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									 Volume 18, Issue 1                                                                                         Spring, 2008

                              Newsletter of Fair Hill Environmental Foundation, Inc.

Welcome Spring!
   This issue of Habitats marks a new     Fair Hill’s interesting history and in-
publishing year for the newsletter, and   troduce other organizations that are
brings with it a new look as well as a    housed at Fair Hill, such as the
fresh update on Nature Center happen-     Equestrian Training Center and Fair
ings. Habitats is published for Nature    Hill Stables.
Center members—its purpose is to let
                                             In addition to our spring program
you know the valuable uses to which
your generous donations are put (see
                                          offerings, we are pleased to invite               Please Join Us!
                                          you to a Wine and Cheese Open
Tails Out of School) and to inform you
                                          House on April 17 from 5 to 7 pm.
of upcoming opportunities to learn
about and help our local environment
                                          Part of the Cecil County Chamber of               Wine and Cheese
                                          Commerce Business Card Exchange
and the Chesapeake Bay watershed
                                          Program, these receptions are always
(see the insert regarding spring pro-
                                          lively and fun, with good food and                      April 17
grams and summer camp).
                                          door prizes. As hosts, Nature Center
   A new column is “Fair Hill NRMA        board members and staff will be on                 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
News,” in which we’ll share informa-      hand to explain the Nature Center’s               For more information
tion from our partner and landlord, the   educational mission and show off its                call 410-398-4909
Maryland Department of Natural Re-        accomplishments. Please join us for
sources. In future issues we also hope    this special spring evening!                      Refreshments generously
to feature articles that reveal some of                                                  contributed by State Line Liquors

Tails Out of School
This year, as spring approaches, in addition to the snow         Students have fun role playing trees, soil, and wildlife as
drops and the crocuses, the outdoor school has a special         well as people struggling with the decisions required to
sign of life renewing itself. Teacher/naturalist Nicole          share water and habitat space. It has been interesting to
Heinrich gave birth to her son Chayton Heinrich on               see how our fifth grade “land planners” meet the challenge
December 26th 2007. We all got to meet him at our                of adding houses while trying to minimize the impact to
summer camp planning meeting. Mom and baby are doing             the environment they share. Changes within the Cecil
great and Nicole is looking forward to                                          County curriculum give us the opportunity
the added exercise that our spring                                              to write new programs and share new ideas.
teaching schedule will provide.
                                                                                 Volunteers who attended our spring Trail
Outdoor classes began on March 13th                                              Day on March 15 helped to build a new
with our new fifth grade soil program.                                           boot box, cable a bridge and rebuild some
Our educators have designed a new                                                steps up from the creek. We finished our
outdoor unit that involves the                                                   work day with grilled hot dogs and
examination of materials currently                                               homemade brownies. Mark your calendars
used to prevent soil erosion and a                                               for our fall Trail Day on September 13.
game that simulates some land use
                                                                                 Carver Ralph Nester helped to start our
decisions made in the adult world.
                                          Assembling the boot box on Trail Day   spring public programs on March 29 with a
                                                                                                                   more, pg.4
Board of Directors                    Nature Center Wish List
Officers                             List of things needed:

Ron Perkins                          • Outgrown rain coats sizes 6 to 10
President                            • New digital camera
Guy Palmeri
                                     • Funds to purchase 2 microscopes (cost approx. $150
Vice President
Jim Sopa
                                     • Photographer to take pictures at weekend events and
                                        occasional school programs
Tina Freudenberger                   • A volunteer with some free time and handyman skills to assist staff
Treasurer                               with household maintenance and simple construction projects.
Mario Gangemi
Past President

