Oil Spills By Kashish Gupta_ Julia Behlmann_ and Anna Larsen by jizhen1947


									            Oil Spills
By: Kashish, Julia, and Anna
                 Spring 2011
Center for Creative Learning
                Table of Contents
•   Introduction…3
•   How the Oil Spill Happened?...4
•   Cleaning the Oil Spill…5
•   Respiratory Problems…6
•   Affected Ecosystems…7,8,9
•   The System...10
•   How Could This Affect Us?...11
•   Statistics…12
•   Mentor…13
•   Environmental Recommendations…14
•   Conclusion…15
•   Bibliography…16
• The Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill also known as the BP oil
  spill has affected many animals and people. This
  topic is important for other people to know about
  because we need to try to prevent these oil spills and
  know how we should clean it up. This Oil Spill killed
  11 workers. Let’s see how it happened!
   How Did the Oil Spill Happened?
• The oil spill happened because high pressure gas
  from a well caused a big jet of ocean water to hit an
  oil rig. The gas caught on fire and the rig exploded.
• The BP Oil Spill started in April 20, 2010 and ended in
  July 15,2010.
• This oil spill was located in the Gulf of Mexico.
• 200 million gallons of oil had spilled in the Gulf of

                       The Oil Spill actually
            Cleaning the Oil Spill
• People have tried to clean up the oil spill before.
• Tools they use to clean the Oil Spill are shovels and
  rakes along beaches.
• Many people started getting respiratory problems
  (next page).
• It is important and very difficult to clean up this
  tragic mess.

                 People cleaning the Oil
        Respiratory Problems
• People got respiratory problems because of
  the oil’s fumes.
• Also, people had blood damage, nervous
  system, and kidney damage.
Affected Ecosystem

  •   Water - The water was covered in oil. Some
      plants rely on water, so some plants may have
      taken in oil. Also, the water may be hard to
      swim in since there is oil in the water.
  •   Plants - One of the common plants is coral
      reefs. Another major effected plant is grass.
      Animals such as river otters, minks , turtles,
      and birds use this grass for food and shelter.
 Animals-   Birds, fishes, and dolphins were all
  affected. Animals were covered by oil and
  not be able to fly/swim to get away from the
  oil spill.
 Sharks were other animals affected. Sharks
  take in a lot of water and the water had oil
  in it. The water went through the shark’s
  gills and eventually the oil got stuck in their
  gills. The sharks couldn’t breathe.
Affected Ecosystem
• Oil - Oil made plenty of things sick - not just plants and
  animals, but people who were cleaning the oil spill.

                          An affected turtle
The System
• The ecosystem is a big system here. If a fish eats a sick plant
  then the fish will be poisoned. If a bird eats that fish, the bird
  will be sick . That is why we need to take care of our
How Could This Affect Us
• Many people care about the animals. If they did not try to
  clean the oil spill, it would eventually start to affect the food

• Supervisors got paid $32 an hour and beach
  cleaners got $18 an hour.
• BP wanted to have at least 1,600 workers in
  Florida, 1,500 in Mississippi, and 1,000 in
• Many animals who live in the Gulf of Mexico
  have been affected by the BP Oil Spill.

• Mr. Marty Aubuchon has been working at
  MSD (Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District)
  for 24 ½ years. Mr. Marty is a Sr. Civil Engineer
  and has attended Keller Graduate School of
  Management and University of MO Rolla now
  named Missouri S&T.
 Environmental Recommendations
• We should all start to use as little gas as
  possible so other countries send us less
• For the other countries who are sending us
  oil/gas, make sure that the containers that
  hold the oil/gas are tight and use extra
• We have learned a lot about the BP Oil Spill
  and we hope you have, too!
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