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					Motor Replacement Parts
               Directory 2010

        eplacement parts are essential to your restoration. You can                   it is varied and comprehensive. Some suppliers manufacture parts
        sometimes pick up useful, unexpected bits and pieces at                       to order, while some can source and order them for you locally,
        swap meets or club days or by word-of-mouth, but when                         from interstate or overseas. Some businesses work within a
you need something special in time for a show or competition,                         narrow field like suspension, a single make or performance
that’s when you won’t find one anywhere. And at those times, of                       vehicles. Some maintain extensive catalogues of their
course, only the best is good enough. So, what can you do? Look                       range of parts and accessories online. But all are experienced
on the website for ACC Replacement Parts                              and dedicated to their industry, the cars and to you as
Directory! Because of our many contacts in all states,                                 their customers.

2/25 Lexton Road, Box Hill VIC 3129
T 03 9899 5500 F 03 9899 9066
A M Distributors has been operating for 20 years. Glenn Bold and Gayle Lukey are the new owners and
Glen has over 30 years experience in the automotive industry. They have the largest stock of Aston Martin
parts, rare and unusual NOS in the Southern Hemisphere. A M Distributors has a complete range of XXX
Windscreen for Aston Martin. Special orders available for windscreens.

                                                          ACCURATE AUTOMATICS
                                                          Factory 3/10 The Nook, Bayswater North VIC 3153
                                                          T 03 9720 2111 F 03 9720 2111
                                                          Established in 1994, Accurate Automatics specializes in automatic transmissions for both modern
                                                          and classical cars. Joe and Maria Zeffiro are the owners of the business and their specialist
                                                          reputation is well known throughout the industry. The workshop has accommodated all types of cars
                                                          including limousines, cadillacs, rolls Royce, custome built cars and all modern cars.

70 Long Street, Smithfield NSW 2164
T 1300 797 003
This group of radiator experts is an Australian wide network of 70
independently owned radiator specialists. From the smallest heater core to the
largest industrial radiator required, no job is too small or too large. Their light
automotive production lines run from small heaters, cars and 4WD to mid
sized commercial vehicle radiators. ADRAD holds a balance of Australian
made and imported products within its central distribution warehouse. As
partners of quality suppliers like Koyo and Radicon, the product range is large
and varied. The group offers a 5-year nation wide warranty on all ADRAD

                                                        ANTIQUE TYRES WA
                                                        Unit 2-10 Dowd Street, Welshpool WA 6106
                                                        T 08 6161 3709 F 03 6161 3655
                                                        Tom and Ben Saggers supply specialty tyres for veteran, vintage, classic and thoroughbred cars, plus
                                                        hotrods. Owning many classics themselves, Tom started the business over 17 years ago when he
                                                        found such tyres were hard to find in WA. They also supply whitewalls, redlines or ultrawide tyres, and
                                                        paint redlines or whitewalls onto existing tyres. Both Tom and Ben are active members in several WA
                                                        car clubs.

84 Swan Street Morpeth NSW 2321
T 02 4934 7099 F 02 4933 6847
Philip Kaal has a 25-year career in manufacturing connecting conrods suitable for all engines and all types
of racing, using high quality steel and other materials. He also manufactures high performance rods and
rods for vintage and veteran engines to any specifications, and does specialised and general machining. A
few of the older engines using Argo’s rods are JAP v-twin, Riley 1500, Vincent, Bentley and Bugatti. All
processes are quality assured.
Motor replaceMent parts Directory 2010

                                                              AUSTRALIAN AUTO ACCESSORIES
                                                              17 Moncrief Road, Nunawading VIC 3131
                                                              T 03 9845 0800 F 03 9877 5263
                                                              Garry Smith’s imports and wholesales car accessories and parts offering value for money and
                                                              excellent quality. After 30 years serving the industry, the company’s products bear a distinctive
                                                              design with special attention to materials and standards. The range covers a wide spectrum
                                                              including chrome and aluminium specialties, performance parts, mirrors and other hard to
                                                              find items for classic models, such as taillights.

9/123 Chesterville Road, Highett Vic 3190
T 03 9532 5322, 0412 780900
Paul and Gay Zazryn have been supplying classic wire wheels, hubs, spinners and
accessories for 5 years. As Australian importers of Dunlop Wire Wheels, MWS Full
Stainless Steel wire wheels and LA Custom Wire Wheels, they ship nationwide. Bolt-
on and splined wire wheels to suit all makes and models are available, as well as
specialised wheels for vintage cars. Various conversion kits include 5 wheels, front
and rear hubs and a set of four spinners. They attend car club displays to show
members their products, and stock wider competition and triple laced wheels. Paul
and Gay successfully race their own MkII Jaguar in historic touring car events.

                                                              AUTO CABLES
                                                              3 Eliza Close, Greensborough 3088
                                                              T 03 9434 1410 F 03 9432 1868
                                                              Joe Pace took over this long established business ten years ago and continued to
                                                              manufacture mechanical cables as well as expanding into the supply of original style rear
                                                              window Venetian blinds and door weather shields to suit most makes and models from the
                                                              1940s up to modern cars. Joe calls himself a Ford man but has recently completed restoring a
                                                              Mercedes roadster. He not only makes speedo, clutch, accelerator and brake cables for
                                                              classics, but is also worth contacting for modern cars.

