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					                                  The St. John’s Journal
                                    JULY & AUGUST 2011

                                         Volume 2011 Issue 7

                           Pentecost Weekend: June 11th and 12th
I would like to highlight the wonderful weekend that occurred a few weeks ago in mid June.
We began our experience of the Festival of Pentecost with a fabulous regional Confirmation
service on June 11th. The Right Reverend James Curry was our visiting and presiding
bishop. Along with the blessing of his presence and leadership, we had a visiting seminarian
and a deacon. In conversation with Bishop Curry which began on the confirmation retreat
at Camp Washington our confirmands were able to take an active part in planning and
participating in their service of confirmation.
Plans for the confirmation began in April and the confirmands’ sponsors were invited to
take a part in the process as well. We focused on using the confirmands’ gifts and interests
in the context of the day’s celebration. So, the following went off beautifully:
The reception was headed by sponsor, Nancy Ryan who was Samantha Rowe’s and Mary
Lynch’s sponsor. One of our confirmands, Jo Butler, designed and baked the beautiful cake
for the reception. Yum! Many of you and the sponsors provided delicious treats for the
reception and other churches (five of us altogether) also brought lovely gifts of food. It was
a wonderful feast. Thanks to parents Chris Butler, Deb Butler, Candy Getler, and Gretchen
Rowe for covering in the kitchen and making sure that everything ran smoothly. Trinity,
Tariffville baked the bread for the actual Eucharist that afternoon.
The sanctuary was decorated with beautiful Holy Spirit doves under the supervision of
confirmand, Samantha Rowe. Samantha has an interest in art and also designed the bulletin
cover for the bulletin that afternoon. It was lovely. Samantha was assisted in the dove
making by confirmands, Amanda Ambrosio, Maggie Getler and Erik Petosa. Moms, Jeanne
Ambrosio, Gretchen Rowe and Candy Getler helped, too. Erik’s sponsor, his stepdad, Todd
Demaida, constructed some poles that were attached to the pews and painted red so that the
doves could hang freely and blow gently. In addition Cathy Baker and Carol Reeves
graciously constructed some origami (Japanese paper folding) doves for the sanctuary to
join the ‘spirit-filled flock’. Erik’s family (stepdad, Todd, mom, Patty, and brother, Adam)
helped to hang these delicate pieces of liturgical art in the sanctuary for the big day…a
challenging feat!

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Confirmand, Mary Lynch, is a member of the Altar Guild and helped Nancy Ryan to ready the altar
area and worship space. Mary also arranged for the gift of flowers that day. Spectacular! Sponsor to
Jo Butler, Dave Desmarais, helped get the sanctuary ready by hanging the Pentecost banners and setting
up chairs. Thanks to choir member, Gary Mason, for helping with set-up as well. The choir sang that
afternoon along with a choir from All Saints, Meriden, a Spanish-speaking congregation. It was great
to have some bi-lingual hymns of praise! Many thanks to Matt Cornish (soloist, hymn arranger and
choir director) and the choir for their musical gifts. Other musicians that day included confirmand,
Cameron Flower (guitar), saxophonist, Larry Hall from Trinity, Tariffville, Sue Hill (guitar from St.
John’s), and Tom Larsen (guitar from New York City). Special thanks to sponsor of Maggie Getler,
Pam Lindvall, for playing one of the hymns that day and for singing in the choir. Gary Mason was
faithfully at the midi!

Peter Desmarais worked with confirmands, Amanda Ambrosio, Erik Petosa, Samantha Rowe, and
Maggie Getler to offer the musical gift of African drumming for our Call to Worship. Very cool! Peter
also did some drumming during a couple of hymns. Katrina Cunningham, a dance performance college
graduate, worked with confirmands, Maggie Getler, Erik Petosa and Samantha Rowe to offer a
liturgical dance piece before the gospel lesson. They danced to a hymn about putting God first before
all the things that tempt young people. It was an incredible witness and I was so proud of our teenagers.
It was so inspiring to see them use their bodies in worship and praise of their Lord!

Thanks to all others who helped to make the day great…ushers (Tim and Ann Flower), acolytes and
crucifer (Michael Ambrosio), chalice bearer, Jake Butler, and the parents who ran around making sure
that everything was running smoothly…Don Getler, Bert Rowe and the parents mentioned above.
Kristen DiMattia did a fabulous job on the bulletin and with over 150 folks present we ran out!

