THE NBC PROJECT by yaoyufang


									      ALUMNI NEWSLETTER


     On Saturday, May 15, 2010 Nelson, Breese and Clemans closed for the
     final time. Almost 50 years worth of memories left the building with the
     students. A week before closing between 50-60 alums came back for
     a special reception to honor the memory of what we affectionately call
     “NBC.” From folks who have recently graduated to at least one “origi-
     nal” resident of both Clemans and Breese Halls, the alums had a great
     time reflecting on their residence hall experiences and sharing their
     personal memories from life in NBC. Jim Chitwood spoke eloquently
     of the history behind these three communities. Attendees left with one
     last memory of their former campus homes.

     At the alumni event some nice images of the new building were shared
     – some folks even took photos of the drawings! The images (top and
     right) show just how student (and family) expectations have changed
     regarding campus housing options. The new building reflects the de-
     sire on the part of students for more privacy and greater “creature
     comforts” in their home away from home. In addition, the central loca-
     tion of the facility; close to Reeve, Blackhawk, Polk Library and the
     Student Recreation and Wellness Center, will make it a popular place
     for our students.

     As I write this the University administration is considering “naming”
     options for the new hall. While the name has not yet been determined,
     we have asked the architect to determine a way to honor the old build-
     ings through the incorporation of some of the Clemans Hall brickwork
     into a primary social space on the first floor of the new building. We
     will also create a permanent memorial to NBC through the display
     of memorabilia in a prominent location. In this way the memories of
     Nelson, Breese and Clemans will live on.

     This summer deconstruction of the old NBC will be completed, and
     construction of the new residence hall will begin in fall. If we are able
     to stay on schedule we will open the new building in time for the 2012-13
     school year. Please check our website for updates, including shots from a
     webcam located on the top of North Scott Hall. This is the first new resi-
     dence hall built on campus since 1970 – a major step forward in the UW
     Oshkosh campus housing program.
                                                                        Everything We Do, We Do for Many
                                                                        Every year Residence Life as well as Hall Governments and
                                                                        United Students in Residence Halls (USRH) plan many pro-
                                                                        grams— the 2009-2010 academic year was no exception.
                                                                        A variety of programs are presented monthly by community
                                                                        advisors alone. Community Advisors (CAs) planned numerous
                                                                        educational, social and cultural programs that addressed a
                                                                        variety of topics in order to increase awareness of social or
                                                                        cultural issues.
                                                                        USRH has always been a wonderful partner for program-
                                                                        ming. This year alone they provided $16,500 of funding to 62
Alternative Spring Break 2010                                           different programs! These programs address different areas:
                                                                        Educational, Cultural, Community Service, or Social. Listed
This year the Department of Residence Life paired with Reeve            are just a few select programs.
Memorial Union to send 15 students on an Alternative Spring
Break (ASB) Trip to Washington, D.C. The theme of this year’s           •  Dinner with a Professor
trip was “Eat to Live, Not Live to Eat.” The students’ mission          •  Condom Bingo
this  year  was  to  help  the  20%  of  the  D.C.  population  that    •  Fleece Blanket Making
lives homeless and hungry and gain a broader perspective                •  Stuff an Animal
on the issue across the country in order to bring what they             •  Taylor Tie Dye
learned back to the Oshkosh area and UW Oshkosh campus.                 •  Donner Hall’s Music Fest 2009
The students raised money for their trip through various fun-
draisers including starting an annual fundraising event known           Regardless of their type, these programs provided an outlet
as ASB Trivia night. The students also prepared for the trip            for students to help someone, either themselves or others.
by learning about the various issues regarding the homeless             One program from each of the Cultural, Social, and Educa-
and hungry in Washington, D.C. and the Oshkosh community.               tional categories was chosen as Program Of the Year (OTY)
                                                                        at the End of the Year Banquet held on May 1st. The Cultural
During their trip, the students resided on the floor of a church,       Program OTY was the Hunger Banquet. At the banquet at-
setting up camp with their sleeping bags every night and                tendees learned about world, national and local hunger is-
cleaning up by 6:30am every morning. The students spent                 sues by sitting through a dinner. Participants were divided by
their time volunteering at So Others Might Eat (S.O.M.E.), a            class with proportionate food allotment . The OTY for the So-
place that advocates for solutions to homelessness and em-              cial Program was Thursday Night Live (TNL); TNL is a weekly
powers the homeless to make real and lasting changes in their           program held on Thursdays in the Scott Hall Main Lounge
lives; the Capital Area Food Bank; and Father McKenna’s, a              (SHML). Four CAs (two from North, two from South) plan and
place where the homeless can get their immediate needs met              implement a fun, social program. Some programs that have
and be empowered to do more for themselves. The Oshkosh                 been  done  have  been  Mocktini’s,  Pet  the  Pooch  for  a  Buck, 
students spent time sorting food, organizing pantries, prepar-          a Hawaiian Luau, and a Dance Party. Wrapping up the OTY 
ing and serving food to the homeless and hungry, and getting            awards is the Clemans Leukemia Lymphoma program. This
to know some of their personal struggles and triumphs. At the           program raised awareness and money for the Leukemia Lym-
end of each day, the students spent time in reflection groups           phoma Society. Specifically, $637.83 was raised in only two
allowing them to become more engaged in processing their                hours, with the primary donors being college students!

