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                           Engineered by Ford for a precise fit, they go the extra mile to ensure quality, durability
                           and spot-on style.

                           FAST LANE and takes the information superhighway to the next level! Our new
                           online Accessorizer feature lets you see how Genuine Ford Accessories will look on
                           your Mustang. Take it for a test drive at

                                                                   Electrochromic Mirror with HomeLink®

                                     Racing Stripes

    Full Front End Cover

                                 Racing Stripes. Add sporty style by personalizing your
                                 ’Stang with this best-selling kit. See page 7 for details.

                Rear Spoiler
                                 Vehicle Security System. On page 9, we offer products
                                 that are designed for your convenience and protection.
                                 This popular, state-of-the-art system protects your vehicle
                                 and its contents.

                                 Electrochromic Mirrors and Electrochromic HomeLink®
                                 Mirrors. These top-selling mirrors eliminate headlight
                                 glare, plus much more! See page 8 for more details on their
                                 state-of-the-art features.

Custom Wheels

                                 Custom Wheels. These Mustang 18” wheels rock…
                                 and keep you rolling in style. You’ll find a great selection of
                                 custom-designed wheels on pages 12-13.
    GO ALL OUT.                    Enhance the exterior of your Mustang
    with long-wearing, great-looking Genuine Ford Accessories.



      1 Styled Bug Shield
    Protect the leading edge of the vehicle. Deflects road debris, stones and bugs from
    the front of your hood. Easy no-drill installation. Constructed of virtually unbreakable,
    smoke-colored GE Lexan® polycarbonate and features Mustang logo.
    Base Part No. 16C900

     2 Full Front End Cover*
    Heavy-duty vinyl shields front end from bugs, stones and off-road debris. Flannel
    backing minimizes moisture buildup between the cover and the painted surface.
    Multi-piece construction allows you to open the hood without removing the cover.
    Available with Mustang embossed logo.
    Base Part No. 19A413

                                                                                                 [ ]



                                                                                                             5    6

 3 GT-Style Rear Spoiler*                                                                     6 Side Window Deflectors
Made to precision original equipment, GT specifications. Fits the factory mounting          Deflectors keep out snow or rain so you can crack open the window and let
holes for models equipped with production spoilers. Available in primed (ready to paint).   fresh air in. Durable, smoke-colored acrylic. Self-stick adhesive for easy installation.
Base Part No. 44210                                                                         Available for coupe only.
                                                                                            Base Part No. 18246

 4 Shelby-Style Rear Spoiler*
For sporty good looks and a factory-fresh appearance, add a Shelby spoiler to your
Mustang. Fits the factory mounting holes for models equipped with production
spoilers. Available in primed (ready to paint). Dealer installation recommended.
Base Part No. 44210

 5 V6-Style Rear Spoiler*
This sporty spoiler, the same as the one used in the “Pony” package, is
designed specifically for your Mustang. Fits the factory mounting holes for
models equipped with production spoilers. Available in primed (ready to paint).
Dealer installation recommended.
Base Part No. 44210

                                                                                            *Eligible for residualization under a Ford Credit Red Carpet Lease.

    TESTED TOUGH.                          You work hard and play harder.
    Genuine Ford Accessories are designed to blend seamlessly with your
    Mustang’s body and mechanical specs.


                                                                                                              8    9

      7 California Special Body Kits*                                                     9 Chrome Exhaust Tips*
    Trick out your Mustang with these cool effects. Constructed of rugged original-      Slip over the end of the tailpipe. Constructed of heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant,
    equipment material, the California Special is available in three separate kits:      chrome-plated stainless steel for long life. Easy to install; no drilling necessary.
    side scoops and front and rear fascias. Spoiler is sold separately                   Available in V6 and V8 versions.
    (see GT-Style Rear Spoiler, item #3). Available primed (ready to paint).             Base Part No. 5K238
    Base Part No. 424A62 Side Scoops
    Base Part No. 20049 Front Fascia Kit
    Base Part No. 20049 Rear Fascia Kit

