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									                                 SAUGUS HIGH SCHOOL

                            2010 PTSA SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION

            APPLICATION FILING DEADLINE IS 4:00pm Monday, February 15, 2010

                             APPLICATION DATA (please print or type)

Name: ____________________________________________

Street Address: _____________________________________

City, State, Zip Code: ________________________________

Area Code and Phone Number: _________________________

Parent(s) Name(s): ___________________________________

       This PTSA Scholarship application packet consists of this application and application guidelines.
The latter is to assist you in completing the application, preparing your essay, and assembling your
application packet for presentation to the selection committee. We want to point out that it is very
important that you carefully read all the materials in this packet before deciding how you will proceed.
There are some important ‘little’ details that you don’t want to miss causing you to be penalized during
the judging process. This completed application form MUST be accompanied by 2 type written essays.
The first essay is to describe your educational or vocational goals and discuss your involvement in
school, work, and community affairs. The second essay is to discuss who you consider as a person of
integrity and good moral character and why.

COUNSELING OFFICE                                    DATE RECEIVED

GPA _______

Certified by____________________________             _____________________________
                      Print Name                                       Signature

                                  SAUGUS HIGH SCHOOL
                                    2010 SCHOLARSHIP

                                     PROGRAM GUIDELINES

PTSA Scholarships are reserved for Graduating Seniors only.

Scholarships will be awarded in the amount of $500.00 to applicants with a G.P.A. range of 2.0 and up.
If the number of applicants is insufficient to permit a reasonable selection process, then the PTSA
reserves the right to relocate the number of scholarships and funds to be awarded for that year.

Scholarships will be awarded based on application presentation merit. The application presentation will
consist of the application form, the applicant’s two essays, and any sample materials that may
demonstrate the applicant’s sample work his/her respective field of endeavor.

The G.P.A. must be validated by the Counseling Center before the application will be reviewed by the
Scholarship Selection Committee.

Questions regarding the PTSA Scholarship program or process should be directed to the PTSA
Scholarship Committee via the Counseling Center.
                                  SAUGUS HIGH SCHOOL
                                    2010 SCHOLARSHIP

                                    APPLICATION SPECIFICS

The application form must be accompanied by two essays in which the applicant clearly articulates
educational or vocational goals and an essay on a person of integrity. The goal may be college,
vocational school, or apprenticeship. The first essay should include the following four areas including
specific details on how your involvement may attribute to the attainment of stated goal(s). Letters of
recommendations can be submitted from people within the community for whom the work, services or
activities were performed.

Your first essay should include the following:

       1. Describe briefly discuss your educational or career plans. What type of schooling is
          involved and where are you planning to attend?
       2. Briefly discuss your involvement in Saugus High School activities. This may include
          sports, spirit, clubs, yearbook, etc…
       3. Describe any community service organizations you have been involved with. This may
          include scouting, volunteer work, church, or service organizations, etc….
       4. Discuss any other life experiences such as part-time work that you would like the committee
          to know about.

Your second essay show be about a person who you who you consider as a person of integrity and good
moral character and why.
                                   SAUGUS HIGH SCHOOL
                            2010 SCHOLARSHIP
                                      SELECTION PROCESS

Applications will be reviewed and scored by a scholarship selection committee after they have been
received and validated by the Counseling Center.
The selection committee will consist of no fewer than five members. Scholarship committee members
participating in the judging process may not be the parent or guardian of an applicant.
Prior to the review of materials submitted by applicants, the committee will determine what the process
will be so there is a consistent method used for judging and selection.
The decision of the selection committee is final and will be rendered before the CAPR assembly
proceedings and programming.

                            CLAIMING PTSA SCHOLARSHIP FUND

Students selected to receive PTSA scholarships will receive specific instructions for claiming their
scholarship funds along with their scholarship award certificates at the CAPR Awards Assembly.
Funds will be paid by check payable to the students or institution of their choice upon submission
for validated proof of participation in a program as stated in their goals statements in the
application presentation essays.

Scholarship funds are held by Saugus High School PTSA. Selected students MUST claim their
scholarship fund before October 15th of the school year following the CAPR Award Assembly at
which the scholarship was awarded (October 15, 2010). Funds not claimed in the allowed time
frame will be returned to the PTSA general account.

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