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					            MOSAIC ALLIANCE
                         W W W. M O S A I C A L L I A N C E . C O M
                                            December 2008

                              Happy New Year!                              2&3) featuring Rick Yamamoto, Kevin
                                                                           Knox (Mosaic Berkeley), and other
                              We’re excited about the opportunities        Mosaic Alliance Leaders Conversations
                              we have to impact lives and create the       about    issues we are all facing to
                              future together in 2009!                     move our communities to the next level.

                              Please take a look below for information     • Daily updates from Eric Bryant (Levels
                              on our new team, opportunities to            1-3) Subscribe at
                              interact, upcoming events, and new           for posts on connecting others,
                              processes to connect at a deeper level       innovation and insights from Mosaic.
                              and for planting a Mosaic Church or
                              Mosaic Gathering.                       • Tele-seminars with Eric Bryant (Levels
                                                                      1-3) Jan 12th @ 1pm (PST) with Alan &
                              May God bless you as you seek to bring Debra Hirsch Register for free at
                              the faith, love and hope we have in
    CONTACTS:                 Jesus to those in your communities. Let
                              us know other ways we can serve you     Coming Soon: David Gibbons from
North America Liaison,        in your efforts.                        Newsong and author of “Monkey and
      Eric Bryant                                                     Fish” and Margaret Feinberg, author of              In Christ,                              “Organic God.”
 International Liaison        Eric Bryant                                  Previous interviews include Erwin
    Chris Crossan                                                          McManus, Dan Kimball & Mark            NEW TEAM                                     Batterson. Listen at
       Strategist             We are welcoming Chris Crossan to
    Rick Yamamoto             be an integral part of the of the            NEW EVENTS            Mosaic Alliance team!
                              Chris has spent the past two decades         Origins Germany (Levels 1-3)
International Consultant      as a Cross-Cultural Worker in Europe         January 8-10, 2009 (Thu—Sat)
     Neil Nakamoto,           and Turkey and is with us in Los             Eimeldingen, Germany           Angeles for the next year and a half. He
                              will be working closely with Eric Bryant
                              in giving leadership to the Alliance along   Become “An Unstoppable Force” by
                              with Rick Yamamoto. Neil Nakamoto            shaping and creating a missional
                              will continue to be part of the team as a    community. Includes a fusion of music,
                              consultant to the Mosaic Alliance while      art, dance, film, interaction, and
                              serving with Awaken and continuing his       messages with Erwin McManus, the
    MOSAIC ALLIANCE                                                        Mosaic Leadership Team and other
                              efforts in the new Mosaic South Bay
 1539 East Howard Street                                                   effective practitioners. Come and
                              Gathering in the Los Angeles area.
      McGavran Hall                                                        experience an interactive, behind-the-
        3rd Floor                                                          scenes conversation...
                              New Opportunities to Connect
   Pasadena, CA 91104
                              • Mosaic Alliance Portal (Levels 2&3)
           USA                                                        Mosaic LA Leadership Advance
                              Join the discussion and dialogue as we  (Levels 2&3)
                              seek to Create the Future together      January 24, 2009 (Sat) in Pasadena,
                              across the globe with our new insights, CA. Join the volunteer staff training at
                              challenges and applications.            Mosaic.
                                                                      Cost $10
                              • Mosaic Alliance Tele-seminars (Levels Register with
Mosaic Immersions (Level 2&3)                                   NEW PROCESS TO CONNECT at Level 2/3
An intensive training and development experience to assist      Starting January 2009, the process for becoming a Level 2/3
church planters and church leaders.                             alliance member will be changing. Here is the process:
Dates:                                                          An annual application process will require:
• Fri, Jan 23, 2009 (before Leadership Advance)                 • character references
• Sun-Tue, Apr 19-21, 2009 (before West Coast Catalyst          • phone interviews
Conference)                                                     • $200 USD investment into the Mosaic Alliance
• Thu-Fri, Sep 3-4, 2009 (before Terra Nova)
                                                                Level 3 churches are those who are accepted who also give
YELO Experience (Levels 1-3)                                    5% of their budget toward church planting through any                                         denomination, network, or organization which funds new church
Yelō uses the Gallup StrengthsFinder, Myers-Briggs Type         starts. Contact to apply for level 2 or 3.
Indicator, and Character Matrix to help individuals uncover
their unique strengths and make their irreplaceable             NEW PROCESS to Plant a Mosaic Church or Mosaic
contribution to humanity. Join us for this unrivaled            Gathering
experience and discover the life you are created to live!       For more details, please contact Eric Bryant at
More Info:                          

Origins/Catalyst West-Coast (Levels 1-3)                        ERWIN MCMANUS’ SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS:                     
April 22—24, 2009 (Wed—Fri)
We’re teaming up with the organizers of the Catalyst            ERIC BRYANT’S SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS:
Conference to bring you a special fusion of Origins and
Catalyst in Orange County, California
• Origins Project - Apr 22 (Wed) includes Erwin, Eric, Dave
Gibbons, Dan Kimball, Mark Batterson, Margaret Feinberg,
Alan & Debra Hirsch, Larry Acosta, Mosaic Campus
Pastors, and many others.
• Catalyst West Coast - Apr 23-24 (Thu-Fri)

Mosaic LA Terra Nova (Levels 2&3)
Labor Day Weekend 2009
(Sat—Mon, Sep 5-7, 2009)                                                
Terra Nova (Latin for "New Earth") is the annual Mosaic
Artisans Advance designed to help you challenge, refresh
and inspire your artistic soul. At Terra Nova, our goal is to
see you grow in both your artistic endeavors and your
spiritual journey.

Each day is filled with opportunities to stretch yourself
creatively in both old and new artistic disciplines including
visual art, dance, film, and more. You'll also have plenty of
time to enjoy the various camp amenities such as hiking,
basketball, soccer, volleyball, swimming, paintball,
etc...Terra Nova is an explosion of art and creativity that
will inspire your soul to create and dream the life that God
has uniquely designed you to live. You can learn more
about the different artistic areas of Mosaic at

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