Rap music inspires Libyan rebels to defeat Gadhafi

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   20                  entertainment                                                                                                                                                                                              MONDAY, April 25, 2011

    Song Of The Day                                                Rap music inspires
                                                                   Libyan rebels to defeat Gadhafi
                                                                        AJDABIYA, Libya: libyan rebel fighter                                                                                                                 revolution Beat in their song “17 February,”
                                                                   Jaad Jumaa Hashmi cranks up the volume on                                                                                                                  a reference to the so-called “Day of rage”
                                                                   his pickup truck’s stereo when he heads into                                                                                                               when protesters took to the streets in several
                                                                   battle against Moammar Gadhafi’s forces.                                                                                                                   towns and clashed with security forces.
                                                                        He looks for inspiration from a growing                                                                                                                   roughly a dozen rap songs recorded since
                                                                   cadre of amateur rappers whose powerful                                                                                                                    the start of the rebellion have been put on
                                                                   songs have helped define the revolution.                                                                                                                   CDs with rebel-inspired album covers and are
                                                                        The music captures the anger and frustra-                                                                                                             available for sale in downtown Benghazi. One
                                                                   tion young libyans feel at decades of repres-                                                                                                              cover has a drawing of fighters on a captured
                                                                   sive rule under Gadhafi, driving the 27-year-                                                                                                              Gadhafi tank flying the rebel flag.
                                                                   old Hashmi forward even though the heavy                                                                                                                       Some of the songs mix Arabic and Eng-
                                                                   machine gun bolted on the back of his truck                                                                                                                lish, a testament to the American origins
                                                                   - and other weapons in the rebel arsenal - are                                                                                                             of rap. When the rappers perform in public,
                                                                   no match for Gadhafi’s heavy artillery.                                                                                                                    which is rare, they wear baggy pants, T-shirts
Fahad AlSabah                                                           “it captures the youths’ quest for freedom                                                                                                            and baseball caps typical of many American
Staff Writer                                                       and a decent life and gives us motivation,”                                                                                                                rappers.
                                                                   Hashmi said as he sat in his truck on the out-                                                                                                                 rap is not the only style of music that has
Song: Bury My Head                                                 skirts of the front line city of Ajdabiya. He was                                                                                                          been used to create anthems for the revolu-
Artist: Kate Walsh                                                 listening to “Youth of the revolution,” which                                                                                                              tion, but Mutaz al-Obeidi, a 23-year-old mem-
Album: Tim’s House                                                 the rap group Music Masters wrote just days                                                                                                                ber of revolution Beat, said it was uniquely
Genre: Folk                                                        after the uprising began in mid-February.                                                                                                                  positioned to appeal to libya’s youth.
In short: As evident by “Bury My Head”, voices rarely get               “Moammar, get out, get out, game over!                                                                                                                    “rap is more popular than rock and
more delicate than Kate Walsh’s. On the aforementioned             i’m a big, big soldier!” sang 20-year-old Milad                                                                                                            country among the young people in libya
number, the Essex-native sings about being the other woman
in the relationship with blinding passion in a stunning, bro-      Faraway, who started Music Masters with his                                                                                                                because it expresses anger and frustration,”
ken falsetto. Tim’s House is no ordinary album, it’s an enjoy-     friend and neighbor, 22-year-old Mohammed                                                                                                                  said al-Obeidi, an English student, standing
able whirlwind of emotions from start to finish.                   Madani, at the end of 2010.                                                                                                                                in a small recording studio in the official rebel
                                                                                                                        In this photo taken Tuesday, April 19, 2011, Mohammed Madani, a.k.a. Madani Lion,
                                                                        rather than grabbing AK-47s and head-                                                                                                                 media center in Benghazi that is used by rev-
                                                                                                                        22, center, of the Music Masters rap group hangs out with musicians from other non-rap
 To listen to the song visit                  ing to the front line with other rebels to fight                                                                                                           olution Beat.
