UNDAF Results Matrix by yaoyufang


									                                              BIENNIAL WORK PLAN 2008 to 2009
                                                            For the UNESCO Pacific Program

This Biennial Work Plan captures at a detailed level, the activities proposed for the UNESCO Office for the Pacific States over the two year period
2008-2009 and aligns with UNESCO’s global 34/C5. The Work Plan translates the goals set in the six-year Strategic Plan into action. As there are
always a variety of factors that impact on program delivery, there will be changes as the biennium proceeds and the Work Plan will be used as a
living document to guide UNESCO’s activities.
Activities that will be implemented are described with specific information on target countries, partnerships, budget requirements and source of
funding, expected results and how these can be measured. Monitoring and reporting will occur every six months in line with the major SISTER
reporting periods. These activities all align with the global 34/C5 workplan and will also be reported through global sectoral monitoring.
Programs have been developed in three distinct sections:
       the first addressing our partnership objective to strengthen our National Commission partners and undertake planning in a more consultative
       the second outlines plans for three intersectoral programs;
       and the third section examines the activities within each of the five UNESCO major programs.

In addition, an appendix outlining specific achievements for the 2008-2009 biennium of UNESCO’s priority areas1 gender equality and youth is

  Priority Africa is not included as no African countries are in the cluster; SIDS priority is relevant to all activities in the 15 PICTs; LDC targets have been mentioned
for activities targeting Kiribati, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tuvalu and Vanuatu, in addition to Nauru and PNG, which are considered vulnerable.
A central objective relevant across all UNESCO’s Pacific activities is improving the way that we work with and support our key partners, especially
the UNESCO National Commissions. Active involvement of partners in planning, delivery and monitoring is important in both ensuring that
UNESCO’s programs deliver against regional and national need and in building capacity in the Pacific countries.

 Partnership Objective
 Improve the operations and level of involvement of Pacific National Commissions for UNESCO as core participants in delivering
 coordinated UNESCO programs at the national and sub-regional levels
 Key results:
 • Pacific National Commissions actively involved in development and implementation of sub-regional and inter-regional programs
 • Pacific National Commissions have active sub-commissions covering all aspects of UNESCO’s mandate
 Pacific Program activities    Pacific Program activity results               Indicator                           Partners                 mobilisation
0.1 Support to                 0.1.1 Training conducted.             APCEIU training conducted       Partners: UNESCO National         APCIEU
strengthening Pacific          0.1.2 Biennial consultation of        Meeting held                    Commissions, ACPEIU               Other
UNESCO National                    National Commissions
Commissions                        conducted, including holding
                                   Pacific cluster meeting.
                               0.1.3 Pacific countries informed      # countries participating in
                                   and aware of UNESCO’s             UNESCO boards and
                                   mandate and programs              committees
                                                                     Target: at least one
                               0.1.4 Assistance with sub-regional    # sub-regional PPs developed
                                   PP preparation provided.          Target: 5
0.2 Establishment of           0.2.1 Comprehensive country           # UCPDs completed               Target countries: LDCs and        UNDAF funds
consultative planning              based plans for UNESCO            Target: 5                       vulnerable countries (Kiribati,   Other
processes for UNESCO               support activities developed.                                     Tuvalu, Solomon Islands,
activities in the Pacific      0.2.2 Country based consultations     # country-based consultation    Vanuatu, Nauru) Note: PNG
                                   conducted as part of              Target: 5                       completed in 2007
                                   UNESCO’s sub-regional
                                   planning processes                                                UNDAF linkages: annual UNDAF
                               0.2.3 Inter-regional SIDS             Consultation held               planning consultations in LDCs
                                                                                                     Partners: Member countries, UN
                                                                                                     Agencies, CROP Agencies,
                                                                                                     NGOs, private sector
 Proposed follow up activities 2010-2013
     The National Commission will continue to participate in biannual UNESCO Asia-Pacific planning activities
     Opportunities to meet will be taken during UNESCO formal activities such as the General Conference and regional activities
The intersectoral programs described below are areas where potential synergies have been identified within the existing program of activities for the
UNESCO Office for the Pacific States. They are resourced and reported through the individual sectors and form an integral part of the five major
program and in most cases are funded from the major programs through Regular Program or Extra Budgetary funds. The intention is to increasingly
move towards single project activities funded from and implemented by more than one sector thereby improving the effectiveness of the outcomes
through value-adding. Contributions in brackets indicate that these resources are sourced from another component of the program of activities.

Pacific Program Objective I – Education for Sustainable Development Intersectoral Program
Empower Pacific peoples through all forms of locally relevant and culturally appropriate education and learning to make decisions and
take actions to meet current and future social, cultural, environmental and economic needs and aspirations
 Key results:
• Pacific countries supported to adopt ESD within their educational and sustainable development strategies
 Pacific Program activities   Pacific Program activity results                Indicator                              Partners        mobilisation
1.1 Produce relevant          1.1.1 OPH kit published and           # schools receiving OPH kits       ALL Joint Activity        (SHS $1,050 RP)
Pacific educational               distributed                                                                                    (ED $20,000 RP)
resources, including the
revision of Our Pacific       1.1.2 OPH kit piloted in Pacific      # pilots completed
Heritage resource kit as a        languages                         Target: 2
comprehensive Pacific         1.1.3 Relevant curriculum materials   # tailored curriculum products
ESD curriculum material,           developed and customised         Target: at least three countries
including pilots in Pacific
1.2 Provide support to        1.2.1 National approaches to ESD      # National ESD “strategies”        ED/SHS Joint Activity     (ED $20,000 RP)
Pacific countries to              developed                         Target: at least two countries
develop national
approaches to
implementing the Pacific
ESD Framework and DESD
1.3 Educational responses     1.3.1 Educational responses to        Pilot completed                    ED/SHS Joint Activity     (SHS $1,050 RP)
to alleviating poverty and        alleviating poverty and           Reponses for addressing                                      (ED $5,000 RP)
hardship in rural and             hardship improved.                needs of men, women and
remote regions                                                      youth developed
1.4 Media Training            1.4.1 ESD achievements                # Reps trained                     CI Activity               (CI $5,000 RP)
                                  communicated widely across        Target: at least one media rep
                                  the region, including             from each PICT
                                  improvement of media skills in    % of trained women reps
                                  reporting on ESD                  Target: at least 30%
1.5 Prepare regional ESD        1.5.1 Communication of ESD          Regional ESD Communication         ALL Joint Activity                 No additional funds
Communication Strategy              successes improved to raise     Strategy endorsed                                                     required
and undertake specific              awareness of ESD                # and geographic distribution
awareness raising               1.5.2 Stories about women and       of published stories
activities on ESD                   men’s successes in ESD
1.6 Undertake promotional,     1.6.1 Workshops for the              New modules were prepared at       CLT/ED                              (CLT$20,000 RP)
educational and                     development of new modules      least for 4 countries for
awareness-raising activities        of the “Our Pacific Heritage:   inclusion in the revised version   Target countries:
on themes of World                  The Future in Young Hands”                                         Pacific countries, who were not
Heritage for cultural               organized                                                          involved in developing modules
diversity and sustainable                                                                              for the first edition of the kit
development                                                                                            (countries except NZ, Australia,
                                                                                                       Fiji, Solomon Islands and
 Proposed follow up activities 2010-2013
     Continue production and customisation of ESD materials for all PICTs
     Provide on-going information about ESD success stories
     Continue to develop national approaches to ESD, expanding beyond pilot countries