     8 Mustang Pony Grille*
    Turn up the cool on your Mustang. Kit includes upper and lower grille, fog lights,
    harnesses and switch. Dealer installation recommended. Not available for GT.
    Base Part No. 15200

                                                                                          [ ]


                                                 11                                                             12

 10 Racing Stripes*                                                                 12 Molded Splash Guards
Add a little zip to your ’Stang – these racing stripes are like the ones the        Deflect mud, snow and ice away from lower body panels. Contoured, durable
Mustang sported at its public introduction. Now, you can personalize your           design complements vehicle lines and gives excellent protection. Packaged in
car’s hood, roof (on coupe only) and rear decklid with this cool kit. Offered for   pairs for rear. Available with Mustang script logo for V6; without logo for V8.
Mustang GT coupe and convertible (with or without spoiler), Mustang V6 coupe        Base Part No. 16A550
(with or without spoiler) and Mustang V6 convertible (without spoiler). Available
in black, silver, white or gold. Dealer installation recommended.
Base Part No. 20000

11 Flat Splash Guards
Guard against mud, snow and ice. Durable splash guards are embossed
with the Pony logo. Packaged in a 2-piece set, in rear only.
Base Part No. 16A550

                                                                                    *Eligible for residualization under a Ford Credit Red Carpet Lease.

    INSIDE THE COMFORT ZONE.                                               Genuine Ford Accessories
    are engineered and factory tested to be in perfect synch with your Mustang – providing innovative
    interiors that offer comfort, convenience, style and peace of mind.



    13 Smoker’s Pack and Ash Cup/Coin Holder                                         14 Electrochromic Mirrors and Electrochromic HomeLink® Mirrors
    Add an ash cup and a lighter to your vehicle. The ash cup/coin holder is         Ease the discomfort of headlight glare in your rearview mirror. Automatically
    designed to fit in cup holders and includes a lid to keep ashes or spare         dims when glare is detected. Electrochromic Mirrors are available with built-in
    change in place. It's constructed of a durable thermoplastic and removes         compass only or with the added feature of a temperature display. Electrochromic
    easily for cleaning. Both the ash cup and lighter mount to the center console.   HomeLink Mirrors have a wireless control feature that allows you to activate
    Base Part No. 04810 Ash Cup/Coin Holder                                          home lighting, open garage doors, disarm security systems, and communicate
    Base Part No. 04810 Ash Cup with Lighter Element                                 with any radio-frequency-controlled home device from your vehicle. They are
                                                                                     also available with compass only or with compass/temperature display. Dealer
                                                                                     installation recommended.
                                                                                     Base Part No. 17700

                                                                                                  [ ]


                                                                                    16 17

15 Mobile-Ease™                                                                              17 Remote Start Systems
Use simple voice commands to dial your Bluetooth™-equipped wireless phone –                 Enjoy the comfort and convenience of a pre-warmed or pre-cooled vehicle. Two
hands free! Mobile-Ease mutes your vehicle’s audio system whenever you make                 systems to choose from. Remote Start Only has a small, single-button key fob that
or receive calls and provides hands-free communication using a microphone and               can start and stop the vehicle from up to 1,000 ft. (300 m) away. Remote Start with
the vehicle’s audio system. Once paired, Mobile-Ease automatically links with               Keyless Entry and Vehicle Security has a perimeter alarm, Progressive Car Find
your Bluetooth-equipped wireless phone whenever you get in your vehicle. Visit              to help locate your vehicle in crowded parking lots, plus a six-button key fob for for available Bluetooth phones. A wiring harness (sold               start/stop, panic, lock, unlock, and up to two buttons that can be programmed for
separately) is required for all applications. NOTE: Bluetooth is not available on           compatible features like sliding doors, power lift-gates, etc. SecuriLock® kit (sold
all audio applications. See your dealer for availability.                                   separately) required for most applications. Dealer installation recommended. NOTE:
Base Part No. 19G399 (14A411 for Wiring Harness)                                            Available for automatic transmissions only. Remote Start with Keyless Entry and
                                                                                            Vehicle Security may be eligible for insurance discounts in some states/provinces.
 16 Vehicle Security System                                                                 Base Part No. 19G364 (19G365 for SecuriLock®)
Protect your vehicle – and its contents – with a state-of-the-art security system.
Two-step perimeter alarm gives a warning chirp for non-threatening impacts and
a Real Panic Sound® if security is threatened. IT-s® (Interior Theft Sensor) uses
infrared technology to protect the vehicle's contents. Factory-supplied transmitter
remotely locks/unlocks doors and deactivates the alarm. Dome lights are activated
for illuminated entry/exit. For vehicles equipped with factory keyless entry. Includes
a Lifetime Limited Warranty on parts (contact dealer for complete details). Dealer
installation recommended. NOTE: Vehicles equipped with a security system may be
eligible for insurance discounts in some states/provinces.
Base Part No. 19A361
     GO THE DISTANCE.                             Whether you’re adding function or flair – or both –
     to your Mustang, you can always count on Genuine Ford Accessories. They’re covered by the same
     outstanding limited warranty as your new Mustang (see back cover for details).


