, and of
course academics are important, but colleges look at well-rounded students.
Respect and being a team player are also values learned from sports. We need to
think of what is best for the child. She commended Board members and parents
who show their support for the students at extracurricular events because it shows
that they care.

Sandie Drouin, a teacher from Barnstead, expressed her concern that a student will
not challenge themselves or will “dummy down” in class choices to avoid facing
athletic probation. Not all kids are straight A students. She has seen students shut
down after being told they cannot play because of a failing grade. She is the parent
of a freshman and she pushes him to challenge himself in classes, but she feels
sports are very important to him.

Tammy _______ said that we‟re saying “one mistake and you‟re done”. But there
are countless students in Alton who, without having athletics push them, would be
walking the streets. If we don‟t give kids an opportunity to fix things after one
mistake, it‟s like telling a teacher or school board member that after one mistake
you‟re done. It‟s unrealistic for us to expect young adults to be held to a higher
standard than adults in real life situations. We owe this chance to our children.

Michael Rouleau expressed two concerns that he feels should have been addressed
by now. First, he was told that a temporary retention pond would be filled. It was
eventually filled in, but there is a 12” pipe for drainage that remains and causes
water to come out of the ground when it rains. That water flows onto his property
and this was not part of the original plan with the drainage system. Also, the
fences were supposed to be 6 feet tall and should abut his property. No fence has
been put up. He realized that this might be behind schedule, but he is concerned
about equipment being able to get in and fix it. He would like answers. C. Krause
said the contractor would be obligated to fix the drainage problem, but regarding
the fence it was his understanding that the fence was to be 4 feet high. Mr.
Rouleau disagreed, saying that Mr. Elliott assured him that it was 6 ft. Chairman
Johnson suggested he schedule a private meeting to resolve the issues. She assured
him that he would be called regarding the meeting. Mr. Elliott agreed to meet with
him to straighten out the problems.

Shelby Hicks made a correction to the Public Input minutes of September 21, 2004,
the wording “being 18” should be “being a teen”. She also questioned the criteria
for going into non-public session. Chairman Johnson said she would give her the
RSA information of what constitutes a non-public session.

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                                                                    PMHS Minutes 10/5/04
      Debi Winegar noted that the future PTSA had their first meeting, with Mr. Holden,
      at the PMHS. The “S” represents the students, and the group felt that it was
      important to include them. She read the mission statement regarding student
      involvement. It was decided that future meetings would be held at 6 pm on the
      first Wednesday of each month starting in November. The open house committee
      is volunteering to help the school board with cookies for the open house. Barbara
      Fagley is coordinating the effort and she may be reached at 776-6942.

      Steve Parker, president of the Alton-New Durham Lions Club, directed his
      comments at the Alton School Board Members by saying that the group has raised
      $20,000 for a handicap van for Ryan Donnelly. The Lions Club is still accepting
      donations. Many generous people have supported this cause. Chairman Johnson
      thanked him for his efforts.

      Chairman Johnson closed the first session of public input.


      Chairman Johnson added Item B under VII. Presentations for Stacie Tripp to
      speak about cheerleading.

      L. Carr added Dedication of Playing Fields under VIII. Informational Items.

      There was some question about discussion of the attendance policy. Chairman
      Johnson stated that since it involves personnel matters it would be covered during
      the non-public session.

      On a motion by S. Greenlaw, seconded by K. Preston, the Board voted
      unanimously to approve the agenda as amended.


      S. Greenlaw made a motion, seconded by E. Landry to accept the minutes of 9-21-
      04 as presented. W. Fraser corrected the result of the vote under Decisions on
      pages 10 and 11. The first motion (by S. Greenlaw, seconded by K. Preston to
      approve the stipends as presented) failed by a vote of 5 Against (MF, LC, DB, KP,
      EL) 4 For (LA, TN, WF, SG) and 1 abstention. The next motion, approving said
      stipends with the amendment of added job descriptions passed as written in the

      Mr. Holden corrected the wording on page 6 under Athletic Eligibility Policy. The
      second sentence should read “The athletic director contacted other schools in the
      area regarding their policy and they basically follow the NHIAA policy and that
      students must pass classes or attend grant-funded study hall or face academic
      probation for a period of approximately two weeks.”