Pacific Program Objective II – Adapting to Climate Change in Small Islands Intersectoral Program
Contribute to small island responses to coping with climate change through the application of scientific and local knowledge in policy,
education and awareness raising
 Key results:
• Contribute to small island responses to coping with climate change through the application of scientific and local knowledge in policy, education and
   awareness raising
 Pacific Program activities    Pacific Program activity results               Indicator                             Partners                  mobilisation
2.1 Integrating social         2.1.1 Improved understandings        # pilots on integrated             Joint SC/SHS Activity              (SHS RP $7,350)
science into holistic            and methodologies for integrated   approaches to policy                                                  (SC RP $5,000)
approaches to building           models incorporating local         development                                                           ExB proposal
capacity for sustainable         community consultations and        Target: at least 2 countries and
development in SIDS              learnings from traditional         1 Biosphere Reserve
                                 knowledge (LINKS) in
                                 addressing climate change
2.2 Education for climate      2.2.1 Education policy               # national education policies                                         (SC $5,000 RP)
change                           incorporating of climate change    incorporating approach to                                             (ED $10,000 RP)
                                 introduced in Pacific secondary    climate change                                                        ExB proposal
                                 and primary schools.               Target: at least 2 countries
                                2.2.2 Relevant curriculum             # Curriculum materials
                                  materials developed to facilitate   available
                                  climate change education
2.3 Media Training              2.3.1 Pacific media actively          # Reps trained                    CI Activity                ExB proposal
                                  promoting aspects of climate        Target: at least one media rep
                                  change                              from each PICT
                                                                      % of trained women reps
                                                                      Target: at least 30%
2.4 Ensuring sustainable        2.4.1 Technical support provided      # World Heritage sites with       Joint CLT/SC Activity      ExB proposal
management of Pacific             for World Heritage site managers    climate change response
World Heritage areas              to incorporate responses to         activities
                                  climate change                      Target: 2 (not including
 Proposed follow up activities 2010-2013
     Continue development of culturally appropriate and relevant local materials for schools for both regional and national use
     Expand integrated climate change responses to other Pacific countries

Pacific Program Objective III – Sharing Pacific Knowledge and Values Intersectoral Program
Pacific Islanders empowered to create, access, use, preserve and share knowledge
Key results:
• Pacific Islanders empowered to create, access, use, preserve and share knowledge
 Pacific Program activities     Pacific Program activity results                Indicator                             Partners        mobilisation
3.1 Evaluating the role of      3.1.1 Study on the social cost of     Study completed                   Joint SHS/CLT Activity     Fund raising required
culture in social cohesion        cultural decline completed and      Target: 1
3.2 Integrating Pacific         3.2.1 Educational materials on        # countries for which             Joint SC/CLT/ED Activity   (ED $15,000 RP)
knowledge in the school           Pacific knowledge and values        curriculum products developed                                (SC $10,000 RP)
curriculum and                    through LINKS developed and         and available in schools
community learning                used in primary and second          Target: at least two countries
                                3.2.2 Primary and secondary           # countries for which teacher     ED Activity
                                  teachers trained on the use of      training completed
                                  Pacific relevant education          Target: at least two countries
                                3.2.3 Education materials made        # countries utilising Pacific     ED Activity
                                  available and used widely in        knowledge materials in
                                  community-based learning            community-learning situations
                                  centres                             Target: at least two countries
3.3 Defining Pacific           3.3.1 Increased availability of                                         SHS Activity                           (ExB proposal)
approaches and                    information on Pacific ethics
applications to bioethics         contexts
and the UDBHR
3.4 Promote arts               3.4.1 Approach to locally-               Arts education project           CLT/ED/SC Activity                    (CLT $20,000 RP)
education in schools and          developed, culturally-relevant        established in cooperation                                             (ED $10,000 RP)
incorporation into                arts education, especially            with a Pacific country
education policies as a           facilitating participation of local   Target: at least one
vector of intercultural           arts practitioners in learning
dialogue and mutual               contexts, inclusion of local art
understanding in their            forms and techniques in
education policies                learning processes, and
                                  integration of leanings from
                                  traditional knowledge, designed
                                  with educational and cultural
                                  policy makers
3.5 Strengthening of           3.5.1 Establishment and                  Website established and        SC/CI Activity                         (SC$15,000 RP)
Pacific Science                   documented usage of globally          actively utilized                                                     (CI $10,000 RP)
communication practices           linked internet-based Pacific
                                  science portal
                               3.5.2 Journalists, science               # of trainees completing
                                  communicators and teachers            courses
                                  trained in science

 Proposed follow up activities 2010-2013
     Widely promote Pacific approaches to knowledge and Pacific networks for information sharing
     Develop case studies in application of pacific ethical contexts
     Further develop training for teachers in use of Pacific pedagogical methodologies within pre-service and in-service training programs
In line with Major Programmes I to V at the global level, and taking into account the priorities of Pacific member countries, the Pacific program
identifies a series of activities for 2008-2009. There is particular emphasis on UNESCO’s global priorities (gender equality, youth, SIDS and LDCs),
implementation of the Pacific United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) and the Papua New Guinea Country Program, as well as
the building of strong partnerships with governments, regional and national organisations.

Key: blue shading = part of intersectoral programs; orange = part of intersectoral program (ESD, ACC or SPKV)
Pacific Program Objective IV

Strengthen Pacific achievement of Education for All
 ED MLA4: Provide capacity development and technical support to assist national efforts in achieving the Dakar Goals

Key results:
     Capacities of Member States developed for policy formulation, planning, management, monitoring and evaluation in education systems in
        both formal and non formal education as well as for the reform and revitalization of critical subsectors such as secondary, TVE, teacher
        education and training, and higher education
     National policies, plans and practices reviewed, revised and developed to improve the quality and sustainability of both formal and non-formal
        education at all levels to provide lifelong learning at the request of Member States
 Pacific Program activities   Pacific Program activity results                    Indicator                             Partners                     mobilisation
4.1 Promoting evidence-       4.1.1 High level policy dialogue        Pacific Education Ministers in at    Intersectoral linkages:               $100,000 RP
based policy and planning,    promoted on issues related to           least 10 countries participated in   where content of policies relate to   with possible
and monitoring and            educational quality and equity with     annual Ministerial Ministers         sectors, in particular, SHS for       support from
evaluation                    particular focus on inclusion, gender   meetings fully informed about the    gender; CLT for languages             Regional Bureau
                              and youth, based on research and        status and outlook of national                                             and HQ GMR
                              data evidence                           education systems using              UNDAF linkage:                        Team
                                                                      evidence, and quality issues and     Equitable Social and Protection
                                                                      solutions, and engaged in policy     Services: Output 3.1: Regional        $250,000 (secured)
                                                                      dialogue                             strategies, national policies and     Extrabudgetary
                                                                                                           plans for equitable social and        Funds from
                                                                                                           protection services are evidence-     UNESCO Institute
                                                                                                           based and inclusive.                  of Statistics
                                                                                                           Partners: UNESCO Bangkok,
                                                                                                           UIS, and ED/UNP/GMR; Pacific          Japanese Funds in
                                                                                                           Education Partnership Group           Trust Statistical
                                                                                                                                                 Capacity Building
                                                                                                                                                 Project for the Pacific
                               4.1.2 Policy decision making           Improved policy decision making        Target countries:
                               processes well informed and            practices evident in policy            All Pacific island countries and
                               practices improved with increased      documents with use of evidence in      territories. In addition there will
                               capacities and available and use of    at least 5 countries                   be a special focus on LDCs,
                               evidence                                                                      Nauru and PNG.
                               4.1.3 National capacities of           Use of Pacific EFAInfo for
                               educational statisticians and policy   monitoring and evaluation of
                               planners improved in data              education systems in at least 3
                               collection, analysis and               countries
                               interpretation for policy and
                               planning, and monitoring and           Monitoring system of progress in
                               evaluation                             education put in place in at least 5

                                                                      Quality improvement monitored in
                                                                      at least 5 countries, using Pacific
                                                                      Education Ministers-approved
                                                                      regionally developed benchmarks
                                                                      on literacy, numeracy and
                                                                      lifeskills, and intervention
                                                                      strategies identified and
                                                                      implemented in at least 3
 Proposed follow up activities 2010-2013
     Continued support to policy dialogue and policy decision making processes at the ministerial level
     Continued capacity development in the other countries
Pacific Program Objective V

Foster quality education for all: equitable access and success
ED MLA4: Provide capacity development and technical support to assist national efforts in achieving the Dakar Goals