The students had several ideas about how to bring back what
they learned to UW Oshkosh and the surrounding community.
One of the first things the students chose to do was to pair
with the Social Justice NBC Action Team to put on a Hunger
Banquet. During this event individuals were served different 
meals according to an assigned economic status at each
table. The ASB students gave a presentation on their experi-
ences and facilitated conversations at each table. The stu-
dents have also given several presentations across campus
and  plan  on  volunteering  at  Father  Carr’s,  an  area  shelter 
that  serves  the  homeless,  and  work  with  Dining  Services  to 
raise money to help support services to empower the home-
less in Oshkosh.
 JamEs m. CHiTwOOD
The Department of Residence Life, in cooperation with the            ber the first OPE, as an employer from UW Whitewater, as we
UW Oshkosh Foundation, has established a new fund to                 did indeed, experience a snowfall on Saturday night, causing
pay  tribute  to  Dr.  James  M.  Chitwood  for  his  outstanding    most people to be delayed on their trips home on Sunday.
service and countless contributions to the Oshkosh Place-            Even today, we expect a snowfall. A few years ago we were
ment Exchange. This new fund has been titled the “James M.           given credit for an “OPE Snowstorm” over Kansas and Mis-
Chitwood OPE Candidate Fund” as it will benefit individuals          souri.
who have registered for the Oshkosh Placement Exchange
and who are seeking financial assistance to offset the costs         For the first few years, all events were held in Gruenhagen on
of their attending the national placement exchange on the            first floor, including room registration, long interview sign-up
University of Wisconsin Oshkosh campus. Fundraising com-             lines, and the evening socials. The Saturday socials includ-
menced in January of 2010, and through the generous sup-             ed free food and beer. In the late 1980’s, as OPE grew, we 
port of many colleagues and friends throughout the United            had to use the first floor lobby for our Saturday night social.
States, the first candidate fund award was presented at the          One year the Gruenhagen students adamantly complained
31st Annual Oshkosh Placement Exchange in March of 2010.             that “housing administrators and guests could drink beer in
                                                                     the lobby, but students could not drink beer on their floors.”
For all of us who have been involved with the coordination           The following year, we moved the event to Reeve. Later, we
and planning of OPE, for the tens of thousands of candi-             stopped the free beer. In 2010 we stopped selling alcohol at
dates and employers who have been professionally and per-            the event. Some things do change in a positive way.
sonally impacted through attending OPE, and for all others
who have been privileged to work within the Department of            We always looked forward to OPE, as it showcased the cur-
Residence Life at UW Oshkosh, we know and understand                 rent styles and colors of the new suits, ties, dresses, blouses,
that OPE and Jim Chitwood are synonymous. You really                 shoes and haircuts. Even our own UW Oshkosh staff and
can’t think of one without the other! For this reason, I took        students cleaned up well. For those of you who have not at-
the opportunity to ask Jim to reflect upon his three decades         tended OPE for many years, you will be amazed at the ex-
of leadership and involvement in the Oshkosh Placement               tensive decorating each of the colleges and universities do
Exchange to give us a sense of the significance, value and           now. Most all campuses show their colors, videos, favors and
importance of OPE, as well as the historical context. What           advertisements throughout every square foot on the walls in
follows are the questions I posed, as well as Jim’s responses…       Gruenhagen Conference Center. During the past few years 
                                                                     the candidates cheer on their peers in the waiting areas when
What is your most significant/best memory of the Oshkosh             one’s  name  is  called  for  an  interview.  The  camaraderie  and 
Placement Exchange?                                                  cheerleading is delightful to behold.
“I have had so many good experiences during my career
with OPE, and too many to discuss in this newsletter. Give           While I always enjoyed the candidate interviews, I must con-
me a microphone and a willing audience, and I can talk for           fess, to no one’s surprise, I have most enjoyed the candidate 
a couple of hours regarding our outstanding and enduring             and employer welcomes/briefings, the socials, and many hall
program, the Oshkosh Placement Exchange. I vividly remem
                                                                                                            continued on next page...
way conversations. Finally, I am so pleased that the Minority       So, now, it is our opportunity as Department of Residence Life 
and Friends Network has evolved into a great program and            Alumni to pay tribute to Jim through our financial support of
service, exemplifying how residence life and housing staffs         the newly established James M. Chitwood OPE Fund. I invite
genuinely strive to be inclusive in all that we do.”                all of us to consider making a contribution to grow this fund,
                                                                    and to carry on the vision and legacy of Jim, and to pay honor
In your opinion, how has OPE contributed to the profession of       and tribute to what he has meant to all of us, and the literally
student affairs as a whole, and how has it impacted the field       tens of thousands of OPE candidates and employers over the
of student affairs throughout the 31 years it has been in exis-     past 31 years. Details related to making a contribution are as 
tence?                                                              follows…
“OPE has had a significant impact on residence life programs
throughout the country. All one has to do is ask housing pro-
fessionals if that is true. This started out as a “good idea”
and “an experiment” with no expectations that it might go on
                                                                    1   To request that an informational letter be sent to you, you
                                                                        may e-mail Marc Nylen at The letter
                                                                        explains the OPE fund in detail, and provides you with an
for decades. We had highs and lows with attendance. For a               informational card explaining how to make a donation to
couple of years we considered capping the enrollment. Other             the fund.
years our attendance was down, but never too low to discuss
ending the endeavor. If UW Oshkosh housing administrators
ever thought about stopping OPE, they might not be able to
show their faces at professional meetings. In fact, several col-
                                                                    2    You can choose to send a check to the following address:
                                                                         UW Oshkosh Foundation
                                                                         800 Algoma Boulevard
leges and universities only use OPE to seek and hire qualified           Oshkosh, WI 54901
staff members. We now have had candidates who have had                   (Reference that your donation is being made to the
a parent who used OPE during the early years. It is amaz-                James M. Chitwood OPE Fund)
ing how time has flown, as the early successful candidates at
OPE are now considering retirement.”