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                                                                        PMHS Minutes 10/5/04
       D. Barraford made a correction on page 7 under the Safe and Drug Free Program
       section the correct wording is “D. Barraford suggested that if it is sent out, the
       wording „drug dog‟ should be changed to „police-canine units‟ so that it is clear to
       parents and students what is happening in the school.”

       Mr. Tanguay asked to include information regarding the telephone poll to seal the
       minutes on page 11 that 9 members of the Board were contacted.

       On a motion by K. Preston, seconded by T. Noyes, the Board voted unanimously to
       approve the minutes of 9/21/04 as amended.


       A. Computer Presentation – Jason Hills
       Jason Hills is the technology coordinator for PMHS. He provided an update on
       reimbursement from the FCC, saying that they do content filtering on such things
       as gambling, violence, and adult material for students and staff. They use
       WebSense software, which updates them nightly, so that if something is blocked
       that should not be, they can override it. By stating this in public they will be able
       to receive the $8-11,000 reimbursement. They are working on the web page,
       which will include a homework page designed by the teachers. If Board members
       have input on the web page they welcome comments. He‟s looking into a live
       webcasting of Board meetings at a one time cost of $200. The technology
       committee is working on their plan, and should be to the Board in November. The
       library and financial software is in place. 3 out of 4 computer labs are completed,
       the 4th will be complete at the end of this week. Teachers are taking attendance via
       computer. He thanked faculty and community members for their help, and the
       program is going well so far. K. Preston asked if chat rooms are filtered, Mr. Hills
       answered they are. E. Landry asked about the reimbursement, he answered that
       Alton, Barnstead and PMHS paid parts of the $2500 cost for erate, and the
       reimbursement is set up to help libraries and schools continue to improve their
       technology. E. Landry also asked about the library software and Mr. Hills said he
       is working on coordinating other school libraries. D. Barraford asked about the
       process of contract renewal, Mr. Hills noted that it is a very involved process with
       lots of paperwork but well worth it for the reimbursement. D. Barraford also
       suggested putting PMHS policies and by-laws on the web. Mr. Hills said it
       wouldn‟t be a problem as long as it‟s in web format. Russ Holden highlighted the
       fact that Jason rolled out 160 computers and set up the entire program, lights,
       alarms, PA system and has done a fantastic job. The Board thanked Mr. Hills.
       Chairman Johnson asked if the Board wanted to decide the webcasting issue, Mr.
       Hills said he would come back to the next meeting with a formal proposal. D.
       Barraford made a motion, seconded by K. Preston, to put PMHS policies and by-
       laws on the web. S. Greenlaw suggested they wait until it is on the next agenda for
       a vote so that everyone understands the issue. D. Barraford withdrew the motion.

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                                                                           PMHS Minutes 10/5/04
    B. Cheerleading – Stacie Tripp
    Stacie Tripp proposes a cheerleading program for PMHS. She listed her
    qualifications for the position of director of the program and provided a copy of
    these. She has been going to safety certification meetings for 3 years. She polled
    about 10% of the student population, 50% of those (about 25 students) polled
    thought it would be a great program for the school. She also took a written poll
    and 25 girls/6 boys responded. Her objective is to open the program to grades 9-
    12, to teach the basics of cheerleading, and to work toward competitions as well as
    promoting the program in Alton and Barnstead. She foresees 3-5 days per week of
    practice in getting started. She sees cheerleading as an athletic program, like other
    sports and it would teach teamwork and respect. She has been doing some
    fundraising and has raised $1500 so far, but needs close to $3500 to get the project
    off the ground. About $110 is needed per varsity uniform. $225 per mat (3
    needed) would be required. There is a $150 NHIAA fee for competition. There is
    a safety meeting at Bishop Brady on November 7th. Danielle Cook is the contact
    person for spirit rules for NHIAA in NH. Kammi Reynolds is getting her a copy of
    the rule book for 2004-2005 season. In summary, she is asking for approval from
    the Board on behalf of donators, students, parents. She has not cashed the checks,
    nor opened an account until approval is given. S. Greenlaw applauded her efforts
    but raised concern about the insurance/liability standpoint. Mr. Tanguay asked for
    more time to put on the agenda as an Action Item so that Board Members could
    have time to study her proposal. W. Fraser commented that there was no prior
    knowledge by the Board, it was put on the agenda as an informational item, not an
    action item and it is unusual to approve a program under these circumstances. K.
    Preston asked if a telephone poll could be done in order to speed up the process.
    W. Fraser expressed concern over fundraising under the guise of PMHS before a
    program had been approved. Stacie Tripp was under the impression that her
    fundraising efforts would be a favorable aspect of her dedication to starting the
    program. C. Johnson also commented that telephone polls are typically reserved
    for emergency situations. D. Barraford suggested this item should be posted for
    the public to respond. S. Greenlaw urged Ms. Tripp not to be disappointed, it was
    simply that the Board had to follow a procedure in order to approve such programs.