Key results:
     Capacity for teacher education enhanced in all regions in need
     Enhanced quality teaching and learning materials developed with regard to teacher education, peace education, education for citizenship and
        democratic values, education for sustainable development, science and technology education, arts education, philosophy as well as the
        mainstreaming of gender, HIV prevention and the use of ICTs.
     ASPnet strengthened as an efficiently coordinated network and as a vital resource to ensure quality education.
     Enhanced and increased commitment, greater visibility and political and financial support for literacy, especially in LIFE countries, achieved
        through the six literacy conferences.
 Pacific Program activities   Pacific Program activity results                      Indicator                              Partners                      mobilisation
5.1 Strengthening the         5.1.1 Effectiveness of teachers          National training workshops on         Intersectoral linkages: none           $140,000 RP
capacities of teachers,       improved, and planning,                  improvement of teacher                 apparent                               $200,000 JFIT
head teachers and             management evaluation and                effectiveness organized in at least                                           Project for RMI and
principals in delivery of     leadership skills of school principals   5 countries                            UNDAF linkages: Equitable              FSM
quality educational           / head teachers upgraded.                                                       Social and Protection Services:
services in primary and                                                National training workshops for        Output 3.2: National systems           $600,000 ExB
secondary education.                                                   school principals / head teachers      enhance accessibility, affordability
                                                                       organized in at least 5 countries      and the well-managed delivery of
                                                                                                              equitable, gender-sensitive
                                                                       Teachers handbook on                   quality social and protection
                                                                       effectiveness made available and       services.
                                                                       widely disseminated and used in
                                                                       at least 5 countries                   Target countries: All Pacific
                                                                                                              island countries and territories. In
                                                                       Principals handbook on planning,       addition there will be a special
                                                                       management, evaluation and             focus on LDCs, Nauru and PNG
                                                                       leadership developed, widely
                                                                       disseminated and used in at least
                                                                       5 countries
                              5.1.2 Capacities of teacher trainers     50 percent of teacher trainers in at
                              in teacher training institutions         least 5 countries trained and
                              strengthened in delivery of in-          equipped with increased
                              service training programme               capacities to deliver course on
                              including a course on improvement        teacher effectiveness.
                              of teacher effectiveness
                              5.1.3 Capacity development               Training programme on teacher
                              programme on teacher                     effectiveness improvement and
                              effectiveness and school planning,       school planning, management,
                              management, evaluation and               evaluation and leadership
                              leadership mainstreamed through          mainstreamed into regular pre-
                              regular in-service / professional        service and in-service programme
                              development programme of                 in at least 5 teacher training
                              Education Ministries                     institutions.
5.2 Enhancing the quality     5.2.1 National approaches to ESD         Guidelines on ESD mapping              Intersectoral links:                   $80,000 RP
of teaching and learning      developed using Apia Office-             developed and used in at least 5       Intersectoral Platforms 1, 2 and       $500,000 ExB to be
content through relevant      specific intersectoral platforms         countries                              3. SC: biosphere education,            mobilised
curriculum, and innovative                                                                                    freshwater education
practices and materials                                                Pacific regional framework on
                                                                       ESD Monitoring and Evaluation          UNDAF linkages: Equitable
                                                                       developed and nationally adapted       social and protection services: 3.2
                                                                       in at least 5 countries.               National systems enhance
                              5.2.2 Curriculum relevance              Research on curriculum relevance     accessibility, affordability and the
                              increased, fully integrating national   conducted in at least 5 countries.   well-managed delivery of
                              approaches to ESD (using the work                                            equitable, gender-sensitive
                              undertaken under 5.2.1)                                                      quality social and protection
                                                                      Research findings incorporated       services.
                                                                      into curriculum in at least 2
                                                                      countries.                           Partners: UNESCO Bangkok,
                                                                                                           Pacific Education Partnership
                                                                                                           Group (in particular, UNICEF)
                                                                      At least 2 locally relevant,
                                                                      appropriate teaching and learning    Target country: All Pacific island
                                                                      materials produced and used in at    countries and territories. In
                                                                      least 5 countries.                   addition there will be a special
                                                                                                           focus on LDCs, Nauru and PNG
5.3 Accelerating Papua        5.3.1 National leadership and           National Literacy Awareness and                                             $63,000 RP
New Guinea’s national            coordination enhanced                Secretariat (NLAS) strategically     UNDAF linkages: part of PNG            $100,000 ExB
efforts towards                                                       placed within National               UCPD through core education            $400,000 ExB to be
achievement of quality                                                Government with strengthened         team partnership                       molibilised
education for all through                                             mandate, staff and 20 percent
Literacy Initiative for                                               more budget allocation to literacy   Partners: UNICEF, UNESCO
Empowerment                                                           for year 2009.                       Bangkok, Pacific Education
                              5.3.2 National capacities               Availability of revised, quality,    Partnership Group
                                 strengthened on policy               evidence-based policy with
                                 development, implementation          implementation and M&E               Target country: PNG
                                 and monitoring and evaluation        framework

                                                                      Leadership of NLAS visible and
                                                                      evident to coordinate
                                                                      implementation and monitoring the
                                                                      literacy policy
                              5.3.3 Literacy taskforce further        2 literacy task force meetings per
                                 consolidated and strengthened        year undertaken to take part in
                                 to deliver literacy programmes       participatory policy revision and
                                 and services.                        amendment, implementation, and
                                                                      programme development.

                              5.3.4 Collaboration with donors and     Joint delivery with at least 2
                                 agencies promoted.                   donors / agencies active in
                                                                      promotion of literacy.
 Proposed follow up activities 2010-2013
     Continued support to capacity development in the other countries
Pacific Program Objective VI
Leverage scientific knowledge for sustainable management of natural resources with particular reference to appropriate solutions for small
island countries and communities
SC MLA1: Fostering policies, technical capacity-building, research, networking, education and international cooperation in the fields of
water, ecological and earth sciences for enhancing societal responses

