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									                                                                                                                                                                                              Thursday 12th July, 2007                7
Loudspeaker menace
   This is with reference to the news items in                                                                  age after a night out, yet have no idea how to
                                                                                                                                                                     Shut up and put up!
“The Island” of 3rd July, 2007 “youngsters                                                                      prevent it.... regular exposure to loudspeakers
ignoring danger of loud music.”                                                                                 over a period could damage their hearing for-
   Several decades ago when the use of loud-                                                                    ever.”
speakers was beginning to be more and more                                                                         That is in Britain where a loudspeaker is
common in this country the then Professor of                                                                    not heard like in Sri Lanka where every bus
English of the Colombo University told me                                                                       driver switches on the radio at full volume in
that even university students sometimes did                                                                     order to win a cash prize from certain radio
not know the difference between music and                                                                       stations which send scouts on motorcycles to
noise. He used to quote the example of tap-                                                                     spot drivers who have tuned in the their par-
ping a tumbler gently with a pencil and drop-                                                                   ticular stations. If there is a sticker of that
ping the glass on the cement floor form some                                                                    radio station the prize money is doubled. This
height. The first produced a single musical                                                                     occurs daily and the damage to the ear drums
note and the crashing tumbler produced a                                                                        of the passengers is immense. If a passenger
loud noise.                                                                                                     protests he is asked to get down at once! The
   According to what can be observed in this                                                                    radio station announces the winner and every
country our youngsters prefer to hear the                                                                       bus driver eagerly listens forgetting the dan-
crash to a musical note. Your news item form                                                                    ger of driving with loud music on public
the Telegraph Group, London 2007, says nine                                                                     roads which are full of traffic at all times!
out of ten young revellers experience the                                                                          No wonder there are so many accidents.
signs of ear damage from loud music after a                                                                        We are supposed to have a minister for
night out yet do nothing to prevent it, accord-          urging music lovers to invest in a pair of             environment. Loudspeakers cause terrible
ing to the Royal National Institute for Deaf             reusable earplugs to protect the ears. It also      noise pollution. Isn’t there a law against it?
People. 70 per cent of clubbers, 68 per cent of          advises people to stand away from loudspeakers      Recently I was warded at a leading teaching hos-
concert goers and 44 per cent of bar drinkers            and to spend time in quieter areas to give their                          .
                                                                                                             pital in this country Sharp at 8 a.m. all loud-
suffer symptoms of damage such as dullness of            ears respite.                                       speakers are at ear-splitting volume singing the
hearing or ringing in the ears, known as tinni-             Dr. John Low, the chief executive of the Royal   National Anthem. This is Sri Lanka!
tus.                                                     National Institute for Deaf People says? “Our
   The organisation which represents Britain’s           research shows most young people have experi-
                                                                                                                                            Jayatissa Perera
nine million deaf and hard of hearing people, is         enced the first signs of permanent hearing dam-                                           Colombo

Ruling through scare mongering                                                                                                                                       An armored vehicle of the Sri Lankan army carries journalists towards
                                                                                                                                                                     newly captured land from Tamil Tigers near Thoppigala, about 240 kilo-
   There is a new method           It will not be long before the                                                                  exposed as phony, they are
                                                                                                                                                                     meters (150 miles) northeast of Colombo, Sri Lanka, Monday, July 9,
by which the governments           whole of Afghanistan rises                                                                      on to the next cooked up
of the US, UK and Israel           against the US and Nato                                                                         plot.                             2007.