    A. Architect/Clerk-of-the-Works
    Mr. Elliott said evening and weekend crews were continuing their work. Testing
    and balancing of systems is almost complete. The exterior punch list is being
    completed. Bleachers will be shipped at the end of this week, but probably will not
    be installed in time for the open house. The baselines in the field are being done.
    Grass is growing in the rear athletic fields and they are hoping there will be time
    for a cutting this Fall. Training of the staff is ongoing, and Mark has pretty much
    taken over the building at this point as Mr. Elliott is not always on-site. Jason Hills

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                                                                          PMHS Minutes 10/5/04
has a handle on the technology aspects of the school. Mr. Elliott concluded his
report and there were no questions by the Board.
Mr. Krause passed out a paper which demonstrated the location change of the pole
vault/long jump area because the soccer field would be played there. The area
needs to be paved, and this issue came about after the school opened. Mr. Holden
and Mr. Tanguay were in on the discussions and they all agreed the change needed
to be made. Due to weather, the rubberized surface cannot be completed until late
spring. S. Greenlaw asked what effect that would have on its use. Mr. Krause said
it‟s a perfectly acceptable surface to run on, it‟s fine for a track meet. Long-term
the rubberized surface would be better for runners. Marking lanes would be the
only issue, perhaps chalk lines could be used because paint should not be used.
Mr. Krause does not want to compromise the warranty by trying to do the surface
now when weather conditions are not conducive. Mr. Holden noted that home
track meets are not yet scheduled and that since application takes 7-10 days the
surfacing is tentatively scheduled for July 1,2005, so that it would not be used by
students. Mr. Krause passed out a retainage overview, noting that the legal and
testing is not up-to-date but will be shortly. He is requesting that Item E. Sign
Allowance for $25,000 be change ordered out from their hypothetical funds to the
school‟s funds. Signs will need to be put in. Item 77 reflects 7-8 doors for gym
thresholds, Item 79 is for the tank primer at $266….these items ultimately affect
the bottom line. Harvey should be reimbursed for the draining of the tank which
was performed by an outside service. Item 82 does go into the change order for
$2161 for crushed stone in the courtyard. S. Greenlaw asked if Russ would be able
to bring a formal proposal to the Board for signs. Mr. Holden said yes, and he
would bring proposals for the marquee out front as well as other signs. M.
Fitzpatrick asked about the clock, Mr. Krause is meeting with someone on
Thursday about installation quotes. L. Carr noted that there is a guard rail in the
driveway and wondered if the snow would be able to be pushed aside with guard
rails in the way. It might be difficult for a small plow to remove the snow over the
guard rails. W. Fraser said the bids coming in would list equipment used and it
would be apparent if they could accomplish the snow removal. E. Landry
commented that she was unable to reconcile the numbers in the right column, C.
Krause said he‟d double check the numbers. He also said he would have a list of
outstanding items, such as outside storage units and risers.

S. Greenlaw made a motion, seconded by K. Preston, to approve Items 77,79 and
82 as change orders totaling $3,075 and the motion passed with a unanimous vote
by the Board.
S. Greenlaw made a motion, seconded by T. Noyes, to approve Item E. as a credit
for $25,000 for sign allowance as presented. The motion passed with a unanimous
vote by the Board.

B. Subcommittee Reports
   1.    Budget and Finance, Eunice Landry
   The committee has not met, and has nothing to report. There will be a meeting
   next week for budget review. Mr. Tanguay presented the Financial Report.