                                                                                                                        groups after a recording session in a small rooftop studio on top of a residential building
 E-mail your feedback to                 Gadhafi’s forces, Faraway and Madani stayed                                                                                                                    “The guys at the media center contacted
                                                                                                                        in Benghazi, Libya. (AP)
                                                                   in Benghazi, the de facto capital of rebel-held                                                                                                            us and said you guys have a rap group and we
                                                                   eastern libya, and picked up a microphone.           Benghazi indicates how much has changed in         hazi is known by his nickname, “Dark Man,”         want rap to be part of the revolution,” said
                                                                        “Everyone has his own way of fighting,          eastern libya in the past two months. Speak-       and Madani, aka “Madani lion,” form the            Youssef al-Briki, 24, who started revolution
The Buzz                                                           and my weapon is art,” said Faraway, a geol-         ing out against Gadhafi before the rebellion       core of Music Masters, but the composition of      Beat with islam Winees, 21, in 2007, but orig-
                                                                   ogy student, during a recent recording session       used to mean prison and maybe even death.          the group has changed over time. One of the        inally called the group Street Beat.
French New Wave                                                    in a small room on the fourth floor of an aging      And rap, like other forms of Western culture,      rappers quit just after the uprising started be-       Al-Briki, aka “SWAT,” works as a garbage
muse Marie-France Pisier found dead                                apartment building in downtown Benghazi.
                                                                   The room was equipped with little more than
                                                                                                                        was despised by Gadhafi, who burned for-
                                                                                                                        eign musical instruments and books after he
                                                                                                                                                                           cause he feared being targeted by Gadhafi’s
                                                                                                                                                                           thugs, Madani said.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              man, and Winees, known as “A.Z.,” is a small-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              time businessman. Both have the tough-guy
French New Wave cinema muse Marie-France pisier was                a microphone, stereo and computer.                   seized power in 1969.                                  Many of the songs that Music Masters and       vibe of gangsta rappers and expressed admi-
found dead in her swimming pool in the south of France on               The room was decorated with a large                 “i always wanted to talk about Gadhafi’s       other groups have recorded in the past two         ration for Tupac Shakur, who was shot and
Sunday. She was 66 years old. The investigating magistrate         red, black and green rebel flag and a framed         mistakes and crimes, but we never had the          months feature rapid fire lyrics reminiscent of    killed in las Vegas in 1996.
in the Mediterranean city of Toulon, near her villa at Saint-      photo of the Guns N’ roses guitarist Slash.          chance for free speech,” said Madani, who is       Eminem. The lyrics ridicule Gadhafi and lam-           “He’s a real rapper. He’s a thug,” Winees
Cyr-sur-Mer, said her husband found her body in the pool at        Faraway and Madani smoked cigarettes and             the son of a famous local singer in Benghazi       bast him for his treatment of the country in       said.
around 4:00 am. The cause of death is being investigated, but      sipped steaming glasses of sweet tea as they         and works part-time in his family’s cell phone     the past four decades.                                 Al-Briki said he looks forward to writing
foul play is not suspected, the prosecutor said. The actress had   recorded lyrics for their latest song, a tribute     and car parts shops. “All you could talk about         “Gadhafi, open your eyes wide and you          the first song after Gadhafi is ousted.
been due to travel to the Cannes Film Festival next month          to cities caught up in the revolution.               was how good Gadhafi’s revolution was.”            will see that the libyan people just broke             What will it be called?