Key results:
• Knowledge base relating to the impacts of global change (including climate change) on river basins and aquifer systems improved – particularly in
  arid and semi-arid regions – via development of adaptation strategies and sharing of strategies with national authorities and other decision-makers.
• Freshwater education program developed within the framework of the Decade of Education for Sustainable Development
• Sustainable development promoted via establishment of interdisciplinary learning laboratories using sites of the World Network of Biosphere
Reserves for research on biodiversity and sustainability
• Ecological, biodiversity and biological resources management knowledge improved, to attain the MDGs and other internationally agreed development
 Pacific Program activities   Pacific Program activity results                   Indicator                             Partners                      mobilisation
6.1 Hydrology for             6.1.1 Pacific island countries         # New HELP Basins prepared for       Intersectoral aspects:                  $50,000 RP
Sustainable Management of        benefit from the HELP               submission                           Result 6.1.2 contributes to climate
Freshwater Resources in          programme, with basins actively     Target: 1                            change intersectoral platform           $100,000
the Pacific                      implemented and integrated into                                                                                  partnership funding
                                 regional programmes with                                                 Result 6.1.4 contributes to ESD
                                 particular reference to water                                            intersectoral platform
                                 resources and climate change
                              6.1.2 Community-driven planning        # Biosphere Reserves at which        External partners:
                                 for climate change impacts in the   community-driven planning for        Active engagement of UNESCO
                                 Pacific strengthened and            climate change impacts on water      in the Pacific Partnership Initiative
                                 documented                          resources are trialed and            for Sustainable Water
                                                                     documented                           management
                                                                     Target: 1
                              6.1.3 New approaches to                # Pacific island countries           UNDAF linkages: Pacific OG4
                                 groundwater resources               implementing new and                 Sustainable Environmental
                                 monitoring and management           intersectorally-linked groundwater   Management
                                 adopted by Pacific island           resources monitoring and
                                 countries                           management program                   Associate partner and contributor
                                                                     Target: 1                            to the regional SOPAC-
                            6.1.4 Development, trialing and          # countries in which development,     implemented projects “Integrated
                               dissemination of water-related        trialing and dissemination of         Water Resources Management”
                               educational materials with            water-related educational             and “ Pacific HYCOS”
                               particular reference to traditional   materials is organized (where
                               freshwater management                 possible in/near Biosphere            Priority countries:
                               practices and the linkage             Reserves) with particular             Kiribati, Niue, Fiji, Solomon
                               between climate change, water         reference to traditional freshwater   Islands, Papua New Guinea
                               and culture, and Pacific              management practices and the
                               participation in regional water       linkages between climate change,
                               education workshops                   water and culture
                                                                     Target: 1
6.2 Pacific approaches to   6.2.1 Pacific Biosphere Reserves         # Biosphere Reserves nomination       Intersectoral aspects:                $20,000 RP
sustainable development:       network expanded with new sites       forms completed for submission to     Result 6.2.4 contributes to ESD
Biosphere Reserves as          in the Pacific sub-region             UNESCO                                intersectoral platform                $70,000
Learning Laboratories                                                Target: at least two Pacific                                                Extrabudgetary and
                                                                     countries Island not currently        Result 6.2.3 is a joint undertaking   partnership funding
                                                                     involved in the MAB program           with SHS Sector                       (JFIT – RoK/Jeju
                                                                     (such as PNG and Kiribati)                                                  Initiative)
                                                                                                           Result 6.2.6 is a joint undertaking
                            6.2.2 Pacific MAB counterparts           # Pacific LDCs with established       with CI Sector
                               identified and informed, with links   and formalised MAB focal points
                               established with other regional       Target all Pacific LDCs (currently    External partners / strategic
                               MAB networks in Asia-Pacific,         5)                                    approach:
                               including the establishment of                                              On-site research and monitoring
                               networking mechanism through          # new countries participating         at new Pacific Biosphere
                               intra-regional exchange               actively in PacMAB networking         Reserves
                                                                     Target: 1
                            6.2.3 Documented improvements in         # Biosphere Reserves at which         Extrabudgetary funding sought
                               research, management and              research, management, and             through UNDP, Republic of
                               monitoring capacity at one or two     monitoring projects are completed     Korea, Japan, Australia, others
                               new Biosphere Reserves in the         Target: 2                             Support for development and
                               Pacific with priority on                                                    implementation of new Pacific
                               intersectorally-implemented           # Biosphere Reserves for which        Biosphere Reserves as learning
                               social science research               draft framework for coping with       laboratories for SD
                                                                     socioeconomic change is
                                                                     developed with local communities      Pacific island on-line scientific
                                                                     (social indicators)                   (including biodiversity) data
                                                                     Target: 1
                              6.2.4 Pacific MAB Discovery Kit     # Biosphere Reserves at/around       generation and management
                                 contributing to national DESD    which active, qualified usage of     initiatives linked with or
                                 activities in the Pacific.       the Pacific MAB Discovery Kit in     coordinated through existing
                                                                  schools takes place                  regional and global initiatives, and
                                                                  Target: 2                            that stress open and adaptable
                                                                                                       data formats
                                                                  # PacMAB members using field-
                                                                  based education in the BR as a       Priority countries:
                                                                  key component of the program,        Kiribati, Federated States of
                                                                  including printing of new material   Micronesia, Samoa, Papua New
                                                                  for the Kit                          Guinea, Palau, Tokelau
                                                                  Target: 2
                              6.2.5 Increased public access to    # countries supporting                UNDAF linkages: Pacific OG4
                                 biodiversity knowledge in the    national/regional biodiversity        Sustainable Environmental
                                 Pacific achieved through support database development                  Management
                                 to database development          Target: 1
 Proposed follow up activities 2010-2013
     Expand community-driven planning processes
     Continue the development of locally relevant educational materials on water, climate change and other scientific themes
     Promote the use of pacific science networks

 Pacific Program Objective VII

 Develop and promote locally driven natural disaster preparedness, mitigation and recovery plans
 SC MLA3: Promoting science, knowledge and education for disaster preparedness and mitigation, and enhancing national and regional
 coping capacities, including through support for the development of risk reduction networks and monitoring and assessment measures,
 such as tsunami early warning systems

Key result:
• Risks from hydrological extremes (floods, droughts, etc.), earthquakes, landslides, volcanoes as well as risks from man-made disasters mitigated
through integrated approaches focusing on policy advice, strengthened networks and capacities for monitoring and assessment, knowledge
dissemination and education
 Pacific Program activities    Pacific Program activity results                Indicator                            Partners                     mobilisation
7.1 Community-driven          7.1.1 Development and               # local communities in Southwest     Intersectoral aspects:                 $27,400 RP
natural water-related            implementation of disaster       Pacific elaborating and              Result 7.1.1 is a joint undertaking
disaster preparedness            preparedness plans relating to   implementing detailed disaster       with CI sector                         $50,000
planning                         water-related hazards            preparedness plans relating to                                              partnership funding
                                 (flood/drought)                  water-related hazards                External partners / strategic          (Massey University
                                                                  (flood/drought)                      approach:                              / NZAID)
                                                                  Target: 2                            Partnership with Massey
                               7.1.2 Publication of regional         Regional guidelines document on      University, New Zealand. Funds
                                  guidelines document on             community-driven water-related       pooling with NZAID, other
                                  community-driven water-related     natural disaster preparedness        sources. On-the-ground impact
                                  natural disaster preparedness      planning developed and published     oriented research and community
                                  planning                                                                workshops
                                                                     Target: Document published
                                                                                                          Priority countries: Vanuatu,
                                                                                                          Solomon Islands, Samoa

                                                                                                          UNDAF linkages: Pacific OG4
                                                                                                          Sustainable Environmental
 Proposed follow up activities 2010-2013
     Expand community-driven planning processes
     Provide on-going support in the application of regional guidelines on community-driven water-related natural disaster preparedness planning
Pacific Program Objective VIII

 Foster effective and appropriate science communication, education and policy development to enhance the benefits of science to the
 Pacific island countries
 SC MLA4: Supporting science, technology and innovation policies for sustainable development and poverty eradication, and developing
 capacities in basic sciences, energy and engineering

Key result:
• National and regional capacities for research, training and education in the basic sciences strengthened to foster applications for societal needs and
to encourage careers in science, taking into account gender equity and equality
• Evidence-based national science, technology and innovation policies, integrating the principles of sustainable development and, as appropriate, the
contribution of local knowledge, formulated and adopted
• National Policies and practices for sustainable development of SIDS, including in light of climate change, shared within and across SIDS regions
 Pacific Program activities     Pacific Program activity results                Indicator                              Partners                     mobilisation
8.1 Developing capacities      8.1.1 Effective dissemination and     Establishment of active              Intersectoral aspects:                $20,000 RP
in the Basic Sciences,            exchange mechanism for             PacSciNet website/exchange           Result 8.1.1 is a joint undertaking
Science Communication             science-related information,       mechanism enabling Pacific           with CI sector                        $30,000 Partnership
and Education for the             education materials, and           island scientists, media and                                               funding (ANU,
Pacific                           research established in the Pac    educators to access communicate      External partners / strategic         SciDevNet, others)
                                                                     science-based information to civil   approach:
                                                                     society in the Pacific               Development of partnerships with
                                                                                                          SciDevNet and others for the
                                                                     Target: Website/mechanism            establishment of an active,
                                                                     established                          functional PacSciNet website and
                              8.1.2 Young Pacific island scientists    # young Pacific island scientists   on-line scientific journal
                                 – in particular women – provided      complete advanced training          Development of innovative
                                 with advanced training in the         (three months minimum) at           science curriculum materials
                                 basic and life sciences within        BIOTEC, Thailand                    through multi-stakeholder
                                 their field of specialization         Target: 3                           partnerships such as SEREAD,
                              8.1.3 National capacities for locally-   # teachers trained in innovative,   and undertaking of teacher trainer
                                 appropriate and interactive basic     locally-appropriate science         capacity development workshops
                                 sciences learning advanced in         education methods and               in partnership with ANU-CPAS
                                 the Pacific in the context of         curriculum materials
                                                                                                           Partnership with BIOTEC
                                 partnership programmes such as
                                                                                                           (Thailand) and the SPC(Fiji) for
                                 ANU-CPAS and SEREAD                   Target: 10 science teacher
                                                                                                           the provision of advanced training
                                                                       trainers and/or 20 practicing
                                                                                                           for Pacific scientists
                                                                                                           Priority countries: All Pacific
8.2 Science, policy and       8.2.1 On the-ground Mauritius            Completion of on-the-ground         Intersectoral aspects:               $51,300 RP
sustainable development in        Declaration follow-up generated      pilot Mauritius Declaration         Result 8.2.1 contributes to the
Pacific SIDS: follow-up to        in at least three Pacific island     follow-up activities in three       office’s intersectoral support for   $100,000 Partnership
the Mauritius Declaration         countries                            Pacific island countries,           Pacific Youth and support the        funding (YV partners,
and local and indigenous                                               including interregional exchange    implementation of the Mauritius      Lighthouse
knowledge systems             8.2.2 Action-oriented document           on sustainable development          Programme of Action                  Foundation, others)
                                  adopted by Pacific island
                                  policymakers on actions to                                               Priority countries: All Pacific      $500,000 Partnership
                                  implement the Mauritius                                                  SIDS                                 funding (potential
                                  Declaration                                                                                                   UNEP-GEF funds for
 Proposed follow up activities 2010-2013
     Continue to foster and promote science communication through Pacific science networks
     Prepare for the Barbados +20 meeting in 2014
 Pacific Program Objective IX
Using global norms as a basis, identify Pacific values on which to base decisions relating to social change and scientific/technological
SHS MLA1: Promoting the ethics of science and technology, with emphasis on bioethics

