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					                       Chemical Element Poster Project
                             First Trimester Chemistry 1 Project
                           Grade will be equivalent to 1 Test Grade
                                  Due Date: November             8

Description of Project and Time line

       Element Choice
             You will pull an element name randomly out of beaker to determine your element of
             research. You will research information about that element.

           You will create a small poster of your element. The dimensions should be
             11” width X 16 ½” long (+/- ½”)
           You will give a 5-minute presentation about your element. Make it informative and
             share the most interesting information that you found.
           You must turn in a Bibliography in MLA format on a separate sheet of Paper. You should
             have name, period and Honor Code on this sheet.

Your Poster should include the following clearly and artfully. We are going to hang these in the room
to create our own periodic table. Therefore you want them to be visible from around the room.

          o   Name
          o   Symbol
          o   Atomic Number
          o   Average Mass
          o   Electron configuration
          o   Picture
          o   General Physical properties
          o   Where do we find it on earth? Be specific…is it found in the element form or in a
          o   How do we isolate it from nature? Or manufacture it if we must from compound?
          o   What is it used for? Is this using compounds that contain the element or is the element
              itself used?
          o   Anything really interesting about this element… prepared to wow your classmates
              with something really interesting about your element.
          o   You can decorate and be creative!

       Reference Sources (You must have at least 3 and you must use MLA format)
           CRC Handbook of Chemistry, internet search, periodic table, library reference (ours
             has several books with information in them), encyclopedia only one is allowed

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