                                                                    19 20

      18 Trunk Cargo Organizer                                                                     20 Full Vehicle Cover*
     Premium-grade polyethylene with a removable, adjustable divider system.                      Constructed of multi-layer, non-woven, breathable material, NOAH® covers resist
     Installs easily in trunk area – no tools required. Protects vehicle interior from            rain, snow, acid rain and bird droppings, and protect your vehicle’s finish from
     spills. NOTE: Does not fit into Mustangs equipped with shaker 1000 subwoofers                UV rays and door dings. Double-stitched overlapped seams; elastic sewn into
     in the trunk.                                                                                the front and rear hems help hold cover in place. Non-scratch grommets can
     Base Part No. 115A00                                                                         be used with a tie-down rope (included) or a cable and lock (not included). Also
                                                                                                  available with WeatherShield™ fabric that features the Nextec® encapsulation
      19 Trunk Cargo Net                                                                          process for excellent protection and compact storage. Silk-screened vehicle logo
     Keep loose items organized. Netting stretches easily over bulky items; braided               on front; license plate view window in rear.
     cording won’t scratch painted surfaces. Corner hooks attach to existing rings                Base Part No. 19A412
     (or install those provided) in vehicle’s cargo area. Installs easily; some tools required.

     Envelope style.                                                                               21 Shelby GT500 Full Vehicle Cover
     Base Part No. 550A66                                                                         (not pictured) Constructed of gray Weathershield™ fabric that features the
                                                                                                  Nextec® encapsulation process for excellent protection and compact storage.
                                                                                                  Features “Cobra Snake” image (in black) on front and Shelby script (in black)
                                                                                                  at rear. Includes storage bag with “Cobra Snake” image (in black).
                                                                                                  Base Part No. 19A412

                                                                                          [ ]



22 All-Weather Vinyl Floor Mats*
The deep grooves and raised ridges in these heavy-duty mats catch
and hold snow, slush and mud, while protecting the vehicle carpeting.
Nibbed backing and driver-side positive retention help keep mats in place.
Available in ebony, in 4-piece sets with Pony logo.
Base Part No. 13300

 23 Carpeted Floor Mats
Premium-grade carpeting is custom fit to the exact contour of each vehicle. Driver-side
mats have positive retention, and all mats have a nib backing to help prevent slippage.
In colors to complement the interior. Four-piece sets with Pony logo.
Base Part No. 13300

*Eligible for residualization under a Ford Credit Red Carpet Lease.

     CUSTOM WHEELS.                                   Designed specifically for your vehicle, these custom wheels
     meet Ford’s rigorous appearance, durability and corrosion-resistance requirements. Each wheel is kitted and
     includes the wheel, center cap with Pony logo and bright lug nuts. Fits 2005-2007 Mustangs.

