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									Rocky Mountain Mustangers
                                             October 2008
                                           Volume 8, Issue 10
                   Rocky Mountain Mustangers, PO Box 7102, Colorado Springs, CO 80933

             INSIDE THIS ISSUE                                        Neil’s Wheels
                                                                           By Neil Case
 Neil’s Wheels                             1
 Next Meeting                              1    Wow!!! What a Great Fall Colors Tour. Thanks to Mike & Jeanie
 Club Items for Sale                       2    Taylor for setting the event up this year. You may say that I don’t
                                                get out much, because in the 18 years that I have lived in
 Members Items for Sale/Wanted             3    Colorado, I have always hung a right off of highway 115 onto
 Ford Mustang Sales Down                   4    highway 50 to Canon City; mostly to bring visiting family or
 Future 2010 Ford Mustang                  4
                                                friends to the Royal Gorge. Thus I have never been to Westcliffe
                                                or Bishops Castle. If you haven’t viewed the video and pictures
 Ford Reveals 2010 Mustang Detail Photos   5    that Steve Collier posted on You Tube, take a look. Thanks for
 High Plains Raceway                       6    the work you did on the video Steve. The restaurant had great
                                                food and the company was even better. With that, I recommend
 Ford Racing Clinch Road Racing Champs     7
                                                anyone who hasn’t been down that way to take the time for a
 2009 Saleen Dark Horse                    8    nice drive. Heck, you can probably still take in the colors this
 Club Membership                           9    weekend. Course I would prefer it if you would wait to do that on
                                                Sunday so you don’t miss the garage tour / progressive dinner
 Sponsors                                  9    and meeting on Saturday, Oct 18th. We will be meeting first at
 Upcoming Events                           10   Jim & Dawn Guggenbiller’s at 2:30 pm for salad and a first look
                                                at their 67 in progress to include the cowl replacement. Then
                                                we’ll cruise on to Mike & Jeanie Taylor’s at 4:00 pm for pizza and
                                                to see what Mike has done to his 65 fastback since the last time
            Next Meeting                        we were there. Mike has already told me that he is inviting me
                                                over to help put the rear end in. Then we will jump in our Stangs
                                                for another fun cruise over to Leon & Mayumi Edling’s for desert
   Our next meeting of the RMMC will            and the meeting at 5:30 pm. You’ll have an opportunity to see
be on 18 Oct during the annual garage           their sweet 73 Mach I that Leon finished this summer. If you
tour.                                           can’t make all the stops, we hope to see you at one of them (the
                                                one with the meeting and desert of course). See attached
Guiggenbillers (appetizer)
                                                directions in the email with this newsletter. Looks like it will be in
Taylor’s (pizza)                                the 70’s on Saturday, so it may be the last chance that we all
Edling’s (desert and meeting)                   cruise together as a club before the white stuff keeps them in the
                                                garages with their blankies (car covers) on for the winter.

                 The RMMC                       Our nominating committee should have called all of you by now
                                                or at least before the meeting this Saturday to persuade you all to
                                                throw your name in the hat to be either on the board of directors
   RMMC is a Colorado Springs based             (president, vice president, treasurer, secretary). We are also
club dedicated to the preservation and          looking for new blood to take over committee positions
enjoyment of one of the greatest cars           (newsletter editor, raffle master, etc.). Again, please consider
ever created, the Ford Mustang. If you          supporting the club by running for any of these positions.
own a Mustang, dream about owning a
                                                See ya Saturday.
Mustang, owned a Mustang in the past,
or just love Mustangs, then this is the
club for you.                                   Neil
Page 2                                                                               Hoofbeats

2008 Board of Directors
     Vice President
 Chairman of the Board

     Raffle Master

Rocky Mountain Roundup
Hap, Steve, Vonda, & Bob

 Good Times Car Show

                                     Club Items for Sale
                             Get your club shirts. Special orders
                           accepted, paid in advance. Please contact
                           Dawn prior to the monthly meetings.
                           Tanks           $12.00
                           T’s             $16.00
                           Long T’s        $25.00
                           Sweat           $28.00
                           Name Tags       $4.00
                           Pins            $2.00
                           Patches         $2.00
                           Decals          $2.00
                                  Raffle tickets for 2008 can be purchased at each monthly meeting and
                            special raffle tickets are awarded for participating in club events. Points are
                            awarded for driving your pony, wearing your club shirt and name tag at
                            monthly meetings.
   Hoofbeats                                                                                    Page 3