implement their agenda.            and drive them away just as                                                                        The latest attempted “ter-
What they do is elevate fear       they did the forces of the                                                                      rorist” attacks in the UK on          It is time that all those       shown that they are imbued
levels among their citizens        former Soviet Union. Wars                                                                       June 29th and 30th has all         acolytes of the LTTE who           with true grit and unfailing
even warning them that             based on cooked up intelli-                                                                     the markings of an attempt         berated our security forces        patriotism unlike some of
there is the danger of an          gence or unsubstantiated                                                                        to raise fear levels so that       and kept telling the world         our politicians scrounging
imminent attack from out-          claims are bound to fail.                                                                       the new Prime - minister           that the terrorist LTTE can-       on the state treasury living
side. For instance when the        The consequences of the                                                                         Gordon Brown will be as            not be defeated, to shut up        parasitical lives. I have no
US and UK wanted to attack         phony disinformation cam-                                                                       hard-line as his predecessor       and put up or else decamp          doubt they will go forward
Iraq for their “war on ter-        paign about WMDs in the                                                                         and will be empowered with         to Mullaitivu and await the        for greater victory and free-
ror” leaving aside the ques-       run up to the Iraq war is                                                                       broad support from the             arrival of the security            dom if given a free hand.
tion of its legitimacy, and        now a nightmare for the                                                                         Public in the name of              forces there. Thoppigala has           Finally I again request
despite mass demonstra-            US.                                       US President Bush                    Gordon Brown     ‘national security’. The UK        been cleared of the Tiger          the Pereras, Rupasinghes,
tions against this invasion           The US and Israel were                                                                       was Placed on highest level        scourge and the people in          Wickramasinghes and
the governments of both            very concerned about the            “Stephen Lendmen in his     “if it happened. It never       terrorism alert, based on          the Eastern Province can           Foreign Ambassadors and
the US and UK knew that            influence of Hezbollah in        News & Information Hour        did, of course, no crime was    two incidents causing only         now think of a settled life        High Commissioners to
this adventure required            Lebanon. They were also          Programme said that anoth-     committed but suspects          minor damage from one of           there.                             desist from telling us that
Public support and what            troubled by the Presence of      er effort to raise the fear    were charged based on con-      them and no substantiation
                                                                                                   versations between a                                                   It is very urgent now          the LTTE cannot be defeat-
better way to get it than by       the Syrian army which sup-       level by the US administra-                                    either one was related to
                                                                                                   “source” ( identified as an                                        that as soon as displaced          ed. They can and will be
elevating fear levels with an      ported Hezbollah. So the         tion occurred in December                                      terrorism. The way that the
outside threat made to seem        Mossad and CIA wanted to         2003. Air France got stand     unnamed drug trafficker)        investigation are going it’s       people are settled, a proper       defeated if our soldiers are
real. Enter Al - Qaida and         get rid of the Syrian army       down orders based on           and defendants. It was all      likely hindsight again will        census be conducted, the           allowed to do what they
Osama bin Ladin. Follow            after which Israel was to        claimed evidence, that Al -    faked to heighten fear          expose the whole affairs as        electoral register be updat-       have plainly demonstrated
them up with unsubstanti-          invade Lebanon and, uproot       Qaeeda and Taliban opera-      again, and the “source” was     a hoax.                            ed and the necessary meas-         they are capable of doing.
ated terror threats or             Hezbollah. The best way to       tives were on Flight 68 it     willing to say anything in         The same tactic was             ures be taken for the con-         Any propaganda against
episodes labelled terrorism.       do it was to assassinate         was later exposed as a hoax    return for leniency on his      adopted by the late J. R.          duct of free and fair elec-        our security forces will not
Then add colour coded              Rafiq Hareri and blame           but it kept Los Angeles        Pending sentence.”              Jayawardena when the then          tions. It is of paramount          stick anymore.
