Sharon draper by xiangpeng


									Sharon draper

 By, Aindrea Dunton
here is sharon telling people how she manages
            to do all that she does.
Sharon Draper visits the TKR reading
Here is sharon visiting and talking to a school.
Here are some of sHaron’s pictures.
  Here are some of Sharon’s books.

• The names of these books are Double
  Dutch, Jericho, Romiette and Julio, and
  also We beat the street.
Here is one of sHaron’s latest books.
Here are some facts about Sharon.

• Sharon was a teacher for the Cincinnati, Ohio
  public school system for thirty years.
• She has a dog named Honey and a cat named
  Miss kitty ,her favorite sport is basketball, also
  she plays the piano, and loves classical music.
• Also she said that the stupidest pet she had was
  a bird that said “ here kitty, kitty, and the cat one
  day ate the bird.
  Here are some questions sent to
sharon online and answered by her.

• What is your least favorite type of music?
Rap with profanity.
• What is the silliest pet you’ve ever owned?
• A duck.
• Do you exercise? I don’t but I should.
• What frightens you the most? Terrorism.
Here are some of sHaron’s many
•That’s all for now!

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