                                               Items for Sale or Wanted
                          Items listed are for the RMMC members and will run continuously unless otherwise
                          identified. Please send your items to Vonda at newsletter@mustangers.com

             Please contact NEIL CASE for the following items                         WANTED
         (prices shown are what they go for new – let make a deal)               By Janelle Jokinen
AIR CLEANER                          LIGHTS
Six cylinder air cleaner housing     65-66 Taillight bezel                   Outer Wheelhouse Panel LH
BRAKES                               67 Backup light housing                       67/68 Mustang
67-68 brake & clutch pedal support 67 Seat belt light assembly
68 Four bolt front & rear drum brake 67 Headlight switch                     67/68 Mustang Front Fender
shoes (6 cyl)                        67-68 Taillights & housings             Splash Shields Seal Kit (Item
BUMPER                               68 Headlight rings                              C7ZZ-16572)
67 Rear bumper extensions            65-70 License plate light
CLUTCH                               SEATS                                      67 Mustang Windshield
65-66 Clutch & brake pedal support Black bucket seats
67-68 Clutch & brake pedal support 68 Frnt passenger seats (2-tone blue)      Place your free add here
67-70 NOS Clutch equalizer bar       SHEETMETAL                               (for club members only)
67-68 NOS Clutch or brake pedal      67-68 Deck lid (never used – original
support                              stamp date showing)
DISTRIBUTER                          SHIFTER
68 Autolite single point distributor 67-68 Auto shifter
DOOR                                 SHOCKS
67-68 Passenger door                 67-68 Rear shock plates
67-68 Door hinges                    SUNVISOR
67-68 Black door lace                67 Sunvisors (aqua)
ENGINE                               68 Sunvisors (blue)
65-73 fan Spacer 2 7/8”              TRANSMISSION
EXTERIOR TRIM                        68 C4 cross member
68 Side scoop bars                   WINDOWS
HORN                                 67 dvr & passenger side vent wind
68 Padded horn button (blue)         67 dvr & passenger rear side wind
INTERIOR TRIM                        68 drivers side vent window
68 Passenger padded arm rest (dark LATE MODEL PARTS
blue)                                88 Timing chain
68 Seat belts (blue)                 88 JBA Underdrive crank pulley
68 Rear seat side panels (blue)      88 Stock water pump pulley

                  Please contact MIKE TAYLOR for the following items
 65/66 Upper control arm w/stainless steel shafts – NEW $500
 65/66 Lower control arms OEM Ford - $100
 65/66 Upper ball joints - $40
 Weiand 289-302 Single plane intake - $75
 Milodon 8 qt oil pan w/pick-up fits 289-302 front sump - $75
 65 289 Heads bare builders - $50
 66 289 Heads w/valves builders - $75
 Haynes 11’ street/strip p.plate + disk, fits 302-351 - $150
 4 – 14x7 ten spoke alum wheel w/new tires 215R70 - $250
 4 – 17x7.5 alum wheels w/265R70 – 17 tires used, fits 97-03 F150-Expedition - $250
 Page 4                                                                                              Hoofbeats

                         Ford Mustang Sales Down 52.2% in September

    Ford released more than just photos of the 2010 Mustang recently. They revealed their sales figures for
September 2008. According to the release, sales of the Mustang were down 52.2 percent in September.
In September 2007 the company sold 10,266 Mustangs. This September they sold 4,910 Mustangs.
    All-in-all, it's easy to see Ford needs to move more Mustangs. Total sales of the car in 2008 are down
28.2 percent. That said, do you think the 2010 Mustang will turn things around for Ford and the Mustang?
Will its upcoming face lift be enough to pull the Mustang out of the red?

                             The Future 2010 Ford Mustang
Possibly an All-New Front and Rear Fascia, Headlights, Grille, and EcoBoost V6
 By Jonathan Lamas, About.com

    Plenty of speculation and hype surrounds the much anticipated mid-cycle enhancement of our beloved Ford
Mustang. The fifth generation Mustang launched with the 2005 model year. In all, there have been very few changes
since that time; other than the addition of a glass roof top option for the 2009 model. Although there has been much
talk in enthusiast circles, there has been very little word from Ford regarding the next Mustang redesign. Most
notably, Ford said the vehicle will look smaller than the current Mustang, but in actuality, it will maintain its current
size. The most valuable glimpse of the new 2010 Mustang took place at the 2008 Road America
in July of 2008. Ford used a 2010 Ford Mustang, in camouflage, as the official pace car.
Unfortunately, photos revealed what we have already seen before: a Mustang incognito.

