Letter To Cuomo Re: Livery Cab Bill

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					                                              NEW YORK STATE ASSEMBLY
                                           PUERTO RICAN/HISPANIC TASK FORCE


           HON. VITO LOPEZ
           Co-Chairman                                                                                            HON. FELIX W. ORTIZ

Hon. Carmen E. Arroyo
Hon. Nelson L. Castro
Hon. Marcos A. Crespo            September 21, 2011
Hon. Guillermo Linares
Hon. Francisco P. Moya
Hon. Philip R. Ramos
Hon. Jose R. Rivera              Hon. Andrew Cuomo
Hon. Naomi Rivera                Governor of New York State
Hon. Peter M. Rivera             Capitol Building, 2nd Floor
Hon. Robert J. Rodriguez
                                 Albany, New York 12224
                                 Dear Governor Cuomo:
Hon. Jeffrion L. Aubry
Hon. Michael R. Benedetto
                                 As members of the New York State Puerto Rican/Hispanic Task Force, we urge you to sign the historic
Hon. William F. Boyland          Street Hail legislation, A.8496 (Heastie)/S.5825 (Golden), that overwhelmingly passed the State
Hon. James F. Brennan
                                 Legislature in June 2011, allowing for the first time in the history of the livery industry the right to be
Hon. Alec Brook-Krasny
                                 able to pick up passengers on the streets legally in certain parts of New York City while continuing to
Hon. Karim Camara
                                 answer dispatch calls. This legislation acknowledges the reality of an industry that has been serving our
Hon. Vivian E. Cook
Hon. Michael G. DenDekker
                                 communities of the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Northern Manhattan for over 40 years, and where the
Hon. Jeffrey Dinowitz            yellow cab industry does not operate.
Hon. Herman D. Farrell, Jr.
Hon. Sandra R. Galef             This legislation recognizes the current practice that is already occurring in the communities that we
Hon. Vanessa Gibson              represent in which livery cars are performing curb side pick ups and responding to dispatch calls. This
Hon. Richard N. Gottfried        legislation acknowledges that the livery industry is part of the economic backbone of our community and
Hon. Aileen M. Gunther           the services they have provided for decades have become critical to our constituency.
Hon. Carl Heastie
Hon. Sam Hoyt                    Recent reports that you may not sign this legislation are troubling, and rumors circulating that support
Hon. Hakeem S. Jeffries
                                 for this legislation has been eroding is simply false. Legislators from all over the state, especially
Hon. Rhoda S. Jacobs
                                 minority legislators, remain solidly behind this legislation. By signing this important legislation into
Hon. Brian P. Kavanagh
                                 law, you would be ensuring safe, legal and reliable services for the residents of neighborhoods
Hon. Rory I. Lancman
Hon. George S. Latimer
                                 throughout the five boroughs that are not served by yellow taxis. It would enable thousands of livery
Hon. Joseph R. Lentol            drivers, most of who are minorities, and are already filling this void, to do so officially and legally.
Hon. Margaret M. Markey          Finally, this legislation would generate nearly $1 billion in revenue for the City of New York through the
Hon. Nettie Mayersohn            sale of 1,500 traditional yellow taxi medallions that will help ease the pain of budget cuts.
Hon. Joan L. Millman
Hon. Catherine T. Nolan          On behalf of our members and the communities that we serve, we urge you to immediately sign into law
Hon. Daniel J. O'Donnell         bill A.8496/S.5825.
Hon. Amy Paulin
Hon. Audrey I. Pheffer
Hon. James Gary Pretlow          Sincerely yours,
Hon. William Scarborough
Hon. Aravella Simotas
Hon. Michael J. Spano
Hon. Eric Stevenson
Hon. Matthew J. Titone           Felix W. Ortiz
Hon. Michele Titus               Chairman, New York State Assembly Puerto Rican/Hispanic Task Force         Assemblyman Guillermo Linares
Hon. Darryl C. Towns
Hon. David I. Weprin
Hon. Keith L. Wright
Hon. Kenneth Zebrowski

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