                                                                            Page 6 of 12
                                                                    PMHS Minutes 10/5/04
     Food service will be reflected at the next meeting after they get the statement
     and additional revenues. The remaining balance is $156,566. It is too early
     for June ‟05 projections. Budget transfers will be coming in the near future to
     submit for approval by the Board. L. Alting asked about manifest bills, his
     concern being some items should have been taken out of the budget. He
     questioned whether office products should have come out of the bond, not the
     PMHS budget. Mr. Tanguay said it was a budget item. School specialties was
     for the alarm systems, Granite Image was for printing handbooks, and Viking
     Office Products‟ bill was for copy paper. S. Greenlaw asked about the Coca-
     Cola Bottling Co., was this coded to food service? Mr. Holden said yes. E.
     Landry asked about page 5, under PMHS Activity Account Expenditure for
     $3500. Are we reimbursing teachers from the activity account, and what types
     of checks are these? Mr. Holden said it‟s always been done that way and it‟s
     for expenses such as referees and other expenses with no p.o.‟s. Mr. Holden
     was open to suggestion on another way to handle that account. D. Barraford
     noted that it seems like we‟re mixing different things in that account, can‟t we
     have a petty cash fund for those things? Mr. Tanguay said they will be looking
     at that issue and will be training the staff on changes to how that is handled.
     2.      Buildings and Grounds, Dan Barraford
    Mr. Tanguay requested that they poll the building and grounds committee
    regarding retainage. The unanimous recommendation was to follow Mr.
    Krause‟s request to give Harvey half of the remaining retainage. The full
    amount is $1,576,476 and half of that amount is $788,238. On a motion by S.
    Greenlaw, seconded by W. Fraser, the Board voted to reduce the retainage of
    $1,576,476 by no more than half by a vote of 8 For (WF, LA, TN, CJ, SG, DB,
    KP, LC) and 2 Against (EL, MF).
C. Principal’s Report
Mr. Holden presented the ‟04-‟05 Enrollment Numbers: 462 is the grand total.
Projected freshmen enrollment is 154 for the Class of 2009, 129 for 2010 and 134
for 2011. Mr. Holden apologized for leaving something out of his report, he is
adding the presentation of Josh O‟Neal, an Eagle Scout from Troop 53, with a
proposal to decorate the island in front of the school with plants and a granite
bench among other things. Josh presented several ideas to the Board using the
triangular area in front of the school for his project. He worked around the Norway
Spruce in the area by designing the area with its projected size in mind. He asked
for approval from the Board for him to start his project, especially in light of colder
weather coming which might prevent him from planting. The Board responded
favorably to his presentation but it was suggested by E. Landry and others that in
order to remain consistent with such requests, the vote should be held over until the
next meeting as an Action Item. C. Johnson also stated that officially they could
not make the decision yet, as the contractors had not given over ownership of the
premises. It was the consensus that Josh would leave his presentation materials
with the Board and the item would be put on the next meeting‟s agenda.
M. Fitzpatrick asked if there was a telephone directory as she has had trouble
finding extensions for certain members of the school. Mr. Tanguay said there is a

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                                                                      PMHS Minutes 10/5/04
       directory in the office, but a directory for others would be completed as soon as his
       secretary was hired.
       D. Dedication of Playing Fields
       L. Carr suggested constructing a Veterans‟ Memorial on the playing fields,
       especially with the war going on. Mr. Holden said we need to check the policy on
       memorials since there have been past issues with naming fields in memorial. L.
       Carr asked that it be put on the agenda for discussion at the next meeting.

       Mr. Tanguay is presently working on the special education contract with directors
       of the departments as well as the attorney. The audit will begin on the JMA books
       on Friday. He passed out a letter from the attorney which reflected the agreement
       of all parties that the proper manner to account for the real property and fixtures of
       PMHS as a jointly owned investment interest on financial statements of the Alton
       and Barnstead school districts. The function of the Board‟s Review of
       Administrative Regulations, is to have for information or to rescind the regulations,
       but not to approve. He will be sending out a list of all invitees and if there are
       additions or comments to please call him. K. Preston asked for clarification on the
       auditing of the JMA. Mr. Tanguay said each town of Alton and Barnstead would
       have their own auditors. L. Carr asked how the Board would know if Mr. Tanguay
       presents an administrative regulation that is inconsistent, which is noted as an
       interpretive instrument. Mr. Tanguay said he would present items consistent with
       Board policies.
       Chairman Johnson brought up the CIP Committee because she needs to pass along
       requests from the Board, but she‟s not sure the JMA has the authority to do so. She
       confirmed that each town will come up with like warrant articles to be presented
       separately. She presented a revision of the program for the open house, it is not a
       final draft - there are more updates to be added. She asked for more thoughts/ideas
       on the program from Board Members. She had agreement from Alton clergy for
       the invocation, but does not have a clergy member from Barnstead for the
       Benediction. D. Barraford suggested a contact, and will get the phone number to
       Mr. Tanguay. C. Johnson said the ribbon-cutting ceremony would be performed
       by the highest ranking official in attendance. T. Noyes suggested having a student
       doing the cutting, K. Preston agreed. There are 5 class presidents (2 for the senior
       class) at PMHS and the Board consensus was to involve some or all of these
       students in the ribbon cutting ceremony. M. Fitzpatrick asked what time they
       should arrive. C. Johnson said 12:00, and the event would begin at 1:00 p.m. in the
       auditorium. S. Greenlaw clarified that those who needed an introduction by him
       would be those sitting on the stage, and those were not known yet.