All-New Front and Rear Fascia, Headlights, and Grille
   In the Fall of 2007 photos of the 2010 Ford Mustang began to appear across the internet.
These spy photos show a Mustang, much like the existing model, with a revised front and rear
fascia. Other changes include a revised grille, headlamps, and taillights. According to
industry sources, the next incarnation of the Mustang will also feature a revamped interior.
   A cloaked prototype of what appears to be a Mustang GT was captured by Brenda Priddy &
Company in December of 2007. It’s clear to see the exterior of the vehicle differs some-
what from the existing Mustang.

New Engine Options Including an EcoBoost V6 Engine and 5.0L
    The recent Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, which was signed into action by President Bush in
December, could likely impact what Ford puts under the hood. The act calls for a new Corporate Average Fuel
Economy (CAFE) standard of 35 MPG by the year 2020. In essence, this means that automotive manufacturers here
in the United States, Ford included, will have to achieve a 35 MPG average across all the vehicles in their fleet. The
current 2008 GT averages between 15 city and 23 highway miles per gallon.
    In a January 2008 Motor Trend article by Matt Stone and Mike Connor, the magazine hints at the possibility of
new engine options for the 2010 Mustang. According to Future Shock: 2010 Ford Mustang, Ford is working on a plan
to add the new twin turbo EcoBoost V6 engine into the 2010 Mustang. The reason behind such a move could be due
to the 2007 CAFE law ruling. The engine is set to debut in an upcoming performance version of the Ford Fusion. Now
get this. Depending on the specifications of the new Mustang's design, the EcoBoost V6 could produce between 340-
415 hp with torque that matches the existing V8 Mustang. So what about the existing 4.0L and 4.6L engines? Well,
the article notes that Ford would most likely keep the 4.0L engine in its lineup, unchanged. Better yet, a 5.0L engine
is expected to return in place of the existing 4.6L engine. In all, three engine options would exist for the basic
Mustang lineup:
          • 2010 Mustang w/4.0L V6 Engine
          • 2010 Mustang w/twin turbo EcoBoost V6 Engine
          • 2010 Mustang w/5.0L V8 Engine
    Best of all, the article says that Ford will continue to offer the Ford Shelby GT500 Mustang. The car was originally
set for a two or three year run. This means we should see a 2010 Shelby GT500 Mustang on the horizon.
    Two other rumored Mustang models for 2010 include the return of the SVO Mustang using Ford's new EcoBoost
engine, as well as the return of the Boss Mustang using the new 5.0L platform.
    In all, industry insiders predict the 2010 Mustang will receive a highly anticipated face lift, inside and out.
Production of the 2010 model should begin in early 2009.
    The car will debut at the 2008 Los Angeles Auto Show on November 19th.
    Hoofbeats                                                                                                                Page 5

                                  Ford Reveals 2010 Mustang Detail Photos
   Ford has been teasing us silly lately. First it was the slew of “accidental” spy photos taken of the carefully orchestrated variety of 2010
Mustangs and 2010 Ford Shelby GT-500 models paraded around Dearborn. We say carefully, because the camouflage was removed to
make sure we could all see the Le Mans stripes on the Shelby. After all, we want people to know what they aren’t supposed to be seeing
   So Ford releases some really nice detail photos of the 2010 Mustang that shows where some of the distinctive styling elements have
evolved. The new car is of course a mild re-skin of the current 2005-2009 Mustang, but every square inch of the car is changed. These
photos look a lot more seductive than grainy spy photos in the rain as well.
   What we see in these examples are a higher attention to details like the jeweled headlights, the mild kick up at the side door and rear
quarter, signs of a dramatically improved interior scape, and some fine sculpting of things like emblems and wheels. What it appears Ford
has been doing to the Mustang in the past few years is raising the bar, answering some of the criticisms of cheap looking "plain Jane-
   The car will still be the S-197 Mustang we have all loved, but the teenager’s body is growing into an adult. The GT-500 models we have
seen have grown more muscular. The GT has grown a mustache, and V6 models don’t look so basic.
What Ford Says:
   It all begins at the grille. Mustang chief designer Douglas Gaffka explains that this week’s reveal image provides not just a glimpse of
the upcoming pony car, but it hints at the design philosophy behind the 2010 Mustang.
   “The new Mustang will be a distinct presence on the road,” said Gaffka. “Everything flows from the shark-nose front; it sets up the
direction and tension of all the surfaces. It’s even more aggressive than before- it’s a modern interpretation of the strong Mustang lineage.”
   Senior designer Robert Gelardi echoes, “Every element on this car, including the leading edge, is a cohesive, connected part of this
new chapter in Mustang DNA. Both the exterior and interior are modern and dynamic, yet you’ll recognize the Mustang’s strong bloodline.”
   Strong, dynamic lines and sinuous sculptural wheel arches give the impression that the 2010 Mustang is ready to strike. “The sheet
metal is taut and strong, like an Olympic runner ready to take off,” added exterior design manager George Saridakis. “The resulting shapes
communicate movement and energy.”
   But the overall shape is only part of the next chapter in the Mustang story. Every detail, no matter how small, was executed with world-
class design and craftsmanship. “Both the interior and exterior are full of precise, jeweled details,” says design manager Gary Morales.
“Whether it’s the headlamps, badging and wheels outside, or the gauges, steering wheel and air registers inside, you’ll see the care and
quality that went into the design,” adds Gelardi.
    You can see larger versions of these and dozens more photos at the 2010 Mustang Photo Gallery at www.themustangnews.com.
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                                         HPR What’s Happening!