8 Shorts Road, Coburg VIC 3058
T 03 9297 5222 F 03 9297 5202
After 30 years of servicing the industry, Bayford transmissions division has doubled in
size. Serving dealers and retail customers, their staff of 30 can address all types of
gearbox, differential and steering assembly jobs. The company, which began in 1917, is
Melbourne’s largest general trade supplier and official repairer for Ford Australia. They
also operate Volkswagen and Peugeot franchises at other locations.

                                                      BRITISH AUTO CARE
                                                      1/51 McCarthy Road, Salisbury Qld 4107
                                                      T 07 3274 2828 F 07 3277 5344
                                                      Specialising in Triumph vehicles, Greg and Joan Stokes work on most British produced vehicles. After
                                                      many years in the trade, they possess a large stock of Triumph parts and import monthly from
                                                      England for any special items required, large or small. Service parts are always in stock for most

Factory 6, 51 Collins Street, Kangaroo Flat 3555
T/F 03 54471040
British Sporting Cars is a mechanical workshop carrying out restorations and historic
competition preparation on mainly BMC and Triumph sports cars. Engine building is a
speciality, to race, road or rally specification. A range of spare parts, including
reproduction works items, is in stock for BMC vehicles. They also fully restore, service and
tune road cars of most British makes. The shop has restored ex-works Mini Coopers to
original specifications, and a Lotus Elan 26R.
Motor replaceMent parts Directory 2010

                                                  CASTLE AUTOMOTIVE ENTERPRISES
                                                  7 Main Road, Castlemaine Vic 3450
                                                  T 03 5472 1442 F 03 5472 4111
                                                  Starter motor manufacture and repair are the basis of Con Soldatos’ business. The company specializes
                                                  in manufacture of the High-Torque starter motor to suit many standard applications for cars and trucks
                                                  or will adapt for one-off conversions. Likewise, wiper motor kits are available for standard or specialized
                                                  applications. Starter and wiper motors can also be reconditioned. Con is an enthusiast and restorer of
                                                  classic vehicles and started the business 21 years ago.

PO Box 187, Welland SA 5007
T 08 8346 9838 F 08 8340 9898
Classic Fasteners have been trading 18 years, with Leanne and Derek Milne as managers for 8
years after first working on motorcycle restorations. They specialise in obsolete and unusual
bolts, nuts, screws and washers for restoration projects. BSF, BSCY bolts, BA, UNC, UNF metal
threads, raised countersunk wood and self-tapping screws are all stocked. In addition, you will
find taps, dies, recoil kits, spanners and upholstery fasteners. They are a mail order supplier
with a catalogue available from their website. As well as the classic bikes, they drive their
1970 MG Midget every day.

                                                                   CLASSIC WIRING LOOMS
                                                                   5/5 Clegg Road, Mt Evelyn 3796
                                                                   T 03 9737 0101 F 03 9736 2822
                                                                   Noel and Faye Stevens are the new owners of Classic Wiring Looms. Wade had been an
                                                                   employee at Classic Wiring Looms for 15 years before becoming the owner. They
                                                                   specialize in manufacturing wiring looms for the restoration industry and one off
                                                                   specials. They finish the looms in cotton braid, PVC tape or PVC tubing as per factory
                                                                   specifications to a very high standard. The offer an installation service if the customer
                                                                   requests it. They are happy to customize looms and to integrate modern additions such
                                                                   as spotlights and CD players, as well as insurance approved immobilisers. Noel and
                                                                   Faye own several Austin 7s and belong to the Austin 7 Club of Victoria. Noel also
                                                                   competes at historic car events.

3/292 Brisbane Road, Labrador QLD 4215
M 0410 252 295 F 07 3103 4503
Classics n Chrome is a small restoration workshop located in Labrador, near the Gold Coast, Qld. Rick,
the owner of the business has been in custom classic car restorations for many years, specializing in
bringing those old forgotten cars back to life. Classics n Chrome also specializes in RHD conversions.
You need it, we can help. Email with any questions.

                                                  CONCOURSE SPARES
                                                  8 Janine Court, Newcomb/Geelong 3219
                                                  T/F 03 5248 4084
                                                  Greg Reynolds has been supplying quality parts for MGBs for over seventeen years and says he has a
                                                  reputation for his quality and fast friendly service. All the parts he stocks come from the UK and USA, a
                                                  policy he has adopted to ensure the quality. Although cheaper parts are available from other countries,
                                                  Greg says their quality is not good enough to earn a place in his free 54-page catalogue.

28 Mary Parade, Rydalmere 2116
T 02 9638 3941 F 02 9638 0805
Triumphs have been part of David Clark's family since 1969. David has now specialised in
services, repairs, restorations and spare parts for Stag,TR3, TR4, TR5, TR6 and 2500
models for over 30 years. Because David does all the work himself, he can offer a
genuinely personal and friendly service.
 Motor replaceMent parts Directory 2010
37 Daisy Street, Revesby 2212
T 02 9774 4419, 02 9774 3873, F 02 9774 4783
Jeff Dellow started his business in 1964 originally providing engine conversions on 4WD Landrovers and
eventually extended to transmission and engine work on Nissan, Jeep and Toyotas. These days, they also
manufacture gearbox conversion kits for many models of classic cars as well, in particular the Toyota
Celica steel case 5-speed or the Supra 5-speed. There are comprehensive kits for the venerable MGB,
several Volvo models, Jaguar, Datsun A and Sunbeam Alpine. Among racer kits are those for Cobras and

                                                                 DIFF LAPPING & REPAIRS PTY LTD
                                                                 62 Boothby Street, Kedron Qld 4031
                                                                 T 07 3359 4701 F 07 3353 2571
                                                                 Charlie Serchen started business in 1968, first as diff lapping service then saw a need to
                                                                 actually rebuild the diffs and gearboxes. Diff Lapping specializes in the repair, supply of
                                                                 parts and modification of differentials and gearboxes. The unique part of their business
is the ability and special equipment to relap worn crown wheel and pinions in all makes and models, including industrial, agricultural and classic cars.
Their work comes from all over Australia.

