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									Strengthening the
Fabric of a Community

                        Community Benefits Report
                                 Fiscal Year 2008
UPMC’s Traditionally Defined Community Benefits

(in Millions)                                                                                                FY 2008        FY 2007    Change

Charity care and unreimbursed amounts
from programs for the poor (at cost)*                                                                             $ 169      $ 139       22%

Community health programs and donations                                                                           $    99    $    71     39%

Support for research and education                                                                                $ 250      $ 237        5%

Total                                                                                                             $ 518      $ 447       16%

As a percentage of net patient revenue                                                                                13%        12%

Tax Revenues Resulting from UPMC’s Operations

(in Millions)                                                                                                FY 2008        FY 2007    Change

Paid by UPMC

      Taxes and voluntary contributions                                                                           $    24    $    19     23%

      Employer component of federal and state
      employment taxes                                                                                            $ 145      $ 129       12%

Paid by UPMC's 50,000 employees

      Estimated state and local taxes paid by employees                                                           $    96    $    87     10%

* These amounts include some bad debt for patients estimated to be eligible for charity care, had they applied.
                                                                                       Benefits Report
                                                                                                                                Fiscal Year 2008

Mission and Vision

UPMC’s mission is to provide outstanding patient care and to shape tomorrow’s
health system through clinical innovation, biomedical and health services research,
and education. At the same time, UPMC is fueling the development of a brighter
economic future for western Pennsylvania — a future built on innovations in health care
and sparked by new businesses derived from the health system’s intellectual capital,
managerial expertise, and clinical capabilities. By exporting these capabilities nationally
and internationally, and fueling the development of new businesses locally, UPMC acts
as a catalyst for regional economic revitalization.


                   A Letter from the Chairman . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2

                   A Letter from the President and CEO. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3

                   Community Focus, Culture of Knowledge, Accessible Care:
                   UPMC’s Community Benefits by Traditional Definitions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4

                   Reinvigorating a Region, Developing Talent: The Pittsburgh Promise. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8

                   A Strategy of Inclusion: The UPMC Mercy Story . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12

                   Virtual Records, Better Care: UPMC’s Electronic Health Record Initiative . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16

                   Protecting a Region and a Nation: UPMC’s Public Safety and Defense Initiatives. . . . . . . . . . 22

                   Financial Assistance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26

                                                                                                                 UPMC 2008 Community Benefits Report 1
 A Letter from
 the Chairman

 On behalf of the Board of Directors          Other contributions are built on making      healthier, UPMC is providing community
 of UPMC, it is my privilege to share         investments in the region’s future, and      services at a level and scope that only an
 with you the Fiscal Year 2008 annual         there is no doubt that the future is our     integrated health enterprise with global
 report on UPMC’s contributions to            children. In 2008, UPMC embarked on          clinical and information technology
 the community.                               a landmark initiative when it became lead    expertise could provide.
                                              sponsor for an ambitious program called
 In our inaugural report last year,                                                        At the same time, we have not lost sight
                                              The Pittsburgh Promise. This initiative
 we provided an overview of the many,                                                      of serving the uninsured and underinsured
                                              promises the children of Pittsburgh that
 often unnoticed, ways in which UPMC                                                       in this region. As a measure of this, in
                                              if they “dream big and work hard,” they
 strengthens this region. This year, we                                                    2008 UPMC provided $169 million
                                              will have the financial means to pursue
 continue that tradition. This 2008                                                        in this type of uncompensated care,
                                              postsecondary education. What does
 Community Benefits Report provides                                                         up 22 percent from the prior year.
                                              this have to do with our mission? We
 readers with deeper insights into some
                                              believe that hope and health go hand         At UPMC, our enduring commitment to
 of the unique and diverse ways in which
                                              in hand. The renewed hope that this          serving western Pennsylvania is a source
 UPMC serves western Pennsylvania
                                              initiative brings — for students to pursue   of ongoing pride. This commitment is
 and its people.
                                              their aspirations, for schools to become     a direct reflection of the dedication of
 In addition to the quantified benefits,        more effective, and for this community       the men and women who work at UPMC,
 some of these forms of community             to grow and thrive — can only be seen        and on their behalf I am honored to
 support are a function of what we            as an indicator of improving health in       share this report.
 uphold. For example, we recognized           this community.
 that in this community, with its deep
                                              At this difficult time in our nation’s                    G. Nicholas Beckwith III
 religious roots and traditions, the choice
                                              history, UPMC also has chosen to
 of faith-based health care is important.
                                              contribute to the region by leveraging its
 In 2008, UPMC safeguarded the
                                              expertise in the area of health security.
 survival of a faith-based hospital when
                                              In the pages that follow, you will read
 Mercy Hospital of Pittsburgh became part                                                                           Chairman, UPMC
                                              about how we have stepped up to the
 of the UPMC family. Sister Margaret
                                              plate to protect our region and nation
 Hannan said of this merger, “This is
                                              from threats associated with bioterrorism
 a true blend of technology, tradition,
                                              and war. Through efforts as disparate
 and service. Together this partnership
                                              as monitoring Web searches to identify
 creates a new entity that provides
                                              emerging epidemics, providing seed
 quality, faith-based health care for
                                              money to develop vaccines against
 this Pittsburgh community.”
                                              life-threatening agents, and consulting
                                              with the U.S. Armed Forces to help
                                              them keep our military safer and

2 A Letter from the Chairman
                                                               A Letter from
                                                     the President and CEO

It is my privilege to join Mr. Beckwith in   • The taxes that UPMC pays: While            here: Gulf Oil, Westinghouse Electric,
introducing our report to the community        UPMC is a tax-exempt organization,         Rockwell International, and National
for Fiscal Year 2008.                          we pay taxes on our for-profit              Steel, to name a few. Their loss dented
                                               businesses and other activities, and       civic pride and the economy. Today a
As you will see in this document, UPMC
                                               make voluntary payments to support         new industry is taking shape, around
provides more than $500 million in
                                               municipal government. In 2008,             UPMC. Through our international
programs and services that fall within
                                               UPMC paid more than $24 million            and commercial ventures and our
the generally accepted definition of
                                               in property, parking, and business         partnerships with industry leaders
community benefits. These activities
                                               taxes and contributions to the state       like IBM, GE, and Cerner, we will
are broad, and have an immense positive
                                               and municipal coffers. The region’s        play a role in re-establishing Pittsburgh
impact in strengthening the fabric of this
                                               tax revenues also are bolstered by the     as a center of commerce. We are
community, but they are just the tip of
                                               estimated $96 million in taxes paid        proud to be a part of restoring this
the iceberg. The accepted definition of
                                               by UPMC’s employees.                       great tradition to the region.
community benefits does not speak to:
                                             • The thousands of ways UPMC               Ultimately, UPMC is an organization
• UPMC’s role in creating jobs for
                                               contributes to the health of the         that exists to serve this region. This
  this region: Every day, almost 50,000
                                               residents of this region, particularly   report describes some of the many
  people go to work in UPMC facilities
                                               those who are most vulnerable:           forms that this service takes.
  and offices. Nearly double that
                                               In 2008, 72 percent of the inpatient
  number work in jobs created in
                                               care for residents of the 10 poorest
  UPMC’s wake, and as an enterprise
                                               neighborhoods in the region was
  UPMC has a $16 billion economic
                                               delivered by UPMC hospitals;                                  Jeffrey A. Romoff
  impact on the region. UPMC and its
                                               12,000 visits were made to seniors’
  operations are providing stability to
                                               homes by UPMC clinical staff to
  the local economy to help it weather
                                               maintain their independence and
  the current economic downturn, as
                                               quality of life; and 350,000 patients
  well as contributing to Pittsburgh’s                                                                   President and CEO, UPMC
                                               each came to a UPMC Cancer
  place on the Forbes list of “Ten Cities
                                               Centers site for some of the finest
  For Job Growth In 2009.” In addition,
                                               community-based cancer treatment
  UPMC is helping to make this the
                                               that is available anywhere.
  healthiest market for commercial
  real estate in the nation, according to    • The resurrection of Pittsburgh as
  Moody’s Investors Service.                   home to the headquarters of a global
                                               industry: Pittsburgh was once known
                                               for the major corporations based