How do you see the James M. Chitwood OPE Fund benefitting
                                                                    3    Donations may also be made online at…
                                                                Please indicate that your
                                                                         gift should be directed to the James M. Chitwood OPE
candidates for years to come?                                            Fund.
“First, I am so pleased and honored that the Residence Life
staff decided to establish this fund. As one who has attended
all 31 OPE annual events, it is great to see the successes it has
had on so many people. Second, as travel expenses continue
                                                                    4     You may also contact Lori Kroening at the UW Oshkosh
                                                                          Foundation Office via e-mail at
                                                                          to discuss making a donation and learning more detail
to increase, these scholarships will help candidates to be able           about the fund. You may also contact Lori at
to seek careers in a profession that has meant so much to me             (920) 424-2228
and my family.”
                                                                    On behalf of the Department of Residence Life and the Os-
How would you like to see the James M. Chitwood OPE Fund            hkosh Placement Exchange, we look forward to growing this
grow and benefit even more candidates than the one person           fund to benefit as many OPE candidates as possible in future
it did in 2010?                                                     years. Please strongly consider making a contribution to this
“Kay and I have decided this scholarship program will be one        important fund, and to share this information with others who
of our major five charitable activities we will support each        may not have received this information. It is now our oppor-
year. It is our hope, and the hope of the Department of Res-        tunity to “pay it forward” in honoring and recognizing Jim for
idence Life staff, that the fund be able to grow to support         the vision, coordination, dedication and legacy that he has
more than one scholarship each year. In fact, we hope that in       left through his 31 years of involvement in the Oshkosh Place-
2011, we can have two scholarships: one for candidates from         ment Exchange.
throughout the country and one for a UW Oshkosh graduate
who attends OPE. If the fund is able to grow, we might be           Marc K. Nylen
able to go beyond the two recipients.”                              Director of Gruenhagen Conference Center
                                                                    Department of Residence Life
Please summarize the meaning, significance and lasting
impact that the Oshkosh Placement Exchange has had on
your life.
“While I have been told to be pride-filled is a sin, I must ad-
mit that OPE has brought me great joy and satisfaction. This
is evident when housing and residence life staff from around
the country speak so highly of UW Oshkosh and the Oshkosh
Placement Exchange. The quality of the UW Oshkosh staff
and OPE throughout the years has brought great recognition
and positive attention to UWO (causing the “O” to stand for
“Outstanding”). I am proud to say that I have been a part of
this success.”
The Quest for Strengths                                                Oshkosh On The Water
Hey all you former Res Lifers…do you remember the Myers-               Oshkosh has undergone some major changes this spring and
Briggs Type Indicator? Were you an Introvert or Extrovert?             summer which caused some traffic headaches this summer
A Sensor or Intuitive? A Thinker or Feeler? A Judger or Per-           (as if Oshkosh was not already difficult to navigate with four
ceiver? Move over Myers-Briggs, there is a new “indicator”             draw bridges). There was a point this summer where only two
in town called StrengthsQuest. Our department is now using             of the overpasses that connected the east side of the city to
Gallup’s  StrengthsFinder  to  assist  us  in  the  development  of    the west side of the city were operable.
our individual staff members as well as the development of                T
                                                                       •    he Main Street renovation project is nearing completion. 
our staff teams.                                                          Main Street has been closed for the majority of the spring /
                                                                          summer, but it is going to be beautiful when it is complete.
The StrengthsFinder identifies the top five strengths (out of             T
                                                                       •    wo of about 10-12 round-a-bouts slated for Oshkosh have 
34 themes) for each individual who takes the indicator. The               opened – one at the intersection of Jackson and Murdock
belief is that rather than focusing on weaknesses, individuals            and one at highways 45 and 41. Two more will open on the
and teams can be much more effective if they focus on their               Witzel Ave. overpass over 41. There are many more to come.
strengths and work to use those strengths in a more produc-               T
                                                                       •    hey have reconstructed both the Witzel and 20th street 
tive manner. As Gallup puts it:                                           overpasses to accommodate what will eventually be three
                                                                          lanes of 41 traffic (both ways).
“A strength is the ability to provide consistent, near-perfect            T
                                                                       •    hey  have  begun  work  on  the  Butte  de  Morts  Bridge  to 
performance in a given activity. The concept of strength be-              make it three lanes. Of course, this will be a lengthy and
gins with the talent. Each person naturally has a group of                difficult project.
talents. Talents are like “diamonds in the rough,” whereas                T
                                                                       •    he  Grand  Opera  House  roof  was  recently  replaced  and 
strengths are like diamonds that show brilliance after they               the beautiful ceiling had to be renovated due to major
have been carefully cut and polished. Your greatest areas                 structural flaws in the roof.
of talent, your most likely sources of potential strengths, are           M
                                                                       •    any many old factory buildings have born torn down along 
identified by StrengthsFinder.”                                           the Fox River to make room for redevelopment possibilities.