                                                    24                                                      25 26

                                                    29                                                      30 31

       24 6R3Z-1007-N*                                    26 6R3Z-1007-K*                                            28 6R3Z-1007-A*
      18” Polished Forged Aluminum Wheel**               18” Polished Aluminum Wheel**                              18” Chrome Aluminum Wheel**
      18” X 8” Polished forged aluminum 5-spoke,         18” X 8.5” Polished aluminum 5-spoke,                      18” X 8.5” Chrome aluminum 5-spoke,
      (flangeless) style. Includes “Pony Chrome          (flangeless) GT-style. Includes “Pony Chrome               (flangeless) GT-style. Includes “Pony Chrome
      Ring” center cap and bright lug nuts.              Ring” center cap and bright lug nuts.                      Ring” center cap and bright lug nuts.

       25 6R3Z-1007-M*                                    27 6R3Z-1007-L*                                           29 5R3Z-1007-EA*
      18” Painted Argent Aluminum Wheel**                18” Painted Black Aluminum Wheel**                         17” Polished Aluminum Wheel**
      18” X 8.5” Painted argent aluminum 5-spoke,        18” X 8.5” Painted black aluminum 5-spoke,                 17” X 8” Polished aluminum 5-spoke,
      (flangeless) GT-style, with machined outer         (flangeless) GT-style, with machined outer edge.           GT-style. Includes “Pony Spinner-Style”
      edge. Includes “Pony Chrome Ring” center           Includes “Pony Chrome Ring” center cap and                 chrome center cap and bright lug nuts.
      cap and bright lug nuts.                           bright lug nuts.

                                                                                                         [ ]

                                                 27 28                                                                           34

                                                 32 33                                                                           35

30 5R3Z-1007-AA*                                           32 5R3Z-1007-DA*                                                           35 5R3Z-1130-AA*
17” Painted Argent Aluminum Wheel**                        17” Painted Black Aluminum Wheel**                                         Mustang “Pony Spinner-Style”
17” X 8” Painted argent aluminum 5-spoke,                  17” X 8” Painted black aluminum 5-spoke,                                   Chrome Center Caps
GT-style. Includes “Pony Spinner-Style” chrome             GT-style. Includes “Pony Spinner-Style” chrome                             Fits 2205-2007: 16” Aluminum, 17” Base GT, 18”
center cap and bright lug nuts.                            center cap and bright lug nuts.                                            Polished Aluminum wheels and all GT-style Genuine
                                                                                                                                      Ford Accessories wheels. Set of four.
31 5R3Z-1007-BA*                                           33 5R3Z-1007-CA*
17” Painted Beige Aluminum Wheel**                         17” Painted Silver Aluminum Wheel**
17” X 8” Painted beige aluminum 5-spoke,                   17” X 8” Painted silver aluminum 5-spoke,
GT-style. Includes “Pony Spinner-Style” chrome             GT-style. Includes “Pony Spinner-Style” chrome
center cap and bright lug nuts.                            center cap and bright lug nuts.

                                                           34 5R3Z-1130-BA*
                                                           Mustang “Pony Chrome Ring” Center Caps
                                                           Fits 2005-2007: 16” Aluminum, 17” Base GT,                                 36 Wheel Locks
                                                           and all 18” GT Mustang wheels. Also fits                                   For added protection against wheel theft, replace
                                                           18” Mustang Genuine Ford Accessories wheels.                               one lug nut on each wheel with one of these locks.
                                                           Set of four.                                                               Chrome-plated locks available for exposed lugs.
                                                          * Eligible for residualization under a Ford Credit Red Carpet Lease.        Kit includes four locks and key.
                                                         ** See your Dealer for restrictions and proper applications.                 Base Part No. 1A043

     Your Mustang. Revved up.

                                                             37 38

     Made by Ford enthusiasts for Ford enthusiasts, Ford Racing      37 Mustang GT Axle Back Exhaust Kit
     Performance Parts are among the best-engineered and best-       For a proven increase in horsepower and torque. Provides a louder, “throatier”
     performing parts that you can buy. So go fast and look good.    exhaust note. Fits 2005–2007 Mustang GT. Includes mufflers with Ford Racing
     It’s time to put your Mustang in drive.                         embossed 3.5” exhaust tips. 49 state drive-by noise legal (not legal in CA).