 UPMC’s direct contributions to
 the community amount to more than
 $500 million annually.

4 Community Focus, Culture of Knowledge, Accessible Care
                                            Community Focus, Culture of
                                             Knowledge, Accessible Care
                                                                   UPMC’s Community Benefits by Traditional Definitions

      With 20 hospital locations and hundreds                  Uncompensated Care                                         assistance program is easily accessible
      of other care sites, UPMC is the leading                                                                            and user-friendly for patients in need.
                                                               In Fiscal Year 2008, UPMC provided
      provider of health care services in the                                                                             UPMC provides an expansive financial
                                                               more than $169 million in care for
      region. As the region’s largest employer,                                                                           assistance policy that extends free or
                                                               those without means to pay and to
      UPMC — a nonprofit 501(c)(3) — is                                                                                    discounted health services to uninsured
                                                               cover shortfalls in payments for
      committed to giving back to and                                                                                     and underinsured individuals and
                                                               those insured by Medicaid and other
      reinvesting in the community. In 2008, an                                                                           families earning up to 400 percent of
                                                               government programs for low-income
      independent external consultancy, The                                                                               the federal poverty level — as much as
                                                               households — an increase of more
      Chartis Group, completed an in-depth                                                                                $84,800 for a family of four in 2008.
                                                               than 20 percent over the previous
      assessment of UPMC’s community                                                                                      This policy was deemed by an external
                                                               year. UPMC absorbed an additional
      benefits. The review confirmed the broad                                                                              study to constitute “best practice”
                                                               $80 million in shortfalls from Medicare
      scope of UPMC’s contributions to the                                                                                among hospital organizations.
                                                               reimbursement — covering the cost
      community, amounting to more than
                                                               of providing care to the beneficiaries                      In order for a financial assistance
      $500 million annually, based on recent
                                                               beyond that which was paid by this                         program to be effective, it must be
      Internal Revenue Service guidelines.
                                                               federal government program.                                readily accessible to those who need it.
      T ogether with capital spending that tops
                                                                                                                          Over the past year, UPMC evaluated
      another $500 million a year, UPMC’s                      The growth in the charity care in part
                                                                                                                          its financial assistance program from a
      activities are a major driver of the                     reflects a major focus over the past year to
                                                                                                                          variety of perspectives, including the
      revitalization of the regional economy.                  ensure that UPMC’s generous financial

                                                     Benefit Contribution as a % of Net Patient Revenue
                                                    Based on among Nationally Recognized Health Systems
                                             Best Practices CHA/New IRS 990 Guidelines with available data
                                                     Benefit contribution as a percentage of net patient revenue


                                                                                                                                       Other health systems (HS)


































      Community benefit contributions based on new IRS 990 guidelines applied to peer health systems and academic medical centers.
      Source: The Chartis Group.

                                                                                                                                     UPMC 2008 Community Benefits Report 5
                                                           UPMC’s Contributions to Research and Education
                                                           Fiscal Year 2008
                                                            $   155 million   research at the University of Pittsburgh and UPMC
                                                            $    95 million   educational initiatives

                                                            $ 250 million     total

 use of a team of internal “mystery                Community Health                             risk chronic conditions such as asthma
 shoppers” to gauge patients’ experience           and Enrichment                               and diabetes. Still others targeted the
 in seeking financial aid. Based on these                                                        unmet needs of vulnerable populations.
 results, UPMC improved its financial               UPMC annually provides or
                                                   contributes to more than 3,000               A significant portion of UPMC’s
 aid program, including methods to
                                                   community health improvement                 community health offerings focuses on
 better identify, process, and approve
                                                   programs. In Fiscal Year 2008, the           the region’s aging population, addressing
 patients for financial assistance, as well
                                                   cost of these services, along with           problems such as diabetes, heart disease,
 as making consumer education materials
                                                   charitable initiatives and donations that    and cancer. For example, in 2008
 and application forms easier to understand
                                                   benefit the community, amounted               UPMC Northwest alone offered at
 and use. UPMC customer service staff
                                                   to $99 million. This figure rose from         least 30 stroke screening and education
 also often go “above and beyond,”
                                                   $71 million in the previous year,            programs as part of the hospital’s
 helping patients obtain insurance benefits
                                                   an increase of nearly 40 percent.            American Stroke Association-award-
 for which they are eligible. UPMC spent
                                                                                                winning Comprehensive Stroke Program.
 over $2 million helping consumers                 UPMC conducts health screenings and          Other senior-directed programs offered
 who had no insurance identify and apply           education programs for nearly every aspect   support in maintaining independence:
 for programs for which they qualified.             of health and in every area of western       UPMC’s Living-at-Home program
 Helping people enroll in these programs           Pennsylvania. In 2008, approximately         provides free, in-home care for adults
 improves their access to health care,             400,000 people attended preventive           70 and older living in several Pittsburgh
 and removes barriers to obtaining                 health screenings and educational            neighborhoods, including Beltzhoover,
 preventive care and managing chronic              events, addressing topics such as cancer,    Mount Oliver, and Squirrel Hill.
 diseases. UPMC believes that, in the              women’s health, children’s health, and
 long run, this will ultimately help reduce        smoking cessation. Other outreach            In order to highlight the importance of
 health care costs.                                addressed better management of high-         organ donation, in July UPMC sponsored
                                                                                                the National Kidney Foundation’s 2008
                                                                                                Transplant Games. This Olympic-style
                                                                                                event gave transplant recipients the chance
 Facts on Outreach Fiscal Year 2008                                                             to compete in 12 sports. It also featured
 $31.9 million — net support given to the community through various                             ceremonies honoring living donors and
 initiatives, an increase of $6.6 million from Fiscal Year 2007                                 the families of deceased donors.