Currently, all Sr. and Central Staff members have taken                Planning A Visit To Oshkosh?
StrengthsQuest and we will continue to use this resource to
increase the effectiveness of our staff teams. We are also             Are you thinking about coming back to see your alma mater
using the tool to assist in the development of our individual          at some point this year? Here are some dates to consider:
Community Advisors. Not only do we hope this will help them               S
                                                                       •    eptember 24 & 25, 2010 – Fall Fest and Community Dragon 
gain personal and professional skills, we hope that they will             Boat Festival This has become a new tradition at UW-Osh-
be able to use their strengths to connect more fully with the             kosh, and I personally believe it is one of the better events
residents living on their residence hall floor.                           that we host. Very cool. See UWO website for details.
                                                                       •    ctober 30, 2010 – Homecoming Day. Events will be held at 
Let’s have a little fun with this. Match the Central Staff mem-           Tent City out by the stadium and Res Life has a tent. There
ber to their top five strengths.                                          is also a “Tour d’ Titan” that now replaces the parade. See 
1. _____Strategic, Futuristic, Analytical, Ideation, Empathy              UWO website for details
2. _____Harmony, Arranger, Adaptability, Empathy, Positivity           •  The first Saturday of Every Month – a Gallery Walk is held in
3. _____Empathy, Connectedness, Relator, Harmony, Developer               downtown Oshkosh on the first Saturday of EVERY month.
4. _____Harmony, Responsibility, Achiever, Discipline, Developer          It is a very nice event and something worth experiencing.
5. _____Learner, Maximizer, Focus, Discipline, Harmony                    Go to for more information.
6. _____Relator, Deliberative, Discipline, Learner, Responsibility        M
                                                                       •    arch 6, 2011 – The Big OPE Social – Let us know if you will
7. _____Arranger, Empathy, Woo, Positivity, Responsibility                be in town.
                                                                       •    ther Big Events In Oshkosh in Summer 2011 (go to Osh-
A.    Victor Alatorre                                                     kosh Convention and Visitors Bureau for more information):
B.    Lori Develice Collins                                                Country USA - country music festival
C.    Michelle Sponholz                                                    LifeFest – Christian music festival
D.    Marc Nylen                                                           E
                                                                           AA – International Air Show and Fly-In (the world’s best 
E.    Buzz Bares                                                                  & biggest)
F.    Jacque Bollinger
G.    Tom Fojtik

Check your answers with the key on page 7.
Right and below: The NBC
village being demolished to
make way for the new resi-
dence hall.
                              THE END Of aN ERa
                                                             THE BEGiNNiNG Of aNOTHER

Above: What was formerly Elmwood Commons has been transformed into the new Student Success Center.
Below: The new academic building under construction.

                                                                            Key: 1-G, 2-F, 3-B, 4-C, 5-D, 6-A, 7-E
                          CiTiZENsHiP DaY 2010
This year’s Citizenship
Day included volunteer
work at Boys and Girls
Club, UW Oshkosh Head
Start, The Salvation
Army, and the Oshkosh
Police Department, as
well as the Evergreen
Retirement Community
(not pictured).
Alumni Updates                                                        Jamie Gaffke (former South Scott ARHD) is now living in Ar-
                                                                      lington, Virginia and is the Director of Religious Education at 
Christin Coleman  (former  N.  Scott  ARHD  and  the  final           her church, but none of us here can remember which church.
Breese  RHD)  and  her  partner  Kris  Vankauwenberg  (former         Sorry Jamie.
GCC Lead) bought a house in Minocqua, WI where Christin’s 
heart has always been. She is working as a Customer Ser-              Mike Perry  (former  LDS  and  Fletcher  ARHD)  accepted  a 
vices representative for Citizens Bank.                               position at the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater as the
                                                                      Wellers/Knilans Complex Director.
Michelle Gross  (former  Nelson  and  N.  Scott  RHD)  is  a  new 
Academic Advisor for the Undergraduate Advising and Re-               Buzz and Toby Bares celebrated their 25th Wedding Anni-
source Center (UARC) at the University of Wisconsin Osh-              versary with a trip to Spain. Who are we kidding? The trip
kosh and is now living in Fond du lac.                                was actually soccer related (for Toby) but they killed two birds
                                                                      with one stone. Buzz spent a little time in a Spanish hospital
Matt Suwalski (former Donner and Taylor RHD) is the Interim           and  missed  the  running  of  the  bulls.  You’ll  have  to  ask  her 
Assistant Director of Business and Retail Services for Reeve          about it.
Memorial Union at UW Oshkosh. He and his wife Sarah Ann
recently purchased a new home in Oshkosh.                             Jean Kwaterski  (former  S.  Scott  ARHD  and  S.  Gruenhagen 
                                                                      ARHD)  is  the  Assistant  to  the  Vice  Chancellor  for  Student 
Greg Batten (former Donner / Webster RHD) is the new X-               Affairs here at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. She will
Peditions, Climbing Wall and Golf Simulator Coordinator for           be presented with the Academic Staff Outstanding Service
the Student Recreation and Wellness Center at the University          Award in a couple of weeks at the Chancellor’s Opening Ses-
of Wisconsin Oshkosh.                                                 sion. She has had a very busy year. She served as Interim Di-
                                                                      rector of the Health Center and leads our division’s Inclusive 
Abby Sylvia (former Breese and Fletcher RHD) is the new In-           Excellence initiatives. She has also been in charge of the divi-
terim Coordinator for Staff and Student Development for the           sional budget in these crazy economic times. Obviously, this
Department of Residence Life at the University of Wisconsin           award is very much deserved.
Oshkosh. Abby and her husband Nick recently purchased a
new home in Oshkosh.                                                  Joe Abhold (former CA and PRO Coordinator) and husband
                                                                      of Jean Kwaterski (see above) has been named the Interim
Ashlie Kohl (former and final Clemans RHD) is now working             Dean of Students here at UW Oshkosh (half time). He will still 
in the Admissions Office at the University of Wisconsin – Park-       maintain his role in the Counseling Center half time. We are
side and is happy to be living back in the Milwaukee area.            in the process of restructuring the Division of Student Affairs. 
                                                                      Joe will remain in that role until an Assistant Vice Chancellor
Kelly Melvin (former Res Life Intern and North Scott ARHD)            for Student Affairs is hired.
is  now  a  Residence  Hall  Director  at  UW-Stevens  Point.  She 
spent much of July visiting her twin brother in El Salvador.          Bryan Bain (former Breese, South Scott and Clemans RHD) 
                                                                      has  been  named  Interim  Associate  Director  of  the  Under-
Beth Erickson Miller  (the  last  Nelson  RHD  and  current  S.       graduate Advising Resource Center here at UW Oshkosh.
Gruenhagen RHD) got married to Tony Miller on July 16th and 
is now trying to adjust to the name change to Miller.                 Anna Landenberger Sherman (former Taylor ARHD) and her 
                                                                      husband Terry are expecting their first child in October.
Thomas Pedersen (former Taylor and North Scott RHD) got 
married to Elizabeth Swank on July 2nd (finally)!! They are           Dave Landenberger  (former  Fletcher  ARHD)  and  his  wife, 
still maintaining a long distance relationship as Liz continues       Becky (former CA, LDS) have moved back to Wisconsin. Becky 
to work as an Assistant District Attorney here in Oshkosh and         accepted an Area Coordinator position at the University of
Thomas lives and works at UW-River Falls as the Assistant             Wisconsin -Green Bay. They have a son, Howard (Howie).
Director of Student Rights and Responsibilities. Thomas and 
Liz’s Wedding was a nice place to catch-up with some of our           Arcetta Butler Knautz (former Taylor and South Gruenhagen
former A/RHDs.                                                        RHD) is still working for University Housing at the University 
                                                                      of  Wisconsin  -  Milwaukee.  She  is  ABD  (all  but  dissertation) 
Greg Schumann (former Donner RHD) and his wife Jessie live            and should be done with her final semester this October. Her
in South Bend, Indiana. He is the Membership and Marketing            dissertation is An Analysis of Alcohol Policy Violations and
Director at the Niles-Buchanon YMCA. Jessie works for Notre           Recidivism in College Residence Halls. She also oversees the
Dame.                                                                 behavior process for all of the residence halls on the UW-M
                                                                      campus now. Daughter Sidney is now three years old.
Michelle Polebitski Rector (former Nelson RHD) is still work-
ing at The Paine Art Museum and Arboretum and continues               Beth Thompson Lobner (former Fletcher ARHD) is Arcetta’s 
to coordinate all of their weddings and special events. She           colleague at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. She and
actually worked with Beth Miller (current S. Gruenhagen               her husband are finally living in the same city and actually
RHD) in planning her wedding. Her husband, Dave, also works           living together after being in a relationship for 10 years (they
for The Paine.                                                        have been married 2 years and 8 months of that relationship).

