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From Wall Street to Olde Town


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From Wall Street to Olde Town
BUSY, BUSY: Although the number of consumers have dropped, the shops are still open and the streets still lined with cars in Olde Town, Arvada. Photo by Courtney Gettel

How the economic recession has hit home in Arvada
Michael Auslen                                                   thing people have to have,” said Daniel. “So, when               Says Wright, “Know where you’re shopping and know Editor-in-Chief                      people’s spending is cut back, your luxury items are some     where your tax dollars are going.” After all, she says, “If
                                                                 of the things that they definitely cut back on.”              you’re going to pay sales tax anyway, why not pay it in the
     There are very few people who would disagree that               Along with any drop in a business’ bottom line comes      city where you actually get that money back through the
last October was a rather unpleasant time for the state of       decision making on what to cut. And Daniel appears            rec department, the streets, plowing.”
the American economy.                                            to be very proud that, thus far, The Growing Company              On the whole, however, it seems that the worst has
     In between stock market crashes and corporate               hasn’t laid off any employees due to spending cutbacks.       passed. Arvada is a strong city. Much stronger than the
bailouts, Americans had to endure a climbing unemploy-               “You have to shop wiser,” she said, indicating what       other cities around it, according to Wright. Because
ment rate, a rising national deficit and the destruction         her business has done in lieu of cutting personnel.           of the many small businesses that make their home in
of Detroit. In short, the worst economic time since the              Accompanying the drop in sales throughout the coun-       Arvada, the drop in sales at major department and “big
Great Depression.                                                try and Arvada, city sales tax revenues dropped in recent     box” stores, the closing down and scaling back of car
     Arvada, just like the rest of the country, was hit hard.    months. Changes in sales tax revenue can give a hollistic     manufacturers and dealerships, and the decline in travel
But rarely does anyone talk about to what degree it was          picture of the local economy at any point because as          don’t have the same effect as in other cities where those
hit.                                                             sales drop throughout the city, so does sales tax.            businesses account for a large portion of revenue.
     And, according to Dot Wright, president of the                  When the recession hit and entire cities, like Detroit,       Arvada appears to have weathered the storm. The
Arvada Chamber of Commerce, Arvada wasn’t really hit             began to crumble, Arvada merchants got nervous.               national economic forecast is considerably brighter than
very hard at all.                                                    In response to the slight dip in sales and spending,      it was a year ago and, though the effects of the reces-
     “If people were looking at their revenue and their          as well as the overall feeling of trepidation that seems to   sion have very likely not yet ended, the worst has already
bottom line, they weren’t that far down,” Wright said.           be synonymous with the economy, the city of Arvada, in        blown through. And, or so Wright hopes, the future
     That’s not to say that local businesses weren’t hurt.       conjunction with the Chamber of Commerce has started          blows the local economy is sure to receive will be ab-
     Kay Daniel owns The Growing Company, a 25-year-             the Invest in Arvada program.                                 sorbed by the network of small businesses and consum-
old flower shop located on Ward Road. But she says                  Simply put, the program will look at citizens as inves-    ers’ support of local business, encouraged and aided by
that her business has, in fact, felt repercussions from the      tors in the city and, by better educating them on the ser-    the Invest in Arvada program.
recent downward economic slope.                                  vices the city provides, promote spending at businesses           Local businesses are “making it happen,” says Wright.
     “[Flowers are] a luxury product. They’re not some-          that pay Arvada sales tax.                                        And that’s the only way to survive this storm.

The “Yea”s Have It Health care reform bill narrowly survives House of Reps
                                                  essentially, it would offer a government-      to be weighing in their opinions on the       making me sick,”’ said Rep. Candice Miller
Connor Randall News Reporter         run healthcare program.                        issue, even within the walls of Ralston       (R-Mich.), adding that Democrats are
                                                      To help cover costs, the bill cuts Medi-   Valley.                                       passing “a jobs-killing, tax-hiking, deficit-
     Saturday night, Nov. 11, the House           care’s projected spending by more than             Senior Taylor Jacobsen said that he       exploding” bill.
of Representatives passed the Affordable          $400 billion over a decade. It also imposes    “is surprised that it passed. Without            Bill sponsor John Dingell (D-Mich.),
Health Care for America Act. The bill, at         a tax surcharge of 5.4 percent on income       incentives, there could be some serious       who has introduced national health insur-
1,990 pages long, has a price tag of $1.2         over $500,000 in the case of individuals       consequences for the healthcare system as     ance in every Congress since 1955, jabbed
trillion. The final vote in the House tal-        and $1 million for families. While it has      a whole.”                                     back, saying that the bill “provides cover-
lied up at 220 yeas and 215 nays. In order        garnered the support of influential inter-        Senior and diabetic Aaron Faulkner         age for 96 percent of Americans. It offers
to pass the bill, supporters (nearly all          est groups, like AARP, the legislation has     is happy that it “provides coverage for       everyone, regardless of health or income,
Democrats) needed 218 votes, a goal that          been opposed by private insurance firms.       everyone, regardless of pre-existing health   the peace of mind that comes from
was narrowly accomplished.                            This is a very difficult topic to deci-    conditions.”                                  knowing they will have access to afford-
     In the end, 219 House Democrats vot-         pher, so here’s the low-down:                      As far as the political spectrum goes,    able health care when they need it.”
ed for the legislation and 39 voted against           The bill would require most Americans      those on the far right tend to be very           No matter what your opinion is, there’s
it. 176 House Republicans voted against           to carry insurance and it would provide        concerned.                                    one thing for certain: the way we look at
the bill, with only one—Rep. Joseph Cao           federal subsidies to those who can’t               “We are going to have a complete          health care is changing; whether we have
(R-La.)—voting in favor.                          afford it. Large companies and corpora-        government takeover of our health care        our stethoscopes ready or not.
     The legislation is an issue that will        tions would be required to cover their         system faster than you can say, `this is
continue to be debated, as it is not a law        employees. Both consumers and compa-                                                                               BY A CLOSE
yet. While the bill passed in the House,          nies would be penalized if they reject the                                                                         MARGIN: Speaker
the Senate still has to debate and vote on        government’s options. Insurance indus-                                                                             of the House Nancy
its version. If the Senate’s version passes,      tries would no longer have the option of                                                                           Pelosi (D-Cali.),
the two bills will have to be reconciled          denying individuals insurance because of                                                                           pictured, was one of
into one document and voted on again.             medical history, gender, or pre-existing                                                                           the new health care
Should that occur, the bill will await            health conditions.                                                                                                 reform bill’s greatest
President Barack Obama’s endorsement.                 The industry would also lose its ex-                                                                           advocates. The bill
Obama told lawmakers that, “opportuni-            emption from federal antitrust restrictions                                                                        passed the House of
ties like this come around maybe once in          for fixing prices and rates. The most heav-                                                                        Representatives by
a generation,” and he issued a statement          ily debated portion of the bill is the por-                                                                        a narrow 115-120
saying, “I look forward to signing it into        tion that gives the government the right to                                                                        margin on Saturday,
law by the end of the year.”                      sell insurance. (Although the independent                                                                          Nov. 7. Associated
    If passed, the bill could provide health      Congressional Budget Office predicts that                                                                          Press File Photo
insurance coverage to 36 million cur-             premiums for its insurance would be more
rently uninsured Americans, resulting in          expensive than private firms, for now.)
96 percent of American’s having health                People on both sides of the aisle seem
insurance. It’s still in its early stages, but,

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