 593,000 — staff hours contributed to outreach, an increase of                                  Over the past several years, UPMC has
 136,000 hours from Fiscal Year 2007                                                            also played a bigger role in enriching
 behavioral health, diabetes, exercise, healthy lifestyles, heart                               the local community, by supporting
 disease, infant care/family issues, nutrition/meals, safety/injury control,                    artistic, educational, and cultural events
 smoking cessation, stroke, weight control, women’s health — topics                             and organizations. It is well recognized
 covered in outreach programs                                                                   that the cultural environment of a
                                                                                                community is one of the factors that is

6 Community Focus, Culture of Knowledge, Accessible Care
                                                                              Community Focus, Culture of
                                                                               Knowledge, Accessible Care

                                                 Top Cities for National Institutes of
                                                 Health Research Funding
                                                 Rank            City               State                 Funding Awarded (FY07)
                                                    1            Boston             Massachusetts         $   1,646,829,844
used by prospective residents in deciding          2             New York           New York              $   1,305,754,785
where to locate. UPMC-supported
                                                   3             San Diego          California            $   1,158,244,409
events play a part in creating a rich
                                                   4             Baltimore          Maryland              $   835,191,478
cultural environment and will hopefully
                                                   5             Philadelphia       Pennsylvania          $   812,642,349
contribute, in some small way, to
encouraging a turnaround in the area’s             6             Seattle            Washington            $   778,580,373
population declines over past decades.             7             Los Angeles        California            $   640,188,280
In Fiscal Year 2008, one of the                    8             Chicago            Illinois              $   577,554,219
organizations receiving support was                9             San Francisco      California            $   539,573,906
the new August Wilson Center for                   10            Houston            Texas                 $   502,530,693
African American Culture, named for                11            Pittsburgh         Pennsylvania          $ 502,192,457
the internationally acclaimed Pittsburgh           12            Durham             North Carolina        $   429,192,926
playwright. With sponsorship from                  13            Ann Arbor          Michigan              $   418,830,580
UPMC, the center will open “In My
                                                   14            St. Louis          Missouri              $   414,503,384
Father’s House,” one of two inaugural
                                                   15            New Haven          Connecticut           $   380,460,883
exhibits, in Fiscal Year 2009. The
                                                   Source: NIH
exhibit will explore the richness of
African American history, art, and
                                            the next generation of practitioners            allowing patients to find care far more
culture through the art and artifacts
                                            and researchers, and helping to recruit         conveniently and with less travel stress.
essential to everyday life.
                                            leading biomedical scientists from
                                                                                            The value of UPMC’s investment in
                                            around the world to Pittsburgh.
Investment in Research                                                                      research and education in economic
                                            UPMC also has committed to its own
and Education                               efforts to educate the medical community,
                                                                                            development, helping to foster a
                                                                                            burgeoning regional economy focused
Contributing to research and educating      through physician residency programs,
                                                                                            on science, medicine, and technology,
health professionals constitute some of     hospital schools of nursing, and continuing
                                                                                            deserves special mention. UPMC’s
UPMC’s most significant community            education for physicians, nurses, and
                                                                                            support has aided the University of
contributions. In Fiscal Year 2008,         allied health professionals.
                                                                                            Pittsburgh and the Pittsburgh region
UPMC invested a total of $250 million
                                            Biomedical research offers multiple             in bringing more than $500 million in
in research and education.
                                            advantages to the surrounding community.        National Institutes of Health research
UPMC’s decades-long relationship            Its ultimate goal, better care, benefits         funding to the region in the most
with the University of Pittsburgh           UPMC’s neighbors, as well as patients           recent year. While these funds originate
represents an extraordinary synergy         around the globe, while research funding        outside the area, they contribute to
of clinical medicine, research, and         and activities stimulate the local economy.     local employment directly, through
education. Through its investments in       The presence of a world-class academic          local vendors, and by creating the
education and research, UPMC is             medical center attracts experts in virtually    opportunity for private investment in
fostering translational science, training   every field of medicine to the region,           technical breakthroughs.

                                                                                                   UPMC 2008 Community Benefits Report 7
 Recognizing The Pittsburgh Promise’s
 potential, UPMC quickly saw how the
 program could be a perfect extension
 of its own vision to create a brighter
 future for western Pennsylvania.

8 Reinvigorating a Region, Developing Talent
                                                   Reinvigorating a Region,
                                                         Developing Talent
                                                                                                  The Pittsburgh Promise

What started as a bold idea to “Dream          initiative — which came to be known as        for the world after high school, and
Big” and reinvigorate the city of              “The Pittsburgh Promise” — a reality          encourage students to “Dream Big and
Pittsburgh and its public schools has          did not exist until UPMC stepped up           Work Hard.” Organized with a
evolved into a fully implemented reality       to be the lead donor.                         $10 million initial contribution and a
this year, thanks to a 10-year, $100                                                         $90 million challenge grant from
                                               Recognizing The Pittsburgh Promise’s
million commitment from UPMC.                                                                UPMC, The Pittsburgh Promise
                                               potential in terms of economic
Superintendent of Pittsburgh Public                                                          created a platform by which foundations,
                                               development and enhanced education,
Schools Mark Roosevelt conceived a                                                           corporations, and private donors could
                                               UPMC saw that this program could
program similar to one implemented                                                           come together for a common good.
                                               be a perfect extension of its own vision
in Kalamazoo, Mich., that would guar-                                                        The initiative also would enhance
                                               to revitalize the region and create a
antee every graduate of the city’s public                                                    other regional assets, such as strong
                                               brighter future for western Pennsylvania.
high schools financial support for post-                                                      universities, community colleges, and
                                               The Pittsburgh Promise was designed
secondary education. But the key in-                                                         technical schools.
                                               to facilitate the Pittsburgh schools’
gredient to make this
                                               efforts to educate and prepare children

                                 Pittsburgh Promise Benefits for Graduating Class of 2008

Pittsburgh Promise             Implications                  Estimated annual value        Value calculation
benefit                                                      to Pittsburgh region

Funds paid as tuition          More tuition payments         $14 million                   Total scholarship amount for the approximately
to local colleges              going directly to local                                     700 graduating recipients, each receiving a
                               colleges                                                    total of $20,000 toward his or her education

                               Additional federal and        $1.7 to $5.6 million          Assumes an additional 200-300 families living
                               state funding to Pittsburgh                                 in the city who otherwise would not have, each
                               Public Schools                                              with an average 1.5 to three children attending
                                                                                           Pittsburgh Public Schools. Additional funding
More families motivated                                                                    is $5,800 to $6,200 per student
to move to the city, current
residents more inclined
to stay                        Greater property tax and      $800,000 to $2 million        Also assumes 200–300 families living in
                               city income tax revenues                                    the city who otherwise would not have,
                                                                                           with each family paying $1,500–$3,000 and
                                                                                           $2,500–$3,500 annually for income and
                                                                                           property taxes, respectively

Estimated impact of class of 2008                            $16.5 to $21.6 million

Projected impact of 10-year funding stream                   $165 to $216 million

