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Sent: Thursday, December 11, 20083:32 PM
To: Jennifer Jones
Subject: To: The Texas Sunset Commissioners

December11, 2008

RE: Issue 6 in TXDOT Sunset Report (Outdoor Advertising Control)

Dear Commissioners,

Please include modifications 4,6 & 8 (page78-f, Issue 6) and stop new billboard permitting pending the
review of the costs of tax appraisal breaks for billboards. Fair Market Value should be used for tax
assessors and for TxDOT condemnation for billboards. The current policy of allowing the billboard
industry to use depreciated cost for assesments and income producing values for comdemnation
recovery is a rip off of taxpayers and TxDOT.

New billboard permits should be delayed until this issue is resolved.

Second: Please allow counties the authority to deny permits for billboards outside of cities. You are
effectively disenfranchising the citizens of these areas (many of the fastest growing parts of the State) of
their right to protect their quality of life and their Scenic environment. This is addressed as part of
modification 7 (page 78-f, Issue 6).

Third: Cities should nothave the extra obligation to allow relocations in the event of condemnation by
TxDOT. Billboards should be treated like all other commercial properties.

Thank you for your consideration.

Mavis P. Kelsey, Jr.

Kelsey Commercial Real Estate Services

Houston, Texas 77002

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