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					                                Marcellus Sports Booster Club
                                      August 18, 2008

Attending: Karen Cotter, John Hastings, Karen Young, Lisa Bice, Linda Kelly, Joe
Cotter, Jenny Canfield, Brad Dates, Tammy Hastings, Chris Torell, Amy Torell, and
Gary Schoonmaker.

Quick review and minutes were passed out over the June meeting. We agreed the
minutes or the previous month will be emailed prior to each meeting. Hopefully this
will refresh memories and save time. When the meeting begins we can start on AD
Report or treasurers’ report.

We reviewed and finalized the sponsor letter and submittal form. Everyone agreed
the Mustang Money will be a nice replacement to the free items given out in years
past. We will have the recipients name on the Mustang Money. Linda Kelly is going to
complete the “Money” design. She is also going to get all the paperwork to Dot
Bednarski and she will do the mailings.

Treasurer’s report: The reports from Joe and Karen are logged in the minutes’ book.
Balance in checkbook on 9/18/08 is $9,817.30. There is $11,832.07 of Money held
leaving us with a negative $2,014.77. This will turn around as soon as events begin.
Our Savings account is $9,012.95.

Laura Cox- Has said she would like the $1,320.00 for Billy Ray Cox to be set up as a
scholarship fund and she will be adding additional money from another account to
this total.

The money being held from Peter Masters is going to be moved to the team fund for
the wrestling program per request of his family.

The Booster Club received thank you cards from the recipients of the scholarships
from spring of 2008. (Brian Walters, Barb Henderson, Rachel Farnetti & Jan Caster

The coaches will use a summary form to submit requests to the Booster Club. This
will be used for our reference guide.
Our liability insurance policy covers Concession Stand and other events like a
carwash, or bake sale. It doesn’t cover any athletic event like a soccer camp or clinic.

Recent College Grads that were friends of Brian Romano would like to have a golf
tournament as a fundraiser in honor of Brian. They asked if we would help them in
the accounting aspect of their tournament. We will not be getting involved in the
accounting and records of this. Karen Young gave them some good advice on getting
this off the ground. The tournament is scheduled for October 11th at Sunset Ridge.
Money raised from this tournament will go to the Booster Club to support a new
scholarship in honor of Brian Romano. Karen told the boys we would be honored to
accept it.

We agreed to donate Booster Club clothing to the Tom Kuss Golf Tournament.

AD Report:

      Brad reported that ½ the banners are posted in the gym and the others are
       going to be in place before school opens. He will check with the Historical
       Society and see if they would like the old banners. Old trophies that were in
       boxes stored in closets of the school are going to be donated to the boy scouts.

      The decision has been made that a smaller banner will be purchased for
       individual accomplishments. The event and title will be listed but no name.
       Events to be recognized will be individual state title/ championships, and
       league sectionals. Brad will look into a plaque for the gym hallway that can list
       the names of these individual accomplishments.

      JV and Varsity soccer games are scheduled back to back. The concession stand
       will open at apx. half time of the JV Games. We will see about opening for JV
       football games. The calendar for the varsity games will have to be filled first.

      Parent, Player and Coaches meeting will be Wednesday August 27th, at 6PM for
       all JV and Varsity Fall Sports. Jenny will set up a sign up sheet for the
       Concession Stand. Lisa will set up a spot to offer Season Passes. The meeting
       will be in the auditorium.

      The coaches were thankful to the Booster Club for giving them season passes.
      Karissa Graham has resigned. They have not hired a replacement yet.

      October 26th Homecoming against Westhill.

      Senior Night: Football October 10 –v-Skaneateles, Soccer October 17.

      Reviewed an email from Debbie Quick in regards to the Booster Club taking 10%
       of the profit from fundraising done by individual sports. Many ideas were
       passed around in regards to this. The most popular was if parents of particular
       sport donate time to the concession stand or other main events of the Booster
       Club then their 10% would be given back to that sports team. Another option is
       to abolish the $10% rule. The rule was suggested by Craig Tice. The back up in
       the notes is unclear. Many Coaches/players and parents are frowning on this
       $10% rule. It was agreed not to make any changes this year on the 10% rule.
       We need to watch the numbers and see if this is beneficial to the Club. Last
       years profit from the Concession Stand isn’t a good year to judge since we had
       so many home games due to the stadium being closed a year and 1/2 prior to
       this. We will review this at another time.

Karen Young is designing a sign that will be displayed on the gator with the Booster
Clubs name on it.

Tammy Hastings will be in charge of all apparel or advertising merchandise for the
Booster Club. Amy and Chris Torell presented a Team Flag that they have ordered
from an online company. The information is being passed to Tammy and she will
look into large quantities of this for the booster club. She will also be given the
contact information for East Coast Wholesale, John Drapikowski and Action Print. Brad
Dates has some nice ideas on raffling or selling retro merchandise that was being
stored in the school.

Jenny, Linda, and Lisa briefly outlined a Policy Book for the Booster Club. Jenny has a
list of items that should be addresses. There was no record a policy book, only notes
and files from years past. This book will be a work in progress over the year.

Meeting adjourned at 8:50PM

Next Meeting scheduled September 8, 2008 at the SHS Library 7:00PM