                                                                                                     UPMC 2008 Community Benefits Report 9
   With UPMC on board as its founding           Magnet Pittsburgh                            A natural extension of UPMC’s efforts
   donor, The Pittsburgh Promise this                                                        to support the community, therefore,
                                                The Pittsburgh Promise fits comfortably
   year awarded scholarships of up to                                                        consists of initiatives meant to make
                                                into a major facet of UPMC’s mission
   $20,000 for postsecondary education                                                       the area grow, thrive, and be more
                                                to help create a new economy for the
   for more than 700 graduating high                                                         attractive to workers and the companies
                                                region — part of a diverse portfolio of
   school students. In fiscal year 2008,                                                      that employ them. Based on the
                                                community support efforts totaling
   UPMC made its first $10 million                                                            performance of similar programs
                                                $518 million over the fiscal year. As
   contribution to the program. UPMC’s                                                       elsewhere and the details of the local
                                                western Pennsylvania’s largest employer
   remaining $90 million is structured as a                                                  economy, The Pittsburgh Promise
                                                and a major force in establishing the
   matching grant that will enable The                                                       could provide a boost to the economy
                                                region’s new identity as a national and
   Pittsburgh Promise to be self-sustaining.                                                 in a number of ways, including retaining
                                                international center for cutting-edge
                                                                                             talented young people to enrich the local
                                                research, UPMC plays an important
                                                                                             work force, increasing tuition income
                                                role in bringing dollars and business
                                                                                             to local colleges, attracting federal and
                                                into the region.

                                                    Vital Signs — The Pittsburgh Promise
                                                    •   In 2008, more than 700 students received support under The Pittsburgh
                                                        Promise. Many of these students may have been unable to seek higher
                                                        education without Pittsburgh Promise grants.

                                                    •   One benefit of The Pittsburgh Promise takes the form of direct contributions
                                                        of tuition payments to local colleges, universities, community colleges, and
                                                        trade schools.

                                                    •   Additional federal and state aid attracted will help create incremental and
                                                        sustained enrollment in Pittsburgh Public Schools.

                                                    •   Additional income and property tax revenues can accrue from families moving
   Representatives of 2008                              to or remaining in the city to take advantage of The Pittsburgh Promise.
   Pittsburgh Promise graduates
                                                    •   Higher educational attainment as a result of The Pittsburgh Promise will yield
                                                        higher salaries and larger tax contributions for students throughout their
                                                        careers, many of whom will remain in the area for employment.

                                                    •   Increased financial flexibility for students and families would result from
                                                        diminished debt repayments on student loans.

10 Reinvigorating a Region, Developing Talent
                                                                                  Reinvigorating a Region,
                                                                                        Developing Talent

state funding to the city’s school system,
                                                                                          Lauren Bucaro
and expanding the local tax base.

Investing in the Future                                                                   “I am so grateful that our friends at
Before committing to The Pittsburgh                                                       UPMC believe enough in our kids... to
                                                                                          make such a bold and tangible com-
Promise, UPMC researched other related
                                                                                          mitment,” Mr. Ghubril says. The health
initiatives and worked closely with the
                                                                                          enterprise’s commitment to helping the
team designated by the Pittsburgh Public                                                  city’s young people get an education
Schools to shape The Pittsburgh Promise                                                   should carry benefits down the line in
so that it could become a focal point                                                     earning potential, community stabilization,
for community engagement at all levels.                                                   and civic spirit.
The resulting program, UPMC believes,                                                     In Ms. Bucaro’s case, the financial
represents an appropriate and timely                                                      support is making it easier for her and
investment in the region’s future.                                                        her family to pay for her education at
                                                                                          Chatham University, where she is
The Pittsburgh Promise’s potential            Fulfilling the Promise                      studying elementary education,
for fostering a local culture of education                                                Spanish, and athletic coaching.
is particularly important in the current                                                  During her senior year of high school,
                                              Lauren Bucaro wants to stay in
economic environment. A study of              Pittsburgh. The Chatham University          Ms. Bucaro had an internship at
the city’s ninth-grade students found         student, who graduated from the             Westwood Elementary School, the
that 83 percent want to pursue                city’s Langley High School in June          same school where she once had
                                              2008, may be able to do that thanks         been a young student.
postsecondary education, but a full
                                              to help from UPMC, through The              “I go into the school and [the students]
55 percent think they might not be able
                                              Pittsburgh Promise.                         say, ‘Miss Lauren, come here and give
to afford college. The Promise offers
                                              “The Pittsburgh Promise is helping          me a hug!’ I love knowing that I’m
children who attend Pittsburgh Public
                                              me so much,” says Ms. Bucaro, a             doing something that’s good for them.”
Schools financial support to pursue
                                              Pittsburgh Promise grant recipient.         Someday, Ms. Bucaro wants to be a
postsecondary education regardless                                                        teacher at Westwood. She hopes to
                                              “It’s going to help me be successful.”
of family income, making higher                                                           have the same influence on her
                                              Saleem Ghubril, executive director of
education possible for many.                                                              students that her teachers once
                                              The Pittsburgh Promise, sees how the
                                                                                          had on her.
The Pittsburgh Promise also was               program is motivating students to work
                                              to their fullest potential. One student,    “I want to come back here,” Ms. Bucaro
designed to drive fundamental change
                                              upon hearing about the Promise, told        says. “I never want to leave Pittsburgh.”
and improvement in the city’s schools,
                                              him, “Because you believe in me,
which have become increasingly strained
                                              I promise to be at the top of my game,
by the steep decline in student enrollment,   and at the head of my class.” The student
reflecting the region’s aging demographics    is making good on that promise.
and in particular the erosion in the city
itself — the Pittsburgh region’s core.
                                                                                               UPMC 2008 Community Benefits Report 11
   A major new commitment completed
   in Fiscal Year 2008 was the merger
   with Mercy Hospital of Pittsburgh to
   form UPMC Mercy.

12 A Strategy of Inclusion
                                                   A Strategy of Inclusion
                                                                                          The UPMC Mercy Story

In keeping with its goal of ensuring       A major new commitment completed            UPMC Mercy is vital to maintaining
health care access throughout the          in Fiscal Year 2008 was the merger          health care options in another very
western Pennsylvania community,            with Mercy Hospital of Pittsburgh to        important way: It is one of only two
UPMC has made numerous commitments         form UPMC Mercy. Founded in 1847,           burn centers in the city, and the only
intended to maintain an appropriate        Pittsburgh’s last Catholic hospital was     burn center that also is certified as a
mix of health care services and options.   facing financial challenges and in           Level I Trauma Center. As such, it is a
Notable examples include the hub-          danger of closing, potentially depriving    vital resource for the emergency care of
and-spoke model that UPMC has              the region of a high-quality, faith-based   patients with both burns and traumatic
developed to ensure access to a number     care option that focused on providing       injuries. UPMC’s financial investments
of specialized services, including UPMC    care to all in need. Fortunately, a         in the hospital have included upgrades
Cancer Centers, UPMC Behavioral            mutually beneficial solution was found       such as new operating room equipment
Health, UPMC’s network of Stroke           when, in January 2008, the hospital         and an expansion of its rehabilitation
Centers, Magee-Womens Hospital of          became part of UPMC. The Sisters            units. These improvements will help
UPMC’s network of Womancare sites,         of Mercy conveyed the hospital to           maintain and strengthen UPMC Mercy’s
and others. This model offers care at      UPMC with the comfort of knowing            regional role in burn and trauma care,
community locations and also referral      that Mercy would continue to operate        while integrating with other UPMC
to the academic medical center core for    under the Ethical and Religious             area hospitals to ensure the appropriate
advanced therapies.                        Directives for Catholic Health Care         mix and balance of care and services for
                                           Services, and would continue to serve the   the region.
                                           poor and disadvantaged neighborhoods
                                           around the hospital that have always
                                           looked to Mercy for their care.