130 Beckworth Court Road, Clunes 3370
T/F 03 5345 4094
Jim Robinson supplies, sources and refurbishes new and used spare parts for Dodge, Plymouth, DeSoto
and Chrysler vehicles, USA and Australian, 1914 to current but concentrate on pre 1980. They keep a
good supply in stock, and source rare parts worldwide with a good supply chain. Restoration, repairs and
rebuilds on complete cars, engines, front ends, brakes and gearboxes are available, too. Jim and his
team try to help everyone keep their car going on the road or those working to get their car on the road.

                                                     DORING INDUSTRIES
                                                     223 King Road, Mooloolah Valley QLD 4553
                                                     T 07 5494 7593 F 07 5492 9200
                                                     Bob and Jenny Doring and Richard Andrews have been producing the Doring Tin Alloy and Magnetic
                                                     Fuel Catalyst for 8 years, providing a major improvement on a 60-year-old proven technology. They are
                                                     available in inline or in tank units and designed for use on any 5 to 5000hp engine. They solve many
                                                     problems with modern petrol or diesel fuels such as pinging, pre-ignition or diesel knock, and result in
                                                     almost no carbon and an average 15% improvement in efficiency and performance. By effectively
                                                     converting leaded fuel engines to run on unleaded without expensive rebuilds, owners avoid damage
                                                     to their classics. The units are fully guaranteed.

4 Frazer Street, Lakemba 2195
T 1300 350 351, F 1300 350 454
Since 1970 Fabre Australia stocked one of the most diverse ranges of aftermarket classic parts in
Australia. Products run from Minator wheels, Tex mirrors, Magna Spark ignitions to Serck oil coolers and
Renovo soft-top care products, not forgetting a huge selection of engine parts including world renowned
brands such as Hepolite pistons & rings, Payen gaskets, Clevite bearings and County stainless steel
valves to suit most British vehicles. This is what Adam and his partners have done best for over 30 years.

                                                          172 Roden Street, West Melbourne VIC 3003
                                                          T 03 9329 8200 F 03 9329 0682
                                                          Flashlube has just released an ‘electronic’ version of their ‘award winning’flashlube upper
                                                          cylinder lubrication kit which is perfect for classic cars. Flashlube’s core business is fuel
                                                          additives for petrol and diesel engines. Now that “sulphur” is being dramatically reduced in both
                                                          fuels there is a need to use flashlube fueld additives as they contain synthetic sulphur
                                                          replacements. Flashlubes products are non hazardous, non flammable and non poisonous.
Motor replaceMent parts Directory 2010

                                                  FLEXIBLE DRIVE AGENCIES
                                                  86 Stubbs Street, Kensington Vic 3031
                                                  T 1300 363735 F 03 9376 5859
                                                  This company manufactures automotive cables in-house, specialising in flexible core fabrication and
                                                  outer conduit production from metals and plastic. Extensive machine shop facilities enable them to
                                                  make most of their own components using mechanical presswork and zinc die-casting with direct
                                                  injection and plastic moulding. Technicians work with you on custom cable or components, and electrical
                                                  and electronic applications as well. Examples of work are accelerator, brake and clutch cables, kick
                                                  down components, dash controls and speedometers, cabin heater, circuit wiring and fuel pumps.

Lower 288 Victoria Road, Gladesville 2111
T 02 9817 3233 F 02 9817 4890
Nat Stillone has worked on all makes of classic cars for 20 years, undertaking spray painting
and rust repairs, panel fabrication and beating, mechanical repairs, detailing and
modifications. In short, Nat will provide anything from insurance work to a simple service to a
complete restoration. He also attends concours as a judge and restores old motorbikes and
vehicles as an enthusiast.

                                                     GMP RACING PRODUCTS P/L
                                                     37A Fenton Street, Oakleigh VIC 3166
                                                     T 03 9543 6222 F 03 9543 6244
                                                     Grant Munday started GMP Racing Products in 1982 GMP and supplies motorsport equipment, parts
                                                     and racegear for all forms of motorsport. Dealers for Arai, Bell & Stilo Helmets, SABelt seats and
                                                     racewear, Longacre racing products, Earls hose ends, Tilton racing products, Ferodo and Hawk brake
                                                     pads, Setrab oil coolers, GMP Racing Products is your one stop racing shop.

Unit 3/255 South Street, Cleveland Qld 4163
T 07 3821 0622 F 07 3821 0328
Back in the 1970s Greg Tunstall like many of us was always working on his own cars, which in
his case were the ubiquitous Morris Minor. Fellow owners saw his good work and asked for
assistance. Greg then branched into Triumphs, MGs, JAGs and Rovers. Greg and his staff now
specialise in British cars, mainly Triumphs. Repairs, spares, restorations and so on are all
undertaken. Greg is also an expert on Lucas fuel injection and SU and CD Strombergs as fitted
to so many Triumph vehicles. In fact with Greg's vast range of spares, suppliers, contacts and
in-house machining there is not much they can't do to your British car.