Jim Droste (former Breese, Webster and FVTC RHD) is the               Matt Suwalski (former Donner and Taylor RHD) is running for 
Pastor at the United Methodist Churches in Eden and Oak-              President-Elect of WCPA (Wisconsin College Personnel As-
field, Wisconsin. Wife Christa is teaching.                           sociation). We hope he gets it so he can continue the tra
dition of other UWO professionals who have served in that               Amy Dyer  (former  Fletcher  RHD)  is  now  a  Jr.  High  English 
role (Jim Chitwood, Tom Fojtik, Jacque Bollinger, Jen Hass,             Teacher for the Crivitz School District. 
Arcetta Knautz)
                                                                        After Jim Chitwood retired, many of the Directors within the 
Adam Jeske (former Nelson RHD) and his family are back in               Division of Student Affairs decided they could not live without 
the United States after spending several years in South Af-             him and followed his lead. Mike Melland retired as the Uni-
rica doing missionary work. Adam just accepted a position               versity Police Chief last month. Al Ackerman has announced
as  Associate  Director  of  Communications  for  Intervarsity’s        his retirement as Athletic Director at UW-Oshkosh effective in 
national office in Madison. His wife Chrissy has authored a             January 2011. They have already hired a new Athletic Direc-
book, “Into The Mud” about their experiences in South Africa.           tor to replace Al. Daryl Sims, former NFL player, will be the 
You can purchase the book by going to               new Athletic Director.

In March Toby Bares  (former  S.  Gruenhagen  RHD  and  Di-             Jennifer Tigges  (former  Evans/Stewart  ARHD)  is  the  new 
rector of the Residence Life Fitness Center) announced his              Professional Development and Training Committee Chair for 
retirement as the UWO Men’s Head Soccer Coach after 26                  UMR-ACUHO. She is currently working at the University of
years of coaching and a final record of 344-99-39. He will              Minnesota.
now be the full-time Associate Director at the Student Recre-
ation and Wellness Center on-campus.                                    Beth Miller  (current  S.  Gruenhagen  RHD)  is  the  new  Social 
                                                                        Justice Committee Chair for UMR-ACUHO.
Jacque was in Richmond, Virginia in April and got to catch-up
with Laura Russell Carter (former S. Gruenhagen RHD). Lau-              Jocelyn Crist  (former  Evans/Stewart  ARHD,  Clemans  RHD 
ra has been teaching classes at a local Jr. College for at-risk         and current S. Scott RHD) is the current Program Chair for 
students. Her work with them is often the difference between            UMR-ACUHO.
them getting a degree or not. She also does private tutoring.
Laura hasn’t changed… still as thoughtful as ever. She brought          Jim Chitwood has been named the Chair for the Oshkosh
gifts for Jacque’s nieces who decided Laura was pretty cool.            United Way Campaign. So much for retirement.