    Progress has been absolutely dramatic!! As so often is the case, a picture is worth a thousand words, so
here is the latest aerial photo of the site (kudos to Mark Mercer for the photos).
    We are thrilled to report that the Phase 1 effort is now essentially finished. All the paving work is
complete, and the earthwork crews are putting the final touches on the grounds and the detention ponds.
When construction started in August, there was some apprehension about being able to get all the asphalt
in place before the weather turned cold. The temperature limits for paving are fairly stringent, and there
was a chance that the paving might not be finished until next Spring. Thankfully, September stayed clear
and warm, and Premier Paving, Inc. cooperated by working long hours and long weeks until the job was
finished. It’s pretty amazing to see how much asphalt can be laid down in a ten-hour day. Approximately
42 asphalt delivery trucks circulated between the batch plant in Denver and the jobsite to keep the paving
rig going. PPI coordinated their crews so well that the top layer of pavement contains only a single
transverse seam---which means they paved continuously for the entire 2.55 mile run, avoided stops and
restarts, thereby producing a very smooth racing surface.
     There have been a number of visitors to the track in the past two weeks, and everyone who has seen
the layout and walked the course is very, very excited. By all accounts, the topography and Bill Howard’s
superb layout make HPR one of the most interesting road course designs in the country. Take a look at the
photo page on HighPlainsRaceway.com, or better yet, go see for yourself. We think you’ll agree HPR has
the potential to become one of the premier venues in North America. The entire community should be very
proud of this achievement, made possible by the efforts of your clubs and your personal contributions.
CAMA is now moving into the next phase of the project, to add the amenities that will be required to fulfill
the dream, including real restrooms, garages, RV hookups and a permanent Timing and Scoring/Control
building. These features will take time and money, and we have launched a renewed Capital Campaign to
help fund these efforts.
    There are still a lot of potential users of HPR who have yet to contribute. Some doubted that the
project could be built, while others have waited to be sure the Phase 1 project would be completed this
autumn. Well, it’s now time for those people to do their part.

                    Help us create not only a great circuit, but also a great facility!
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Road Racing Mustangs
Posted October 7 2008 by Steve Baur