Members at Large                  Habitats Community
Paul Cahill                            Welcome to Our New Members!                         Thanks also to the following for their
Wendy Cahill                                                                                  recent generous donations:
                                       Bertha & Geoff Turnbull
Joe Clancy, Jr.                        Dymowski Family                                     ATK Elkton LLC
David Vanaskey, Jr.                    David & Jessa Gillis                                Advantage Autoland
                                       Celeste & Harry Metcalfe                            Basell USA
Staff                                  Kyla & William DeStefano                            Cecil County Arts Council
Holly Hannum                           Sharon Little                                       Cecil County Bar Foundation
Education Director                     Marie & Scott Green                                 Cecil County Commissioners
Nicole Heinrich                        Katie & Gary Clarkson                               Cecil Soil Conservation District
Judy Maxwell                                                                              Cecil Partnerships for Children,Youth
                                                                                          & Families
Erlene Michener
                                                                                           Cecilton and Rising Sun Lions Clubs
Christine Simmers
                                                                                          Institute of Museum & Library
Amy Tetlow Smith                                                                            Services (IMLS)
Teacher-Naturalists                                                                        Waterfowl Festival, Inc.
Chris Haight
Office Manager                    Nature Center Hours of Operation
Jerry Hendricks                   Weekdays from mid-March until mid-June and late-August until the end of Novem-
Webmaster                         ber, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Weekdays from mid-June until end of July, 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
                                  (closed week of July 4th). During other hours, weekends and other non-open days,
                                  Board members and staff who are working at the Center usually open the doors so the

                               Mission of the Fair Hill Environmental Foundation, Inc.
         To promote responsible stewardship through an appreciation and understanding of our environment. Our goals are to:
                     1) raise awareness among children and adults about the interrelationships that occur in nature
                           and the interdependence of the environment, our health, the economy, and culture;
                            2) increase actions among citizenry that demonstrate environmental responsibility;
         3) strengthen public advocacy toward the protection, preservation, and restoration of the Chesapeake Bay watershed.
 The Nature Center and “the Park”: Environmental Partners
  Did you know that the Nature Center     Located at: 630 Tawes Drive               Mission: Fair Hill is a Natural
is not part of the Fair Hill Natural      (formerly Mr. Willie DuPont’s hunting     Resources Management Area, which
Resources Management Area (known          lodge).                                   is different from a State Park, and
to most simply as “Fair Hill” or the      Hours of Operation: see page 2.           refers to the fact that multiple
                                                                                    management practices are employed
“Park”)? Sponsored by the non-profit      Contact: Telephone: 410-398-4909          for the maximum use and protection of
Fair Hill Environmental Foundation,                                                 Maryland's natural resources.
                                          Website: www.fairhillnature.org
Inc., the Center receives no funding
from the DNR but leases the building      Activities: the Center conducts           Park Hours: Dawn to Dusk
                                          science-based environmental               Park Office: 300 Tawes Drive
from the state of Maryland for $1.00
                                          programs that meet Cecil County
per year. It also has permission to use   learning standards for elementary         Office Hours: M & F, 9 am to 3:30
the park’s trails for its education       school children. It also offers           pm; T, W, Th, 8 am to 4 pm.
programs. In return, the Foundation is    programs for the public and operates      Contact: Telephone: 410-398-1246
responsible for the Center’s upkeep       a popular summer day camp.                Website: http://www.dnr.state.md.us/
and utilities, and maintains the trails   Funding: Cecil County Public              publiclands/central/fairhill.html
and bridges used by students during       Schools, grants, donations and            Parking fees: Utilizing honor boxes at
field trips. The numbers of school        memberships, and camp and program         5 designated day-use parking lots,
children that visit the Center (over      registration fees. It is a member of      $3.00 for in-state residents, $4.00 for
7,000 per year) are included in the       United Way.                               out-of-state resident users. Annual
park’s visitor usage statistics.          Volunteer Opportunities: volunteers passports (good for the calendar year)
  Sometimes the relationship between      participate in stewardship activities     can be purchased at the park office or
                                          including a quarterly highway clean up online. $75/instate and $100/out-of-
the Park and the Nature Center can be
                                          along route 273, and a spring and fall state. These passes are good for any
confusing to people. Here’s some          Trails Day to prepare trails for classes. Maryland State Park.
information to help you determine         Volunteers are also welcome to help       Volunteer Opportunities: the Park
who’s who!                                out with programs, photograph             conducts Trail Work Parties on the 2nd
                                          activities, and a myriad of other tasks. Saturday of each month (weather
      Fair Hill Nature Center
                                                                                    dependent) from 9 am until 1 pm.
Operated by the Fair Hill                            Fair Hill NRMA
                                                                                    Volunteers meet at the Maintenance
Environmental Foundation, Inc., a         5600 acres owned by the State of          Complex. Call the Park office for more
non-profit organization.                  Maryland and managed by the               information.
Mission: see bottom of page 2.            Department of Natural Resources.