Emily Al Bulushi, MIO Office Manager, and her husband Is-               Something To Ponder:
mail are expecting their first child in September. They know it         I pointed out to Tom & Buzz that Mark Olkowski (former Ev-
is a girl. They also recently purchased a new home in Oshkosh           ans/Stewart RHD) is in charge of conduct at UW-Green Bay, 
and are in the process of fixing up the baby’s room.                    Arcetta Butler Knautz (former Taylor & S. Gruenhagen RHD) 
                                                                        is in charge of conduct at UW-Milwaukee, Thomas Pedersen
Melissa Reichstadt Luedtke  (former  Nelson  RHD)  and  her             (former  Taylor  &  N.  Scott  RHD)  is  in  charge  of  conduct  at 
husband  are  quite  the  entrepreneurs.  They  own  Luedtke’s          UW-River  Falls,  Kipp  Cox  (former  Taylor  ARHD)  works  with 
Dine-n-Bowl  in  Mt.  Calvary,  Wisconsin  and  now  own  an  Ice       conduct at UW-Madison, and of course we have our very
Cream truck.                                                            own Terri Gohmann Arnold (former Fletcher and North Scott
                                                                        RHD) and Buzz Bares (former South Scott & Webster RHD) in 
Pat Connor (former S. Scott ARHD, Taylor RHD, Assistant Di-             charge of conduct here at UWO. That’s a lot of alums working 
rector for Bathrooms and Budgets) and his wife Becky are                with  student  conduct.  Tom’s  response,  “What  does  that  say 
still living in Bloomington, Indiana where he is the Director of        about our program that so many of our alums are so good
Housing. Their second daughter heads off to college this year           at this?”
leaving them with almost empty next syndrome. Their daugh-
ter, Molly, won the ACUHO-I Fun Run (her division) kicking her          Quick Updates about NBC and the New Hall
father’s ass.                                                              A
                                                                        •    s of today, Breese Hall is gone. Nelson Hall is gone. Clem-
                                                                           ans Hall is being torn down as I type this alumni update.
Marc Nylen spotted Natasha Roloff Nowack (former N. Scott                  Check out the Department of Residence Life website to see 
ARHD) and her family at the WPA conference in May as they                  what’s not there anymore as there is a live camera monitor-
both home school their children. She and her husband Chris                 ing the demolition and clean-up. You will also be able to
live in Neenah.                                                            follow construction of the new residence hall over the next
                                                                           two years.
Laurie Thomas Stevens (former PA, the first LDS and Breese                 W
                                                                        •    e have had many people ask us what the new residence 
RHD) received our “Friends of Residence Life” Award at our                 hall will be called. For a contribution of a few million dol-
End-Of-Year Banquet in May. Even though she works for Ad-                  lars to the University, I am sure we can manage to get your
missions and is not on Residence Life’s payroll any more, she              name in there somewhere!
is constantly helping us out (OPE, NACURH, Presentations,
etc.)                                                                   Join the Residence Life UW-Oshkosh Alumni Group on Linke-
                                                                        din to find out even more about former colleagues and friends!
Alan Hoesly (former S. Scott RHD) does  not work for us ei-             Also, Jacque is always looking for more friends on Facebook.
ther, but came through for us with a great recommendation
for an ARHD. Ben Sattler, the new ARHD in Fletcher Hall is              Since my source of Alumni updates is usually holiday cards… 
an Alan Hoesly protégé and is doing great work so far. If he            and it’s August, I have to rely on other sources of information, 
doesn’t  continue  to  do  so….  we  know  who  to  blame.  Alan  is    so I apologize on the gap in information. I’ll try to do better 
the Coordinator of Residential Operations at the University             on our next issue.
of Wisconsin - Whitewater.
a/RHD Training
Then & Now
                                                           With our 2010 A/RHD Training about to wrap up and the first
                                                           round of CAs arriving tomorrow, I thought it would be fun to do a
                                                           comparison of how A/RHD Training has changed … and remained
                                                           the same over the years. Let’s go back 25 years to the year 1985.