for a homage to leading French actor Jean-paul Belmondo.                The freewheeling rap scene developing in            Faraway, who like many rappers in Beng-        through the fear barrier,” sang the group              “Finally He Did it,” said Al-Briki. -Ap
pisier’s acting career began in 1961 after New Wave director
Francois Truffaut saw her in a family photo taken in Nice.Truf-
faut directed her in her first film, “Antoine and Colette”, one

                                                                                                                                                                                                      Brian McKnight tells
of five short films that made up the 1962 omnibus “love at

                                                                       Royal wedding
Twenty”. She went on to play for renowned filmmakers luis
Bunuel, Jacques rivette and especially Andre Techine. pisier
won two Cesar awards -- the French equivalent of the Os-
cars -- for best supporting actress in Techine films, “Cousin,
Cousine” in 1976 and “Barocco” in 1977. She played oppo-                                                                                                                                              his story through song
                                                                       guest list causes controversy
site Belmondo in the 1982 action comedy “l’as des as”. Her
performance in “Cousin, Cousine” and the film’s success in
the United States took her to Hollywood, where she starred                                                                                                                                                NEW ORLEANS: Master balladeer Brian McKnight brings his
in the 1978 romantic thriller “The Other Side of Midnight”.                                                                                                                                           velvety voice to New Orleans on Saturday for a night of love and
Vincent perrot, who interviewed pisier for a documentary                                                                                                                                              laughter as he prepares to open his “Just Me” tour and give fans a
about Belmondo, told rTl radio of his shock at hearing of                   LONDON: The guest list for the royal wedding              people dead.                                                    taste of what’s to come when his 14th album drops this summer. The
her death. “it’s one of those things, you never see it coming,         sparked controversy on Sunday after monarchs from                  Anti-monarchy campaign group republic hit out               show opens with sets by r&B singers Avant and Vivian Green and
especially when you saw someone a few weeks before and                 countries with poor rights records were invited but two        at inclusion of royals from not only Bahrain but also           comedian lavell Crawford. McKnight said the New Orleans date has
they were in great shape,” perrot said. -AFp
                                                                       former prime ministers were not. rights groups criti-          Saudi Arabia, Oman, Brunei, Qatar, Swaziland, leso-             been on his schedule for a while and is not a part of the tour, which
                                                                       cized prince William and Kate Middleton for inviting           tho, Bhutan and Kuwait. “This guest list reads like a           begins May 12 in phoenix.
Paul Reiser’s new                                                      foreign royals from Bahrain, Swaziland and other na-           ‘Who’s Who’ of tyrants and their cronies,” republic                 “New Orleans is just getting me,” McKnight said in a telephone
                                                                       tions where authorities have violently suppressed pro-         chief Graham Smith said. “Whatever happened to Wil-             interview with The Associated press. “My one-man show. i’m com-
TV show canceled after two episodes                                    democracy protests in recent weeks.                            liam’s supposedly strong social conscience? He must             ing to do what people haven’t seen from me. i’ll be telling a story,
NBC has pulled “The paul reiser Show” off the air after just                Newspapers pointed out that labor ex-premiers             take personal responsibility for this and rescind the in-       my story, from the beginning until now. people have heard me play
two episodes. The comedy premiered last week to 3.3 million            Tony Blair and Gordon Brown were snubbed on the                vitations immediately.”                                         with a band for the last 15, 20 years. This will be how i started, with
viewers in the coveted 18-49 year old demographic, rank-               list, which was released on Saturday, while former Con-            leading gay rights campaigner peter Tatchell said           a piano and a guitar.”
ing as the network’s lowest-rated in-season comedy begin-              servative leaders Margaret Thatcher and John Major             the invitations of “royal tyrants” from Bahrain, Swa-               The tour is a family affair. it will include the a capella, Grammy
ning ever. its second episode didn’t fare any better, collecting       were invited.                                                  ziland and Saudi Arabia were a “massive misjudge-               Award-winning group Take 6, founded by his older brother Claude
2.5 million viewers in 18-49 demographic. paul reiser said                  “labor Mps will not be alone in thinking it odd           ment”.                                                          McKnight, and his sons, 21-year-old Brian Jr. (known as BJ) and
during NBCUniversal’s summer press day last week that the              the two former occupants of Number 10 (Downing                     St James’s palace said it had sought advice from            19-year-old Cole Nicholas (known as Niko), who front the fledgling
network rushed the show to air. “This was shortest ramp up             Street) have not been invited to the wedding,” the Sun-        Britain’s foreign ministry on guests from abroad.               rock band BrKN rBTZ (broken robots).