The next day, the Feast of Pentecost and Youth Sunday, was just as exciting with the baptism of two
young girls, Cerenitee and Alexia DeJesus, and an infant, David McGowan. Michael Ambrosio, a
member of our youth, gave a great homily on how God works in his life to inspire him to service. Patty
Demaida who organizes the acolytes thanked all sixteen of the youth who serve in the capacity of torch
bearer or crucifer. We introduced the newly confirmed ( Maggie Getler, Jo Butler, Amanda Ambrosio,
Mary Lynch, Cameron Flower, Erik Petosa and Samantha Rowe) and thanked the Faith Formation
teachers who ran a great program this year: Jenn Olander, chair, Laura Hedenberg, Candy Getler, Deb
Butler and Kim Pengel. Michael Ambrosio, Cameron Flower and Jo Butler were commissioned as they
were soon to leave with others from the diocese for the national Episcopal Youth Gathering in St. Paul,
I have taken the time to celebrate Pentecost weekend because it is a great example of how a community,
a fellowship of believers, comes together to celebrate the gifts of our confirmands and the gifts of the
church. We use these gifts to praise our God and to uplift one another for service to the world. It was
truly a memorable weekend and I, for one, will remember it for a long time to come…I will remember
it with thanksgiving to God for its beauty, the connection we had with one another and the wider
church, and the joy of celebrating the gift of the Spirit, the gift of baptism and the gift of our young
people to their Lord!

Pastor Martha
During my vacation time in June I moved into our home in Simsbury. We did take two days to go to New York City
to see Tom and Sue, however, the bulk of the vacation was used for moving. We are enjoying the home and look
forward to the time when you can come and visit. Kim and I will be thinking about the best time for an open house.
The new address is 2 Lionel Drive, Simsbury, 06070. The Vestry has had a realtor look at the rectory and we are
moving forward with renting it. Please remember that I am always available on my cell phone: 203-577-8332 and
happy to take care of any pastoral concerns.
The Vestry voted last night to give their blessing to the gift of a deacon, the Rev. Diane Caggiano. Diane will begin
serving St. John’s in early September. Diane and I will be meeting to work out how best she can help us use our
talents and gifts in service to the Lord. One of the first things we will talk about is organizing those who would like
to be Lay Eucharistic Visitors. These are members who take the consecrated elements to homes of parishioners
who are unable to attend Sunday services. These visits are in addition to the regular communion visits made by
the priest…not a replacement. This ministry has been in place at St. John’s before and we look forward to
resurrecting it. Please pray for this ministry!
As a result of the informal congregational meeting on June 19th the Vestry has decided to schedule quarterly
meetings during which they can answer any questions, fill the parish in on issues and have time to hear feed-back
and concerns from the congregation. One annual meeting in January doe not meet our communication needs at
this time and so the first of these meetings is scheduled for after church on September 11th. Thank you for your
attendance, thoughtful questions, comments and concerns voiced at the June 19th meeting!
My summer hours will include coming in to the office in July once a week for the Eucharist and office duties.
Please note on the July monthly calendar when the weekly Eucharist will take place. (It varies from Wednesday to
the regular time of Thursday at 10:00 a.m.) In August weekly Morning Prayer will take place on Thursdays at 10:00
a.m. and will be led by Don Salina and Carol Reeves. My hours used for weekly Eucharist in July will be used for
committee meetings and fall planning in August. This arrangement accommodates my summer schedule so that
we can all begin planning for fall programming in August.
Remember that I am available on my cell phone…203-577-8332 and look forward to hearing from you if you want
to talk, meet for coffee or just visit! Pr. Martha

        9:00 am     BEARERS          USHERS                         LECTORS           COUNTERS
           7/3      C. Reeves        G. Paradis / A. Paradis        C. Reeves         L. Rozanski / B. Baker
          7/10      C. Flower        F. Markowich / C. Kasmer       P. Lindvall       P.Moderacki/ B. Baker
          7/17      B. Plisko        A. Flower / T. Flower          C. Knowles        J. Valerie / B. Baker
          7/24      C. MacArthur     P. Coombs / B. Baker           D. Card           L. Rozanski / B. Baker
          7/31      K. Lombardi      J. Knowles / D. Card           G. Mason          P.Moderacki/ B. Baker
           8/7      Jo Butler        G. Paradis / A. Paradis        M. Cornish        J. Valerie / B. Baker
          8/14      J. Lee           A. Flower / T. Flower          R. Hedenberg      L. Rozanski / B. Baker
          8/21      C. Knowles       C. Kasmer / D. Card            C. Reeves         P.Moderacki/ B. Baker
          8/28      E. Petosa        P. Coombs / B. Baker           J. Lee            J. Valerie / B. Baker
                             JULY                               AUGUST
                   5.     Donnie Coombs
                   7.     Donna Card                       5. Karlie Moderacki
                   8.     Pastor Martha                       Ashlie Moderacki
                   9.     Virginia Morgan                  8. Mary Wade
                  10.     Richard Shreiner                    Diane Desmarais
                  13.     Nancy Narsis                    13. Jen Labbe
                          John Knowles                    14. Kellie Lacko
                  19.     Chris MacArthur                 15. Tim Flower
                  22.      Joyce Barrett                       Ralph Hedenberg
                  24.      Barbara Olejarz                17. Gretchen Brown
                  25.      Florence Jamieson              18. Marion Forrest
                  28.      Cathy Baker                    19. Lily Geel
                  29.      Deb Butler                     22. Tracy Smith
                  29.      Ean Newman                     29. Maggie Getler
                  30.      Katherine Blakelock            30. Lisa Lacko
                  31.     Nancy LaFlamme                  31. Art Paulette