                                       1985                                      2010
We still love our themes.               The theme then -“Rise To A New Chal-     The theme now – “REScipes for LIFE”
Technology: Friend of Foe?              Not a single session in 1985 addressed Below are training topics that were tech-
                                        any form of computer or technology     nology related and are used by A/RHDs 
                                        training.                              to do their jobs:
                                                                               •  Roster System 
                                                                               •  Maxient Student Conduct System
                                                                               •  Card Access 
                                                                               •  Kronos Payroll Training 
                                                                               •  Security Station Program 
                                                                               •  Program Database 
                                                                               •  Peoplesoft Training
                                                                               •  Security Camera Training 
                                                                               •  New Key Program
                                                                               •  Desk Check-Out Program
                                                                               •  Events Calendar
                                                                               •  Res Net Registration
                                                                               •  Tech Requests
                                                                               •  MRF System
                                                                               •  Res Life Wiki
                                                                               •  Pharoes Printing System
Surprise…. college students still drink! Jim Chitwood and Jim McGrath spent Buzz Bares and Terri Arnold (formerly
                                         1.5 hours presenting on Alcohol and   Gohmann) spent 1.5 hours presenting on
                                         Alcohol policies                      alcohol sanctioning for conduct cases.
We strive to find balance.               CA Training and some A/RHD Training  With the exception of NBC Training (for
                                         occurred on the weekends.             first year environment CAs) and Opening
                                                                               Weekend, we do not do training on the
                                                                               weekends. However, training is longer.
We still suck up to the Vice Chancellor Then, it was lunch with Dr. Ed Smith   Now, it is lunch with Dr. Petra Roter
for Student Affairs every chance we
Who doesn’t have a memory from           We went to Camp Anokijig for two      We now go to Onaway for one night.
camp?                                    nights. Skit Night was enormously     Skit Night is still enormously popular, but
                                         popular and done by the Sr. and Cen- we have gotten lazy and allow each staff
                                         tral Staff. Programming sessions were to plan a skit. We do no programming
                                         done at camp.                         sessions at camp. The focus of camp is
                                                                               team building only.
UWO continues to have high stan-         Linda Johnson spent 1.5 hours review- Jacque, Lori, and Michelle spent 1.5 hours
dards for their A/RHDs                   ing RHD Expectations.                 reviewing expectations. More expecta-
                                                                               tions were reviewed on “Advising Day”, 
                                                                               “Student Conduct Day” and “Community 
                                                                               Living Day”.  “Selection Season” Expecta-
                                                                               tions will be reviewed in January.
Our motto is still “work hard, play      Training social events included       Training social events included a Timber
hard”.                                   “Yachts’ O Fun”.                      Rattler Game and a Progressive Dinner. 
Some things we don’t have to do         CA Training included a session on      Each hall now has a Health Advocate
anymore.                                “Basic First Aid”                      who have been trained in basic first aid
                                                                               and health issues (cuts & abrasions,
                                                                               headaches, colds, birth control). This is a
                                                                               joint program with the Health Center.
Mental Health issues are on the rise.    In 1985, “Basic Helping Skills” and   For A/RHD Training we spent three hours 
                                        “Dealing with Suicidal Behavior” were  with the Counseling Center Staff and
                                        sessions presented by the Counseling Terri Arnold (Dean of Students Office) in 
                                        Center.                                a session about working with distressed
                                                                               and at-Risk students. Each hall has their
                                                                               very own Counseling Center Liaison. For
                                                                               CA Training we still do “Basic Helping
                                                                               Skills” training and “Gatekeeper Training”
                                                                               (suicide / depression). We have added
                                                                               an afternoon of “Carefrontation” training
                                                                               which is basically a version of “Behind
                                                                               Closed Doors” but “Carefrontations” 
                                                                               focus entirely on mental health and coun-
                                                                               seling issues (cutting, eating disorders,
                                                                               sexual assault, depression, etc.)
Behind Closed Doors is still one of our  Back then, we allowed Jim Chitwood   Now, we do the same scenarios but have
best training tools.                     and Tom Witte to be actors and scare many more limits on how “over the top”
                                         the crap out of our poor new CAs.    the actors can get. We basically took all
                                                                              the fun out of it.
CAs have changed.                       We could expect CAs to have strong    In this day and age of social network-
                                        communication skills and a special    ing, texting, e-mail, IMing, cell phones,
                                        ability to relate to people.          etc.. we can no longer expect CAs to
                                                                              be skilled in making connections with
                                                                              people. Our training now includes “Basic
                                                                              Communication Skills”, “Bystander Train-
                                                                              ing”, a HEAVY focus on the “how to’s” of 
                                                                              Community Building. We actually had to
                                                                              add a WRITTEN expectation that they
                                                                              eat with their residents (as this was a
                                                                              foreign concept for them). We have had
                                                                              to go back to the very basics.
CAs have stayed the same.               We love our CAs! Our CAs are our      We love our CAs. Our CAs are our best
                                        best line of defense and work hard!   line of defense and work hard!  Door 
                                        Door Decs and Bulletin Board were     Decs and Bulletin Board are an expec-
                                        an expectation. Some CAs whined       tation.  Some CAs whine about them…. 
                                        about them…. some loved them.   Jim  some love them. Tom Fojtik’s expectation 
                                        Chitwood’s expectation was that door  is that door decs include hometowns.
                                        decs include hometowns.
Red tape still exists, but tough eco-   Lawn party at the home of Jim and     Lawn party at the home of Tom & Sue
nomic times make it even worse.         Kay Chitwood’s. This was a catered    Fojtik. We have to order pizza since Ac-
                                        event through food service.           counting has so many ridiculous rules, we
                                                                              can no longer pay for catering.
Being prepared for Crisis and Emer-     Jim Chitwood spent a morning review- This year’s crisis and emergency train-
gency Procedures is still a priority.   ing crisis and emergency procedures. ing allowed the A/RHDs to be involved 
                                                                              in a Mass Casualty Training exercise for
                                                                              the entire campus. Their training now
                                                                              includes sessions on “Active Shooter” and
                                                                              “Psychological First Aid”…very scary stuff.
And you thought training was long for   A/RHD Training started on August 12.  A/RHD training started on July 31st. CA 
you!                                    CA Training was 10 days long (plus    Training is 10 days long (plus opening)
                                        opening) with training on the week-   but CAs are allowed to go home for a
                                        ends.                                 weekend break in the middle of training.
                                                                              NBC CA and Sr. CA Training is longer.
We sure can pick ‘em!                   With an A/RHD staff like Kate Verv-   With an A/RHD staff like Nicole Bell-
                                        ers, Cathy Pauly, Greg Kneser, Craig  Corelli, Mandy Briggs, Chris Durkin, Ben 
                                        Mosurinjohn, Jim Anderson, Buzz Keif, Sattler, Jocelyn Crist, Becca Girard,
                                        Therese Helein, Archie Graham, Dave  Adam Rich, Duane Johnson, Patrick 
                                        Roeglin, Dave Ryan, Terri Gohmann,    Vander Zanden, DeAndre Taylor, Maryne 
                                        Jacque Bollinger, Jean Kwaterski, Pat Taute, Adam Hernandez, Beth Miller
                                        Connor, Jeanne Kaminski, Colleen      and Drew Kopitzke… how could you go 
                                        Vojack… how could you go wrong?       wrong?
Senior & Central Staff 2010