in the history of television. literally 20 days ago (NBC) said,        day Telegraph commented. royal officials said Blair                “invitations are extended from the queen follow-                McKnight, 41, a singer-songwriter who also plays nine instru-
‘We’re putting you up,’ and we said, ‘OK, great,’ “ he told The        and Brown were not invited because unlike Major and            ing the long-held tradition of inviting other crowned           ments, has been honing the acoustic-style show for the past year and
Hollywood reporter. repeats of “The Office” will take over             Thatcher they are not Knights of the Garter, Britain’s         heads of state, we have taken advice from the Foreign           takes fans on a trip through his 18-year musical repertoire. He said
beginning next week. -reuters                                          highest honor. St James’s palace, William’s office, said       Office about their continued inclusion on the list,” a          he was a little skeptical of how the fans would respond, but has been
                                                                       the wedding was “not a state occasion so there is no           spokesman said. Swazi demonstrators were planning               buoyed by their reaction. “i wasn’t sure if people would accept just
Hazel Dickens,                                                         reason why they (Blair and Brown) would be invited,”           to demonstrate on Tuesday outside the Dorchester                me,” he said.
                                                                       the Sunday Telegraph reported.                                 hotel in london on Wednesday, where the country’s                   “people’s senses are constantly inundated by the internet and i
bluegrass performer, dies at 75                                             Major – who was prime minister from 1990-1997             King Mswati iii will be staying, South Africa’s Mail and        didn’t know if people would be able to sit still and deal with me tell-
                                                                       and acted as a guardian to princes William and Har-            Guardian newspaper reported. But Archbishop of Can-             ing this story this way, but they have.”
Hazel Dickens, a folk singer and bluegrass musician who ad-            ry after Diana’s – will attend, but Thatcher who was           terbury rowan Williams, the head of the world’s An-                 McKnight’s latest project, entitled “Just Me,” is set for release
vocated for coal miners, has died at age 75. Dickens died Fri-         in power from 1979 to 1990, has declined on health             glicans and the man who will marry William and Kate,            July 12. He said the new music will give his fans some of his signa-
day morning at a Washington hospice of complications from
pneumonia. Her death was confirmed by Ken irwin, a founder             grounds.                                                       said in his Easter sermon on Sunday that the wedding            ture, silky smooth sounds, but will also give them a little something
of rounder records, her label for about 40 years. Dickens, a                less controversial attendees at Friday’s wedding in       was a cause of “shared celebration.”                            different. “For me it’s never about doing the same thing over and
vocalist and double-bassist, became a fixture in the bluegrass         Westminster Abbey include footballer David Beckham                 “it’s nice and entirely appropriate that we are being       over,” he said. “i just do what i do.”
circuit in the 1960s and 1970s with her musical partner, Alice         and his fashion designer wife Victoria, musician Elton         encouraged to some public displays of shared celebra-               McKnight acknowledges that his voice conjures romantic visions
Gerrard. The duo performed as Hazel & Alice and released               John and “Mr Bean” actor rowan Atkinson.                       tion next Friday: let a thousand street parties blossom,”       - especially in his female fans - and though most of his songs often
several albums, emerging as some of the earliest prominent                  But there was surprise when royal officials an-           he said. Five days before the wedding, Queen Elizabeth          tackle romance or the back-and-fourth of relationships, that’s not
women in bluegrass and paving the way for other female folk            nounced that Crown prince Salman of Bahrain would              ii and many other senior royals had something of a              him all the time. McKnight said he believes music these days “has
singers. Dickens’s music was later featured in the “Harlan             also attend. Earlier reports said the Gulf state’s rul-        “warm-up” with an Easter service at Windsor Castle,             lost its ability to connect emotionally with the listener.”