         A. Teacher Travel Request
         Mr. Holden presented a request by the foreign language teachers to take
         students to Paris and Madrid as part of their educational programs. T. Noyes
         asked if they had done fund-raising to defer costs. Mr. Holden said fund-
         raising efforts were underway. Mr. Holden is asking for approval and also for

                                                                                    Page 8 of 12
                                                                            PMHS Minutes 10/5/04
an excused absence to participate in this educational program. S. Greenlaw
asked if there is a restriction on the number of students. Mr. Holden said the
restriction is only due to the number of chaperones, but it is open to all students
in foreign language classes. The ratio is 1 chaperone to 6 students. W. Fraser
made a motion, seconded by S. Greenlaw to accept the travel request. L. Carr
asked about a paper which should be given to chaperones for guidelines on a
trip. Since it was not included in the handbook, he would like to see a copy of
this before the trip. The motion passed with a unanimous vote by the Board.
B. Personnel Report
On a motion by C. Johnson, seconded by S. Greenlaw, the Board voted
unanimously to move the discussion of the personnel report to non-public
under the provisions of RSA 91-A:3 II (b).
C. Athletic Eligibility Policy
Mr.Tanguay made a correction, that the administration did not recommend
approval of the athletic policy on page 19, rather the proposed policy under
Academic Eligibility. C. Johnson asked if, after the warning, then the two-
week probation period, the student does not bring the grade up, then that
student becomes ineligible, Mr. Holden said that is correct. D. Barraford found
the wording of the new proposal to be confusing. T. Noyes pointed out that the
policy did not go through three readings, it simply came up as a vote to change
it for the handbook. L. Carr said it came up for the handbooks, but there was
pressure to change it quickly for printing of the handbooks to begin. He asked
why, if it‟s been voted on and printed in the handbook, is it being brought up
now. Mr. Holden said Kammi Reynolds, the athletic director, requested that it
be brought before the Board and he respects her request to have input. L. Carr
thinks it‟s irresponsible to change policy midstream, it should wait until the end
of the school year. S. Greenlaw disagreed, saying it‟s a new school and we
should be open to correcting mistakes, if this is such a mistake, at any time
during the school year. D. Barraford contacted several schools, and he passed
out the comments. Debi Winegar interrupted with a “point-of-order”. T.
Noyes continued, saying that she read D. Barraford‟s survey and she found the
questions to be pointed, thus making the answers flawed. D. Barraford said he
will go along with the new policy if the two weeks really is two weeks. E.
Landry read from paragraph 2: Academic Probation Policy. She said the
policy is clear on the two-week probation issue. C. Johnson agreed with Sam,
saying that this is a new school and sometimes policies need to be revised
whether it‟s in the middle of the school year or not. Debi Winegar called point-
of-order again and reiterated that this is the 2nd reading and she read over the
motion from past minutes. D. Barraford made a motion, seconded by L. Carr,
to approve the amended motion on the athletic eligibility policy. The motion
failed with a vote of 2 For (DB, LC) and 8 Against (MF, TN, WF, CJ, SG, EL,
KP, LA).
On a motion by D. Barraford, seconded by L. Carr, the Board voted to accept
the athletic eligibility policy as the 3rd and final reading by a vote of 8 For (MF,
TN, WF, CJ, SG, EL, KP and LA) and 2 Against (DB, LC).

