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Clusteredof Live in party CFSMigration hosts
MaintenanceQuick andiSCSIof clustered
Hot addition/removal of storage
Support for optimized networking
SAN Migration: migrations SANs
Expanded Shared Volumes
Live migrations
 Support support Storage
$VMName = "Windows Server 2003“
$NewVMName = "Windows Server 2003 - new"
$VMManagementService = gwmi –class
"Msvm_VirtualSystemManagementService" -namespace
$query = "SELECT * -computername "."
"root\virtualization" FROM Msvm_ComputerSystem WHERE
ElementName='" + $VMName + "‘“$VM = gwmi -query $query -
namespace "root\virtualization" WHERE
$query = "Associators of {$VM} -computername "."
$VMSystemSettingData = gwmi -query $query -namespace
"root\virtualization" -computername "."
Virtual Machine Manager   Virtual Machine Manager
     Admin Console           PowerShell Console
Intelligent Placement
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           Dynamic Memory                                                           RemoteFX

Dynamic Memory allows the allocation of a range of memory   Microsoft RemoteFX leverages the power of virtualized graphics
(min and max) to individual VMs, enabling the system to     resources and advanced codecs to recreate the fidelity of
dynamically adjust the VM’s memory usage based on demand.   hardware-assisted graphics acceleration, including support for 3D
This provides more consistency in system performance        content and Windows Aero, on a remote user’s device. This allows
enabling better manageability for administrators            for a local-like, remote experience.




        Active Directory   SharePoint Server   Dynamics Server   SCVMM Server
      Windows Server
       2008 R2 SP1

     VM           VM   VM

VM         VM
     VM           VM

VM   VM    VM     VM   VM
      Windows Server
       2008 R2 SP1

VM   VM    VM     VM   VM

VM   VM    VM     VM   VM
      Windows Server
       2008 R2 SP1

     VM           VM   VM

VM         VM
     VM           VM

VM   VM    VM     VM   VM
      Windows Server
       2008 R2 SP1

     VM           VM   VM

VM         VM
     VM           VM

VM   VM    VM     VM   VM
                       Windows Server
                          2008 R2

      Windows Server                                Windows Server
       2008 R2 SP1                                   2008 R2 SP1

                             VM     VM   VM        VM           VM   VM

           VM                                 VM         VM
     VM           VM                               VM           VM

VM   VM    VM     VM                          VM   VM    VM     VM   VM
Service Pack 1
Free Download
    Common Issues                                                Tips
1   VMM Server installation fails if there is a space between the Remove the white space between
    instance name and port number for a remote SQL Server         Instance and Port number

2                                                                Enable “Allow unencrypted file
    Slow file transfer from Library                              transfers” in library settings

3   An SSL port is not specified when installing the VMM Self-   For implementing SSL
    Service Portal.                                              http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkI
4   After upgrading to VMM 2008 R2 , the VMM agent on a          Wait for the library refresh cycle or
    highly available VMM library server cannot be manually       refresh manually
5   After upgrading to VMM 2008 R2 , the "Allow unencrypted Enable it again.
    file transfers" setting is disabled.
           Reason                             Tip to resolve
Reason 1   VM is using Non clustered          Ensure that all VM files reside on a clustered
           Storage.                           storage.

Reason 2   One or more VLAN are not           Ensure VLAN name is identical, must have
           connected to HA Virtual Network    same network location and have same tag on
                                              each host in cluster. VLAN name is CASE
Reason 3   An ISO image is attached to a HA   Remove the ISO image from Hyper V
           VM.                                manager, Refresh using repair action in VMM.

Reason 4   A VMware HAVM is connected to      Ensure the port group is available on all the
           a port group which is not          ESX Server hosts in the cluster.
           available on all hosts
•   Automation, orchestration, and integration for IT
    management tools
Download the complete script used in the Demo today
PS C:\> set-vm prod_server -MemoryMB 256
-DynamicMemoryEnabled $true
-DynamicMemoryMaximumMB 2048
-DynamicMemoryPreferredBufferPercentage 15
-MemoryRelativeWeight 8000

PS C:\> get-help set-vm

    Gets virtual machine objects from the Virtual Machine Manager

PS C:\> get-vm |
>> ft Name, CurrentMemory

Name               CurrentMemory
----               -------------
ws03-1                       843
prod_server                    0
rfx-vm1                     1280

PS C:\>
PS C:\> get-vm |
>> where {$_.status -eq 'PowerOff'} |
>> set-vm –InstallVirtualizationGuestServices $true
PS C:\> set-vm client1
-VirtualVideoAdapterEnabled $true
-MonitorMaximumCount 2
-MonitorResolutionMaximum 1600x1200
PS   C:\> get-vm |
>>   where {$_.VirtualVideoAdapterEnabled} |
>>   ft Name, MonitorMaximumCount,
>>   MonitorResolutionMaximum

Name    MonitorMaximumCount   MonitorResolutionMaximum
----    -------------------   ------------------------
ws03-1                    1   1024x768
svr1                      2   1600x1200
rfx-vm1                   1   1280x1024

PS C:\>
PS C:\> get-vmhost |
>> ft Name, isCPUSLAT
Name                    IsCPUSLAT
----                    ---------
host2.contoso.com            True
host7.contoso.com           False
host1.contoso.com            True
host8.contoso.com           False

PS C:\>
PS C:\> $hosts = get-vmhost
PS C:\> foreach ($h in $hosts)
>> {$h.GPUs |ft $h.Name,Name,AvailableVideoMemoryMB}
host2… Name                    AvailableVideoMemoryMB
------ ----                    ----------------------
        NVIDIA Quadro FX 580                      420

Host7…    Name                   AvailableVideoMemoryMB
------    ----                   ----------------------
          NVIDIA GeForce 8800…                      495

Host1…    Name                   AvailableVideoMemoryMB
------    ----                   ----------------------
          NVIDIA GeForce GTX 295                    877
          NVIDIA Quadro FX 580                      420
PS C:\>

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