                                                                  HARDIMAN AUTO SUPPLIES
                                                                  9 Bullecourt Avenue, Milperra NSW 2214
                                                                  T 02 9771 5877 F 02 9771 2176
                                                                  This versatile business has been importing, manufacturing and wholesaling performance
                                                                  equipment for the past 40 years. Second generation owners Mark and Deborah Hardiman
                                                                  are car enthusiasts both in restoration and racing. They market their own range of
                                                                  equipment under the Redline name and manufacture the largest range of inlet manifolds
                                                                  and carburettor adaptors in Australia. Hardimans are also agents for Weber and Holley
                                                                  Carburettors as well as spares to suit, Lumenition ignition conversions, Smiths and Pricol
                                                                  gauges, Flex-a-lite cooling products, Vertex magnetos spares and repairs, 303 protectant
                                                                  and many other brands and products.

73-79 Heatherdale Road, Ringwood 3134
T 03 9872 3900 F 03 9872 4445
Rob Rowland offers a remarkably complete restoration service to all makes of classic sports cars, not
just Healeys. For 20 years, he has carried out sales, mechanical repairs, parts sourcing, accident and
insurance jobs, paint and panel work and has been involved personally in racing, rallying and club
activities since the early 1970s. The shop also serves as the Australian agent for Dayton wire wheels
and will fit and replace wheels specifically suited to your vehicle. The team, all committed, experienced craftsmen, can carry out any part of your
restoration or do the whole job. They will also help with insurance work, from smash repairs to classic cars, do pre-purchase inspections and advise on
maintenance costs.
Motor replaceMent parts Directory 2010

                                                     HI TORQUE STARTERS (THE ENGINE CENTRE)
                                                     390 Pound Rd Narre Warren South 3805
                                                     T 03 8790 5942 F 03 8790 5788
                                                     An interest in American cars got Graeme Webb started in this business 30 years ago when he stated
                                                     importing cars and engines for parts and restorations. He has expanded to produce gear reduction
                                                     starters for all US, British and European cars as well for industrial applications. He also supplies
                                                     electronic distributors for US and Australian cars. He attends classic car shows and also has a mail
                                                     order service that sends his products anywhere in the world.

536 Clayton Road, Clayton VIC 3168
T 1300 465 224 F 03 9552 1998
Wayne Imlach has been running Imlachs Auto parts for the past 29 years. They are
suppliers of new, reconditioned and used late model auto parts for Honda, Mitsubishi,
Toyota, Chrysler, Rover and more. Six month or extended warranty is available with daily
deliveries and freight Australia wide. Wayne buys late model damaged salvage from
private, trade and the insurance industry. LMCT 1229. Open Mon-Fri 8am-5pm Sat

1602 Centre Road, Springvale VIC 3177
T 03 9547 7377 F 03 9547 7955
Wayne Imlach has been the owner of Imlachs Self Serve Auto parts for the past 10 years. Open 7 days a week, bring your own tools and remove the parts
yourself for low cost auto parts. All makes and models with over 1500 cars on site. Cars wanted $$$ paid for recycling. Drive in valuation LMCT 1229.

                                                                        JAGDAIM AUTOMOTIVE
                                                                        35 Levanswell Rd, Moorabbin 3189
                                                                        T 1300 335 375 F 03 9555 3680
                                                                        As the name suggests Jaguar and Daimler are the specialities of this 35 year old
                                                                        business. Bill Madafferi and Chris Ridder have been running the business for the
                                                                        past 8 years. They dismantle any model from post war to current models and stock
                                                                        a huge range of used, new and reconditioned parts. The staff are all Jaguar owners
                                                                        from XK120 to XJS and are happy to talk to customers about their needs. They aim
                                                                        to be the best supplier of Jag parts in Australia for availability, quality and price.
                                                                        The company offers a country wide service with overnight delivery to many areas.

                                                    JAG E-TYPE WAREHOUSE
                                                    24 Meridian Way, Newlands Arm VIC 3875
                                                    T 03 5156 7727 M 0408 388 656
                                                    Rick Forbes has more than 40 years experience in the automotive business in various collectable
                                                    marques. Rick stocks a range of new and NOS parts as well as secondhand and obsolete components.

 51 Captain Cook Drive, Caringbah 2229
 T 02 9531 8155, F 02 9531 8166
 Avid Jaguar and Daimler enthusiast and ex-Leyland employee Geoff Sara has been accumulating
 Jaguar spares from the former dealers Brysons, Rowley Walker, Coventry Jaguar Spares and Jaguar
 Australia itself. A stalwart of the Jaguar Drivers Club of Australia, Geoff has entered and won
 concours and was instrumental in the founding the Jaguar Enthusiasts Magazine. Geoff can
 dismantle most Jaguar models and provide new or reconditioned parts. The shop recently dismantled
 Lloyd Jones’ Series 2 XJ12.
Motor replaceMent parts Directory 2010

49 Stanley Drive, Somerton Vic 3062
T 03 9305 3151 F 03 9305 3180
Glenn Olsen and his team offer complete restoration of E-Type Jaguars. Following relocation to a new
building, they can offer a full line of spare parts from classic wire wheel, spinners, rubbers, chrome
work and body panels to complete replacement steel bodies manufactured on the premises. Glenn’s
team has been specialising in E-Types for 26 years and their world class reputation attracts work
from overseas. Along with full and partial restorations and general repairs, they handle accident and
insurance work, and offer pre purchase inspection reports on E Types. They are now exporting spares
to the UK, USA and NZ, with most items available ex stock.