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                                                                   PMHS Minutes 10/5/04
       D. Erate Strategies, LLC Contract
       D Barraford made a motion, seconded by T. Noyes, to approve the Erate
       Contract in the amount of $2500. S. Greenlaw asked if money came from 3
       different schools, where would the $11,000 be going? Mr. Holden answered
       that the agreement was to split the return, it should be seen as a discount, not
       revenue to the communities who funded the program. E. Landry asked what
       expenses were budgeted, Mr. Holden answered that it was for long-distance
       phone lines, internet service, phone lines going in and out. Mr. Holden said the
       FCC does not specify how the money should be spent, it may be spent how the
       school sees fit. The Board voted unanimously to approve the motion.


Ruth Messier commented that she hoped microphones were being ordered because
even sitting in the front row she could not hear well because of conversation in the
rows behind her.

Shelby Hicks asked if the goal was reached for the gym floor. Mr. Holden said that it
was because of an anonymous donation and a plaque will be going up as well. She
asked why the attendance policy was going into non-public. Chairman Johnson
answered that it was due to personnel matters being discussed. She asked for an
update on the brick situation, there was none. She also commented that she was
disappointed that the track surface was not completed.

Josh O‟Neal asked the Board to consider his request quickly because of upcoming cold
weather. Chairman Johnson said that in order to remain consistent, the vote would
have to wait. In addition, it could put the Board in a difficult legal situation since they
occupy the space but do not technically own it yet. It is best to err on the side of

Mrs. O‟Neal said the initial hold-up was the issue of the tree, and was under the
impression that once that was decided, he would be able to start his project. Chairman
Johnson explained that outside changes on the punch list could affect his project and
the legal ramifications could be a potential problem. She commended Josh for his
presentation and said it seemed to be a very worthwhile project.

Debi Winegar commented that Josh presented a wonderful idea and hoped he could
move forward with it. She hoped Mr. Tanguay could look up past minutes in order to
explain why the Board at the time decided to implement a Memorial Policy. She
encouraged the Board to check with legal counsel on the issue of separation of church
and state in regard to the benediction/invocation included at the open house. She asked
about the attendance policy being put in non-public, and she would like to go on record
as saying the wrong policy had been included, was spotted by Mr. Holden and replaced
by the correct policy. If that were the case, she did not feel that it was necessary to go
into non-public for that matter.

                                                                                 Page 10 of 12
                                                                          PMHS Minutes 10/5/04
   Steve Parker said that the guard rails should not be removed for snow plowing. The
   guard rails have been put in and those who put in bids should know the equipment
   needed to perform the plowing. He also commented that the section of road from the
   Alton traffic circle to the school is very dangerous to kids on bikes trying to get to the
   school. Chairman Johnson said the issue is being discussed with the Dept. of
   Transportation to address road improvement. He also noted that the intersection of
   Route 28 and North Barnstead Rd. is a horrendous intersection. He hopes this issue
   will be solved.

   Bob Longabaugh asked that the Board make this room the permanent location for
   future board meetings as it is ideal and asked that the Board order at least 8

   Chairman Johnson closed the second session of public input.


       The next meeting is scheduled for October 19, 2004 at Prospect Mountain High
       School at 6:00 pm.


       On a motion by C. Johnson, seconded by S. Greenlaw, the Board was polled and
       voted unanimously to convene in non-public session at 8:46 p.m. under the
       provisions of RSA 91-A:3 II (a,b,c).

       No actions were taken.

       On a motion by E. Landry, seconded by T. Noyes, the Board was polled and voted
       unanimously to reconvene in public session at 9:50 p.m.


       On a motion by C. Johnson, seconded by S. Greenlaw, to accept the
       superintendent‟s nomination for executive secretary to the superintendent of
       Shannon Patterson for $3300. The motion passed with 9 For (WF, KP,TN, DB,
       LC, EL, SG, CJ, MF) 1 Against (LA).

       S. Greenlaw withdrew the motion on the table of the attendance policy.

       The Board voted 7 For (DB, KP, EL, MF, SG, CJ, LC) and 3 Against (TN, WF,
       LA) to seal the non-public minutes for one year. Some members asked why there
       was a need to seal the minutes, L. Carr answered that the more detailed minutes
       could be unsealed and looked through by a vote from the Board.

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                                                                            PMHS Minutes 10/5/04

      On a motion by E. Landry, seconded by K. Preston, the Board was polled and
      voted unanimously to adjourn at 9:55 p.m.

  Respectfully submitted,

      Jennifer Patrice Harper
      Recorder, Public Session

      Normand Tanguay
      Recorder, Non-Public Session

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                                                                      PMHS Minutes 10/5/04

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