alerts and round the clock         Syria for the assassination.     International Airport on          When examining the           state - media under his            importance that the govern-            The settlement of the
hyperventilating news cov-         This they did and the            “maximum deployment”           strategies being used to        orders started a hoax about        ment demonstrates to the           political problems of the
erage with scary headlines         Syrian army under interna-       throughout the holiday         attain the political agenda     the threat of Naxafities,          world that democracy pre-          country by negotiation will,
thus giving the new admin-         tional Pressure withdrew         Period and FBI working         of the US, Israel and UK,       coming into Power.                 vails now where once the           no doubt, be made easy
istration cover to continue        from Lebanon. Then the           round the clock. The nation    might it not be important to    Jayawardena’s scare story          tyrannical dictatorship of         once the terrorist problem
the same “war on terror-           fear level in Lebanon was        was Put on “high risk” Code    check the record of past ter-   worked for him and he con-         Pirapakaran oppressed the          is ended. The Tiger on the
ism”.                              raised by scare stories of       Orange alert, six heavy -      ror scares and examine          tinued as President for an         people. It is also time to tell    run would want a respite
   Again just before attack-       civil war. Hezbollah at(         traffic Air France flights     their legitimacy in hind-       extended term.                     the Co-Chairs that they            and this will soon be
ing Afghanistan after the          along knew the game Plan         were cancelled for nothing.    sight? When this is done           Politicians find that           have to support this shift         obtained for him by
9/11 episode, a false alarm        and before Israel could             Stephen Lendmen again       many so called ‘threats’ that   heightening fear levels is a       towards democracy or else          Godfather Soldheim by
of the use of anthrax by the       invade, Hezbollah attacked       says that in early June of     earned headlines for days       sure way to implement their        they remain badly exposed          announcing “Peace Process
“terrorists” further justi-        and took Israeli Prisoners,      this Year hyped fake stories   or longer nearly always         agenda. Presently the US,          as fraudulent preachers of         Talks”. Is this not pathetic
fied the invasion of               in the war, that followed in     made headlines about a Plot    turned out to be fakes based    UK, and Israel Practice this       democracy and Human                and predictable partisan-
Afghanistan. Now the Nato          July 2006 Hezbollah broke        to blow up JFK Airport’s jet   on cooked up intelligence or    to the utmost.                     Rights.                            ship?
forces led by the US are           the invincibility of the         fuel tanks and supply lines,   unsubstantiated claims.
                                                                                                                                                                          I congratulate our secu-
bogged down by a resurgent         Israel security forces by        some outrageous reports        They continue being used,                 Saybhan Samat
                                                                                                   however because they work.                                         rity forces and all our                    Durand Appuhamy
Taliban with more killing of       humiliating them with an         claimed would have been                                                      Rajagiriya
                                                                                                   By the time they are                                               valiant soldiers. They have                        Negombo
innocent Afghans every day   .     ignominious defeat.              “more devastating than 9/11

Introducing ‘Neighbourhood Watch’ to
counter crime in Sri Lanka…
     by Chrishmal                                                                        local authorities NW        NW area;                    were to start a website     be much more than we            expect politicians to
     Warnasuriya                                                                         scheme;                        * You might also         for this purpose, or a      may think possible. It          sign as witnesses and it
                                                                                            * To collect and dis-    wish to provide infor-      few people can commu-       would be an excellent           is no wonder then that
                                                                                         seminate local intelli-     mation for scheme           nicate via email and get    prospect if our policy-         politicians invariably
 Continued from yesterday
                                                                                         gence to the Police,        members about other         an initial response         makers were to latch on         turn up at the funeral
                                                                                         other authorities as        crimes in your area,        group operating, who        to this idea and set up         as well? Who has politi-
     The role of a
                                                                                         well as your scheme         perhaps to do with          knows; ‘the possibilities   the entire scheme for           cised our everyday life?