Key results:
• International cooperation and national institutional capacities in the field of bioethics enhanced, and integration into relevant policies, as
   appropriate, of the principles of the Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights encouraged.
 Pacific Program activities     Pacific Program activity results                  Indicator                           Partners                    mobilisation
9.1 Defining Pacific           9.1.1 Dialogue on bioethics in          Sub-regional meeting on           Partners: UNESCO BKK,                ExB proposal
approaches and                    Micronesia established               bioethics held in Micronesia      Members of the Regional              $10,000 grants
applications to bioethics                                                                                Bioethics SC, USP/FSM, NUS,
and the UDBHR                  9.1.2 Pacific Ethics Seminar Series     # seminars held                   UPNG
                                  covering topics such as              Target: 2 p.a.
COMPONENT OF                      biopiracy, energy, environmental                                       Intersectoral linkages: SC –
INTERSECTORAL                     ethics and medical ethics                                              Pacific Ethics Seminar Series
PROGRAM ON SHARING                established
PACIFIC KNOWLEDGE              9.1.3 Pacific content of GEObs,         # entries to GEObs                UNDAF linkages: None apparent
AND VALUES                        particularly in the area of ethics   Target: 30 p.a
                                  teaching expanded                                                      Target countries: Fiji, Samoa,
                               9.1.4 National level dialogue on the    National meetings held in Tonga   Tonga, Micronesia (Palau,
                                  UDBHR in Tonga and New               and New Caledonia (funds for      Marshall Islands, Kiribati, Nauru,
                                  Caledonia established                New Caledonia not from Pacific    FSM)
                               9.1.5 Increased availability of         # publications
                                  information on Pacific ethics        Target: 2 (from 2007 Pacific
                                  contexts                             Ethics of Knowledge Production
 Proposed follow up activities 2010-2013
     Continue country level meetings, expand to take in (2010-2011) PNG, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands (2012-2013) Cook Islands, Niue, Tuvalu
     Regional Bioethics Conference/Workshop 2010 building on 2007 Apia Pacific Ethics of Knowledge Production Workshop
     Post consultation activities will continue in each country in subsequent biennia – the form of these to vary depending on nature of recommendations from
       each national/sub-regional meeting
     Develop case studies in the application of pacific ethical contexts
 Pacific Program Objective X

Enhance research-policy linkages within the Pacific and between the Pacific and other regions for the effective management of social
transformations for small islands countries
 SHS MLA2: Enhancing research-policy linkages in the field of social development and policies relating to physical education and sports

Key results:
• Policy-oriented research networks in the field of the social sciences strengthened, with a view to informing the formulation of policies in the fields of
   poverty eradication, migrations, regional integration, urban issues, youth, including youth violence, and gender equity and equality and the teaching
   of the social and human sciences.
• Implementation of the International Convention Against Doping in Sport encouraged.
 Pacific Program activities    Pacific Program activity results                 Indicator                          Partners                      mobilisation
10.1 Improving                10.1.1 Increased Govt officer skills   # Govt Ministries completed      Partners: UNIFEM, national             $36,750 RP
opportunities and                in participatory policy             training                         women’s machineries                    $50,000 grants
capacities for increased         development processes.              Target: at least two
participation of women in                                                                             Intersectoral linkages: ED –
social policy development     10.1.2 NWM’s capacity to articulate    # NWMs trained                   involving women in educational
                                 women’s aspirations, identify       Target: at least two             policy responses to hardship
                                 women’s priorities and
                                 participate in policy development                                    UNDAF linkages: Equitable
                                 processes improved.                                                  Social and Protection Services –
                              10.1.3 Improved understanding of       # country studies completed      Outcome 3.2 National systems
                                 poverty in the Pacific and its      Target: 2 new studies            enhance accessibility, affordability
                                 impact on women                                                      and the well-managed delivery of
                              10.1.4 Development of effective        # projects on VAW established    equitable, gender-sensitive
                                 responses to VAW.                   and funded                       quality social and protection
                                                                     Target: At least one             services AND Economic
                                                                                                      development and Poverty
                                                                                                      Reduction – Outcome 1.1 Pacific
                                                                                                      islands countries prepare and
                                                                                                      implement regional, sectoral and
                                                                                                      national plans and sustainable
                                                                                                      development strategies aligned
                                                                                                      with MDG goals, targets and
                                                                                                      indicators linked to national

                                                                                                      Target countries: Kiribati,
                                                                                                      Vanuatu, PNG, Tuvalu, Cook
 Proposed follow up activities 2010-2013
       Activities in Vanuatu and Kiribati commenced in 2007 will be continued into 2008 - 2009
       Activities in PNG, Cook Islands and Tuvalu from 2008 – 2009 will be continued into 2010 - 2011
       New countries targeted in 35/C5 and 36/C5 will be Nauru, Solomon Islands, Palau, FSM, Marshall Islands
       Information will be made available through the Triennial Women’s Conference and Meeting of Ministers for Women’s Affairs in 2010
       UNESCO will also be exploring the possibility of establishing a forum for Minister of Social Development, with proposed first meeting in 2009 or 2010
 Pacific Program activities     Pacific Program activity results                     Indicator                           Partners                     mobilisation
10.2 Improving the quality      10.2.1 Improved quality and            UNESCO Apia youth strategy           Partners: Pacific Youth              $32,810 RP
and delivery of youth              currency of Pacific national youth completed                             Consortium (SPC, PIFS, CYP,          AYAD / VIDA
policy in the Pacific              policies                            # national youth policies            UNFPA, UNICEF, PYC); UN              $20,000 grants
                                                                       revised/prepared                     Outcomes Group 3, USP,
                                                                       Target: 2                            TALAVOU                              (Note: YV funds are
                                10.2.2 Improved coordination of        Pacific Youth coordination                                                to be discontinued
                                   regional youth support activities   mechanism established                Intersectoral linkages: SC –         and external funding
                                                                                                            Youth Visioning                      will be required)
                                                                       UNESCO involved in planning
                                                                       and delivery of Pacific Youth        UNDAF linkages: Equitable
                                                                       Festival 2009                        Social and Protection Services –
                                10.2.3 Research study on at least      # studies on sensitive youth issue Outcome 3.1 Regional strategies,
                                   one sensitive youth issue           completed and applied in policy      national policies and plans for
                                   completed and applied in policy     development at the national level    equitable social and protection
                                   development at the national         Target: at least 1                   services are evidence-based and
                                   level.                                                                   inclusive AND Economic
                                10.2.4 Research on contemporary        # countries covered by studies       Development and Poverty
                                   issues from youth perspectives      Target: al least 6                   Reduction – Outcome 1.3 Trade
                                   undertaken                                                               mechanisms, private sector
                                                                                                            partnerships and employment
                                10.2.5 Long term approach to youth Proposal completed
                                                                                                            generation are sustainable, pro
                                   rehabilitation with Govt and        Target: one country
                                                                                                            poor and equitable.
                                   community input designed for
                                                                                                            Target countries: Marshall
                                10.2.6 Reports on two youth pilot      # reports on youth pilot projects
                                                                                                            Islands, Samoa, Nauru, PNG,
                                   projects addressing violence        addressing violence against
                                                                                                            Tokelau and Tonga
                                   against children and young          children and young women or
                                   women, marginalised or non-         suicide completed and
                                   represented groups, or suicide      disseminated
                                   completed and disseminated.         Target: 2

