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                               Assignment #4: Literary Research Paper
                                     Research question due: 11/18
                                 Rough draft due (two copies): 11/30
Final draft due: 12/2 (if you would like your essay returned to you this semester, please include a self-
                addressed and stamped envelope large enough to contain your paper)

A literary research paper is an essay that uses a critical approach to interpret a work and supports that
interpretation with research. For this essay, you will be analyzing and interpreting just like in your previous
essays. The only difference is you will deliberately use 1-2 critical approaches and will include and abstract
that explains how the approaches you applied are evident in your analysis. Your essay should use a
minimum of three secondary sources. These may come from either the library or the Internet but they should
be credible (no SparkNotes, Wikipedia, etc.).

Steps to a literary research paper:

    1. Select Your Topic
        Use prewriting strategies
        Check to see if sources are available
        Develop a preliminary thesis/hypothesis/outline
       2. Search for Sources
        Read over sources
        Narrow or broaden topic
       3. Take Notes (on primary and secondary sources)
        Evaluate secondary sources
        Paraphrase, summarize, quote sources clearly (avoid plagiarism)
        Write personal notes on what you will pull from primary and secondary sources
       4. Organize Your Information
        Refine the thesis
        Choose organizational structure
       5. Integrate Your Information into a Draft
        Add research
        Blend in research sources smoothly
        Compose in-text citations and Works Cited page
       6. Revise
        Check content
        Check structure
       7. Prepare the Final Draft
        Compose your rhetorical context page and abstract

    Possible writing prompts:

       How does the grotesque function in “A Good Man is Hard to Find”?
       How is the Southern Gothic style exhibited in “A Good Man is Hard to Find”?
       Who is O’Connor’s audience for “Revelation” and how is knowledge of this important to
        understanding the story?

       How do religion and irony function in “A Good Man is Hard to Find”?
       How do religion and irony function in “Revelation”?
       How is Mrs. Turpin transformed in “Revelation”?
       Is the gandmother transformed in “A good Man is Hard to Find”?
       What is the significance of social class in “Revelation”?
       What is the significance in “I Stand Here Ironing”?
       Does “I Stand Here Ironing” imply that circumstances can limit children’s potential to succeed in
       To what degree is the mother in “I Stand Here Ironing” responsible for her daughter’s issues? Do
        you blame her or sympathize with her?
       How are the time and place in which “The Yellow Wallpaper” was written reflected in the story?
       Is the woman in “The Yellow Wallpaper” crazy?
       How is “The Yellow Wallpaper” an example of Gothic fiction?
       What does the woman behind the wallpaper in “The Yellow Wallpaper” represent and why do you
        think the narrator identifies with her?

    5-6 pages
    MLA format with rhetorical context page
    A one to two paragraph abstract that explains what critical approaches you used and summarizes that
        main point and support in your paper
    Staple together (in this order): rhetorical context page (top), abstract, final draft, rubric, sources

             Content                    Diction             Sentence              Research and             Grammar/ mechanics
             /Organization              refers to using     structure refers      Documentation            refers to spelling, word
  Score      refers to topic; thesis;   words               to positioning and    Refers to the            usage, grammar,
             order and focus of         appropriate to      varying sentence      synthesis and            punctuation, and ability
             ideas; integrated and      the audience and    length and rhythm     integration of varied    to proofread
             documented support;        purpose;            to create a           and credible research;
             acknowledges other         choosing words      deliberate effect;    uses current MLA (or
             perspectives;              for deliberate      fragments are a       other) citation style;
             knowledge of               effect              rhetorical choice     avoids plagiarism
                         20                                                                 20

                                                20                                                                    20
             Well-defined,              Compelling          Sentences are         Meaningful               Demonstrates mastery
             persuasive thesis;         word choice,        carefully formed      integration of varied    of grammar, creating
Outstandi    insightful reasoning       demonstrating       and positioned        and credible research;   compelling prose; few
   ng        and support;               insightful use of   with attention to     mastery of               to no errors
19-20/20     consistent focus and       figurative          emphasis, rhythm      paraphrasing,
             graceful transitions;      language            and pace to           summarizing, and
             shows understanding                            engage the reader;    quoting from sources;
             of literary terminology                        active voice          correct
                                                            predominates          documentation style

             Clear thesis and focus;    Specific word       Sentences show        Clear integration of     Demonstrates
             strong use of textual      choice including    variety in length,    varied research using    understanding of most
 Strong      support; logical           metaphor and        pattern, and          correct                  grammar; spell check
16-18/20     progression of ideas;      analogy             rhythm; strong        documentation; does      errors remain
             smooth transitions;                            use of active         not under or over
             shows awareness of                             voice                 document; discusses
             literary terminology                                                 all references
             Basic thesis and           Conventional        Sentences show        Integrates               Occasional errors in
             related support (too       word choice         some variation in     conventional             sentence structure, verb
Satisfacto   factual or broad);                             pattern and are       support;                 agreement, pronoun
    ry       uneven progression of                          linked with           documentation has        reference, spelling and
 14-15/20    ideas; adequate                                appropriate           few errors               punctuation
             transitions                                    transitions; use of
                                                            active voice

             Thesis unclear or          Vague, ordinary     Simple sentences      Weak integration of      Frequent errors in
             lacking insight;           word choice         are frequent with     text and/or sources;     sentence structure, verb
Limited      inconsistent               with clichés and    occasional fused      multiple errors in       agreement, pronoun
12-13/20     organization;              jargon              sentences and         documentation            reference, spelling and
             transitions do not                             fragments;                                     punctuation
             connect ideas                                  occasional,
                                                            unplanned passive
             No identifiable thesis;    Word choice         Awkward and           Poor use of              Continuous errors in
             no meaningful              doesn’t fit         unclear sentences;    documentation;           sentence structure, verb
 Flawed      discussion of text; no     audience or         little variety;       questionable             agreement, pronoun
 0-11/20     control of organization    purpose             frequent run-ons      plagiarism; no           reference, spelling and
             and/or transitions                             and fragments         attention to research    punctuation