                                        Lectionary Readings

July 3                         July 10           July 17               July 24              July 31
Genesis 24:24-38, 42-49, 58-67 Genesis 25:19-34  Genesis 28:10-19a     Genesis 29:15-28     Genesis 32:22-31
Psalm 45:11-18                 Psalm 119:105-112 Psalm 139:1-11, 22-23         Psalm 105:1-11, 45b     Psalm 17:1-7, 16
Romans 7:15-25a                Romans 8:1-11     Romans 8:12-25        Romans 8:26-39       Romans 9:1-5
Matthew 11:16-19, 25-30       Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23 Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43 Matthew 13:31-33, 44-52 Matthew
14: 13-21

  August 7                    August 14                   August 21                 August 28
  Genesis 37:1-4, 12-28       Genesis 45:1-15             Exodus 1:8--2:10          Exodus 3:1-15
  Psalm 17:1-7, 16            Psalm 133                   Psalm 124                 Psalm 105:1-6
  Romans 9:1-5                Romans 11:1-2a, 29-32       Romans 12:1-8             Romans 12:9-21
  Matthew 14:12-21            Matthew 15:(10-20), 21-28   Matthew 16:13-20          Matthew 16:21-28
                                Monday, July 11th
                     St. John’s to host Zion’s Soup Kitchen
There is a sign up sheet in the narthex for anyone who would like to donate food
                   or volunteer their time at the soup kitchen.

                           St. John’s Scrip Program
               This is a great opportunity to support St. John’s
                      as we go about our weekly business.
Stop by the table on Sunday mornings and purchase money cards for your usual
         grocery, gas, eating out, clothing and drug store purchases.
 This program is an easy way for us to receive some additional income and the
 program is great for when Pastor Martha needs to help out someone in need.
Many, many thanks to Candy Getler and her family who faithfully tend this table
             each week along with other members of the parish.

                   Open Your Heart and Help a Needy Child
 The day of school can be a tough time for needy children whose parents cannot
   afford a nice outfit and school supplies. A child’s self-image has a dramatic
              effect on performance in the classroom and the lack of a
                 positive self-image can create lasting consequences.
   The United Way believes that the first day of school is an important event
 in a child’s life that is often overlooked. Thus, they started the Adopt-A-child
     Back-to-School Program where generous individuals are asked to provide
                  a first day of school outfit for a child, along with a
                           backpack filled with school supplies.
United Way provides the donors with a child’s first name, sex, clothing sizes, and
   favorite colors to help in purchasing their gift. More information to follow.
                                                    JULY 2011
  Sun                  Mon               Tue          Wed                   Thu             Fri           Sat
                                                                                                  1                 2
                                                                                                       8:30-10:30 am

                 3                   4         5                     6                  7         8                 9
Holy Eucharist                                                           Holy Eucharist                8:30-10:30 am
   9:00 am                                                                  & Brunch
                                                    AA 10:30 am           10:00 am @
                                                                         Pastor Martha’s

                                                                            10:30 am
             10                  11            12                13                    14         15               16
                     St. John’s to                  Holy Eucharist                                     8:30-10:30 am
Youth Sunday          Host Zion’s                     10:00 am                 AA
Holy Eucharist       Soup Kitchen                                           10:30 am
   9:00 am                                               AA
                                                      10:30 am

             17                  18            19                20                    21         22               23
Holy Eucharist                                                                 AA                      8:30-10:30 am
   9:00 am                                          Holy Eucharist          10:30 am
                                                      10:00 am

                                                      10:30 am

             24                  25            26                27                  28           29              30
                                                         AA              Holy Eucharist
Holy Eucharist                                        10:30 am             10:00 am
   9:00 am
                                                                          AA 10:30 am

Holy Eucharist
   9:00 am
                                           AUGUST 2011
  Sun                Mon        Tue        Wed                 Thu               Fri           Sat
                            1         2                3                     4          5                6
                                                            Morning Prayer                        AA
                                                                10 am                       8:30-10:30 am

                                                               10:30 am

                 7          8         9                10                 11           12               13
Morning Prayer                                              Morning Prayer                  8:30-10:30 am
   9:00 am                                                      10 am
                                            10:30 am              AA
                                                               10:30 am

             14            15         16               17                 18           19               20
                                               AA                                           8:30-10:30 am
Holy Eucharist                              10:30 am        Morning Prayer
   9:00 am                                                      10 am

                                                               10:30 am

             21            22         23               24                 25           26               27
Holy Eucharist                                 AA           Morning Prayer                  8:30-10:30 am
   9:00 am                                  10:30 am            10 am

                                                               10:30 am

                                                            Vestry Meeting 7
             28            29         30               31
Holy Eucharist                              10:30 am
   9:00 am
     The St. John’s Journal is a monthly newsletter of
St. John’s Episcopal Church, Diocese of Connecticut

      Bishop, The Right Rev. Ian T. Douglas, PhD
   Bishop Suffragan, The Right Rev. James E. Curry
  Bishop Suffragan, The Right Rev. Dr. Laura Ahrens
            St. John’s Episcopal Church
                 851 Stafford Avenue
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                   Priest in Charge
          The Rev. Dr. Martha Klein-Larsen
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