                                                     JDM INDUSTRIES
                                                     25 Godber Road, Eltham VIC 3095
                                                     T 03 9438 5291 F 03 9438 1587
                                                     If you were rebuilding an engine you wouldn't forget about the water pump would you? John
                                                     Egglestone of JDM Industries is a classic car enthusiast who is also an expert on water pump
                                                     reconditioning. Many of you know from experience that as cars get older the chance of obtaining
                                                     water pump repair kits becomes more difficult. John assures us that he can recondition almost any
                                                     water pump for most types of cars, tractors and trucks, and will also supply harmonic balancers.

26 Elizabeth Street, Castlemaine VIC 3450
T 03 5470 6416, F 03 5470 6431 1800 700 468
Jet-Hot produces high-temperature coatings to protect headers and internal engine parts, acting as a
thermal barrier and reducing friction. When proprietor Darryl Hunt discovered Jet-Hot, he was inspired
to start his own distribution and coating outfit 9 years ago. He ships coatings and pre-coated
headers anywhere in Australia, and coats headers and exhaust systems himself, working on all types
of vehicles from Cobras to rare vintage and sports vehicles. The treatment is suitable for older
headers and manifolds and can be applied to various parts such as suspension and brakes.

                                                               JP PISTONS
                                                               25-33 Innes Road, Windsor Gardens SA 5087
                                                               T 08 8261 7222 F 08 8261 9171
                                                               You no doubt have seen the advertisements in Australian Classic Car. JP Pistons make
                                                               pistons for almost all makes of British and European cars and motorcycles as well as the
                                                               most popular American Cars. They not only sell to the Australian market but to the UK,
                                                               Europe and Northern America. Perhaps you have a classic car and you want to raise the
                                                               compression slightly or perhaps you are rebuilding a Bugatti engine. Whatever your piston
                                                               needs, JP Pistons can help.

19 Verdun Street, Surrey Hills 3127
T 03 9836 6250 F 03 9888 4128
Jeff Turner began his parts refurbishment and manufacturing outfit in the mid-1980s with a
background as a toolmaker. He supplies friction shock absorbers and accompanying parts from
mounting pins to special one-off items. He also repairs leads and machines specialised
components to order for engines and running gear, such as parts for superchargers, and various
automotive clips and fittings. Vintage friction shockers, machining and aluminium T moulds, and
vintage cars in general, are a specialty.

                                                       JW CLASSIC CAR PARTS
                                                       Lot 4 Chandlers Lane
                                                       (PO Box 360) Kilsyth 3137
                                                       T 03 9762 6025 F 03 9762 2958
                                                       Jim Withers has large new premises in Kilsyth which is more accessible to the public, but he is also
                                                       a familiar sight at swap meets and all his parts are available through his mail order service. He
                                                       supplies parts for English cars from 1930 to 1975 and is always adding to his stock of obsolete and
                                                       hard to find parts. From Austin to Zephyr, he has engine, brake, clutch suspension and steering
                                                       parts as well as rubber, electrical and some body parts available off the shelf. He also has the
                                                       ability to source the really difficult bits.
Motor replaceMent parts Directory 2010

                                                 LYNX CORPORATION
                                                 12 Bonnal Road, Erina NSW 2250
                                                 T 02 4367 0522 F 02 4365 6077
                                                  Lynx Engineering was formed in 1958 to design and manufacture LYNX Formula Junior Race cars. Using
                                                  our research to launch the biggest range of 4 and 6 cylinder induction manifolds in the world. That was
                                                  from 1963 to 1980 and they are mostly still available for SW Weber and Delorto. In 1970 Lynx designed
                                                  the RamFlo Airlifter, over 2.5 million have been sold worldwide. Other products were also designed and
                                                  added. Carburettor Adapters, Carby Heat insulators, Linkage kits and components. Weber SoftMounts,
About 1992 SpitFire Products were added – Spark plugs, HT leadsets, instruments, DIS Direct Ignition Systems, Super Service Kits, Globes, PEAK-USA
coolants and Herculiner coatings. LYNX-Spitfire and PEAK products are different. Try them and be surprised by the improvement.

Shed 2, 112 Glenora Street, Wynnum QLD 4178
T 07 3393 3188 F 07 3893 1226
Raymond Knight has been in the industry for 20 years. They offer stainless steel
sleeves and reconditioning. Brake and clutch cylinders, boosters, disc brake calipers,    Specialists in Resleeving & Reconditioning Hydraulic Brake & Clutch Systems for
custom and modified boosters. They also work on trucks and buses. They enjoy working       • Cars • Trucks • Bikes • Caravans • Trailers • Racing • etc….
on classic vehicles.                                                                      • Friendly Service • Technical Advice • Pick Up & Delivery Service
                                                                                                                                                               (Country and Interstate
                                                                                                                                                               deliveries also available)

                                                                                          Ph: 07 3393 3188 Fax: 07 3893 1226
                                                 MG CENTRE OF SYDNEY                                 112 Glenora Street, Wynnum Qld, 4178
                                                 26 Cowper Street, Granville 2142
                                                 T 02 9682 6655, F 02 9637 0199
                                                 Stuart Ratcliff has been involved with British sports cars all his working life with time spent at Classic
                                                 Autocraft and as a partner in restoration business and as a life member of MG Car Club. Stuart’s wife
                                                 Sally is the Secretary of the MG Car Club. Stuart and Sally started the business, providing mechanical
                                                 service, advice and spares for MGs, in particular the MGB. They are the only RAWS approved workshop for
                                                 compliance of MGRV8 and servicing of MGs, mainly MGB. MG Centre of Sydney stocks parts for MGs
                                                 including an expanding range of RV8 parts. They also have a workshop servicing MGs concentrating on
                                                 MGB and MGRV8.