 As a component of the UNESCO SHS Global Youth Strategy – UNESCO Apia has responsibility for the Asia-Pacific region. An additional $6,500 is earmarked for
completion of the Asian input components to this Strategy
                                10.2.7 Youth Visioning managed         # projects funded under Youth
                                   and acquitted.                      Visioning managed and acquitted
                                                                       Target: at least 10

 Proposed follow up activities 2010-2013
      Activities in Samoa commenced in 2007 will be continued into 2008 - 2009
      Activities in Nauru, Marshall Islands, Tokelau and PNG from 2008 – 2009 will be continued into 2010 - 2011
      New countries targeted in 35/C5 and 36/C5 will be Tonga, Vanuatu, FSM and Kiribati
      Information will be made available through the Triennial Meeting of Ministers for Youth
      UNESCO will also be exploring the possibility of establishing a forum for Minister of Social Development, with proposed first meeting in 2009 or 2010
     Pacific Programme            Pacific Programme activity
                                                                                  Indicator                             Partners                     mobilisation
          activities                          results
10.3 Understanding the         10.3.2 Improved understanding of       # studies on social changes          Partners: ICSPI, APMRN,              $20,000 RP
social impacts of free            social changes arising from         arising from immigration from two universities
migration in the Asia-            immigration from two Polynesian Polynesian countries completed                                                Note: as funds are
Pacific Region                    countries completed.                Target: 1                            UNDAF linkages: Not clear –          limited the Asia-
                                                                                                           possibly under economic              Pacific budget will
                                                                                                           development and poverty              focus entirely on the
                                                                                                           reduction, but also has some links Pacific for this
                                                                                                           to sustainable environmental         biennium
                                                                                                           management, good governance
                                                                                                           and social services.

                                                                                                            Target countries: Tonga, Niue,
                                                                                                            Samoa, Tokelau
 Proposed follow up activities 2010-2013
     Project concepts to be developed based on the research findings with equivalent funding allocated under the 35/C5
     Additional studies may be commissioned in subsequent biennia

 Pacific Program activities      Pacific Program activity results                  Indicator                            Partners                    mobilisation
10.4 Raising awareness of       10.4.1 Additional Pacific countries    # new State Parties                  Partners: WADA, RADO, NZ            $2,600 RP
the ICADS in Member                ratified ICADS bringing the         Target: 2                            SPARCS, possibly OFC
countries and providing            cluster total to nine (assuming                                                                              Note this is the
assistance in the                  PNG’s ratification finalised by                                          UNDAF linkages: Equitable           Pacific sub-
implementation of ICADS            end of 2007).                                                            Social and Protection Services –    component of the
in State Parties                10.4.2 PIC ICADS State Parties         # funding proposals submitted        Outcome 3.3 Communities and         global ICADS
                                   submitted funding proposal to       Target: 5                            individuals increasingly practise   budget to be
                                   the Fund for Elimination of Drugs                                        behaviours that reflect healthy     managed from Paris
                                   in Sport.                                                                lifestyles, social protection and
                               10.4.3 Regional project to provide      # regional projects developed        better use of social services
                                  assistance in implementing           Target: at least 1
                                  ICADS up and running.                                                     Target countries: Solomon
                               10.4.4 Anti-doping support              Drug testing conducted at Cook       Islands, Vanuatu, Cook Islands
                                  successfully provided for the        Islands Mini games
                                  Cook Islands Pacific Mini-Games
                                  in 2009.
 Proposed follow up activities 2010-2013
     Awareness raising to continue with non-signatories in 2010 – 2013 targeting Micronesia
     Continued assistance in applying for the Fund for the elimination of Doping in Sports to be provided in subsequent biennia
     Assistance in preparations for 2011 Pacific Games and awareness raising at this event
 Pacific Program activities     Pacific Program activity results                  Indicator                              Partners                   mobilisation
10.5 Social                    10.5.1 Social development input to      # national approaches to ESD         Partners: World Bank/KAP II,        $2,100 RP
Transformations –                 ESD strengthened – ESD Pacific       developed                            SPC
strengthening research-           Program 1                            Target: at least two
policy-implementation                                                                                       UNDAF linkages: Equitable
linkages for improved                                                  OPH kits published and               Social and Protection Services –
quality of social policy                                               distributed                          Outcome 3.3 Communities and
                               10.5.2 Improved integration of          # pilots of natural resource         individuals increasingly practise   $7,350 RP
COMPONENT OF                      natural and social sciences in the   management models                    behaviours that reflect healthy
INTERSECTORAL                     development of policies              incorporating local community        lifestyles, social protection and
PROGRAMS ON                       responding to the impacts of         consultations and learnings from     better use of social services
EDUCATION FOR                     climate change                       traditional knowledge (LINKS)
SUSTAINABLE                       –– Adapting to Climate Change,       completed                            Target countries: Cook Islands,
DEVELOPMENT AND                   Pacific Program 2                    Target: at least two countries and   Kiribati, Tuvalu
ADAPTING TO CLIMATE                                                    one biosphere reserve
                               10.5.3 Improved understanding of        Study completed                                                          Fund raising
                                  social responses to traditional
                                  practice and globalisation in
                                  Pacific communities – Pacific
                                  values and knowledge Pacific
                                  Program 3
                               10.5.4 Strengthening Pacific social     Celebration of HR                                                        $3,675 RP
                                  science networks and promoting
                                  human rights based approaches        Celebration of Philosophy Day
                                  in social development
                                                                    MOU with ICSPI executed
 Proposed follow up activities 2010-2013
     Continue to build intersectoral approaches to regular Programme delivery wherever synergies identified
     Expand pilot models to additional Pacific countries in 2010 and beyond and seek policy responses to respond to the lessons learned from these
     Disseminate finding from these activities within the region
 Pacific Program Objective XI

 Enhance capacities in developing national cultural policies and strategies, in particular, resource management for cultural heritage, and
 cultural industries
CLT MLA1: Protecting and conserving immovable cultural and natural properties, in particular through the effective
implementation of the World Heritage Convention
Expected Results:
• A more representative, balanced and credible World Heritage List
• World Heritage information, education and knowledge management tools developed, and the network of partners increased
 Pacific Program activities     Pacific Program activity results                    Indicator                              Partners                mobilisation
11.1 Increase the number of     11.1.1 Technical assistance to the       # properties submitted to the        Intersectoral: with SC for       $20,000 RP
ratification and inscriptions    Pacific countries, especially those     World Heritage Committee for         inclusion of natural heritage
on the World Heritage List       without tentative lists, in preparing   consideration for inscription,
from the Pacific countries       tentative lists for inscriptions on     especially from countries that       Target countries:
                                 the World Heritage List provided        have no World Heritage sites         Pacific countries that have no
                                                                         Target: at least 4.                  WH sites (countries except
                                                                                                              Australia, NZ, Solomon Is)

                                                                                                              Countries yet to ratify the WH
                                                                                                              Convention: Cook Islands,
                                                                                                              Nauru, Tuvalu

                                                                                                              UNDAF linkages: Pacific OG4
                                                                                                              Sustainable Environmental
11.2 Promoting awareness        11.2.1 Development of new                Task team established to proceed     Intersectoral: ESD and           $20,000 RP
and understanding of             modules of the “Our Pacific             with the setting up of the Pacific   Adapting to climate change
World Heritage                   Heritage: The Future in Young           World Heritage Fund
                                 Hands”                                                                       Target countries:
                                                                                                              Pacific countries that have no
                                11.2.2 Capacity development in                                                WH sites (countries except
                                 World Heritage area management                                               Australia, NZ, Solomon Is)

                                                                                                              Countries yet to ratify the WH
 Proposed follow up activities 2010-2013
     Continue promotion of the World Heritage Convention
     Provide on-going assistance to countries in conducting promotional, educational and awareness-raising activities on themes of World Heritage for cultural
       diversity and sustainable development
 Pacific Program Objective XII

 Promote cultural diversity, incorporating the safeguarding of linguistic diversity, and interfaith dialogue
CLT MLA2: Safeguarding living heritage, particularly through the promotion and implementation of the Intangible Cultural
Heritage Convention.