                                                                                             UPMC 2008 Community Benefits Report 13
   Nursing: The Critical Link                   important consideration in UPMC’s             UPMC Mercy offers a medium-sized
                                                merger with the hospital. One benefit          nursing school, graduating 40 students
   In any hospital, outpatient clinic, or
                                                to the community is that the school’s         in 2008. This allows for one-on-one
   physician’s office, nursing is the critical
                                                over-116-year tradition as a faith-based      attention from full-time faculty
   link that knits together just about all
                                                place of clinical training helps sustain      members, who are always available
   other aspects of care. UPMC Mercy’s
                                                UPMC Mercy’s identity as a Catholic           to work with students.
   School of Nursing was therefore an
                                                hospital. But the school’s importance
                                                transcends even that vital role.

                                                    Hub to a Regional Rehab Network
                                                    A wide range of specialists and programs have been enriched since Mercy
                                                    Hospital of Pittsburgh joined UPMC. Changes have included stronger programs
                                                    in radiology; pathology; hospitalist services; emergency medicine and trauma;
                                                    neurovascular medicine; and telemedicine, including the UPMC telestroke and
                                                    telederm programs. Another such enhancement will begin in the summer of
                                                    2009, when the UPMC Institute for Rehabilitation and Research (IRR) transitions
                                                    to UPMC Mercy, creating a center of excellence for physical medicine and
                                                    rehabilitation at the campus.

                                                    The IRR serves as the hub of a UPMC network of more than 70 rehabilitation
                                                    facilities that offer inpatient, outpatient, and long-term care. This is the largest
                                                    rehabilitation network and provider in western Pennsylvania. The program also is
                                                    the only one in the region designated as a center of excellence in both spinal cord
                                                    and brain injuries by the National Institute for Rehabilitation Research. A new
                                                    76-bed center will serve as the IRR headquarters at UPMC Mercy, offering the
                                                    Pittsburgh region an unparalleled expansion of specialized services for the most
                                                    traumatic and complicated injuries of the brain or spinal cord, as well as for strokes.

                                                    The move of the IRR — which is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation
                                                    of Rehabilitation Facilities for comprehensive inpatient rehabilitation, including
                                                    traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, and stroke — to UPMC Mercy will feature
                                                    unsurpassed follow-through care by virtue of the new center’s integration into
                                                    the hospital’s acute care and trauma programs. Physicians and other clinicians
                                                    at the institute will be involved in each case even before rehabilitation begins,
                                                    to help the patient achieve as much function and independence as possible.
                                                    This integration also allows rehab inpatients access to emergency or specialized
                                                    medical services without interruption in their rehabilitation stay, and allows the
                                                    patient’s primary care physician to follow care throughout.

14 A Strategy of Inclusion
                                                                                  A Strategy of Inclusion

From a clinical standpoint, the school’s
                                                                                        Sister Carolyn Schallenberger, RSN
attachment to the hospital allows high-
level clinical experiences in a Level I
Regional Resource Trauma Center, a
spinal cord unit, and a burn unit, with
pediatric as well as adult expertise. The                                               At a 1943 Easter Sunday visit to an
unique combination of small size and                                                    uncle in the hospital’s miners’ ward,
                                                                                        she first met the quiet, caring women
expansive, specialized experience helps
                                                                                        of the Sisters of Mercy. In December
the school attract students from                                                        1952, she applied for admission to the
throughout the region, including                                                        Mercy Hospital School of Nursing.
Allegheny, Westmoreland, Beaver,                                                        Within a month of entering the
and Fayette counties.                                                                   three-year program the following
                                                                                        September, Sr. Carolyn decided to
The 40 nurses graduating from                                                           join the order, formally doing so on
UPMC Mercy’s School of Nursing                                                          November 20, 1953.
join the more than 250 other graduates                                                  “As I saw the sisters in the nursing
from UPMC nursing programs this                                                         units, and in chapel, something said to
year. UPMC also offers schools of                                                       me, this is where I belong.” Sr. Carolyn
nursing at UPMC Shadyside, UPMC                                                         pauses. “I have been very grateful for
St. Margaret, and UPMC McKeesport.                                                      my vocation every day that I’ve had a
                                                                                        religious life.”
This investment offers a profound
benefit to the community in helping                                                      Since January 2008, when UPMC
                                             Coal Miner’s Daughter                      merged with Mercy Hospital of
Pittsburgh attract, train, and retain some
                                                                                        Pittsburgh, Sr. Carolyn has been an
of the best nurses in the nation, both
                                             Sister Carolyn Schallenberger tells the    employee of UPMC Mercy — a transition
expanding the local job market and           story this way: When she was a child,      that she believes saved the region’s
helping area hospitals attract some of the   friends and relatives in Jacob’s Creek,    tradition of Catholic hospitals,
most important personnel for efficient        Pa., population 250, told her again and    an important facet of UPMC’s
and effective hospital operations.           again about how the Sisters of Mercy       efforts to maintain quality care and
                                             had nursed their loved ones back to        important care choices to vulnerable
                                             health after a mining accident.            neighborhoods.
                                             When she was a small girl, the stories     “We preserved Catholic health care
                                             hit close to home: A mining accident       in western Pennsylvania,” she says
                                             sent her father to Mercy. The sisters      proudly. “We’ve maintained our ethical
                                             sent him back home, healthy. “Hearing      and religious directives. Our employees
                                             those stories led me to Mercy Hospital,”   are very happy. ‘Sister,’ they tell me,
                                             she says. “The seed was planted.”          ‘I like what we do. We care for the poor.’”

                                                                                             UPMC 2008 Community Benefits Report 15
   UPMC has been taking a leadership
   role in electronic health system
   technologies, directing expansive
   resources toward devising and
   developing an interconnected
   electronic health record.