Unit 22/1-5 Thew Parade, Dee Why NSW 2099
T 02 9982 5288 F 02 9982 8408
James Flett’s engine reconditioning business grew from his skills as a fitter and machinist 8 years ago. His
services meet requirements of classic and modern car restorations or race and performance modifications.
Cylinder heads, unleaded conversions, welding and machining are other specialties. Parts and accessories are
also available. James is a Z Car Club member and restored his own 240Z.

                                                 MIDEL P/L
                                                 4 Frazer Street, Lakemba 2195
                                                 T 02 9759 5598, F 9758 1155
                                                 Midel is a useful resource when you need help with SU carburettors in Australia. Whether you require a
                                                 new set of SU carburettors for your E Type Jaguar or you have a set that needs to be fully restored for your
                                                 Big Healey, Midel can help. The company also stocks performance air filters and ram tubes, inlet
                                                 manifolds, carburettor linkages, braided fuel lines and pretty much any other parts associated with the
                                                 famous SU carburettor.

220 Harbord Road, Brookvale NSW 2100
T 02 9938 2242, F 02 9938 4224
Andrew and his father Graham Bergan have offered a complete Mini and Moke specialist service for 24
years, from remanufacturing to restoring. They have owned Minis since 1963 and now race an historic
Mini Cooper S and a Super Mini. They will prepare and build race cars and supply original, used,
reconditioned or new parts. Custom building and painting is also available. They are now working on a
supercharged Cooper S with 150bhp. Goods can be shipped worldwide.
Motor replaceMent parts Directory 2010

1256 South Road, Clovelly Park SA 5042
T 08 8177 1275 F 08 8177 0188
Tony and Andrew specialize in classic mini parts, supplying parts Australia wide and
internationally for minis from 1959 to 1999. Same day dispatch is available although conditions
apply. They have a fully functional workshop for servicing and restoration. Their website has a
secure server and they provide “service that is second to none”.

                                                          MLP CARBURETTORS PTY LTD
                                                          7 Lakeside Avenue, Reservoir 3073
                                                          T 03 9462 2288 F 03 9462 1222
                                                          A carburettor man for 25 years and with a love of classic cars prompted Mick La Porta to set up
                                                          his carburettor restoration business. He carries a stock of spare parts and manufactures many of
                                                          them in his workshop. Although he specialises in early Ford, Holden and Valiant, he can handle
                                                          repairs to any carburettors. He has a stock of reconditioned units for popular models. His
                                                          services include concours finish and recolouring as well as small parts plating. Mick says his
                                                          motto is “Built to last”.

14 Barney Street, Nth Parramatta 2151
T 02 9683 3793, F 02 9683 5001
Allan Hall has been dabbling with cars since he was eight, especially Morris Minors and Ford
Cortinas. Now after over twenty years in the industry, Allan is occupied full time with mechanical
repairs, restoration and spare parts for Morries. If you want your Morris modernised to handle
today's traffic, Allan can restore or modify many models with all the modern comforts, such as
air conditioning.

                                                               NORTHERN MINI PARTS
                                                               92 Northern Rd Heidelberg Heights VIC 3081
                                                               T 03 9458 2111

                                                               MINI SPARES
                                                               80 Gibson Avenue, Padstow NSW 2211
                                                               T 02 9774 3360
                                                               Earlier this year, Melbourne’s Northern Mini Parts joined Mini Spares in Sydney to become an
                                                               Australia-wide Mini-only specialist network. For 25 years, Northern Mini Parts has provided
                                                               spare parts, mechanical workshop service and restorations to enthusiasts. Six years ago,
                                                               several smaller companies joined the firm, adding to its range of services. Mini Spares
provides the same expert service on mechanical repairs, restorations and an even wider selection of Mini and Moke spare parts including reconditioned
engines, gearboxes, wheels and parts direct from the UK. Their comprehensive catalogue for Mini owners assists fitment and helps customers identify and
source the parts they need. The staff at both shops are happy to answer your questions by phone or email. Goods will be despatched from the location
nearest you for quickest delivery time.

18-24 Moray Street, South Melbourne VIC 3006
T 03 9699 5237 F 03 9686 2273
Haydn Tierney, Mark Tierney and Grattan Kelly specialize in racecar and custom build products.
They specialize is oil, fuel and exhaust systems. They stock race tools, accessories and
consumables and are the Victorian agent for PWR Performance Products. They endeavour to
source the latest technology and components from Europe, America and Asia for supply to the
Australian motor racing market. Their knowledge and intimate understanding of motorsport in
Australia stems from many years experience working for and supplying some of Australia’s
highest profile race teams, building race cars and working in pit lane.
Motor replaceMent parts Directory 2010

                                                             RALPH MOORE AUTOGLASS
                                                             6 John Street, Mascot NSW 2020
                                                             T02 9667 1933, 1 800 807 907 F02 9669 6605
                                                             When Ralph Moore thought about his company’s specialities, he said,”If it’s got wheels and
                                                             glass, we should be able to fix it.” When we asked about how he got started, he reckoned 40
                                                             years ago was too long to remember. So we believe him when he explains that his business
                                                             looks after autoglass and rubbers on all types of vehicles. He now has a number of overseas
                                                             contacts and should be able to help you with American, European and British glasses
                                                             required for your vintage, classic and collectable car.

