Classmate Scavenger Hunt by nuhman10


									                                Classmate Scavenger Hunt
Your task is to find a person who has one of the following characteristics and have that person
sign his of her name on the line next to it. The challenge is to find a DIFFERENT person for
each trait.

   1. Has mixed Mentos and Diet Coke ____________________________________________

   2. Planted a garden this summer _______________________________________________

   3. Has rubbed a balloon on their head and stuck it to the wall ________________________

   4. Went to see fireworks this summer ___________________________________________

   5. Saw the meteor shower this August ___________________________________________

   6. Visited a provincial park this summer _________________________________________

   7. Has put chlorine in a swimming pool _________________________________________

   8. Uses their green-bin at home ________________________________________________

   9. Has touched a Van de Graaf generator ________________________________________

   10. Has visited a desert _______________________________________________________

   11. Has seen an eclipse _______________________________________________________

   12. Has put salt on the driveway to melt ice _______________________________________

   13. Can name at least two constellations __________________________________________

   14. Has seen the Northern Lights ________________________________________________

   15. Has planted a tree _________________________________________________________

   16. Has given someone a static electric shock ______________________________________

   17. Experienced a power outage this summer ______________________________________

   18. Is a vegetarian ___________________________________________________________

   19. Has been hunting or fishing before ___________________________________________

   20. Has a carbon monoxide detector at home ______________________________________

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