16 Virtual Records, Better Care
                                   Virtual Records, Better Care
                                                              UPMC’s Electronic Health Record Initiative

With health care costs in the United      devising and developing an
States exceeding 15 percent of the        interconnected electronic health
nation’s gross domestic product,          record. A core component in UPMC’s
it seems clear that “business as usual”   mission for creating the health system
is not a tenable option for health care   of the future is a seamless system that
management. The health of a nation,       offers patients a truly portable medical
let alone the Pittsburgh region,          record, available to clinical caregivers
depends on leading institutions such      on demand, while adhering to the
as UPMC finding better ways of             highest levels of security.
organizing and refining diagnostic
                                          When fully implemented, the
and treatment management.
                                          system under development at UPMC
Recognizing this early on, UPMC           will offer manifold benefits to the
has been taking a leadership role in      community through:
electronic health system technologies,
                                          •   a more connected community of
directing expansive resources toward
                                              general and specialist clinicians,
                                              who can better guard against
                                              error and leverage the power of
                                              consultation to provide better
                                              care for patients

                                          •   reduced cost of care, by reducing
                                              duplication in testing, promoting
                                              operational efficiencies, and
                                              reducing travel requirements for
                                              people and physical records

                                          •   diminished stress on patients
                                              associated with long travel times
                                              to treatment

                                                                                     UPMC 2008 Community Benefits Report 17
   Improving Care                                •   At UPMC’s physician practices,            In 2008, UPMC Presbyterian joined
                                                     medication costs to patients and their    Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh
   A number of studies by nationally
                                                     insurers have been restrained thanks to   of UPMC as a “Stage 6” hospital,
   recognized authorities have suggested
                                                     a system that helps physicians identify   according to HIMSS Analytics, a
   concrete cost and quality benefits can
                                                     generic equivalents, the prescription     wholly owned, not-for-profit subsidiary
   be obtained by implementing advanced
                                                     of which rose by 20 percent.              of the Healthcare Information and
   electronic health record tools. UPMC’s
                                                                                               Management Systems Society (HIMSS).
   eRecord system already has begun to           UPMC has been lauded widely for its
                                                                                               The designation recognizes advanced
   show signs of delivering on this promise.     ability to create and develop new
                                                                                               use of comprehensive electronic medical
   For example:                                  software tools to ensure that a patient’s
                                                                                               record technology, a distinction earned
                                                 record can, in a virtual sense, travel
   •   At UPMC Shadyside, eRecord helped                                                       by only 24 of more than 5,700 U.S.
                                                 along with him or her — while remaining
       reduce the time between ordering                                                        hospitals. HIMSS Analytics scores
                                                 confidential. UPMC earned a place
       medications and their delivery by                                                       hospitals based on their progress in
                                                 among the 100 Most Wired hospitals
       41 percent, thus speeding treatment                                                     completing eight stages, from zero to
                                                 and health systems in the United States,
       to patients.                                                                            seven, of a paperless patient record
                                                 by Hospitals & Health Networks; the Top
                                                                                               environment, and its studies have shown
   •   At UPMC St. Margaret, electronic          25 Connected Healthcare Facilities, by
                                                                                               correlations between quality metrics
       safeguards reduced the frequency          Health Imaging & IT; and number 49 on
                                                                                               and electronic medical record adoption.
       of orders that could have resulted in     InformationWeek’s list of the nation’s top
       potential overdoses of acetaminophen      500 most innovative users of information
       (often present in “hidden” form in        technology across all industries.
       other pharmaceuticals) by 80 percent;
       the occurrence of catheter-related
       urinary tract infections by 67 percent;
       and missed medications by 75 percent.

   •   At UPMC Presbyterian, a bar-coding
       system that matches patients to
       their medications decreased the
       rate of potential medication errors
       by 55 percent.

                                                                                                      Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC

18 Virtual Records, Better Care
                                                                        Virtual Records, Better Care

Incorporating Technology
into New Facilities                        Technology Leadership at
Perhaps the most expansive example         UPMC Insurance Services Division
of the benefits of UPMC’s electronic        As a major health insurer in the Pittsburgh region, UPMC Insurance Services
health system is the new Children’s        Division plays an important role in supporting its surrounding community.
Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC in          In addition to supporting a host of community health programs that focus on
the Lawrenceville section of Pittsburgh.   outdoor and youth activities, prenatal care, and at-risk communities, among
The $625 million campus, which             others, the division has employed technology to support healthy lifestyles that
                                           can reduce the need for care — with benefits ranging from increased healthy,
opened in May 2009, was one of the
                                           active years of life to decreased costs for members and their employers.
first in the nation built from the ground
up to support an electronic health                                       To help improve the health status of its members,
                                                                         UPMC Health Plan has created web-based tools
record. It also features innovations to
                                                                         to help members track their health, set goals,
improve safety and ensure a quiet,
                                                                         and achieve measurable results. MyHealth OnLine,
comfortable atmosphere to enhance                                        a personalized, easy-to-use, Internet-based member
the healing process for patients and                                     service center, gives members as many ways to
their families.                                                          access health resources as possible. Interactive
                                                                         features help members devise personal action
Technology enhancements at the new                                       plans for increasing physical activity, eating better,
hospital include:                          losing weight, or quitting tobacco. Web-based health trackers are available for
                                           self-monitoring calorie intake, activity level, and weight — three tools studies
•   Children’s eRecord, a medical
                                           find indispensable for achieving better health.
    record system optimized for
                                           In addition, MyHealth OnLine features:
    pediatric care.
                                           •   detailed information about health insurance benefits and covered services
•   A fully implemented, computerized,
    provider order-entry system, which     •   Explanation of Benefits information
    reduces the risk of errors such as
                                           •   MyFlex Advantage — flexible spending account
    those that may occur, for example,
    from illegible handwriting.            •   a search function to find physicians and other health care providers

•   Support from massive infrastructure    •   new ID card requests
    investment of 4,000 computers,
                                           •   cost of care estimates
    including mobile monitor carts;
    more than 400 miles of cabling         •   prescription orders and refills
    in the main hospital alone; 2,000
                                           •   health information and education resources
    wireless access points; and 100
    percent coverage for most wireless

                                                                                            UPMC 2008 Community Benefits Report 19
                                               Children’s also is among the first             produce better care for patients and
                                               pediatric hospitals in the country to be      greater efficiencies for health care
                                               environmentally sustainable, with the         providers. At the same time, Omnyx is
                                               potential to be one of the country’s first     creating new jobs in Pittsburgh and
                                               Leadership in Energy and Environmental        boosting the local economy.
                                               Design (LEED)-certified green children’s
                                                                                             Likewise, in the international arena,
                                               hospitals. UPMC is a regional leader
                                                                                             UPMC and GE Healthcare will
                                               in environmental health, safety, and
                                                                                             collaborate to develop cancer centers
                                               stewardship, with a $5 million action
                                                                                             throughout Europe and the Middle
                                               fund committed to minimizing waste,
                                                                                             East that offer advanced diagnosis
                                               conserving natural resources, and
                                                                                             and radiation therapy. As part of the
                                               linking environmental concerns and
                                                                                             collaboration, GE Healthcare will
                                               disease-prevention programs to its
                                                                                             conduct assessments to determine
                                               health care mission.
                                                                                             which markets are most appropriate
                                                                                             for cancer centers, while UPMC will
                                               Creating a New                                negotiate agreements with local partners
                                               Export Economy                                for the construction, ownership, and
                                               Leveraging capabilities in patient care,      operation of the centers. This project is
                                               information technology, and health            part of a larger international portfolio
                                               care management, UPMC has invested            that includes ventures in Italy, Ireland,
   Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC   in or created a series of ventures intended   Qatar, the United Kingdom, and Cyprus.
                                               to enhance its overall mission while          All are designed to create incremental
                                               helping the region to develop a new           revenues that can be reinvested in the
                                               export economy.                               research and health care activities of
                                                                                             UPMC, benefiting patients in western
                                               For instance, in 2008 UPMC and GE
                                                                                             Pennsylvania and beyond.
                                               Healthcare, part of the General Electric
                                               Company, jointly created a new
                                               Pittsburgh-based company, Omnyx,
                                               to develop and produce digital pathology
                                               solutions. Transforming glass slides
                                               into digital information that is readily
                                               accessible to clinicians is expected to