T 03 9305 4000
If you own a Holden, Ford, Valiant or Japanese model, the parts catalogues found on this
company’s website will be a valuable resource for a huge range of models and specialised
products at manageable prices. The staff have wide experience and genuine interest in
automotive restoration and may be able to offer advice. Rust repair panels, interior and
exterior lamps and lenses, windscreen seals, suspension bushes, door handles and seat
belts are among the many items developed, manufactured and sourced here. Rare Spares
sponsors car clubs, shows and V8 driver John Bowe.

                                                         REVHEADS PERFORMANCE SUPPLIER
                                                         17 Ninth Avenue, Coorparoo QLD 4157
                                                         M 0409 005 183 F 07 3847 2941
                                                         John is from the old school specializing in spoiler scoops hard to get parts. Because of his
                                                         involvement in the industry, he can source Australian and American performance speed
                                                         equipment and has the knowledge as who does what and what parts are required to solve
                                                         client’s problems. His clients recognize that John is an old school parts interpreter.

384 South Road, Richmond 5033
T 08 8354 0900 F 08 8354 1888
Andrew and Pat Heywood have been in the spare part supply business for nearly 20 years and offer a
unique and comprehensive service. They can help take customers’ restoration projects from basket
cases to show winners, sourcing parts from mechanical to rubber components to trim pieces. Andrew
and Pat are also the Rare Spares outlet for Adelaide. They can assist model collectors, too, and now
carry a huge range of models from Biante, AutoArt, Minichamps, Exoto, Ertl, Hot Wheels and others.

                                                    ROSS HOCKLEY'S JENSEN MOTOR CAR CO
                                                    49 Winbourne Rd, Brookvale NSW 2100
                                                    T 02 9938 1822 F 9971 8083
                                                    Ross certainly has a love of classic cars and the Jensen in particular. In fact there are not at all that
                                                    many enthusiasts who carry any Jensen parts at all. Thankfully Ross carries a large number of parts
                                                    for both the Interceptor and the Jensen Healey and has done so since he opened shop in 1982. Ross
                                                    also competes in historic racing in his own Jensen Healey and is quite happy to take on the restoration
                                                    of your vehicle should you wish it.

Kings Court, Adelaide SA 5000
T 08 8221 6694 F 08 8221 6673
Rowell & Searle has been operating for 64 years, the last 12 under the management of Peter Stewart,
would make it South Australia’s oldest Automatic Transmission specialist. They are a quality award
winning transmission repair business working on all makes and models. Their staff are highly skilled,
with the resources of one of the best technical libraries available. They carry an extensive parts
inventory for automatic transmissions in classic vehicles.
Motor replaceMent parts Directory 2010

                                                                          RUBBER SEALS AUSTRALIA
                                                                          384 South Road, Richmond 5033
                                                                          T 08 8351 9999 F 08 8354 1888
                                                                          For over seven years Andrew Heywood and Richard Schneider have been
                                                                          manufacturing automotive rubber in South Australia. They also manufacture
                                                                          specially made screen seals on a one-off nature and custom fits for the most
                                                                          obscure of classic cars. Both Andrew and Richard are avid participants of classic
                                                                          car shows and events throughout the state.

12 Haughton Road
Oakleigh VIC 3166
T/F 03 9563 3023
Scott and Enza have 20 years of experience specialising in automotive rubber parts
for door and screen seals on all vehicles. They got started by pulling cars apart in
their own back garden. As well as rubber parts, they offer a large variety of general
hardware. Find catalogues on their website of the complete range of goods. The
website is in fact a mine of general car, Club and product information that every
enthusiast will value. A current project of interest is a 1970 Rover P6B estate, the
only one in Australia, which took Scott 10 years to locate.

                                                      SPECO THOMAS
                                                      1b Levanswell Rd, Moorabbin 3189
                                                      T 03 9555 7244 F 03 9553 2841
                                                      Brian Sampson took over a speed shop 34 years ago and built in into a high performance parts
                                                      manufacturing and distribution business. In addition to an extensive range of VHT paints and
                                                      specialised automotive parts, Speco has a comprehensive range of gauges, gauge pods, panels and
                                                      senders and adaptors. A new catalogue features several new releases to the SpecoMeter range - an
                                                      innovative 4-in-1 tachometer incorporating oil pressure, water temperature and boost gauges, two
                                                      liquid filled SpecoMeter gauges for carburettor and fuel injected engines, and a digital tyre pressure
                                                      gauge kit with extensions and quick change adaptors suitable for cars and trucks.

4/4 Appin Place, Dunheved 2760
T 02 9623 5333, F 02 9833 1041
You might know Spectrum Rubber & Panels by their former name, Old Auto Rubber
Company, under which they have been manufacturing and supplying restoration
rubbers, sheet metal parts and urethane suspension for over 30 years. They produce a
catalogue showing their range of products, many made in-house, for pre-2000 models.
The staff are dedicated to customer satisfaction and are personally involved with
classics themselves through clubs and shows.

