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					Degrees / Programs Under Consideration

The University of Montana - Missoula
For Possible Submission 2011-2012
DEGREE                     MAJOR                                              OPTION   NOTES
A.S.N.                     Nursing                                                     expand online program for PN to include RN
Bachelors                  International Studies                                       Interdisciplinary
Bachelors                  Community Health                                            2 + 2 program in collaboration with UM-HCOT, FPCC, &
Masters (MS)               Health and Human Performance                                entry level Athletic Training
Masters (MNM)              Nonprofit Management                                        Office for Civic Engagement
Masters (PSM)              Professional program in Water Resources Sciences            Geosciences, CFC, Bio Station, others
minor                      Arabic Languages and Cultural Studies

For Possible Submission 2011-2014
DEGREE                     MAJOR                                              OPTION   NOTES
A.A.S.                     Engineering Technology                                      ACE Department/UM COT
A.A.S.                     Health Information Technology                               title change from Health Information Management
A.A.S.                     Industrial Automation and Instrumentation                   ACE Department/UM COT;
A.A.S.                     NanoTechnology                                              UM COT
A.A.S.                     Fundamentals of Police Science                              UM COT
A.S.                       General Science                                             AASC Department/UM COT
Bachelors                  Latin American Studies
Bachelors (B.S.)           Physical Therapist Assistant                                Health and Human Performance in collaboration w/
                                                                                       Physical Therapy
C.A.S.                     Fundamentals of Police Science                              UM COT
C.A.S.                     Industrial Automation and Instrumentation                   name change from Instrument Technician
C.A.S.                     Web Application Development                                 ACE Department/UM COT
Certificate                TESOL
Certificate                Insurance                                                   under 29 credits
Certificate                Management Information Systems                              Graduate level
Certificate                International Business                                      Graduate level
Certificate/Professional   Culinary Arts Specialized Certificates                      Business Technology Dept/UM COT under 29 credits
Certificate/Professional   Professional Communication                                  AASC Department/UM COT under 29 credits
Certificate/Professional   Health Information Technology                               ACE Department/UM COT under 29 credits
Certificate/Professional   Web Application Development                                 ACE Department/UM COT under 29 credits
Masters                    Media Arts                                                  Online
Masters (M.Ed.)            Early Childhood Inclusive Education
Masters (MAT)              Curriculum and Instruction
minor                      Forensic Science                                            Anthropology Department
minor                      Liberal Studies                                             Liberal Studies Department
minor                      Religious Studies                                           Liberal Studies Department
Minor                      Applied and Professional Ethics
Ph.D.                      Ecology and Microbiology of Infectious Diseases
Last updated 9/22/2011
Ph.D.                    Environmental Conservation
Ph.D.                    Speech Pathology
Ph.D.                    American Studies

                         Centers or Institutes
                         Central and Southwest Asia                action agenda BOR September 2010
                         Civic Dialogue
                         Computational Science and Visualization
                         Native American Research Institute

Last updated 9/22/2011

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