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Promotion and Tenure at UAB


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									Promotion and Tenure at UAB

      December 13, 2006
   To know the academic advancement hierarchy that
    exists at UAB.

   To understand the role of the Departmental
    promotion committee.

   To learn about the composition of the School-wide
    Faculty Council (promotions committee)

   To describe the present process for getting promoted
    and achieving tenure at UAB
Academic Progression
   Resident/Post-Doc

   Fellow/Instructor

   Assistant Professor

   Associate Professor

   Professor
General Rules
   Faculty must be nominated for promotion from within
    their own Department.

   Faculty members may request that they be reviewed
    for promotion to their Division Director or Chair or
    this may be proposed to them by these individuals.
    Generally the earliest this occurs is 3 years in rank.

   Departmental Committees review those who are to
    be considered and make a recommendation.

   If promotion is recommended, the faculty member’s
    promotion materials are sent to the School-wide
    Committee for review and vote.
   Research

   Teaching

   Service

   Tenure track requires excellence in 2/3 areas;
    non-tenure track requires excellence in 1/3
   At least Associate Professor

   National reputation

   Positive institutional citizenship

   Sustained significant scholarly achievement in
    2/3 areas
Tenure Track
   Must have national search

   Must be full-time

   Must receive tenure within 10 years of
School-Wide Committee
   Single Committee to replace Faculty Council
    and JHS Faculty Status Committee

   3-Year terms renewable x 1

   Represent multiple departments and diverse
    scholarly pursuits

   Promotion and tenure decisions require 2
    distinct decision making processes
New APT Committee
Eric Sorscher, M.D.,        David Bedwell, Ph.D.,
   Professor                  Professor
Department of Medicine      Department of
C. Bruce Alexander, M.D.,
   Professor                Stuart Frank, M.D.,
Department of Pathology       Professor
                            Department of Medicine
Peter G. Pappas, M.D.,
  Professor                 Harry Schroeder, M.D.,
Department of Medicine        Professor
                            Department of Medicine
New APT Committee
Michelle Robbin, M.D.,    Elizabeth Sztul, Ph.D.,
  Professor                  Professor
Department of Radiology   Department of Cell Biology

Raymond Ideker, M.D.,     Thomas Clemens, Ph.D.,
  Professor                 Professor
Department of Medicine    Department of Pathology

Cynthia Owsley, Ph.D.,    Anne Theibert, Ph.D.,
  Professor                 Associate Professor
 Department of            Department of
  Ophthalmology             Neurobiology
   F. Cleve Kinney: Professor of Psychiatry, Former
    Chair, Faculty Council and member of Committee to
    reassess the APT “rules” for UABSOM

   John Hablitz: Professor of Neurobiology, former
    member of the Faculty Status Committee of JHS and
    member of Departmental Promotions Committee

   Stuart Frank: Professor of Medicine and Chair,
    Faculty Council.

   Kathleen Nelson: Professor of Pediatrics and Sr.
    Associate Dean. Member of Department Promotions
    Committee and former member of SOM Faculty
Dr. Kinney
   History of Promotion and Tenure at
    UABSOM and JHS

   New Standards and Process
Dr. Hablitz
   Considerations for PhDs

   How the Departmental Committee
Dr. Frank
   How the new Committee will work

   Suggestions for presenting credentials
    that are likely to be looked at favorably

   Role of letters of recommendations
Appointment, Promotion and Tenure

   Policy can be found at :
Future Events
   Med-Link: 1st Thursday of each month
    5-7 PM at PCAMS
   Lunch and Learn: 2nd Wednesday of
    each month 12-12:50 PM at PCAMS
   Web Site: Click on
    Faculty Development
For Participants
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