20 Virtual Records, Better Care
                                                                           Virtual Records, Better Care

A Smarter Hospital Room

UPMC’s Smart Room project was designed to offer clinicians          retrieve the latest clinical information stored in UPMC’s
and patients instant access to the data they need to improve        electronic medical records, protecting patient privacy by
safety and the patient experience. Each room in this unique         displaying only limited patient identification and safety
system recognizes doctors and nurses as they enter, showing         information until the patient gives permission to view
them on a bedside monitor exactly what they need to know            more detail.
at that moment to care for the patient in the room — from
                                                                    The Smart Room project went live in October 2007,
medications to vital signs, allergies, and even fall risk. At the
                                                                    undergoing testing in six patient rooms at the UPMC
same time, patients view a second monitor to immediately learn
                                                                    Shadyside campus during Fiscal Year 2008. Since then,
the identity and role of each caregiver who enters the room.
                                                                    the technology has expanded to 22 rooms at UPMC
Building upon UPMC’s extensive electronic medical record            Shadyside. In response to patient suggestions, UPMC
technology and using readily available hardware, the Smart          technologists have added a number of enhancements,
Room is designed to fit seamlessly into the daily processes of      including an electronic schedule of testing and medication
caring for patients. The system uses ultrasound tracking            times, the capability to send and receive e-mail, and the
devices to identify caregivers, displaying the information on       ability to make housekeeping requests.
flat-screen monitors. Each Smart Room is programmed to

                                                                                               UPMC 2008 Community Benefits Report 21
   UPMC has been able to leverage its
   expertise to offer the government
   substantial help in enhancing regional
   and national readiness.

22 Protecting a Region and a Nation
                   Protecting a Region and a Nation
                                                               UPMC’s Public Safety and Defense Initiatives

As the only academic medical system            Knowledge Is Power:                         systems with 29 hospitals in Pennsylvania,
in western Pennsylvania, UPMC has              Regional Health                             as well as five emergency management
a unique role to play in the health and                                                    groups in the state and one in Florida.
safety of the community. UPMC has                                                          Implementation has been rapid because
been able to leverage its expertise and        As the country has learned during past      SBEOCS doesn’t require agencies to
resources in medical research and              public health crises such as Hurricane      replace existing information systems,
information technology to offer the            Katrina, the SARS outbreak, and anthrax     instead integrating data from multiple,
government substantial help in enhancing       scares, key decision-makers, such as        pre-existing sources. It provides real-time
regional and national readiness for            public health officials, hospitals, and      information on the supply of medical
threats ranging from naturally emerging        emergency responders, often have            equipment, hospital bed availability,
infectious diseases to terrorist attacks.      lacked the information needed for           patient tracking, treatment protocols,
These efforts have focused on medical          effective response and recovery. To fill     and other vital data needed to keep a
countermeasures against nuclear,               this recognized gap in disaster awareness   crisis command center up to date and
biological, and chemical agents, as            and management, UPMC has been               to facilitate interactive planning among
well as information technology tools           engaged in activities to create a model     multiple groups in geographically
to help officials collect and manage the        for regional preparedness.                  dispersed sites.
information necessary for timely and           The product of collaboration between
appropriate responses in emergency             UPMC and the Pennsylvania National
situations. UPMC also has undertaken           Guard, the Strategic Bio-Defense
a series of research projects in partnership   Emergency Operations and
with the U.S. military to aid in the           Communications System (SBEOCS)
treatment of U.S. troops, from trauma          is a web-based resource that provides
on the battlefield to postwar physical          decision-makers with information from
and emotional healing (See “UPMC               multiple sources to make life or death
National and Regional Defense                  decisions and mobilize key health care
Initiatives,” Page 25).                        resources during a catastrophic event.
                                               In its third year of development in
                                               Fiscal Year 2008, this communications
                                               tool is now used by nine health care

                                                                                                  UPMC 2008 Community Benefits Report 23
   Another major public safety project           Serving Those Who Serve:
   has been UPMC’s deepening support
                                                 UPMC’s Employment
   for biosecurity measures. The UPMC
   Center for Biosecurity provides
                                                 Policies and Military Service
   independent, critical research and analysis   UPMC always has demonstrated a
   for decision-makers in government,            strong and unwavering commitment
   national security, bioscience, medicine,      to the people who serve in the military.
   public health, and private industry,          This commitment has taken a number
   with the goal of lessening the illness,       of forms.
   death, and civil disruption that would
                                                 UPMC provides an enhanced pay
   follow large-scale epidemics.
                                                 benefit to employees who are members
   Through its support for research at the       of the armed services who are called to
   University of Pittsburgh, UPMC also           active duty. In the past five years alone,
   helps to sustain the Center for Vaccine       UPMC provided more than $1.5 million
   Research (CVR), laboratories that             in enhanced pay to UPMC employees
   enable university researchers to explore      under this policy, paying the difference
   disease-causing agents such as the West       between an employee’s military pay and      Of course, UPMC always has treated
   Nile virus, dengue fever virus, and           UPMC base wages, to a maximum               military personnel, their families, and
   tuberculosis bacterium. This research         payment of $5,000 per month for up          retirees throughout its system. A new
   will aid in the development of new            to five years of active duty service.        contract with Health Net Federal
   vaccines and biological products to                                                       Services formalizes the option to
                                                 UPMC actively works with local
   treat emerging infectious diseases or                                                     receive care at all UPMC hospitals,
                                                 programs for recruitment of veterans,
   bioterror agents.                                                                         facilities, and physicians’ offices for all
                                                 including the Veterans Leadership
                                                                                             who have medical insurance through
                                                 Program of Western Pa.; the Veteran’s
                                                                                             Tricare — the managed care organization
                                                 Administration Pittsburgh Healthcare
                                                                                             for military personnel. In addition,
                                                 System; Pennsylvania CareerLink, and
                                                                                             UPMC has a dedicated telephone
                                                 U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.
                                                                                             number specifically for Tricare Network
                                                 UPMC has hired vets through national
                                                                                             patients who may have questions about
                                                 nonprofit organizations such as
                                                                                             their insurance.
                                                 Hire Heroes, USA, and regularly
                                                 participates in job fairs such as
                                                 RecruitMilitary and a five-county
                                                 Veterans Expo by Pennsylvania
                                                 CareerLink, among others.