Expected results:
• Expanded accession of States Parties to, and implementation of the Convention
• International cooperation and safeguarding capacities of Member States and communities strengthened
    Pacific Programme             Pacific Programme activity
                                                                                   Indicator                        Partners                mobilisation
         activities                         results
12.1 Increase the number of    12.1.1Recommendations/                  # countries ratifying the 2003    Target countries: Vanuatu,     $20,000 RP
ratifications of the 2003       discussions made by a sub-             Convention                        Tonga, Fiji, Palau, PNG
Convention on intangible        regional meeting held in               Target: at least 4 countries
cultural heritage in the        December 2007 followed up
                               12.1.2 Information and technical
                                assistance to encourage the
                                Pacific countries to ratify the 2003
                                Convention provided
12.2 Create and elaborate      12.2.1 A project for making             # expanded national inventories   Partners: Local communities    $20,000 RP
inventories with the            inventories in conformity with         Target : at least 3 countries     maintaining and transmitting
involvement of                  Articles 11 and 12 of the                                                their ICH;
communities                     Convention elaborated                                                    Local cultural agencies

                              12.2.2 The process of elaborating                                          Target countries: Vanuatu,
                                the inventories shared with other                                        Tonga, Fiji, Palau, PNG
                                Pacific countries
 Proposed follow up activities 2010-2013
     Continue promotion of the Convention to increase number of ratifications
     Provide on-going assistance to countries in conducting national inventories
     Provide support in recording and archiving intangible cultural heritage
CLT MLA3: Enhancing the Protection of cultural objects, the fight against illicit trafficking in them and the development of
museums, particularly in developing countries

Expected Results:
• Accession of Member States to the 2001 Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage encouraged
 Pacific Program activities    Pacific Program activity results                 Indicator                       Partners                  mobilisation
12.3 Promoting awareness       12.3.1 Technical assistance to the   # countries ratifying the      Intersectoral: with SC for         $40,000 RP
and ratification of the 2001    Pacific countries to proceed with   Convention                     inclusion of natural heritage
Convention for the              ratification of the Convention      Target: at least 2
Protection of Underwater                                                                           Target countries:
Cultural Heritage                                                                                  Pacific countries that have not
                                                                                                   signed the Convention

                                                                                                   Countries yet to ratify the 2001
                                                                                                   Convention: Cook Is, Fiji, FSM,
                                                                                                   Kiribati, Marshall Is, Nauru,
                                                                                                   Niue, Palau, PNG, Samoa,
                                                                                                   Solomon Is, Tonga, Tuvalu,

                                                                                                   Partners: PIMA
 Proposed follow up activities 2010-2013
     Continue promotion of Convention for the Protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage
     Provide support to PIMA and Pacific museums
CLT MLA4: Protecting and promoting the diversity of cultural expressions through the implementation of the 2005 Convention
and development of cultural and creative industries

Expected Results:
• Accession of Member States to the 2005 Convention and its implementation encouraged and related international mechanisms supported
• Original and innovative initiatives and partnerships to promote the cultural and creative industries promoted and the role of cultural activities in
  regional integration strengthened, in particular in developing countries
• Linguistic diversity enhanced, including by sharing best practices and providing advice for strengthening book and publishing policies and capacities,
  where applicable, including translations and wide dissemination
• Capacities for design, production and management of master craftspeople, especially women, strengthened
 Pacific Program activities    Pacific Program activity results                 Indicator                       Partners                  mobilisation
12.4 Promoting awareness       12.4.1 Technical assistance to the   # countries ratifying the      Intersectoral: with SHS for        $20,000 RP
and ratification of the         Pacific countries to proceed with   Convention                     involvement of youth
Convention on 2005 on the       ratification of the Convention      Target: at least 2
diversity of cultural                                                                              Target countries:
expression in the Pacific                                                                          Pacific countries that have not
                                                                                                   signed the Convention

                                                                                                   Partners: SPC
 Pacific Program activities    Pacific Program activity results                   Indicator                          Partners                    mobilisation
12.5 Undertake                 12.4.2 Technical assistance in the      Successful completion of pilot   Intersectoral: Education for         $20,000 RP
promotional, educational        promotion of creative industries for   creative industries project      Sustainable Development
and awareness-raising           economic and social development                                         intersectoral program
activities on themes of arts    (under ILO/UNESCO/UNCTAD
education                       Joint Program)                                                          Target countries:
                                                                                                        Pacific countries, not involved in
                                                                                                        developing modules for the first
                                                                                                        edition of the OPH kit (countries
                                                                                                        except NZ, Australia, Fiji,
                                                                                                        Solomon Islands and Samoa)

                                                                                                        Partners: ILO, UNCTAD, SPC
 Proposed follow up activities 2010-2013
     Continue promotion of the 2005 Convention
     Develop additional creative industries projects in the Pacific
     Continue to provide support and technical assistance for arts education programs

Pacific Program Objective XIII

Enhance universal access to information and knowledge
CI MLA1: Promoting an enabling environment for freedom of expression and freedom of association
Key Results
• Conditions for freedom of expression enhanced in all regions
 Pacific Program activities   Pacific Program activity results                  Indicator                           Partners                    mobilisation
13.1 Support for World        13.1.1 Awareness of freedom of        # PICs holding WPFD                 Target Countries: Pacific           RP: $20,000
Press Freedom Day              expression as a basic human right    celebrations                        regional
                               increased                            Target: 2008 at least 6 countries
                                                                    2009 at least 9                     Partners: Pacific Islands News
                                                                                                        Association (PINA), Micronesia
                                                                    # Pacific applications for World    Media Association (MMA),
                                                                    Press Freedom Prize                 UN/agencies, CBA, CPU, AIBD
                                                                    Target: 2008 at least 2
                                                                    2009 at least 2
 Proposed follow up activities 2010-2013
     Continued promotion of WPFD

CI MLA2: Fostering universal access to information and the development of infostructures
Key Results
• UNESCO policy framework for universal access to and preservation of information established.
• Information management structures to support sustainable development strengthened.
 Pacific Program activities   Pacific Program activity results                  Indicator                           Partners                    mobilisation
13.2 Support for Pacific      13.2.1 Search, location, collation,   # Pacific MOW Inscriptions          Target Countries: Fiji, Solomon     $20,000 RP
Memory of the World            preservation, digitization, and      Target: at least 2                  Islands, Samoa, Australia
(MOW) Inscriptions             online publication of original
                               documentary evidence relating to                                         Partners: National Archives of
                               Pacific MOW proposals                                                    Fiji, Solomon Islands, Samoa,
                                                                                                        Australia, India, United Kingdom,
                              13.2.2 Submission to UNESCO
                               Global MOW Committee for
                               consideration at the 2011 Meeting
                                                                                                        Intersectoral linkages: Apia
                              13.2.3 Optimization of processes for                                       Culture Sector
                               archiving and availability of
                               Government records
                              13.2.4 Pacific representation at the
                               MOWCAP Meeting and 2008
                               International MOW Conference
                              13.2.5 Pacific representation at the
                               2009 Meeting of the MOW
                               International Advisory Committee
                              13.2.5 Extensive media coverage of
                               MOW items on internet, press

13.3 Development of Policy    13.3.1 Pacific Parliament websites     # Pacific Parliamentary websites    Target Countries: Kiribati,         $30,000 RP
Frameworks for Access to       updated for webcasts and              upgraded                            Tuvalu
Information                    search/archive facilities             Target: at least 2
                                                                                                         Partners: Government of Kiribati
                              13.3.2 ICT in Education Policy         # Min. Education ICT in Education   and Tuvalu, UNDP Fiji,
                               drafted                               Policy drafted                      Parliament of Australia, UNESCO
                              13.3.3 Extensive promotion of          Target: at least 2                  ERC, IPU, Forum Secretariat,
                               Charter on the Preservation of the                                        USP PIAS-DG
                               Digital Heritage                      #PICs ratifying the Charter
                                                                     Target: at least 1                  Intersectoral linkages: Apia
                              13.3.4 Pacific representation at the                                       Education Sector for Kiribati ICT
                               2008 and 2009 Pacific Internet                                            in Education Policy
                               (PacINET) Conferences