2008 Fair Hill Nature Calendar Fund-Raiser
   By now, hopefully you’ve seen the inaugural edition of the Fair Hill
Nature Center calendar. If not, support the nature center and purchase one
(only $10—see below) for yourself. The calendar is full of beautiful sea-
sonal images of the nature center and the Fair Hill property – the covered
bridge, the pond, the trails, the meadows, even the bugs.
   Designed by Fair Hill-based ST Publishing, the calendar features pho-
tos by Harry Dillner, Kevin Titter, Steve Silva, Tod Marks, Shannon
Brinkman and Ben Pavlow. Funding sponsors were: Cecil Bank, Wil-
mington Trust, the Cattail Company, Lang Development Group, R.D.
Arnold Construction, Chris Sopa, Mr. Handyman, Cahill Plumbing and
Heating, Joanne Young and Morgan Stanley.
  With the help of the sponsors and a quick initial sales burst, the calendar has also served its purpose as a fund-raiser
for the nature center – paying the print invoice and making a small positive effect on the checkbook. Long-term, the
calendar could be a major fund-raiser for the nature center. We look forward to big things.
  Now, it’s time to think about the 2009 calendar. Photographers, get out your cameras and get out to Fair Hill – the
calendar needs high-resolution shots of Fair Hill and its sights throughout the year. Anyone can submit photos. Email
Joe Clancy at jclancy@st-publishing.com or contact the nature center for more details.
  For more information on obtaining a calendar, call 410.398.4909.
                      Fair Hill Nature and                                                                  Bulk Rate
                      Environmental Center
                       630 Tawes Drive, Elkton, MD 21921                                                 US Postage Paid
                       Phone: 410.398.4909
                                                                                                         Elkton, MD 21921
                       E-mail: fairhillnature@dol.net
                       www.fairhillnature.org                                                               Permit #15

Habitats is published for members of the Fair Hill Nature and Environmental Center, a non-profit organization devoted to
  the study and enjoyment of nature, and the conservation of natural habitats within the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

Tails Out of School, cont.                                      Fair Hill NRMA News
great workshop. Participants learned a little about the         Trout Season began on March
history of decoy carving all the way back to the Native         29. Between 2500 and 3500
Americans. Our youngest carvers had a chance to try their       brown and rainbow trout will be
hand at carving a duck’s head out of soap. We hope that he      released during this year’s
will join us again.                                             fishing season. There will be a
 Upcoming activities include our annual Frog Frenzy on          closure from April 20 through the
April 11th. Join us as we look for mating toads and             26th for restocking (and once
amphibian eggs on an evening hike that ends with a              again sometime in the fall).
campfire. Be sure to call ahead so we have enough               Fishermen aged 16 and up are required to have a
marshmallows.                                                   valid fishing license and trout stamp.

 Be sure to join naturalist Doris Andersen on April 26 for a    Full-color water and tear-resistant trail maps of Fair
wildflower walk through Stove Pipe Hollow. This area of         Hill can be purchased from the Park Office or
the park is home to a huge variety of spring ephemerals         online (www.dnr.state.md.us) for $6.00.
including bloodroot, trout lilies, wild ginger and wild
geranium.                                                               Up-coming events at FHNRMA
  Summer camp this year is loaded with our usual water and
                                                                       Scottish Games on May 17
hiking fun with some new twists. Judy Maxwell will lead a
new camp for 8 to 12 year olds entitled “Summer Farmers.”
Campers will explore where our food (both wild and                     Memorial Day Races on May 24
cultivated) comes from, take a field trip and eat some tasty           http://www.fairhillraces.org/index.html
treats. Another new offering is “Explore Fair Hill” (ages 10
to 13). Campers will explore Fair Hill on foot, on bikes, and         Please visit each organization’s website
on horseback. No riding experience is necessary for this                       for more information.
new adventure designed for some of our older campers.




                             FAIR HILL NATURE CENTER
                                630 Tawes Drive, Elkton, MD 21921

           March 29 - Decoy               Carving Workshop
                     10:00am – Noon Members Free/Non-members $3.00
                                          Ages 7 and up
Learn about a local art form from decoy carver, J. Ralph Nester. After learning basic skills, we
will try our hands at carving a duck’s head from soap. Materials will be provided.

