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Infinity Voice Logger

        Icons displayed in the Infinity
        Telephone Agent show what is
        happening with both operator
        station-based recording and the new
        Infinity server-based recording:
                Unity Voice Logger is
                running and ready to use
                Unity Voice Logger is
                disabled by a licensing issue
                Unity Voice Logger is
                recording the current call

               One of the most requested features in the history     Unity Voice Logger uses the voice processing resources
               of AMTELCO’s Infinity call handling and messaging     in the Infinity Server to generate call recordings and
               system, the Unity Voice Logger* is the first call     can convert them into a number of popular digital
               recording solution that eliminates the need for       formats for long-term storage and retrieval using
               expensive third-party hardware, bothersome external   AMTELCO’s Infinity Voice Logger 3.0* application.
               wiring, and individual software installations on
               each operator workstation to record every call.
                                                                     Unity Voice Logger can be programmed
                                                                     to poll the system for recordings at
                                                                     any time interval desired and move
                                                                     them to the Voice Logger 3.0 server for
                                                                     long-term storage. Unity Voice Logger
                                                                     also allows users to select their own
                                                                     audio format for recorded calls.

Reduce Network Bandwidth                                     Reliability and Reduced
Unity Voice Logger decreases bandwidth consumption and       Maintenance
reduces traffic on the local area network and the Internet   Recording calls using voice processing resources in
connection since call recordings only move between the       the Infinity Server offers many benefits over other
Infinity Server and the long term storage server, not from   recording methods. The key benefits are reliability and
each individual operator workstation to the long term        reduced maintenance. All external wiring and software
storage server.                                              requirements are eliminated. Each client is simply enabled
                                                             for logging and the Infinity Server handles the rest.
Record Every Call Completely                                 Unity Voice Logger utilizes a Software Service that
Unity Voice Logger makes it possible to record calls         runs on either a Windows Server 2003 or Windows XP
completely. Call recordings can be started as soon           chassis to export the recordings from the Infinity Server
as a call is answered, whether by a live operator or a       and store them in a SQL Server 2005 database.
pre-recorded greeting. Unity Voice Logger also makes
it possible to record patched and PBX calls.
                                                                                           Unity Voice Logger recordings can
                                                                                           be retrieved using the familiar
                                                                                           Voice Logger call retrieval tools.

Operator Audio Connections                                          Client Options
Unity Voice Logger recording is not dependent on the type of        Unity Voice Logger can be enabled on a client-by-client
audio connections or the locations of operator workstations.        basis. All calls for enabled clients are recorded in the original
An operator can be local or remote. An operator can be using        account and saved to the Unity Voice Logger account
traditional hardwired analog connections, dialup connections via    where they are processed and sent out for long term
T1 or ISDN, or VoIP connections. The connection and location        storage via the Unity Voice Logger Software Service.
have no impact on the Infinity Server’s ability to record calls.
                                                                    Clients who wish to call in to listen to their own recordings
                                                                    can be allowed to do so by enabling the client option to keep
Voice Logger Call Retrieval                                         a copy of all recordings in the original client account. This
Unity Voice Logger recordings can be retrieved using the familiar   keeps the recordings in the original account for access via the
Voice Logger Retrieval Web portal and client application.           automated voice checkin line and the Infinity Web Portal.*
Infinity Voice Logger 3.0 Features
Unity Voice Logger is based on the new Infinity Voice Logger                            Features:                           Benefits:
3.0 platform. Infinity Voice Logger 3.0 offers several new                              • Server-based call recording       • Improves customer service
benefits in addition to the new recording option.
                                                                                        • Client accessible call archives   • Reduces network traffic
After upgrading to Infinity Voice Logger 3.0, current users can continue to
lookup and retrieve recordings and screen captures using the same tools                 • Expanded search criteria          • Client access to recordings
they are using today. Unity Voice Logger recordings are saved to the Infinity                                                 generates new revenue
                                                                                        • Scheduler e-mails
Voice Logger 3.0 database and are available for retrieval. Sites can choose to            call recordings                   • Eliminates third-party
record calls at the operator workstations and the Infinity Server temporarily                                                 hardware and software
                                                                                        • Screen snap agent assessment
while transitioning to the new server based recording style or can keep both
                                                                                                                            • Streamlines operator training
recording methods active permanently to provide another level of redundancy.
Infinity Voice Logger 3.0 has a number of three-character codes that are placed
on the first Infinity Info Page, that do different functions. The existing codes are:
*A*     followed by the full path to an application, in
        quotes): launch that application
*Q*     Will not play the 15 second beep, if one is being used
*R*XX Performs a disc revert on the account in xx seconds,
      even if the system option is turned off
*S*     Disable screen snaps
*T*     Disable DISC revert
*V*     Start Voice A recording. This also works on outgoing calls.


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