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					              More pro-choice arguments and pro-life responses

It’s not a baby.       People who support abortion act as if a baby and a fetus are two
It’s a fetus.          completely different kinds of beings. Even the law takes this view.
                       Isn’t it strange that a person who kills a baby after birth will go to jail,
                       but a doctor who kills many fetuses before birth by abortion is treated
                       like a valued citizen? He is even protected by law, so that anyone
                       who tries to interfere with his abortion practice (by peaceful means)
                       will go to jail! But ask yourself: what makes a baby so different from
                       a fetus, that a baby gets total protection under the law, and a fetus get
                       absolutely no protection? Essentially, there is no difference between
                       a fetus and a baby. To call one a fetus and the other a baby is to
                       use two different words for the same reality. It is pretending that
                       one thing is really different from another just because there is a
                       different word for it.
A woman has a          The unborn child is not a part of her body. It has its own unique
right to control her   genetic code and blood type.
Abortion is good       Is it good for women, or for men? Men benefit from abortion
for women.             because it allows them to escape responsibility for the child they
Abortion is a          The fact that the Supreme Court declared abortion to be legal
woman’s                does not make it morally right. Supreme Court decisions have been
constitutional         wrong before, and they have been overturned before. The Dred Scott
right.                 decision declared slavery to be a constitutional right, but was later
What if the woman      First, we should do our best to give justice and show compassion to
becomes pregnant       victims of rape. Second, even a child conceived in such a painful
by rape? Should        situation as rape still has human dignity. An unborn child does not
she be forced to       deserve to be deprived of life because of the crime of his or her father.
carry the baby of      Third, even in cases of rape, abortion is a painful and possibly
her attacker?          traumatic experience. It does not take away from the pain of rape. On
                       the contrary, abortion only adds more pain to the pain she already
                       feels from the rape. Many rape victims who have had abortions
                       testify that the experience of the abortion was worse than the rape.
                       Finally, we should not assume that rape victims want abortions. For
                       various reasons, most choose to keep the baby.
What if the woman      All that was said of rape victims applies in this situation too. Also,
becomes pregnant       many victims of incest do not want abortions. They hope that the
by incest?             pregnancy will bring the truth into the open and force people to
                       believe them and protect them. The perpetrator is the one who
                       wants the victim to abort the child, so he can conceal to his crime.
A teenager is not   First, this is an excellent reason for a teenager to wait until marriage to
ready to be a       have sex. Second, a pregnant teenager already is a mother, and
mother.             she is already bonding with her child. Third, studies show that
                    teenagers who have abortions are more deeply hurt physically and
                    emotionally than adults.
Abortion is a       In ancient Rome, the father of the family had the right to kill his wife,
private choice      children, or slaves, as his private “choice,” without government
between a woman     interference. Do we see this a justified? Simply to call abortion a
and her doctor.     private choice does not eliminate the rights and obligations of the
                    community. The unborn child is part of our community, a
                    “someone” for whom we all take responsibility. In the case of child
                    abuse, we do not accept what the parents are doing to the child as a
                    private family matter. The community has a right to intervene to
                    protect the child. Just so, if a woman wishes to abort her child, the
                    community has a right to intervene, even by legal means, to protect
                    that’s child’s life.
Abortion is a       If someone did something wrong or broke the law, no one would
choice between a    accept the excuse that “God told me to do it. It’s between me and
woman and her       God.” God has spoken to all humanity through reason, Scripture and
God.                the Church. If God told all humanity, “You shall not kill,” then no
                    one is exempt. We cannot accept a person’s claim that in her
                    case, God gave her special permission to kill.
Abortion is         Any solutions to poverty and population must first and foremost
necessary to        respect human dignity. Taking innocent life does not respect
control world       human dignity. Should we also take the lives of the sick and the
population and      elderly to control population and fight poverty? The real solution to
reduce poverty.     world poverty is for wealthy nations to share what they have, and for
                    poor countries to fight corruption and to use foreign aid for
                    development – roads, hospitals, schools, etc. Finally, in practice, the
                    imposition of abortion and birth control on third world countries
                    reveals tendencies of racism, to prevent there being too many of the
                    “wrong kind” of people in the world.
A woman has a right to control
her future
Every child should be planned
and wanted.
If a baby has a handicap or birth
defect it is more compassionate
to terminate the pregnancy
rather than have it suffer its
whole life.
To outlaw abortion is to force
your religious beliefs on other

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