   Ford Mustang fans around the world celebrated as America’s original pony car wrapped up racing
championships on two different continents. Joe Foster and Scott Maxwell won the Grand-Am KONI
Challenge series championship in North America and Eric de Doncker repeated as the GT4 European Cup
champion in Europe.
   Foster and Maxwell capped a terrific season with a fifth-place finish in the KONI season finale in Alton,
Va. During the season, the duo combined for two wins, five top-fives and eight top-10s on their way to
capturing the drivers’ and team championship. They become the second Mustang FR500C drivers to win
a KONI championship, with the first coming in 2005.
   “Winning the championship was an amazing thing,” said Foster. “It's something Hyper Sport hasn't
done before, and team owner Patrick Dempsey and Rick Skelton, the partners in the team haven't either.
I know Patrick, on the set of Grey's Anatomy, was watching online all day. Personally, it's the
culmination of a lot of hard work by about 100 people sharing in this.”
   The race also moved Ford into first place in the manufacturer standings after three Mustangs finished
in the top five spots. Mike Canney, Hugh Plumb and Matt Plumb, drivers of the No. 60 Mustang FR500C,
won the race and finished the season tied for sixth in the team standings. Their Rehagen Racing
teammates, Dean Martin, Jack Roush Jr. and Ryan Phinny, finished in second place, moving up to fifth
place in the standings.
   “This is my first win in this series, so it's really exciting, especially to do it like we did today,” said
Canney. “Our crew chief Quinn Conda had a great set-up on the Mustang and the car handled really well
during my stint. I'm happy to get a 1-2 finish for Rehagen Racing. It's an exciting way to finish this
season off and it's also a great way to get things going for next year.”
   Bret Seafuse and James Gue, drivers of the No. 37 Mustang FR500C, entered the race just one point
behind Foster and Maxwell, and fought the entire race for a chance at the championship. Right when it
looked like they might be able to put together a strong run to catch Foster and Maxwell, they lost a
cylinder near the end of the race and eventually finished 10th, clinching second place in the standings.
   Over in Europe, Eric de Doncker won his second consecutive GT4 European Cup championship after
placing third in the first two races of the weekend and fourth in the final race of the weekend in his No. 1
Mustang FR500GT4. De Doncker tallied four wins on the season and finished on the podium in 14 of 17
   “This season has been very good, with tough competition, but we've achieved our goal once more,”
said de Doncker. “I have to thank my team for all the hard work they did to get us here again. We've
had an excellent car that was built to win.
   “I'm happy for the team and for Ford as well.”
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  Profile: 2009 Saleen Dark Horse Extreme Edition Mustang
                 A Saleen Mustang with 600+ Horses Under the Hood
 By Jonathan Lamas, About.com

    In late September of 2008 Saleen, Inc. introduced the limited-edition 2009 Saleen Dark Horse Extreme
Edition Mustang. The car, which is limited to 25 units, is said to be the most powerful production Ford
Mustang ever created. Saleen’s new Executive Vice President of Global Sales & Marketing, Mark Patrzik,
officially unveiled the car before a public audience in Long Beach, Calif. on Sunday October 5, 2008.
    First things first, the Dark Horse Mustang will set you back around $90,000. Now that I've got that out of
the way, I can tell you Patrzik reported many of the cars have already been sold. That means only a few
were left to be purchased. Of course, $90,000 is a lot to pay for a Mustang, so what makes this car so

        •   Production Limited to 25
        •   $90,000 Price Tag
        •   620 hp and 600 lb.-ft. of torque
        •   Equipped with a Speedlab SuperShaker

    For starters, the Dark Horse Mustang boasts a supercharged 302-cubic-inch V8 engine capable of
producing 620 hp and 600 lb.-ft. of torque. If that’s not enough, the car is the first production Saleen ever
to feature a Speedlab SuperShaker under its hood. According to Dan Agnew, Powertrain Engineering
Manager for Saleen, “The vehicle takes advantage of the ram effect into the SuperShaker air box. It
increases pressure in the air box, which adds boost by 0.5 psi and holds air charge temperature relatively
constant even with the higher boost.” That means drivers of the Dark Horse can expect to see even more
power while out on the road.
    On the outside Saleen says the car is a mix between the Saleen Extreme and the Saleen Heritage body
styles. Upon first glance, the car comes across as a sleeper, boasting a flat black color scheme with “Dark
Horse” badging and “302 SC” markings on its hood. The car also features headlight splitters, a grille that
reminds me of the one featured on the S197 Bullitt Mustang, and 275/35 ZR20 Pirelli tires riding on 20-inch
Saleen rims. The Dark Horse also features a Saleen gas cap, a rear spoiler, rear window louvers, and special
quarter-window panels featuring, you guessed it, a dark horse.

The Dark Horse Includes:
        •   Saleen Port Matched Series VI Integrated Screw type supercharger
        •   Forged aluminum pistons
        •   Forged steel connecting rods
        •   Forged steel crankshaft

    On the inside the Saleen Dark Horse features a Saleen serialized engine plaque, navigation system, and
sport leather seating with Alcantara inserts. The shifter knob features a Saleen red cap along with Saleen
red trim near the bottom of the shifter boot. The car also features the official Saleen logo on the center of
the steering wheel. You’ll also find several gauge pods mounted on the dash.
    In all, the Saleen Dark Horse Extreme is a sharp looking Mustang. Is it worth the $90,000 price tag? I’ll
let you be the judge. Would I like to take the car out for a cruise? You betcha. Unfortunately Saleen has yet
to ask us to review this Saleen pony ride.
    The company said production of the car would begin in November 2008.
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  Keep your membership current so you can vote on the
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offensive, vulgar, or of questionable material. Readers
must keep in mind that articles submitted by members
are opinions only relating to the integrity of the
individual and not the opinion of the club as a whole!
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