Left to right, top to bottom: Lori Develice-Collins (Assistant Director - Leadership & Community Development), Tom Fojtik (Director
of Residence Life), Victor Alatorre (Assistant Director - Technology & Budgets), Jacque Bollinger (Associate Director of Residence
Life), Tom Witte (Facilities Specialties), Marc Nylen (Director of the Gruenhagen Conference Center), Abby Sylvia (Coordinator of
Staff & Student Development), Michelle Sponholz (Assistant Director - Business Services & Programs) Missing from photo: Buzz Bares
(Coordinator for Student Conduct)

Left to right, top to bottom: DeAndre Taylor, Adam Rich, Adam Hernandez, Andrew Kopitzke, Patrick Vander Zanden, Duane
Johnson, Jocelyn Crist, Mandy Briggs, Chris Durkin, Ben Sattler, Beth Miller, Rebecca Girard, Nicole BellCorelli, Maryne Taute
With the demolition of Nelson, Breese and Clemans, you                     A
                                                                        •    ndrew  Kopitzke  is  the  new  ARHD  in  South  Gruenhagen 
might be asking yourself, “What is up with our other residence             Hall. He has been a Bachelor’s level hall director at St. Nor-
halls?”                                                                    bert College for the past year and decided to pursue his
•  Fletcher, Evans and Stewart will become the new                         Master’s degree. He completed his undergraduate degree 
    all-freshmen environment.                                              at the University of Wisconsin - Green Bay.
•    aylor,  Donner  and  Webster  Halls  have  now  become  pre-
   dominant sophomore/upper-class environments as our re-               North Scott Hall
   turning students tend to flock to those halls.                          A
                                                                        •    dam Rich has been both a CA and ARHD here at UW Os-
•    orth Scott will be made up of 67% returning students 
   N                                                                       hkosh and we are honored that he has chosen to stay at his
•    outh Scott will be mostly freshmen. 
   S                                                                       alma mater and become the RHD in North Scott Hall. 
•    outh Gruenhagen will become a residence hall again and 
   S                                                                       D
                                                                        •    uane Johnson was the ARHD in South Scott last year and 
   will be a very interesting environment. One floor will house            will be moving north to North Scott Hall for his final year
   the former “Stewart community.” One floor will house our                of graduate school. We let him stay in his suite and in his
   FVTC students. This hall has also been designated as our                office, so he really didn’t have to move at all. We just had to 
   “international student environment.” However, freshman                  change phone numbers on our rosters.
   will make up the largest population in South Gruenhagen.
                                                                          South Scott Hall
With the reconfiguration of our halls comes a bit of reconfigu- •    ocelyn Crist will be returning as the South Scott RHD. She 
ration of the Sr. Staff Team as well. In the recent past, the Sr.            has worked as an RHD for four years in Clemans and South 
Staff team has consisted of ten RHDs and five ARHDs. This                    Scott and was an ARHD in Evans/Stewart for two years.
year, the team will consist of eight RHDs and six ARHDs with                 R
                                                                          •    ebecca Girard will be the new ARHD in South Scott Hall. 
Evans and Stewart Halls being the only two halls without a                   She graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Madison
graduate assistant. The 2010-11 Sr. Staff Team is:                           and will be working on her Master’s in Educational Leader-
                                                                             ship during her next two years here at UWO.
Donner / Webster Hall
•    aryne Taute will be the new RHD in Donner/Webster Hall.  Fletcher Hall
   She  recently  completed  her  Master’s  degree  at  the  Uni- •    hris Durkin will be the RHD in Fletcher Hall. He just com-
   versity of Northern Iowa and did her undergraduate work                                                                                     
                                                                             pleted  his  Master’s  degree  at  the  University  of  Wisconsin 
   at the University of Wisconsin - LaCrosse. She is originally              - LaCrosse and is a proud undergraduate of Ball State Uni-
   from South Africa.                                                        versity in Indiana.
•    dam Hernandez will be returning as the ARHD in Donner/ •    en  Sattler,  the  new  Fletcher  ARHD  recently  graduated 
   Webster and will be completing his Masters degree in Pub-                 from UW - Whitewater where he was an intern for the De-
   lic Administration.                                                       partment of Residence Life there (he worked with UWO Res
                                                                             Life alum, Alan Hoesly). He will be working on his MBA dur-
Taylor Hall                                                                  ing his time here at UW-Oshkosh.
•    atrick  Vander  Zanden  is  not  new  to  UW  Oshkosh,  but  is 
   new to the RHD position. He has been the ARHD in Evans/ Stewart Hall
   Stewart for the past two years as he completed his Master’s  •    andy  Briggs  is  moving  once  again.  She  has  worked  in 
   degree  in  Educational  Leadership.  He  will  be  the  RHD  in          Fletcher  and  Taylor  as  a  CA  and  was  an  ARHD  in  North 
   Taylor Hall. Patrick’s undergraduate degree is from the Uni-              Scott. For the past year, she has been the RHD for the FVTC 
   versity of Wisconsin - Milwaukee.                                         students living in GCC. She too has decided to continue to
•    eAndre Taylor will be returning as the ARHD in Taylor Hall 
   D                                                                         grace us with her skill and knowledge and will be moving to
   as he completes his 2nd and final year of the Educational                 Stewart to work in the all freshman environment.
   Leadership program.
                                                                          Evans Hall
                                                                          •    icole BellCorelli is our most veteran RHD, and the staff of 
South Gruenhagen Hall
                                                                             Evans Hall will be fortunate to work with her next year. She
•    eth  Miller  (formerly  Erickson)  has  a  lot  of  new  things  to 
                                                                             has been working most recently with the residents of both
   celebrate this year. Not only did she just get married, but
                                                                             Evans & Stewart, but is looking forward to being back in an
   she has moved from Nelson Hall to become the South Gru-
                                                                             all-freshman environment and the challenges that will come
   enhagen RHD. 
                                                                             with that.
Department of Residence Life

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