24 Protecting a Region and a Nation
                                                                Protecting a Region and a Nation

UPMC National and Regional Defense Initiatives
UPMC has been involved in numerous clinical and research activities with the U.S. military. In addition to their potential
to improve the health and safety of military forces, many also have immediate or future applications for society at large.

Clinical Initiatives                                             Research Initiatives
•   Plastic surgery initiatives to develop tissue engineering    •   Armed Forces Institute of Regenerative Medicine to
    therapies for members of the military returning from             conduct regenerative medicine research
    war zones with facial injuries
                                                                 •   IMITS TeleHealth to implement and evaluate prototype
•   The Diabetes Center of Excellence at Wilford Hall                telemedicine systems for the AFMS
    Medical Center at Lackland Air Force Base
                                                                 •   Dengue virus-like particle vaccine project to provide the
•   Combat medic medical simulation training to optimize the         U.S. Army with the ability to develop new vaccines and
    efficiency and effectiveness of combat medic training            biological products necessary to prevent or treat
                                                                     emerging infectious diseases or agents of bioterrorism
•   Telepathology digital imaging in the Air Force to
    maximize the Air Force Medical Service (AFMS)                •   Military feasibility of using ImPACT database to allow the
    pathology resources                                              initial diagnosis of concussion in the military

•   ImPACT posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD)/traumatic        •   Evaluating and treating acute and chronic traumatic
    brain injury (TBI) study to examine how PTSD and TBI             brain injury (TBI) project applying known and
    patients differ with regard to sleep disturbance, mood,          discovering new biomarkers of acute brain and spinal
    and other symptoms                                               trauma to better identify subacute and chronic
                                                                     TBI and “blast” injury
•   Neuroprosthetics and restoring sensorimotor function
    project with Walter Reed Army Medical Center to              •   Early identification of circulatory shock in critical care
    develop a radically new class of prosthetic devices              transport project examining new monitoring devices
                                                                     to care for medical transport patients and determine
•   Advanced care center with extra-corporeal life
                                                                     thresholds for treatment
    support project to improve pediatric patient care
    in the Pacific Rim

                                                                                              UPMC 2008 Community Benefits Report 25
   UPMC’s financial assistance program
   stems from its charitable mission of
   providing health care services to
   residents of western Pennsylvania
   regardless of ability to pay.

26 Financial Assistance
                                                           Financial Assistance

UPMC offers financial assistance for         Applying for
its medical care to eligible individuals
                                            Financial Assistance
and families. This program stems from
UPMC’s charitable mission of providing      UPMC encourages patients to apply
health care services to residents of        for financial assistance if they believe
western Pennsylvania regardless of their    that they are unable to pay all or part
financial status and ability to pay. The     of their UPMC bill. Patients need to
program offers free or reduced-cost         complete a simple Financial Assistance
care to more than 7,000 individuals and     Application form and attach documents
families each year.                         that prove their income. See the
                                            following pages for that form and
Patients may be eligible for financial
                                            associated documents.
assistance if they:

•   have limited or no health insurance

•   are not eligible for government
    assistance (for example, Medicare
    or Medicaid)                                Patients should mail their completed application form
•   can show they have financial need           and copies of their proof of income materials to:
•   are residents of western Pennsylvania       UPMC Financial Assistance
                                                Quantum Building
•   provide UPMC with necessary
                                                2 Hot Metal St., Third floor
    information about household finances
                                                Pittsburgh, PA 15203

                                                For any questions, call toll-free 1-800-854-1745, press option 1, then option 6.

                                                Additional information is also available on the Web at www.upmc.com.
                                                Select “About UPMC,” then “Community Citizenship,” and “Financial Assistance.”

                                                                                            UPMC 2008 Community Benefits Report 27
                                                                                                 Financial Assistance

   Stand by Me

   At 47 years of age, Robyn Batty of Cranberry Township,             care to patients who cannot afford to pay for necessary
   north of Pittsburgh, suddenly found herself unable to stand.       medical expenses, and helped her fill out the application.
   She immediately went to the Emergency Department at                As a result, UPMC waived all of Ms. Batty’s medical expenses.
   UPMC Passavant, to receive a serious diagnosis — liver failure.
                                                                      Ms. Batty says she was “elated” when she found out that she
   Fortunately, her struggle to achieve sobriety and physical
                                                                      was eligible for the assistance. “It was the best thing that
   health paid off; and UPMC medical treatment helped her liver
                                                                      ever happened to me,” she says.
   to heal, which in turn allowed her to avoid the need for a liver
   transplant. She started on a long road to full recovery.           Today, Ms. Batty is healthy and happy. She attributes much of
                                                                      her recovery to the assistance provided by UPMC.
   At that point Ms. Batty faced her next obstacle: the accumulated
   bills from her hospital stay and treatment. She had lost her       “I know it was your commitment of providing health care to
   job as a phlebotomist, and lacking medical insurance, just         residents of western Pennsylvania that has saved my life,”
   couldn’t cover the debt. Then a social worker at UPMC              she says. “Your willingness to waive my lengthy hospital bills
   Passavant suggested that she apply for financial assistance         has allowed me to turn my physical condition from near
   through UPMC’s program for offering free and reduced-cost          death to that of a functional adult.”

28 Financial Assistance
UPMC 2008 Community Benefits Report 29
30 Financial Assistance
UPMC 2008 Community Benefits Report 31
32 Financial Assistance
UPMC is an integrated global health enterprise headquartered in Pittsburgh,
Pennsylvania, and one of the leading nonprofit health systems in the United States.
As western Pennsylvania’s largest employer, with 50,000 employees and $7 billion
in revenue, UPMC is transforming the economy of the region into one based on
medicine, research, and technology. By integrating 20 hospitals, 400 doctors’
offices and outpatient sites, long-term care facilities, and a major health insurance
services division, and in collaboration with its academic partner, the University of
Pittsburgh Schools of the Health Sciences, UPMC has advanced the quality and
efficiency of health care and developed internationally renowned programs in
transplantation, cancer, neurosurgery, psychiatry, orthopaedics, and sports medicine,
among others. UPMC is commercializing its medical and technological expertise
by nurturing new companies, developing strategic business relationships with some
of the world’s leading multinational corporations, and expanding into international
markets, including Italy, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Cyprus, and Qatar.
For more information about UPMC, visit our website at www.upmc.com.
   600 Grant Street | Pittsburgh, PA 15219 | 1-800-533-UPMC | upmc.com

   UPMC is an equal opportunity employer. UPMC policy prohibits discrimination or harassment on the basis of race, color, religion,
   national origin, ancestry, sex, age, marital status, familial status, sexual orientation, disability, or veteran status. Further, UPMC
   will continue to support and promote equal employment opportunity, human dignity, and racial, ethnic, and cultural diversity. This
   policy applies to admissions, employment, and access to and treatment in UPMC programs and activities. This commitment
   is made by UPMC in accordance with federal, state, and/or local laws and regulations.

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