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					     Sexuality Discussion

Anita Claridge-Lawrence
Sexual Health Facilitator
North East Essex Provider Services
       Underpinning practice

•NMC Code of professional
•DOH Valuing people (2001)
•Valuing People now (2009)
•Sexual Health Strategy(2001)
•No secrets (2000) Review (2009)
•Southend Essex and Thurrock
safeguarding Adult Guidelines (2008)
•Teenage pregnancy strategy beyond
•Sexual offences Act (2003)
•Mental Health Act(1983)(2007)
•Human rights Act(1989)
•Mental Capacity Act(2005)
The World Health Organisation
(WHO) defines sexual health as:
“A state of physical, emotional, mental
and social wellbeing related to
sexuality; it is not merely the absence
of disease, dysfunction or infirmity.
Sexual health requires a positive and
respectful approach to sexuality and
sexual relationships, as well as the
possibility of having pleasurable and
safe sex experiences, free of coercion,
discrimination and violence. For sexual
health to be attained and maintained,
the sexual rights of all persons is
respected, protected and fulfilled.”
(WHO, 2002)
                  Sex Education

• Sex Education in Schools

• Ofsted Report

• Further and higher Education

• Compulsory Sex Education
     Strategy for Sexual Health & Teenage Pregnancy

Better information:
Empowering women with real choices

Better services:
Good access to quality abortion services

Better prevention:
Education and interventions to lower the teenage pregnancy
and abortion rate

Better support:
Access to adequate counselling for unplanned pregnancy.

• Human rights Act

• Skills

• Types of Relationships

• Stars in the sky
Sexuality and Relationships Education

           • Local Guidance
              • Referrals
               • Training
          • Sex and the Law
     Safeguarding Adults

–Referral process
–Where to go for help
• Local Services

• What are the Sexuality and
• Relationship issues facing you in your
• current role?

• Any Questions?

Thank you for listening

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