                                                                      38 Handling Pack
                                                                     For more street manners and an aggressive lowered stance. Stiffens up the front end,
                                                                     lowers car approximately 1.5”. Fits 2005–2007 Mustang GT Coupe. Includes tuned
                                                                     dampers, lowering springs, anti-roll bars, strut tower brace.

                                                                     *Not legal for sale or use on pollution-controlled motor vehicles.
                                                                     Most Ford Racing Performance Parts are sold with no warranty.
                                                                     See for more details. Available at select FRPP Dealers only.

                                                                                      39 40


                                                                                     Join Team Ford Racing for exclusive member benefits!
39 Power Pack
                                                                                     . Discounts
For drivers who want to power up and still maintain mild street manners. Adds
approximately 20 horsepower at rear wheels. Includes 90mm cold air kit with          . Ticket packages
calibration, axle back muffler kit with polished exhaust tips and performance oil    . Inside access
filter. Visit for applications.                              . TFR hat and magazine
 40 Mustang GT Short Throw Shifter with Chrome Handle and Ball
                                                                                     . And more!
                                                                                     Call: 877.837.2582 or Click:
Designed by Ford Racing and Hurst to reduce shift throw by 40%. Fits 2005–2007
Mustang GT with 3650 transmission. Sperical bearing with classic chrome shifter,
classic white ball shift knob, and OE main stamping. Includes urethane body          For these and other Ford Racing Performance Parts, visit us at
vibration isolators.                                                        or call (586) 468-1356.

41 Mustang Stainless Steel Ford Racing Entry Guards
Improve the appearance of your Mustang while protecting the vehicle’s entry area.
Made of stainless steel and features the Ford Racing logo. Fits 2005–2007 Mustang.
Includes two guards, installation tape and instructions.

                               MUSTANG. YOUR RIDE.
                               Got the drive to make your Mustang your own? Then you’re good
                               to go with Genuine Ford Accessories. Check out this catalog’s great
                               choices, visit your Ford Dealer or go to,
                               and personalize your ride today!

EXPLORE THE POSSIBILITIES. Manufactured to meet Ford’s high quality and safety standards,
Genuine Ford Accessories offer everything you need to improve your comfort level, add convenience and complement the vehicle’s sporty style.

FORD FACTORY TESTED.                                           Genuine Ford Accessories are engineered by Ford Motor Company specifically
for Ford vehicles so they blend seamlessly with the Mustang's body design, electrical system and mechanical specifications.

are installed by your Ford Dealer, you can count on a precise fit and skilled service.

VALUE ADDED. By personalizing your new Mustang with Genuine Ford Accessories, you’re protecting and enhancing
the value of your vehicle, and potentially increasing its resale value. Genuine Ford Accessories help preserve your Mustang’s appearance and
functionality. The Red Carpet Lease residualization plan also can make your vehicle more valuable when your lease ends (see below).

OUTSTANDING WARRANTY PROTECTION. Genuine Ford Accessories are backed
by the same strong warranty as your new Mustang (see below).

Limited Warranty Information. Ford Motor Company will repair or replace any properly dealer-installed Genuine Ford Accessories found to be defective

                                                              .                                                                    .
in factory-supplied materials or workmanship during the warranty period, as well as any component damaged by the defective accessory. The accessory will
be warranted for whichever provides you the greatest benefit: 12 months or 12,000 miles/20,000 km (whichever occurs first), or The remainder of your
New Vehicle Limited Warranty. Contact your Ford Dealer for details and a copy of the warranty. Red Carpet Lease. Get the ride you want. Many Genuine
Ford Accessories purchased and installed by the dealer at lease inception can be paid for in your monthly lease payment. See your Ford Dealer for details.
Ford ESP PremiumCare Plan. Depending on the Ford ESP Plan you select, some dealer-installed Genuine Ford Accessories can be covered for up to 7 years
or 100,000 miles. See your Ford Dealer for details. NOTE: The product descriptions and specifications contained herein were correct at the time this material
was being prepared for printing. However, our policy is one of continuous improvement, and we reserve the right to change design or specifications at any
time without notice and without incurring obligation.

                                                                                                                   PRINTED IN U.S.A. ABT-4102 MAY 2006

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