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									                                U16 Boys
                       Tournament Program
                     Game Schedule and Rules

General Rules and Information
Welcome players, coaches, family and friends to the Annual Peach Classic
presented by the Azzurri Soccer Club in conjuntion with the Yuba Sutter Youth
Soccer League. All games will be played in the Wheeler Soccer Complex
located in the River Front Park area in Marysville California. We would like to
thank all of the participating teams from the various districts which continue to
make this annual tournament fun and competitive. For your convenience, all
Peach Classic Staff members will be wearing white t-shirts bearing this years
tournament logo with the words staff underneath the logo. If you have any
questions or concerns, please feel free to address them to one of our dedicated
staff. All fields are clearly marked and easy to find. See attached map.

There is abundant parking within the complex, however, there is a charge of
$2.00 per car to park inside of the complex. Outside of the facility, there is
designated parking along the chain link fence. Please be aware that there is NO
PARKING along the levee. Cars may be ticketed or towed by the Marysville
Police Department.

Located inside of the complex are two bathroom facilities, as well as our food and
gift vendors. Garbage receptacles are located throughout the soccer complex. In
order for all who participate in the tournament to have an enjoyable time, we ask
that everyone please drive slowly and safely within the complex, encourage
tough, yet fair play and of course courteous behavior to all within the soccer
Tournament Scoring Rules
Scoring System:
Maximum number of points allowable per game:           10
__6__ Points for a win:
__3__ Points for a tie:
__1__ Bonus points for shutout win
__0__ Bonus points for 0-0 ties
__1__ Point per goal up to 3 goals
__1__ Point deducted for each red card

Forfeited games will be scored as _1_ to 0 ( _8 points) in favor of the team that
did not forfeit. In the case a team withdrawing at the last minute or not showing,
all preliminary games for that team will be scored as a forfeit.

Sportsmanship and Conduct
Good sportsmanship is expected of all teams, officials and fans. Coaches are
responsible for the conduct of their players, staff, parents and affiliated

Home Team
The team listed first on the game schedule is the home team and shall have their
choice of the side of the field. Conflicts in jersey color will be resolved by the
home team being required to change jerseys. The referee will determine if there
is a conflict in jersey colors or keeper jersey colors.

Length of Games and Half Time period
Each game will compose of two (2) 30-minute periods. A 5-minute break will be
given between each halftime period. The Championship and Consolation games
shall follow the same format but will be 70 minutes in length (two 35 minute

Field – Len Marks
See complex map

Team Registration and Check-in

Each team will check-in for their first game 1 hour before game time. At that
time, goldenrods, player passes as well as registration forms will be checked by
our club registrar.
Peach Classic Participating Teams

Fruitridge Real Santa Rosa, Coach Manuel Navarro

Azzurri Menace, Coach Lerron Payne

Oroville Fusion, Coach, Coach Frank Willis

Ceres Earthquakes

AC River Park Rooks, Coach David Strickland

Azzurri Pumas, Coach Jose Hernandez
Tournament Play
Each team will be assigned a flight either gold or platinum. Each team will play
every other team within their flight and one crossover game in the opposing flight.
The team that accumulates the greatest number of tournament points in their 3
preliminary round games within their flight will advance to the Championship
Game. The team with the second highest point total within their flight will
advance to the Consolation Game.

Game Schedule
      Game Time               Home Team           vs           Visiting Team
         8:00               Azzurri Menace        vs          Oroville Fusion
         9:20              ACU River Rooks        vs          Azzurri Pumas
        10:40              Ceres Earthquakes      vs         Real Santa Rosa

          1:30              Azzurri Menace        vs         ACU River Rooks
          2:50             Ceres Earthquakes      vs          Oroville Fusion
          4:10              Real Santa Rosa       vs          Azzurri Pumas

         8:00              Ceres Earthquakes      vs          Azzurri Pumas
         9:20               Real Santa Rosa       vs          Azzurri Menace
         10:40             ACU River Rooks        vs          Oroville Fusion

  Consolation Game
        2:00                Runner-up Gold        vs       Runner-up Platinum
 Championship Game
        3:30                  Winner Gold         vs         Winner Platinum

Saturday Game 1 - Tournament Points_______

________________ vs. _________________ Score _______ - _______

Saturday Game 2 - Tournament Points_______

________________ vs. _________________ Score _______ - _______

Sunday Game 3 - Tournament Points_______

________________ vs. _________________ Score _______ - _______

Championship/Consolation Game

________________ vs. _________________ Score _______ - _______
Trophies will be awarded to all team players participating in the Championship
Game. Medals will be awarded in the Consolation Game for 3 rd and 4th place.
The team who prevails in the Championship Game shall also be awarded an
MVP Trophy, to be presented to a player chosen by the winning and opposing
coach and the Center Referee. The MVP and Championship trophy ceremony
will take place 30 minutes after the completion of the championship game at the
Field Marshall Tent.

                 The third field to the left as you enter
                 the soccer complex. Available parking      Food and other
                 on various sides of the field.             vendors will be
                                                            located in this
                                                            area of the soccer

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