 Neighbourhood Watch
                                                                                         members;                    drugs or car theft, for     may be endless’ as that     us, but what if they            We have done it our-
                                                                                            * To read all informa-   instance. Another task      famous advertisement        don’t? Should that make         selves, so let us not
     The role of the
                                                                                         tion and requests for       would be to make sure       goes.                       us to give up this whole        blame these policymak-
 Neighbourhood Watch
                                                                                         assistance from the         that your scheme looks                                  idea just because ‘they         ers for it. By being so
 scheme co-ordinator is
                                                                                         police and others that      out for the elderly or          Conclusion:             are not doing it for us’?       dependent on them to
 as a communications
                                                                                         support the scheme;         victims of recent               I must reiterate that   I think not.                    do everything for us, we
 channel with the Police,
                                                                                            * To encourage par-      crimes by keeping a         this was not an attempt        Perhaps this is the          ourselves have made
 the local neighbour-
                                                                                         ticipation and welcome      check on them and           to advocate a sudden        biggest bane of our             them so indispensable
 hood watch association
                                                                                         new residents, to build     offering them advice        policy shift, but simply    society, that in transit-       to our everyday lives,
 and other local stake-
                                                                                         the local community         and support.                sharing with my             ing from a feudal era to        and thus given them the
 holders to reduce
                                                                                         and promote good citi-         Information and          brethren something          a welfare state we have         status of stardom that
 crime/disorder and the
                                                                                         zenship, look after your    advice:                     that I have seen work-      expected everything to          peoples’ servants in a
 fear of crime in their
                                                                                         neighbours, especially         Perhaps the biggest      ing effectively in anoth-   be ‘dished out’ to us by        democracy should not
 vicinity. It is important
                                                                                         the vulnerable;             task ahead of you           er country; which I         governments or those            have.
 to ensure that your lit-
                                                                                            * To keep an up to       would be to coordinate      thought may be a con-       we have elected. If one            Therefore without
 tle pocket group NW
                                                                                         date list of scheme         the efforts of all con-     cept worth exploring        really looks at the situa-      waiting for someone to
 reflects what the com-
                                                                                         members and inform          cerned, at this early       within our present envi-    tion pragmatically,             do even this for us, per-
 munity wants and how
                                                                                         the Council’s NW group      stage. I’m sure to many     ronment, to make life a     aren’t we expecting a           haps its time that civil
 it thinks of itself as a
                                                                                         (once formed) to make       of us the NW scheme         little more ‘tolerable’     ‘leader’ or a ‘political        society itself made a
 community. Sometimes
                                                                                         necessary adjustments       itself may sound inter-     for those who are even      figure’ to become an            move and thought of
 this is a block of houses
                                                                                         to their main database      esting but the prospect     seriously considering       integral part of our            beginning this as a soci-
 with the dividing line
                                                                                         when applicable;            of launching it may         other more permanent        lives? From the time a          ety initiative, to make a
 the middle of the street.
                                                                                            * To promote good        look like a mountain.       moves away from this        baby is born we run             better way of life for
 At other times, it is
                                                                                         crime prevention initia-       It maybe an idea to      island of ours.             behind a grama sevaka.          ourselves. Maybe those
 individual streets cover-
                                                                                         tives and adopt good        launch a website, or            Most societies and      When that child needs           in authority may then
 ing just both sides of
                                                                                         practice where advised      connect via a general       major changes in histo-     to enter a school we run        see it as a project worth
 the road. The role of           contact with the author-    main point of contact       and to encourage activi-    email address, since the    ry started only with a      behind a minister.              supporting and assist
 the scheme co-ordinator         ities and the councils      between your neigh-         ty from scheme mem-         use of IT technology is     dream, let us not forget,   When the child leaves           society. I leave the chal-
 is ideally to do (or to         larger NW (once estab-      bourhood and the            bers, maybe even ask        now fast catching up        and if a few of us get      school and looks for a          lenge with us. Let us
 ensure that the tasks           lished), in relation to     Community Safety            your local police to        even in the rural areas     together the things we      job it is through some          see what we can accom-
 are properly delegated)         your scheme and its         Partnership made up of      maintain a ‘reporting       of Sri Lanka. If some-      can accomplish togeth-      such ‘influence. To get         plish together!
 the following: -                members. You are the        the authorities and the
     * To keep in constant
                                                                                         book’ on your street or     one who is like-minded      er as a civil society may   married the parents                              Concluded

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