                                April 11 – Frog Frenzy
                     6:30pm – 8:00pm Members Free/Non-members $4.00
                                          Ages 3 and up
Bring your family (and a flashlight!) on a night hike to locate the singing frogs! We will meet
at the Nature Center and finish up with a bonfire, hot chocolate, roasted hot dogs and

                     April 19 - SWAT
                                     8:00am – 9:30am Free
                                         Ages 12 and up
Help clean up our roadsides by joining Nature Center staff and board members for its quarterly
trash pickup day along our adopted highway, a 2 mile section of Rt. 273. We will meet at
Wesley's parking lot at 8 a.m. All materials provided by the Nature Center.

                      April 26 – Wildflower Walk
                    10:00am – 11:30am Members Free/Non-members $4.00
                                          Ages 8 and up
Enjoy a spring morning hike through the forest to identify beautiful native wildflowers. Bring a
camera if you would like to capture the beauty of these flowers before they are gone.

          *For all events, please call 410-398-4909 or register via e-mail at
Times and fees for individual campers are listed below. M=Member/NM=Non-member. Full payment is due at registration. A full refund is available up to
two weeks before the program. Classes may be cancelled due to insufficient enrollment - you will be notified one week in advance.
                                                            Questions? Call 410-398-4909.

                   Week #1 June 16 – 20                                                           Week #3 July 7 – 11
A. Summer Critters (ages 5-7)                  9am-Noon                      A. Fair Hill Friends (ages 3-4)                        9:15-11:15am
Explore Fair Hill and its creatures       $75M/$95NM                             *Same as week #2                                  $40M/$55NM
through age appropriate games, crafts and hikes.
                                                                             B. Summer Critters (ages 5-7)                            9am-Noon
                                                                                *Same as week #1                                   $75M/$95NM
B. Waterworks (ages 8-12)                       9am-Noon
Get wet and have fun while you              $75M/$95NM                       C. American Indian Adventure (ages 8-12)    9am-Noon
investigate water. Build a water machine,                                    Enjoy hikes, games and crafts            $75M/$95NM
go on a water hike and cool off with water games!                            as you explore Native American culture.

                   Repeat Campers Welcome!                                                        New activities each year!

                  Week #2 June 23 – 27                                                           Week #4 July 14 – 18
A. Fair Hill Friends (ages 3-4)           9:15am-11:15am                     A. Little Waterworks (ages 5-7)                         9am-Noon
Bring an adult friend to share Fair Hills  $40M/$55NM                             *Same as week #2                               $75M/$95/NM
natural wonders!
*Note this camp is held on Tuesday, Wednesday and
Thursday only!
                                                                             B. Summer Farmers (ages 8-12)                    9am-Noon
B. Little Waterworks (ages 5-7)                9am-Noon                      Dig in the soil and plant some seeds!      $75M/$95/NM
Play, experiment, and learn about water     $75M/$95NM                       Hike through Fair Hill and locate plants that we can eat.
and water animals in this hands-on, get wet camp!                            Make wine berry ice cream!

C. Wilderness Adventure (ages 8-12)                     9am-Noon             C. Explore Fair Hill (ages 10-13)                  9am-Noon
Learn to pack a backpack,                          $105M/$125NM              Hike, bike and horseback ride your way $100M/$120NM
basic “survivor” skills and camp over                                        through Fair Hill! We will explore the ruins,
at Fair Hill on Thursday night.                                              old bridges and take a trail ride at Fair Hill Stables.

                  CAMP APPLICATION FORM
 Camper Name:                                     age wk# & letter Camp Fee                        MEMBERSHIP FORM
 2.                                                                                          I’d like to:    Become a member
                                                                                                             Renew my membership
 4.                                                                                                              $30 Family
                                                                                                      $50 Business      $75 Patron
                                            Camp total=$________
             Add a Nature Center T-shirt $10/shirt                                                    $150 Sponsor      $500 Benefactor
                                          Member fee=$________
           # shirts:____Circle size(s): Youth S M L
                                           T-shirt fee= $________
           (Note:T-shirts are the same for all camps)
 Parent’s name:________________________________________Phone:_____________________________________
 Please make checks payable to: FHNC & mail to Fair Hill Nature Center, 630 Tawes Drive, Elkton, MD 21921

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