                                                                   SPORTSCAR SPARES
                                                                   204 Toongabbie Road, Girraween 2145
                                                                   T 02 9631 9188, F 02 9631 5726
                                                                   The name of Noel Anderson and the supply of spares for sportscars have certainly been
                                                                   spoken together for many years. After 43 years in the business it will come as no surprise
                                                                   that Noel carries the largest stocks of sportscar spares in the whole of the country. In
                                                                   addition Noel also supplies alloy cylinder heads for 1,275 cc BMC engines, and MGB
                                                                   including cross flow versions. A full range of soft-tops are also carried.
Motor replaceMent parts Directory 2010

                                                                STILL-ONE AUTOMOTIVE RESTORATIONS
                                                                22 Berry Street, Granville NSW 2142
                                                                T 02 9637 8184 F 02 9637 8694
                                                                Still-One Automotive grew from a passion for classic cars and after 21 years, Michael
                                                                Stillone’s team is known for quality finished restorations, which have received awards at
                                                                concours events. A well equipped workshop is specifically set up for restoration work in
                                                                steel, aluminium or fibreglass bodywork, forming panels or replacement sections and lead
                                                                wipe repairs. Modern technology and old school panel beating skills transform tired old
                                                                bodies into sound motor cars. A complete paint shop and rust prevention services are also
                                                                available. All work is documented and several full restorations are now shown on their
                                                                website. All makes and models are welcome – from Jaguar, Austin-Healey, Aston Martin,
                                                                Mercedes-Benz, Alfa and Ferrari to Holden, Chrysler, Bolwell and Ford.

Unit 3, Lot 3 Sagewick Place, Moss Vale NSW 2577
T 02 4860 3333 F 02 4868 3544
Laurie and Marie Betland have been providing good quality products to suit car
enthusiasts or professional workshops at reasonable prices for the past 3 years. They
supply 2-post, 4-post, single post and moveable car hoists. They offer 12 months warranty
on electrics and hydraulics and 5 years warranty on the structure.

                                                                TR SPARES
                                                                45 Fairford Road, Padstow 2211
                                                                T 02 9709 5611, F 02 9708 6124
                                                                Mike Dallimore started his business 21 years ago when he was an engineer looking for a
                                                                change. Now, with his son Scott, he specialises in new and used spares for Rover, Land
                                                                Rover, Range Rover and Triumph. TR Spares are now a British Motor Heritage approved
                                                                supplier for Triumph and Rover and are agents for Lumenition Ignition Systems.

Factory 1, 89-91 Canterbury Road, Kilsyth VIC 3137
T 03 9728 4408 F 07 9728 4466
David Ricciuti started Unique Wiring Looms in 1992. He is a fully qualified auto electrician with 23
years experience in the trade. David specializes in the manufacture, repair and installation of PVC
and braided wiring looms. David also has extensive experience in all auto electrical services. David’s
experience includes auto electrical repairs and servicing on many makes and models of every vintage.
David is a member of the HR car club.

                                                                 V & A SPITERI/GAZ SHOCKS AUSTRALIA
                                                                 34 Joseph Street, North Blackburn Vic 3130
                                                                 T 03 9899 4851 F 03 9899 3895
                                                                 V and A Spiteri have been servicing and restoring Jaguars for over 35 years. They have
                                                                 recently added to their services by being appointed Australian distributors for GAZ
                                                                 Shocks, a UK based company. GAZ launched a new breed of adjustable shock absorbers
                                                                 for the competition and fast road market at competitive prices. The units are made to a
                                                                 recognised accredited ISO9002 standard to cover a range of telescopic, coilover, insert,
                                                                 fixed pan and adjustable struts. They are fully rebuildable, with a 3-year warranty and
                                                                 individual dyno read out. GAZ shocks are available for most classic, modern and
                                                                 European vehicles, and can be manufactured to suit special applications.
Motor replaceMent parts Directory 2010

Factory 7/477 MacDonald Highway, Ringwood Vic 3134
T 03 9570 0556 F 03 9570 0529
Since the mid-seventies, this company has specialised in vintage style wiring harnesses
using original materials to give a concours standard finish to your restoration. Paul and
Sue Vermont aim to produce high quality replacement automotive wiring harnesses for
non-current production vehicles, mostly right hand drive. Their range covers cars from
UK, USA, Australia and some European countries, from 1915 to the 1970s. With over
1200 patterns, they wire harnesses for almost any make and model, provide repairs and
carry a range of parts. All harnesses are made to order.

                                                                  VOLVO DOWNUNDER SPARES
                                                                  14 Cross Street, Pymble 2073
                                                                  T/F 02 9403 3049
                                                                  Gerry Lister has 47 years experience with Volvo cars having sold and serviced them,
                                                                  restored and raced and rallied Volvo P1900, 122’s and 142 and 144 models. They supply
                                                                  Volvo parts from Sweden exclusively. No parts are sourced from China, India, etc. They
                                                                  have in stock all the parts required to keep these cars on the road, plus many interior
                                                                  and exterior parts for restoration, such as upholstery, body moulds, bumpers and
                                                                  carpets. We can also source many quality used parts from Europe, UK and USA. We
                                                                  export worldwide and all our technical advice is free.

125 Ballandella Road, Pendle Hill NSW 2145
T: 02 9636 4499 F: 9688 1431
Western Brake and Steering have been restoring and repairing brake and steering
systems for over thirty years. Ranging from vehicles of the 50’s to more recent. They have
been involved in motorsport from historics to sport sedan racing. At Western Brake and
Steering they have a friendly and dedicated team who will obtain the best result for you,
whether it is a minor job or a major rebuild. The range of services available includes
mechanical repairs, vehicle inspections, large stock of brake and steering parts and
machining of brake discs and drums and flywheel machining.

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