County, USA,” Barbara Kopple’s 1976 Oscar-winning docu-                ers would withdraw to avoid embarrassment after a              near london – although William and Kate did not at-                 McKnight, who’s been nominated 16 times for a Grammy with-
mentary about Kentucky coal miners. “She cared a great deal            bloody crackdown on protesters there left at least 24          tend. -AFp                                                      out a win, said he’s not sure what his next musical move will be. He’ll
for working people and the downtrodden and wrote about                                                                                                                                                be doing the U.S. tour through September. -Ap
issues that generally were not addressed in bluegrass or coun-
try,” irwin said. Among her honors was a 2008 induction into
the West Virginia Music Hall of Fame and a National Heritage

                                                                   Brian Williams, De Niro square off at Tribeca
Fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts. -Ap

Sony’s Ohga,
credited with developing CD, dies                                      NEW YORK: At the Tribeca Festival,              i answer the question?” asked De Niro,
Sony says its former president and chairman Norio Ohga,            Brian Williams attempted a challenge: in-           when there hadn’t been one.
credited with developing the compact disc, has died. He was        terviewing robert De Niro.                              But the two still had common ground.
81. Sony Corp. Chairman Howard Stringer said Ohga helped               Williams sat down with the actor Satur-         Asked if he watches his old movies when
redefine the Japanese manufacturer not only as an electronic       day as part of Tribeca’s “Directors Series”         they air on TV, De Niro said he doesn’t.
hardware company but helped it also expand into software           talks. De Niro is a famously difficult inter-           “i don’t do that, Brian. i watch the
or entertainment. Ohga died Saturday in Tokyo of multiple          view, but Williams was eager for a chance           news and i watch the ‘Today’ show,” said
organ failure. He was president of the company from 1982           to face-off with a personal idol.                   De Niro, drawing a laugh from the crowd.
to 1995. -Ap                                                           He was warned of De Niro’s sphinx-              “i’m very set in my ways.”
                                                                   like reputation. introducing the event,                 De Niro said it was actually TV that
Boardwalk Empire star sued by reality star                         Jane rosenthal, who co-founded Tribeca
                                                                   with De Niro and has long been his pro-
                                                                                                                       helped inspire him to be an actor.
                                                                                                                           “i used to look at television and say,
“Boardwalk Empire” star paz de la Huerta is being sued by          ducing partner, said she was surprised at           ‘Well, if that person can do it, then i can
a reality star whom she allegedly attacked last month. in a        Williams’ request.                                  certainly do it,” recalled the 67-year-old
law suit filed Friday in New York City, Samantha Swetra,               “Great idea, but have you seen Bob’s            actor.
who starred on MTV’s “The City,” claims she suffered per-          interviews?” said rosenthal, recalling her              And De Niro said TV is again frequent-
manent injuries after the HBO actress punched her and              reply.                                              ly on his mind when he’s filming.
then threw a glass at her, cutting her leg, in a posh hotel bar.       The NBC News anchorman said that                    “Whenever i have a big dramatic scene,
Swetra was “assaulted, beaten and battered” so viciously           he wanted to interview De Niro “as a fan.”          i always think: ‘What are they going to do
that she sustained “severe” physical and emotional injuries        While De Niro often answered Williams’              with this on ‘Saturday Night live’?” said
... “some of which injuries are permanent in nature,” the          questions with typical recalcitrance, the           De Niro, who has hosted the sketch com-
law suit reads. Swetra is suing for unspecified damages. De        two managed a good conversation with                edy show and spent much of his later years
la Huerta was arraigned Tuesday in New York on assault and         only an occasional sigh from Williams.              making comedies.
other charges related to the incident. De la Huerta’s law-
yer said at the time that she is “asking people not to rush to         At one point, Williams’ attempts for                The Tribeca Film Festival, which is cel-
                                                                   a more conversational interaction broke             ebrating its 10th incarnation, runs through     Robert De Niro, right, and Brian Williams arrive for their discussion as part of the ‘Tribeca Talks:
 judgment.” -reuters
                                                                   down when De Niro stymied him. “Did                 May 1. -Ap                                      Directors Series’ during the Tribeca Film Festival in New York, Saturday, April 23, 2011. (AP)

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