13.4 Deployment of Online     13.4.1 Increased online public         # countries deploying online        Target Countries: Kiribati,         $40,000 RP
Archives and Library           access to information                 Archives and Library                Vanuatu, Solomon Islands
Systems                                                              Management Systems
                              13.4.2 Pacific representation at the   Target: 3                           Partners: USP Library, PARBICA
                               2008 Congress of the International
                               Council of Archives, Kuala
                               Lumpur, Malaysia 21 – 25 July,

 Proposed follow up activities 2010-2013
     Search for up to 2 additional Pacific MOW inscriptions
     Additional PIC Parliament websites
     Additional PIC Archives and libraries
Pacific Program Objective XIV
Fostering pluralistic, free, and independent media and infostructures
CI MLA3: Promoting development of free, independent and pluralistic media
Key Results
• Development of free, independent and pluralistic media fostered, particularly by increasing capacities of media training institutions to offer high
  quality training.
• Community radio and community multimedia centres fostered as catalysing tools for community “voice” and people-centred development.
• UN inter-agency collaboration in communication for sustainable development strengthened.
 Pacific Program activities    Pacific Program activity results                 Indicator                           Partners                     mobilisation
14.1 Development of Online    14.1.1 Increased online public         # dynamic, viable online            Target Countries: Palau, Samoa     $20,000 RP
Media Websites                 access to media websites              websites for media
                               including search/archives             organizations                       Partners: Pacific Islands News     PP funds for 14.1.3
                                                                     Target: at least 4 media            Association (PINA), Micronesia
                              14.1.2 Pacific representation at the
                                                                     websites                            Media Association (MMA), Pacific
                               2009 Pacific Islands News
                                                                                                         media organizations
                               Association Conference, Vanuatu
                              14.1.3 Training Workshop on
                               UNESCO Model Journalism
                               Curricula, co-organized with CI HQ
                               and PNG NatCom
14.2 Training of Young        14.2.1 Enhanced documentary            # Youth highly trained in           Target Countries: FSM, Palau,      $25,000 RP
Media Producers HIV&AIDS       production skills and increased       Advanced media production           Kiribati, RMI, Nauru
(Micronesia)                   high-impact videos on HIV&AIDS        Target: at least 10 youth trained
                               by young media producers              (50% female)                        Partners: Pacific Islands News
                                                                                                         Association (PINA), Micronesia
                              14.2.2 Increased retention of young                                        Media Association (MMA), Pacific
                               producers in media industry                                               Micronesian media organizations,
                                                                                                         SPC RMC, CBA, AIBD

                                                                                                         UNDAF linkages: Joint
                                                                                                         Programme on HIV&AIDS, all UN
                                                                                                         agencies working with HIV&AIDS
14.3 Implementation of the    14.3.1 Increased integration,          # Gender Enhancement Plans          Target Countries: Palau,           $40,000 RP
Pacific Women in Media         mainstreaming of gender               completed                           Vanuatu
Action Plan                    perspective into programmes of        Target: 2 Pacific media
                               Pacific media organizations           organizations                       Partners: Pacific Islands News
                                                                                                         Association (PINA), Micronesia
                                                                                                         Media Association (MMA), Pacific
                                                                                                         Micronesian media organizations,
                                                                                                         SPC, RMC, CBA, AIBD
                                                                                                       Intersectoral linkages:
                                                                                                       UNDAF linkages: Joint
                                                                                                       Programme on Gender, all UN
                                                                                                       agencies working with Gender
14.4 Support for               14.4.1 Fiji/Samoa UNDAF                - UNDAF Communication &          Target Countries: all PICs         $20,000 RP
Communication for                 recognizes Communication for        Partnership Group (CPG)          covered by Fiji/Samoa UNMCT        UNESCO HQ 2%
Development (CFD) in              Development (CFD) in the            established                                                         UNDAF funds
Fiji/Samoa UNDAF                  design and outputs of Outcome       - CPG producing Strategic Plan   Partners: Pacific Islands News
                                  Group and Joint Programme           and 2008 Workplan                Association (PINA), Micronesia
                                  activities                          - CPG actively promoting         Media Association (MMA), Pacific
                                                                      UNDAF via Outcome Groups         Micronesian media organizations,
                                                                      and strategic events             SPC RMC, CBA, AIBD

                                                                                                       UNDAF linkages: UNESCO (CI)
                                                                                                       is the lead agency for the UNDAF
                                                                                                       Communication & Partnership
                                                                                                       Group (CPG)
14.5 Support for Access to     14.5.1 Establishment of the Online     Launch of Pacific Online         Target Countries: Tokelau          $20,000 RP
Scientific Information          Pacific Biodiversity Database         Biodiversity Database
                                                                      Target: at least 2 countries     Partners: Pacific Biodiversity
                               14.5.2 Support for the Pacific
                                                                      contributing content             Information Forum, EOL, USP,
                                Science Portal
                                                                                                       Bishop Museum, SPREP
                               14.5.3 Support for media training on
                                climate change                                                         Intersectoral linkages: Apia
                                                                                                       Science Sector
 Proposed follow up activities 2010-2013
     Continued development of websites for PIC media organizations

CI MLA4: Strengthening the role of communication and information in fostering mutual understanding, peace and reconciliation, particularly
in conflict and post-conflict areas
Key Results
• Assistance provided to create an enabling environment for free and independent media and to build the capacity of media and ICTs in
  countries in transition and post-conflict situations within the perspective of fostering governance and democracy.
• Media and ICTs encouraged to contribute to building peace, facilitating dialogue, fostering cultural diversity, and safeguarding intangible
                                    Pacific Program activity
  Pacific Program activities                                                     Indicator                         Partners                    mobilisation
14.6 Support for Disaster       14.6.1 Increased capacity of          # Disaster Management Plans      Target Countries: Tokelau,         $30,000 RP
Management Plans for             media to respond effectively in      completed for media              Samoa, Fiji
Pacific Media Organizations      the event of a national disaster     organizations to allow
                                                                      protection against impacts of    Partners: PINA, PITA, ITU,
                                 14.6.1 Closer coordination with     disasters and continued           Forum Secretariat, UNDSS
                                  National Disaster Management       broadcasting during disasters
                                  Committees and improvement in      Target: 4 media organizations     Intersectoral linkages: Apia
                                  quality of broadcasts especially                                     Science Sector
                                  information relating to pre,
                                  during, and post-disaster                                            UNDAF linkages: UNHACP
14.7 Support for Information     14.7.1 Advanced ICT training for    # Pacific Island National         Target Countries: Fiji, Vanuatu,    $40,000 RP
Literacy Programmes for the       representatives from National      Persons Disabled                  Papua New Guinea
Disabled and World Heritage       Disabled Peoples Organizations     Organizations receiving high-
Site Managers                                                        level training on ICT4D           Partners: SPC HDP Culture,
                                                                     Target: at least 4 countries      Forum Secretariat, Tourism
                                 14.7.2 Advanced ICT Training for    # World Heritage Site             Bureaus and national airlines of:
                                   World Heritage Site Managers at   Managers receiving advanced       * Fiji
                                   2008 Pacific Festival of Arts,    ICT training including the        * Vanuatu
                                   Pagopago, American Samoa to       development of dynamic, viable    * PNG
                                   enable efficient pursuit of       websites
                                   inscription proposals with World  Target: at least 4 countries       Intersectoral linkages: Culture
                                   Heritage Committee; effective of                                     Sector
                                   sites for niche/cultural tourism;
                                   and submission of periodical                                         UNDAF linkages: OG1
 Proposed follow up activities 2010-2013
     The Sector will be focussed on the inscription of the Pacific’s 1 items on the International Memory of the World (MOW) Register including representation at

       the 2009 Meeting of the MOW International Advisory Committee (IAC) to lodge applications by March 2010 for the 2011 IAC Meeting
     Inscription on the MOW Register present excellent flag-waving opportunities to attract resources to develop sustainable policies for the preservation,
       promotion, and universal access to records and significant documents
     A core focus for the Sector includes the development of dynamic, viable websites for information providers such as: media organizations, Governments,
       Parliaments, libraries, and archives
     The Sector is committed to strengthening the conditions for press freedom, freedom of expression, and the development of pluralistic media through
       advanced human-resource training and capacity development
     The development of policies to increase access to information will be actively supported including Freedom of Information legislation, ICT in Education
       policies, and ICT training for marginalized groups: women, youth, persons with disabilities

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